Wednesday, September 26, 2012

23a0912 BLOK

23a0912 BLOK
At the Jardin Del Sol Hostal one morning...
I just had so much fun meeting/talking a 'Fred,' my namesake, younger by ten years, but lived in Denver, Colorado.  We have much in common, beginning with American English.  I told him one of the challenges of living in China for so long (five years) was having a sophisticated conversation with someone who could understand me… Ah… Eh… You get to the point where you can hear an American voice off in the distance, and be drawn to it…
We met in the dining area (gratis breakfast), when he said four words, 'Wide World of Sports.'  No one in the last seven years on the road has known about the TV series, I produced segments for… 'And now let's go to Jim McKay, in Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby.'  Fred got my attention.  We must have talked for a couple of hours, mostly about the sad state of affairs in the U.S.
Fred, was born in Panama, where his father was a weilder on U.S. Navy ships.  After WWII, circa 1946, they moved back to the U.S.  Being in Denver, had to do with family relatives, living near the Kansas border (Conservative). 
Note, I cycled through that part of the U.S. on the way to C.S. in January/February, 2000.  I was retracing my Hutchison family's migration from Pennsylvania, to Cripple Creek where my father was born in 1902.
First big tour cycling trip for me, although it proved worthwhile, and now around the world… The longest journey begins getting on the bicycle...
Anyway, Fred… He's an ex-truck driver, former weight-lifter, who hurt his knees in the process.  Now, traveling around Chile for some reason…?  He had to go before too long, as catching a bus to Peru.  Note, he helped with information about Tacna, Peru (where I'm cranking).   Information, that's what's so useful traveling the world!
But, Fred, believes there's a 'Commie' behind every bush, and the cause of all our troubles.  He hates the Liberal Demos!  He calls the three highest of that group, 'the three stooges!'   He makes 'jokes'….  I enjoyed being with him, even thought our political proclivities are far a part.  I dared not reveal my 'Neo-Communism.' 
I think he didn't hear that I was going to vote for Obama.  Oh Lord, what am I saying…


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