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010912 BLOK

010912 BLOK
It came in like a 'lamb,' this March (September on the calendar).  So, we must beware of the 'Ides of 'March,' (September) and April 'Fools Day,' (October), at least in terms of weather.  A bit confusing for someone who spent most of their life in the No. Hemisphere.  Everything is backwards.  To explain…
Here in Chile it just turned September (as all the world goes by, or most goes by, the Geogorian Calendar).  But, because of the Earth's tilt creating the seasons as it makes it way around the sun, the weather north and south is opposite.  Right now we're going into Spring and Summer, and in the No. Hemis., you're going into Autumn and Winter.  So, in order to orient myself (being from the No. Hemis.), I have to transpose the months, September here is like March weather in the north.
It came in like a 'lamb,' September, but with some clouds (cielos in Spanish).  This is 'The Land of the Cirrus,' those wispy, horse-tail kind of clouds that don't rain.
I've been here in San Pedro almost two months, and maybe there's been 2 cloudy days, and only one of these days the clouds were Cumulus.  I asked a local if it were going to rain, and no.  Seems the only time it rains, in February (August), the wind has to come from both the S.W. and the N.W.   
This is the driest place (desert) in the world, so if you like sun and dry, this is the place!  I'm 'at home' in this kind of climate.  
What I'm not home in is the climate of New Zealand (ugh!) -- low, wet, green, and the 'Land of the long gray cloud!').  But, been there and done that, 7 months of wet-tent camping.  Lot's of Rugby, sail boats, water sports, and great food (albeit expensive), and lots of fat people (like Australia and the U.S.)…  The Maori's even like eating people (a hundred years ago).
Traveling the world on a bicycle you get to spend time, if you're retired like me… You get to 'lolligag and linger,' discovering the culture.  Tourism on a bus schedule is not for me, a bit like kissing your sister (or brother).  I avoid most tourist 'sites,' but here, I've paid for a couple (fee less when arriving on a bicicleta): Valle de Luna, and Laguna de Cejar).  But, when I do visit-pay, I make sure the 'energy' is right.
Yesterday, for the Full Moon, I cycled out of the ambient light (San Pedro proper), toward the Altiplano (high plains), east on highway #27 (heading for Jama Pass).  It turned out to be worth the wait (1 hour) to watch (and take fotos) of the moon rising over the Volcanic peaks.  
See fotos at  The moon was so bright you will think, looking at the fotos, that it's a sun rise!  But, I think its the dry air, as I know sound travels farther in this air (I can hear sounds far in the distance.) -- maybe light as well?  
It's probably why ALMA, the large array of antennas is located near here (up at 5500mts. ASL), 'listening for 'E.T.' to say something!'  Note, if you're an am. astronomer, and want to know about ALMA go to, -- read all about it.  If there was electricity here at C.C. this morning, and I could get online, I'd have something for you here. But, of course, no electricity and no Internet at Casa Campestre, for the second day in a row reminding me of Nepal.
While I was waiting for the moon, standing by the highway, I noticed a very long truck.  I guess you would call it an auto. carrier, as was carrying 12 new automobiles to Argentina.  But, either automobiles are getting smaller and/or lighter in weight, or this another example of reducing the costs to increase profit (more autos on one truck):  Old Capitalism; more for me, less for you!  Our 'New Capitalism:  Less for me, more for you!'
Simple greed was the undoing in 2008 (in the U.S.), nee the 2nd Great (economic) Depression!  Note, politicians won't call it such, but historians will eventually.  Anyone, 'out there,' wanting to change this…?  You probably think (if you do think at all) that's it's impossible (forces of Nature involved).  But, it's not!  We can stop these economic cycles of 'boom and bust,' by changing the way we think (metanoia).  Possible?  If not, humanity is condemned to suffer!
Why not at least try, 'The New Capitalism' (Ten Commandments at


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