Saturday, September 29, 2012

290912 BLOK / T.T.

290912 BLOK / T.T.
The 'battle' certainly is within (our minds), not without. yet we project all bad, evil and negative on others…  'I'm right, and you're wrong, if only you would see things my way!'
Duality is the Dream we need to awaken from and of…
Singularity is Reality! 
Wo/mankind has created Hell on this Earth (circa 2012). Why?  You can't have Heaven without Hell (in Duality)!  You can't have one without the other!  But, this is going to begin to change 12.12-21.12.  And the change is from Hell to Heaven!
Make your Soul the 'O-spot!'
Tantric Taoism



What does everyone in the world need?
1)  Air
2)  Water
3)  Food
4)  Clothing
5)  Shelter
So everyone in the world, is always maneuvering to obtain these basic resources.  We feed ourselves first, baby second -- as we know we have to sustain ourselves in order to provide.  Thus, there is competition for resources nee wars.  So, how to provide these basic resources for ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH, not just a few?  Who decides who gets what?
The conservative Right says the marketplace, if left alone, is the decider.  Yes, it does, but not always equitable!  Of course, at this point they would bring up Darwin, and 'survival of the fittest,' nee 'Natural Selection.'  The Liberals (I hate labels) , seemingly more conscious, would suggest that government is needed to temper the marketplace.  They're both right and wrong.  'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!' (Lorn Acton)
We have nothing new, but something so simple to add, this to make distribution of resources more equitable:  just a little more sharing… Just a little more caring… Just a little more loving!  Is this possible?  We're not suggesting to abandon 'laissez faire'  Capitalism.  We just want to add some positive elements.  In 2012, in America, Capitalism seems to have brought out the worst in some people.  But, are we being too idealist, too naive, and/or too gullible?  
Is evolution to a higher consciousness possible?  Why not try?  We believe just 'a little more,' will create more peace in the world.  (Oh, oh, I just offended the Military-Industrial Complex!). What's preferable to the majority?  The violence and paranoia of 2012, or more peace and peace of mind?  It's interesting that I write this while in Chile, where there is less paranoia, and people seem happier.  For the U.S. to continue down the same 'road' we've been traveling since September 9, 2001, is suicide!  There are so many potential WWIIIs in the world today: Iran and Israel (the U.S.), China and Japan, etc.! 
We can't divorce economics from politics!  And Economics, (I have a worthless B.S. in), is not a science.  It's not numbers and formulas (the 'Marginal Propensity to Consume'), it's people.  And thus, we conclude from whence we started that, everyone seeks the basics and then some.  Others, like Ruppert Murdock want it all (don't want to share). 
But, we're hopeful we can evolve to something, kinder, gentler -- ultimately, less violence/war and more peace.  imagine that!
In the act of giving you set up some 'karma,' some positive energy that returns to you in 'spades!'   Giving is just a practical way of getting!  Try it sometime, but without expectations!
Concluding we reaffirm Capitalism, but a kinder, gentler version:  just a little more sharing, a little more caring, and a little more loving!  It's 'The New Capitalism!' 
Can we possibly stop projecting negative and evil onto others, and take responsibility for our individual thinking, our individual acts?
Why not try?
'The New Capitalism'
F.A. Hutchison

Friday, September 28, 2012

280912 BLOK / T.T.

280912  BLOK / T.T.
You take ever event in your life, and turn it around into an opportunity!  'We let nothing stop us!'  You take every horrible thing, perception, issue, event, as wrenching as losing your child, and turn it into an opportunity!  'We let nothing stop us!'  You take all the negative and turn it around into something positive.  'We let nothing stop us! You turn the negative (perception) around and into some kind of opportunity -- no matter what has happened, maybe you had a military mine blow off your legs, or you're a paraplegic because of an accident!  'We let nothing stop us!'  a version of 'Invictus,' by William Ernest Henley, 'Out of the night that covers me'…''We let nothing stop us!'  You motivate yourself to do such by becoming aware of all you do have, not what you don't!
It's easy!
It's free (except for time and effort)
And, we offer a 30-day, money back guarantee!
Change the world!  Change yourself!
Tantric Taoism


