Thursday, September 13, 2012

13b0912 BLOK

13b0912 BLOK
I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere, making progress, down the road of life.  Additionally, I'm adept at travelling alone (for the most part) in foreign countries:  from China, to Iceland and Sweden in the winter, the depressing winter light.  Poor Ms. Fiets had to stay out in the sub-freezing weather, no wonder I couldn't make her work.  But, to my hostess, the children, auto., and cat up in the tree, what was important.  I was only there as a potential 'hard dick.'  When it didn't work in, the rent went from 0 to 10X. So, I cranked down to The Netherlands, in April, too early.  At the end, a joint on the terrace (thanks Chris) -- I fell asleep!
All over Holland I rode, most of the land below sea level.  I remember camping twice, in a caravan park observing the perfect Dutch couple with their perfect child.
From Rembrandt and Vodel Park, to Kathmandu, and China, up and down and all around.  From Kashgar to Shanghai, and back to Xining, dining at Casa Mia, where the Italian food via Chinese cooks was great, the chocolate cake the best!  But the free 'Movie of the Week,' fell flat, the Chinese would rather talk!
Across the Nullabor, 'fucking with Richard's mind,' getting him to unwind, to become a Fundy Christian (first Western culture).  And Adelaide, with the heavenly Dignams.
7 months, north to south in New Zealand, Cape to Iver., via the diver, up and over the highest pass (1076Mts. ASL).   Lots of rain, lots of bugs, some thugs tearing my tent, now a slight dent.  But, the food good for too much money, honey, the Maori's preferred human flesh.
Now, in Chile, such a slender 'girl,' north and south, some 4,300KM, like crossing Australus, the Aborigines won't talk.
But, here I am in Calama, an open wound in Mother Earth.  They're taking copper, but will come a day when they will pay!   They'll be spread-eagled, tied down, a Grizzly claw ripping out the belly, screams ignored!
Man is the cancer, but what a dancer in the meantime.  Don't worry, Mother Earth will heal, the disease extinct!  In the meantime we pay the 'reninct!' 
Where am I getting to I wonder, as nearing IT.  And I now I 'no' where.  But, what a dare!  Will my wings melt when too near, oh dear, and falling forever!  What is the Fall, but a stall, in time for more, cycles… One hopes to wake up the mopes, before it's too late, not another 'down!'  And thus why 7 years of pain, rain, and body parts some down the drain, for what?  Getting the 'God Rocks!' to the Andes, offering to repent,
Slightly bent,
F.A. Hutchison
Let us hope, and pray, the day will come, when things going in the other direction:  12.12-21.12


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