Sunday, September 02, 2012

01a0912 BLOK, 'THE NEW MYTH'

01a0912 BLOK, 'THE NEW MYTH'
From Yang-negative to Yin-positive we transit!  This cycle, the opposite of what has been (yang - negative) begins 12.12.-21.12.  And will exist for a substantial amount of 'time!' But, then Duality-enantiodromia will reverse this cycle and we'll return to the Yang-negative. 
But, why 'knot' stop these cycles? Why can't we evolve from Duality to Singularity returning to 'The Garden' with greater consciousness?  What are you talking about you wonder…?  Tantric Taoism is 'won' way to accomplish this metanoia!  
In the beginning was the word!  In the ending will be the noword!  We evolve beyond concepts, words, characters, and signs. We begin to 'live' in the wor(l)d of metaphors, or the figurative.  We open our minds, and surpass the literal (no more dictionaries).
This is a higher frequency 'reality!' And it's beginning to happen around the wor(l)d.  We're 'vibrating up,' and this can be disconcerting to many people, this profound evolutionary change.  
The New Myth' beginning 12.12-21.12, is 'knot' the end of the world (a la Hollywood 'Ka ka'), just a new, more positive, cycle.  The 'cycle that ends all cycles.' 
P.S.  For those having to 'shed their bodies,' during this transition, take heart!  You will be resurrected! 
'Singularity' is 'resurrection' in a sense, as it's the victory of 'life' over 'death.' 
'Be prepared!'  It's the Boy Scout marching song! 
'Stawberry in Swahili!  'Fruti' in Espanol!
The Guang Yin!
But, for God's Sake!  Don't take us seriously!
Tantric Taoism


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