Thursday, September 20, 2012

20a0912 BLOK

20a0912 BLOK
The Catholic Church, I believe, has become an embarrassment even to it's own parishioners!
The Church has outlived its usefulness, except for the most unevolved who venerate a Pope still living in the 19th Century.  What if…?
What if, the Pope announced that they had decided to sell off all their assets, giving the money to their parishioners, and poor!  Wow, would this be news!  Good news for a change, rather than more revelations about priests abusing boys!
Of course, this Pope would suddenly disappear, sequestered, and later announced, 'death by an 'incurable disease,' better known as assassination!  He'd then be replaced by a more reasonable Pope who would keep the status quo! 
Certanly, the Catholic Church needs to change!
It's become a bad joke!


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