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mitch of 270912

Mitch of 270912,
I wanted to respond directly to your message, 'on going from youth to adulthood'…
Jung called this 'Individuation,' as becoming what you really are, not your parent's projection.
It never ends, Mitch, I'm still developing, changing, we 'live' in a Dual existence where everything is seeking its opposite, making the world go 'round!'  We' re on a Merry-go-round!'
I love the childhood 'ditty,' we used to sing on those long and boring (for children) automobile trips:
'Row, row, row, your boat,
Gently down the stream!
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream!'
I read your insightful English words, creating your 'wor(l)d.'   Of course, my response is… These are only 'wor(l)ds' s, but they beget your wor(l)d.  And for the moment you are who you are.
But, It's always changing, and into unfathomable dimensions! 
I used to be a television producer.  Who would have ever thought I would write a book about Taoism?
In 30 years or so you will be completely different than you are now, reflecting on the/your past.
A young man I met in Berkeley, back in 1984, oh… What was his name…?  I learned much from him, and his advisor (he studied at the U. of Montana), R.W. Funk.  Funk, now deceased, launched something called 'The Jesus Forum.' I learned more about 'story,' 'parable,' etc., from these religious scholars than all the books about drama, combined.
But, in reference to your message, I'll will try to paraphrase, what David J. Carter (I just remembered his name) said:  The mystery (of life) is a paradox, wrapped in an enigma, presented as a conundrum.  (Note, That's why Christians become Christians, it simplifies everything!  They don't have to think…)
I suppose our only choice is to 'tie ourselves to the mast,' and hope to God we don't get swept overboard.
In the meantime, stop to smell the roses along the way!
Much love to dear 'son,'

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

250912 BLOK

250912 BLOK 
Wow!  It's a lively scene here where I'm eating lunch on the shopping street ('21 de Mayo' -- Google:  "Armada de Chile | Combate Naval de Iquique (21 de Mayo de 1879)").  Some Chilean naval commander named Prat was killed, and I think Chile lost the deal…?  Not sure…?
Sometimes what's posted at Wikipedia is not well written, nor has the facts right… Ah, what to do…? I went to another history site, and the wanted me to pay… Money has become 'God!' in the world!
We solved the Canon camera to computer uploading problem, thanks to fellow geek Marty (  It turned out to be the memory card, maybe too much on, or can't deal with, as too much, God only knows.  But, only perseverance won this race, as I scurried about Arica on Mr. Fetes, first purchasing a new cable (thought that was the problem), then a new card reader, etc.  But, we figured it out.
Whee!  As traveling the world on a bicycle sometimes challenging!  If you suddenly have a problem in the wrong place, you have to get creative!  It also helps to have experience.

23a0912 BLOK

23a0912 BLOK
At the Jardin Del Sol Hostal one morning...
I just had so much fun meeting/talking a 'Fred,' my namesake, younger by ten years, but lived in Denver, Colorado.  We have much in common, beginning with American English.  I told him one of the challenges of living in China for so long (five years) was having a sophisticated conversation with someone who could understand me… Ah… Eh… You get to the point where you can hear an American voice off in the distance, and be drawn to it…
We met in the dining area (gratis breakfast), when he said four words, 'Wide World of Sports.'  No one in the last seven years on the road has known about the TV series, I produced segments for… 'And now let's go to Jim McKay, in Louisville, Kentucky for the Derby.'  Fred got my attention.  We must have talked for a couple of hours, mostly about the sad state of affairs in the U.S.
Fred, was born in Panama, where his father was a weilder on U.S. Navy ships.  After WWII, circa 1946, they moved back to the U.S.  Being in Denver, had to do with family relatives, living near the Kansas border (Conservative). 
Note, I cycled through that part of the U.S. on the way to C.S. in January/February, 2000.  I was retracing my Hutchison family's migration from Pennsylvania, to Cripple Creek where my father was born in 1902.
First big tour cycling trip for me, although it proved worthwhile, and now around the world… The longest journey begins getting on the bicycle...
Anyway, Fred… He's an ex-truck driver, former weight-lifter, who hurt his knees in the process.  Now, traveling around Chile for some reason…?  He had to go before too long, as catching a bus to Peru.  Note, he helped with information about Tacna, Peru (where I'm cranking).   Information, that's what's so useful traveling the world!
But, Fred, believes there's a 'Commie' behind every bush, and the cause of all our troubles.  He hates the Liberal Demos!  He calls the three highest of that group, 'the three stooges!'   He makes 'jokes'….  I enjoyed being with him, even thought our political proclivities are far a part.  I dared not reveal my 'Neo-Communism.' 
I think he didn't hear that I was going to vote for Obama.  Oh Lord, what am I saying…

