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080912 BLOK

080912 BLOK (summary being in San Pedro de Atacama for two months…)
The good memories I shall take from San Pedro de Atacama, are of a lovely white Simian dog (from Spain) named, "?" and the still, early mornings, the sun coming up over Licancabur (the 'movie' volcano to the east).  The rest, much dust, and dogs barking all night (a la Nepal and China);  young tourists rushing about determined to get their money's worth!
Recent pictures from 'Curiosity' on Mars confirm that the Atacama Desert is Mars with air. The barrenness, the dryness, basically a salt flat (similar to Bonneville, Utah).  I liked the dry, as could go days, even weeks without taking a shower.  Napoleon had a perfidy of water, me too!
This is a land of extremes, and to survive, to live here in San Pedro (at 2.5KMts ASL), you must adapt to its extremes!  If in the shade, cool to cold, if in the sun, warm to hot!  it can be -05C. at 0400 in the morning, yet 12 hours later (1600 hours) it can be 40C. in the shade.  There is a period (winter) where there are no flies, yet in the Spring (September), swarms of them.  Calm as the dead one moment, it can blow a gale the next.
Yet, with water (the San Pedro River) this 'oasis' became a community, discovered by Pedro Valdivia a Spanish conquistador (thus the name).  He was looking for the Pacific Ocean, but then settled here, his 500-year old house still standing on the Plaza. He'd be shocked to see what's it's become, the adventure-travel capitol of northern Chile.  If Queenstown, N.Z., is the 'wet' adventure capitol of N.Z., then San Pedro the 'dry' adventure capitol of Chile (maybe the world).  Sand-surfing popular here, as 'dunes' 100mts. high.  
What have we lost in the last 500 years (or gained)?  Much has been lost in my opinion, a growth in consciousness compensation.  Yet, Anthony Burgess says 'Human nature doesn't change.' We're losing the Earth to seek other planets to exploit (Mars the first).   It's become all 'trash, flash, and crash,' to me, modern life, but I'm a product of the 20th, not the 21st Century -- I saw the potential, almost lost now that money has became God.  
Youth is always optimistic as it has to be -- it's all 'future,' and I'm all 'past.'  But, without pessimism can we have optimism, without old can be have new?  You can't have one without the other (enantiodromia).  We can't have a future without a past.
Yesterday, I rode some 80KM in 5 hours (to a small town called Tonocao) and back.  Of course, the conditions were favorably (little wind, hard-surface highway), and riding Mr. Fetes less-than-fully loaded.  However, not many 72-year olds can do that (I see no older people out tour-cycling in Chile.).  In fact, I see few older tourists here in San Pedro.
We all cling to living in our own way (especially when older), our egos still desiring all the things not yet possessed.  But, 'I' (the ego again) think of individuals as 'cells' of a greater 'organism,' fulfilling an unknown task in keeping 'it going.'  In the process our egos 'strut and fret their hour upon the stage.'  On the other hand, we can't have a corporeal body without an ego (the 'mental fuel' that 'drives' the body).  It's irony to me,  that this illusion of separation is what will ultimately cause union.  We are, although hard to believe if you partake of mainstream media, making progress advancing consciousness to a higher degree (frequency). In fact, there's a giant step about to be taken, beginning with 12.12-21.12.   We're all a part of that (whether you realize or not). 
Lao Zi wrote, that the longest journey begins with a single step.  'I'm' on my 72nd 'step,' the 'God Rocks!' in full tow (or is it 'toe').   I (nee we) am under the delusion (same as Jesus and others) that we can save humanity from itself!  Oh well, all we can do is try!
AND JUST TODAY, IN FACT HOURS AGO, WE WERE GIVEN THE LOCATION OF WHERE THE ENERGY (FROM TIBET) IS GOING, AND WHERE WE SHALL MAKE AN OFFERING OF THE GOD ROCKS!  There was a reason for staying so long in San Pedro (two months) -- we had to wait for this information.  
So, if you believe in Free Will, think again!  It's another illusion the Ego fosters!  What goes on is the eternal 'battle,' with thyself (our greatest enemy)!  The Ego ('I') versus that thing that's once named becomes non-existent!  And thus, we don't. That's why religion is penultimate, because it's created with words.  Once named 'this thing' dissolves, as it's beyond words ('The Tao you call the Tao, is not the Tao.' -- for Christians substitute the word 'God' for 'Tao.')… 
And so my friends It's up to all of us, individually (to overcome our greatest enemy the ego 'I'), in the process creating a better, safer, more enduring, peaceful and prosperous human existence!
So, why not stop for a moment, put that 'gun' (literal or figurative) down, and join hands around the world?  'Imagine that…?' Thank you John Lennon!
From San Pedro de Atacama, Chile,
F.A. Hutchison
spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety… 
P.S.  Two great English book finds in S.P., one, 'Daniel Martin' by John Fowles, and Anthony Burgess' Part II of his 'Confessions.'  Who would have ever thought 'I' would find these novels in an outpost in Chile...


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