Monday, September 03, 2012

020912 BLOK

020912 BLOK  San Pedro de At.
Sitting waiting for my food at the 'Coyote Bike' Restaurant (great new discovery), the light on the wall, the tables and chairs, the light… suddenly 'it' took me away, and I was in a restaurant near 'Old Town,' Shangrila (Zhongdian, Yunnan Prov., China) -- note, these are 'out of body' experiences.  I don't remember the name of that restaurant, but so similar to this one!  The one in 'Shangrila' had an English name, and was located near the main entrance to Old Town.  I stayed in their Guest House in Old Town. 
Around the corner was the Indian-Nepali restaurant where we ate dhal bhat with Rucha.
Chile is a little like China, primitive, yet its tourist towns sophisticated (San Pedro similar to Old Town, Zhongdian, China).  
The food here in San Pedro, excellent, albeit a little expensive.  Last night at the 'Coyote Bike' Restaurant, I ate salmon for $8U.S. But, the same entree on the main-street (Coracoles) restaurants, twice that.
And the prices for 'sleeping facilities' (camping, residential (lower rates), hostales, hotels, and resorts) runs from $8U.S. per (what I'm paying) TO $2,000 FOR THREE (3) NIGHTS AT THE 'EXPLORER' RESORT!  Think about that!  Roughly $700U.S. per night.  I told one of the workers there, that would have to include a pretty woman for that price.  He said 'no problem!' 
But, most of the tourists here, 'upscale' -- many from Brazil and Argentina.  From Brazil probably because of the dry/sunny climate.   
San Pedro is Chile's version of Queenstown, South Is., New Zealand, as it's all about outdoor adventure.  Sand surfing de rigor here and you can fly in an ultralight!  Thus, most of the tourists are young South American yuppies. 
And an unpleasant note, about these young Chilenos… The most spoiled, the most messy, I thing I've ever come across.  I blame the parents of course!  You should partake of the cocina (kitchen) after they've cooked.  A veritable holocaust!
For shame!
While having 'brunch' at 'Coyote Bike,' the TV on, and I partake of Romney and Bush campaigning for the White House -- ugh!  Nothing ever changes much, as this is the same ole.  The only new-old, Clint Eastwood and George Clooney, both speaking on behalf of their 'guy!'   I understand Eastwood made a fool of himself speaking at the Republican Convention?  You'll have to forgive us old drullers, no doubt Eastwood takes himself seriously! 
I'm just glad I'm not there! 


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