230912 BLOK / T.T.

230912 BLOK / T.T.

The Guang Yin,
The frequencies of everything vibrating simultaneously,
The 'know' frequency!
It's in your own head!
No, not tittinitus.
Tantric Taoism



THE BOILING FROG ANALOGY… (thanks to Fred Seal)
For people living everywhere, but in particular, the U.S.:
A frog was put in a pot of water, and the pot went on the stove.  The water in the beginning was tepid, but as fire/heat increased, so did the discomfort of the frog.  S/he tried to avoid the situation, unable to decide what to do (put head in sand).  The heat increased, until the frog grew weaker and weaker, until… s/he couldn't have climbed out of the pot if s/he'd wanted to!
Get out while you can…
Get off the Titanic, before it sinks, not afterwards…
'Get out the back, Jack,
Make a new plan, Stan,
Create a new joy, Roy
Mark the tally, Sally,
Just get yourself free,
P.S.  And STOP WATCHING TV!  Movies maybe, but not from 'Viollywood!'  And go to the theater, sit in the dark with other people.  And most importantly, WAKE UP!  THIS IS NOT REAL-ITY!  This is the dream we need to awaken from…

Saturday, September 22, 2012

220912 BLOK

220912 BLOK 
It's cloudy by the time I got up, as Arica is located right on the Pacific Ocean.  This is the first time in ten weeks I've seen such clouds!  I didn't want to get out of bed at 0800, as up for an hour at 0300 (couldn't breathe because a stuffy nose) -- maybe the room.  I partake of their 'free' desayuno (breakfast).  It's the usual, corn flakes with a meat sandwich (all of them pretty much the same).  But, the coffee is good with real cream.
I meet Sandra and Carlos (the owner).  He's full of information about riding my bicycle in the area (much to see and do).  He introduces me to his pet turtle, he's had since it was a 'baby.'  What does one call a newborn turtle?  Female, he's named it 'Francesca.'   Carlos informs me he's installing security cameras (alerting me to construction mess and noise)… Ah, the first 'crack int he cosmic Hostal'.  We don't need more security cameras, Jose!   I mean it's getting more difficult all the time sneaking smoking cano!
I pay for the day, some $32U.S.  Certainly, my private room with a bath is worth it. 
I give them laundry, work on online, and then finally depart for lunch.
I find a good restaurant on the shopping street, 
I try to speak Spanish ordering food and I realize I sound pretty stupid. But, the only way to learn a language, at my age, is just to get out there and get corrected. 
While I'm having lunch I'm serenaded with a classic flute (Shubert's 'Ava Maria').  Never passing a street musician without donating, I gave him $10U.S.  It was so charming, sitting there, eating my pescado (fish) in the warm sun, and hearing such… It's these moments that make up for all the pain and suffering of traveling alone on a heavy bicycle.  Thank you, Rucha!
Afterwards, I explored Centro Arica, including their commercial port. I did a little shopping for incidentals.  I finally found shoe laces!  I bought a lighter, some cloth patches, some slippers, a few of the plastic Chinese shopping bags.
A rock 'n' roll band was sound checking on a stage in a park (concert in the evening).  I stopped to listen, remembering all the times, I've been involved professionally with the same.  The drummer was excellent, the band knowing how to play rock 'n' roll!  In China, you have to hold your ears!
I returned to Jardin Del Sol (Garden of the Sun) Hostel, generally impressed with Arica, Chile!  I'll be here at least one week, maybe longer, one never knows…

THE WRECKING CREW (dedicated to GSM, Sr.)

