Monday, September 17, 2012

17c0912 BLOK

17c0912 BLOK
I observed parents, the mother in particular, abusing a little girl while having lunch in a restaurant.  When does one interfere?  Being a 'guest' in a 'foreign' country you can't, lest you want to spend much time explaining to the police.  But, it wrenched my heart to see this little girl slapped about for not much reason (she had taken a paper napkin and was cleaning the window next to her).  Her mother grabbed the napkin, and spanked her hands.  Then great whallowing of hurt!
Now, all is better, but one wonders…
Men and women attracted to each other (Nature's Joke) get involved, have sexual intercourse, create a baby, then suddenly realize this isn't what they wanted. So, guess who gets the 'shit,' and develops a warped mind, then goes on to abuse their children for similar reasons.
There are too many unloved children in the world!
Too many being maimed or killed in all these 'wars!'
Too many aren't getting enough to eat!
What do we do about it?  Nothing but 'wa wa!' 
We don't seem to care…
Later I sat on a park bench in a residential neighborhood.  The sun was warming, the wind blowing (from the S.W.) a holiday mood in the air.  In the b.g. some barking dogs, children playing football, and musico coming from a party.  The ever present motor vehicles rushing past.
Chilenos are very patriotic, all red, white, and blue (with solo star in the blue square).  There's a flag flying on every house, I even put one on Mr. Fetes.
Then suddenly the horribly intrusive car alarm going off, with everyone (by the owner) ignoring it.  They know it isn't being stolen, only that something set it off.
Modern life… I could be in any city or town in the world, same thing…
I'll be looking for a community to live in, with more peace and quiet… But, where?  Maybe Mars…?  They just discovered 'dry ice' snow flakes on Mars. 
P.S.  About the 'family' in the restaurant.  I thought about this later and have a different' 'slant.'  Maybe they weren't married, just out on a date.  'O.K., if I bring my 2-years daughter?'  Maybe the woman was interested in the man, and she didn't want baby spoiling things, or she believe in discipline ('Tough Love!').  Now, the little girl is happy thank God!
Things change...


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