Thursday, September 20, 2012

200912 BLOK

200912 BLOK
There's an opportunity for you people living in the Waldo Canyon Forest Fire area (Colorado Springs, Co, U.S.A.).  I'm sure you've thought of this, that it's time to get rid of as many material things as you can!  We think we're safe, but then 'it' can happen any time, everything gone in a flash (happy to just be alive!).
So, now an opportunity to get rid of those marginal objects you can't live without!
'Small is Beautiful!
Personally, I'm down to about 150KG, including me, bicycle, and gear.  It's freeing, trust me!
My friend Carl in N.Z. talks about being a 'mortgage slave' for 20 years.  Now, 'paroled,' by the way!
Get out the back Jack!
Make a new plan, Stan!
Have a new joy, Roy!
Just get yourselves freer!
There's no security in material things!
Spiritual things endure!


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