THE WRECKING CREW (dedicated to GSM, Sr.)
DIdn't we have our day?
Didn't we make hay, while the sun shined?
Didn't we live to the max.
And play the sax,
Or, was it 'sex?'
Didn't we…?

210912 BLOK

210912 BLOK
Poor workers of the world, unite!  Get smarter!  Get together, organize, there's strength in numbers!  Stop consuming and you will bring the system to its knees!
Do without, live off the grid, and out of the Malls!  Wake up!  You're being exploited by the 01%.
We represent the 'New Union Day,' for workers… This has to do with consciousness, integrity, and trust!   There are no $ dues, only shoes for your poor children who need them!  Get smarter and unite!  The 'New Union Day' is coming!
I'm in Arica, Chile, the first evening (arrived at 1730 hours / 5:30P.M., at Hostal at 6:30P.M., a restaurant by 7P.M. (mucho hambre).
After a 10-hour bus ride, some of it scary, I'm happy to stop.  Parts of the highway a little scary because this model bus ('Semi Camas), a 'doubledecker' kinda lumbers, swaying back and forth -- and if we lose it, we'd roll over the edge and down a steep embankment for a kilometer (dead at the bottom)! 
All the way, from Iquique to Arica (some 700KM), it's the most barren landscape I've seen in the world.  Nothing but brown sand hills, with not a blade of grass growing.  I love such, however!  I'm also concerned because I didn't get baggage tags in Calama, and am wondering if that will be a problem.  
We stop at an 'Aduana,'  a Chileno police checkpoint, and we have to show our passports.  I thought this interesting… They must be looking for someone…?  Why check IDs within a country?  My passport is returned, and there's no problem with my luggage when we finally arrive at the Arica Terminal, right on time (5:30 P.M.).  
I put Mr Fetes together again, load, and head out for the Hostal (with Google directions).  Google, turns out to be close, but no cigar.  I have to stop and ask people where Sotomayor (the street) is located.  Finally, I'm happy to find it.
I check into Jardin Del Sol, Hostal, and it turns out to be the best so far in all of my Chile.  It's operated by a Chileno named Carlos, an older guy serious about making this place a success.  Clean, organized, with much information, it's truly a 'find,' if ever in Arica, Chile.  I certainly can recommend this Hostal, even at first glance.
I'm advised to go to a restaurant on Calle 21 de Mayo, a short walk.  It's called, eh… Don't worry, I'll get the name as turns out to be unusually good.  But, when I first arrive there at 1900 hours (7P.M.) I'm greeted by a white-haired gentleman named Jose.  Jose has not-so-good news as it's not open until 2000 hours (8P.M.).  Everything is later in Chile:  little breakfast later, lunch between 2 and 3P.M. and dinner at 8P.M. (very European).  I tell him I will return for Salmon.  
I walk down 21 de Mayo, which turns into a commercial walking street, Friday evening crowed with people -- it's very lively!  I walk all the way down to the harbor and am suddenly impressed with Arica, much more sophisticated than Calama.  Calama a workers town, Arica, a port, with international influence, much more diverse in terms of culture.
When I show up back at the restaurant, I'm the first at 8P.M., Jose, in a black bow tie, is happy to see me.  I'm seated in the 'Area de no fumadores!'  I order Salmon, with a salad.  Jose, an older, experienced (professional) waiter can't do enough for me.  The place feels European, old fashion.  A trumpet solo plays on the speakers, reminding me of the 1930s, for some reason.  The table is with white cloth, linen napkins, butter (mantiquilla in Spanish) no less, and an empty cup for olive pits.  I thinking… this is going to be expensive.  I eat the white bread, just to taste the butter.
Soon an older man (more white hair) is seated next to me with a much younger woman.  I'm sure this is father and daughter time, a serious discussion about something.  Or, maybe they're just getting together after an absence…?   Although they don't talk much.  I'm curious. 
Across from me, a lone male diner, which is unusual (in countries like Chile and/or China).  I'm thinking he must be European.  After he departs I notice the waiters laughing at something he did or didn't do.  Maybe his Spanish speaking wasn't so good… 
My salad arrives first and I set away because I eat salad last, not first.  
They skin tomatos in restaurants in Chile, and it seems to make them better tasting.  How does one skin a tomato, maybe in boiling water…?  
My salmon arrives with two boiled potatoes.  All of it is wonderful, even the apple crepe for dessert.
I find out from Jose, they've been in this location for 25 years!  He's worked there for 20 years!  No wonder it feels old fashion.   The total cost of the meal, with agua de mineral, sin gas, is $20U.S.  I leave a large tip (propina) for Jose.  Departing I tell him (he speaks a little English) that I will return!  He smiles!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

