Wednesday, September 19, 2012

190912 BLOK

I don't mind speed, it's rushing around the world that I don't enjoy.  Must be my age!
Married couples, and I observe… After a few years, spouses not that much interested in each other, having 'worn out their welcome!'  They focus instead, on their little screens.
We've lost the ability to converse face to face.  We're only good now with screens.  'Hello,' turning from the face to the screen.  Obviously, that anon. ring tone, more important than me.  And certainly in the case of older spouses.
Why get married anyway?  It doesn't work ultimately, rarely maybe… I know of one good marriage/family in the world, the Dignams of Adelaide, Australia (should be role models).  We have enough people in the world in 2012 (the Dignams helped!)!  Generally there's pressure to get married and produce offspring.  But, now we have too many chasing dwindling resources!
Where did we go wrong?  What happened to humanity?  In an attempt to answer these questions, let's ask our own…  What prevented humanity from evolving?  Why didn't we develop?  Or, maybe we have and the rate is so slow, I hardly notice…
It all has to do with consciousness, or the German wor(l)d, 'bevouszine' (a state of understanding).   Being unconscious is when you 'don't know that you don't know!'
The Industrial Devolution (I call it.) and consumerism have taken us backwards!  Modern man has devolved.  Or, you could say we've been 'dumb downed.'
'Free' and 'freedom,' two wor(l)ds… What do they mean?   To think…? Do you believe your Will is Free?  To act, or to remain unconscious?  What is being 'free?'
Evil has taken over the world in the form of Corporacity (corpos. own governments).  We're now enslaved (most don't even know this).  Money has become 'God,' turning us into robotic consumers.  We've been lobotomized (and again most don't even know it).  We're not happy unless buying something, acquiring more material comforts, a flat-screen TV. a sail boat, golf clubs, a bicycle, travel, etc. ad infinitum…
First, most work for 'the man,' and then give him back all of our salaries (taxes to Governments). 
We've been captured, subdued and enslaved -- and we think we're 'free!'  Government is now 'father,' solving all of our problems.  In a way, Romney is correct about 'victims,' but what he doesn't realize he's one too.  But, 'victims' maybe the wrong word or term.  We allowed this.  Most didn't speak up, or fight back.  We still think all we have to do is vote, to keep our democracy strong.
Ask yourself this… Why be loyal to a flag, and some borders?  When people ask me where I'm from my answer, 'Planet Earth, where are you from ?'  Nationalism, a huge problem in the world.  
Haven't we learned anything?  It appears not, but fear not… Changes are coming.  Sometimes it takes two steps backwards, to go one forward, and we're about to take one giant step forward for wo/mankind!
It all begins (to change) 12.12-21.12.  


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