Monday, September 03, 2012

01d0912 BLOK

 01d0912 BLOK 'The Controllers lose their grip!'
Right now (September, 2012) 99% of humanity is controlled and/or enslaved!   Y/our 'freedom' an illusion as we're woking for 'the man' (the owners).  We just think we're 'free!'  Many are enslaved in various ways, in facilities (jails and prisons), some roboticized, some drugged, some in chains, some mortgage 'slaves,' and many executed (for suspicion of being…).
But, with this 'cycle shift,' beginning 12.12-21.12, we (the 99%) begin to 'throw off' our oppressors!  This, as consciousness develops!
The past the story of lessons:  
To control is to be controlled!  To be controlled is to control!


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