20b0912 BLOK

20b0912 BLOK
I've been 'mauled,'
Stored for later,
Hands in my pockets,
Looking for change!
Consume!  Consume!  Consume!,
Everything you stand for
Exploiting Chinese workers, slave labor!
Capitalism not all bad, just the extremes,
Wanting everything for
'Know won' but myself!
Partaking of the masses in the Calama Mall,
I'm Appalled,
Robots all!

20a0912 BLOK

20a0912 BLOK
The Catholic Church, I believe, has become an embarrassment even to it's own parishioners!
The Church has outlived its usefulness, except for the most unevolved who venerate a Pope still living in the 19th Century.  What if…?
What if, the Pope announced that they had decided to sell off all their assets, giving the money to their parishioners, and poor!  Wow, would this be news!  Good news for a change, rather than more revelations about priests abusing boys!
Of course, this Pope would suddenly disappear, sequestered, and later announced, 'death by an 'incurable disease,' better known as assassination!  He'd then be replaced by a more reasonable Pope who would keep the status quo! 
Certanly, the Catholic Church needs to change!
It's become a bad joke!

200912 BLOK

200912 BLOK
There's an opportunity for you people living in the Waldo Canyon Forest Fire area (Colorado Springs, Co, U.S.A.).  I'm sure you've thought of this, that it's time to get rid of as many material things as you can!  We think we're safe, but then 'it' can happen any time, everything gone in a flash (happy to just be alive!).
So, now an opportunity to get rid of those marginal objects you can't live without!
'Small is Beautiful!
Personally, I'm down to about 150KG, including me, bicycle, and gear.  It's freeing, trust me!
My friend Carl in N.Z. talks about being a 'mortgage slave' for 20 years.  Now, 'paroled,' by the way!
Get out the back Jack!
Make a new plan, Stan!
Have a new joy, Roy!
Just get yourselves freer!
There's no security in material things!
Spiritual things endure!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


'Viracocha,' was the 'God of Creation' for the Aymara (pre Inca) and Inca peoples.  The site, Tiawanaku, on the south end of Lake Tikicaca, circa. 300-900A.D.
'Viracocha' literally means 'sea foam.'
Now, ancient man no dummy, in fact smarter than modern man!  S/he knew that humans had evolved from the sea.  And no doubt 'sea foam' blew the first 'see cells,' that became landlubbers -- nee us.  This, of course, millions of years ago!  The 'Fundys' of course will argue about years, their version only 4,000.  But, does it matter?
What is the difference between the Tiawanakuan God, 'Viracocha,' and the Christian God?  Only the wor(l)d!

