Monday, September 17, 2012

17c0912 BLOK

17c0912 BLOK
Americans (actually all peoples everywhere) -- fighting and fomenting violence!  Humanity just not evolved!
It's the Texas attitude, 'Shoot first, and ask questions later!'  'Where you located at?'  'I'm afixin' to clean your clock!'
So much violence and pathology, we don't even notice it!  'Oh, another mass murder today, where?'
I've got an idea for a TV series, 'Mass Murder of the Week!  Stay tuned for all the blood and gore!'  No doubt the Fox Network thinking about something like this… Pander to the lowest common dummy out there.
What's wrong…?  We're 'over-dosing' on the Material, bereft of the Spiritual.  Let's worship Haillie Sellase!
We're controlled by screens!
We're terminal!


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