190912 BLOK

I don't mind speed, it's rushing around the world that I don't enjoy.  Must be my age!
Married couples, and I observe… After a few years, spouses not that much interested in each other, having 'worn out their welcome!'  They focus instead, on their little screens.
We've lost the ability to converse face to face.  We're only good now with screens.  'Hello,' turning from the face to the screen.  Obviously, that anon. ring tone, more important than me.  And certainly in the case of older spouses.
Why get married anyway?  It doesn't work ultimately, rarely maybe… I know of one good marriage/family in the world, the Dignams of Adelaide, Australia (should be role models).  We have enough people in the world in 2012 (the Dignams helped!)!  Generally there's pressure to get married and produce offspring.  But, now we have too many chasing dwindling resources!
Where did we go wrong?  What happened to humanity?  In an attempt to answer these questions, let's ask our own…  What prevented humanity from evolving?  Why didn't we develop?  Or, maybe we have and the rate is so slow, I hardly notice…
It all has to do with consciousness, or the German wor(l)d, 'bevouszine' (a state of understanding).   Being unconscious is when you 'don't know that you don't know!'
The Industrial Devolution (I call it.) and consumerism have taken us backwards!  Modern man has devolved.  Or, you could say we've been 'dumb downed.'
'Free' and 'freedom,' two wor(l)ds… What do they mean?   To think…? Do you believe your Will is Free?  To act, or to remain unconscious?  What is being 'free?'
Evil has taken over the world in the form of Corporacity (corpos. own governments).  We're now enslaved (most don't even know this).  Money has become 'God,' turning us into robotic consumers.  We've been lobotomized (and again most don't even know it).  We're not happy unless buying something, acquiring more material comforts, a flat-screen TV. a sail boat, golf clubs, a bicycle, travel, etc. ad infinitum…
First, most work for 'the man,' and then give him back all of our salaries (taxes to Governments). 
We've been captured, subdued and enslaved -- and we think we're 'free!'  Government is now 'father,' solving all of our problems.  In a way, Romney is correct about 'victims,' but what he doesn't realize he's one too.  But, 'victims' maybe the wrong word or term.  We allowed this.  Most didn't speak up, or fight back.  We still think all we have to do is vote, to keep our democracy strong.
Ask yourself this… Why be loyal to a flag, and some borders?  When people ask me where I'm from my answer, 'Planet Earth, where are you from ?'  Nationalism, a huge problem in the world.  
Haven't we learned anything?  It appears not, but fear not… Changes are coming.  Sometimes it takes two steps backwards, to go one forward, and we're about to take one giant step forward for wo/mankind!
It all begins (to change) 12.12-21.12.  

Monday, September 17, 2012

17c0912 BLOK

17c0912 BLOK
Americans (actually all peoples everywhere) -- fighting and fomenting violence!  Humanity just not evolved!
It's the Texas attitude, 'Shoot first, and ask questions later!'  'Where you located at?'  'I'm afixin' to clean your clock!'
So much violence and pathology, we don't even notice it!  'Oh, another mass murder today, where?'
I've got an idea for a TV series, 'Mass Murder of the Week!  Stay tuned for all the blood and gore!'  No doubt the Fox Network thinking about something like this… Pander to the lowest common dummy out there.
What's wrong…?  We're 'over-dosing' on the Material, bereft of the Spiritual.  Let's worship Haillie Sellase!
We're controlled by screens!
We're terminal!

17c0912 BLOK

17c0912 BLOK
I observed parents, the mother in particular, abusing a little girl while having lunch in a restaurant.  When does one interfere?  Being a 'guest' in a 'foreign' country you can't, lest you want to spend much time explaining to the police.  But, it wrenched my heart to see this little girl slapped about for not much reason (she had taken a paper napkin and was cleaning the window next to her).  Her mother grabbed the napkin, and spanked her hands.  Then great whallowing of hurt!
Now, all is better, but one wonders…
Men and women attracted to each other (Nature's Joke) get involved, have sexual intercourse, create a baby, then suddenly realize this isn't what they wanted. So, guess who gets the 'shit,' and develops a warped mind, then goes on to abuse their children for similar reasons.
There are too many unloved children in the world!
Too many being maimed or killed in all these 'wars!'
Too many aren't getting enough to eat!
What do we do about it?  Nothing but 'wa wa!' 
We don't seem to care…
Later I sat on a park bench in a residential neighborhood.  The sun was warming, the wind blowing (from the S.W.) a holiday mood in the air.  In the b.g. some barking dogs, children playing football, and musico coming from a party.  The ever present motor vehicles rushing past.
Chilenos are very patriotic, all red, white, and blue (with solo star in the blue square).  There's a flag flying on every house, I even put one on Mr. Fetes.
Then suddenly the horribly intrusive car alarm going off, with everyone (by the owner) ignoring it.  They know it isn't being stolen, only that something set it off.
Modern life… I could be in any city or town in the world, same thing…
I'll be looking for a community to live in, with more peace and quiet… But, where?  Maybe Mars…?  They just discovered 'dry ice' snow flakes on Mars. 
P.S.  About the 'family' in the restaurant.  I thought about this later and have a different' 'slant.'  Maybe they weren't married, just out on a date.  'O.K., if I bring my 2-years daughter?'  Maybe the woman was interested in the man, and she didn't want baby spoiling things, or she believe in discipline ('Tough Love!').  Now, the little girl is happy thank God!
Things change...

17b0912 BLOK / T.T.

17b0912 BLOK / T.T.
THE GUAN YIN is a simultaneous 'orgasm' of everything and everybody, everywhere, vibrating together in Supreme Bliss!  That's the 'sound' in your head (no not Titinitus).
Listen to IT, THE GUAN YIN!
Tantric Taoism



How do we perceive?  We perceive with thoughts, concepts, ideas and words.  Or, is it a 'feeling' or 'sense?'  So define 'perception' for me?  What is it to you?
Shakespeare wrote, 'Nothing is neither good nor bad, only thinking makes it so.'  Will was a thoughtful guy!  So, it is judgment that makes perception.  'Aren't those yellow flowers beautiful!'  'I think therefore I am! (Cognito Ergo Sum.)'
I wonder how Rene Descartes and later Spinoza, would have responded to something like, 'No good deed ever goes unpunished?'  
It's how we perceive what is 'good' and what is 'bad,' that makes it so.   What is 'good,' to me, maybe 'bad' for you and vice versa.  If we don't think and/or judge the situation, the event remains neutral!   Nature is neutral.  It's us with ego ('I') consciousness that divides everything up into 'good or bad.'  We make our own 'happiness,' out of the contents of our consciousness!  
It's all about how we perceive things, the world… My young Raoul is correct about this… Notwithstanding his youth, he 'sees' everything as positive (with potential). 
It has to do with being 'open' (not judging so quickly).  Unmake your minds!  Be open!  'To what?'  the little voice asks… Everything and nothing, simultaneity,
The Guan Yin!
Let go!
Surrender to IT!
This is redemption!
P.S.  But, choose your own practice to achieve this.  JUST DO IT!
Tantric Taoism

170912 BLOK

170912 BLOK 
I've been in Chile for four months, and been 'ripped off' for a total of 110,000CLP / $220 U.S. now.  
At Camp Comprestre (in San Pedro) one evening someone lifted 80K / $160U.S. cash out of my wallet.  But Alvaro, the manager, felt so badly he 'compensated' by giving me the rest of my nights there (almost 2 weeks). 
And just now at the Plamira Hotel (Calama), they mis-accounted and said I hadn't paid for one night (15,000KCLP / $30U.S.  I'm very good at keeping track, and knew I had.  But, I wasn't careful enough as I hadn't asked for receipts (to prove).  I was in the bad habit as at Camp Campestre, they hardly knew who, what and why -- they would have laughed about giving receipts (so disorganized)?  Chilean businesses don't like giving receipts because it's how the Gov. collects taxes.  But, from now on I will want a daily receipt from hotels.
This kind of petty thievery is a by-product of Capitalism, where desires (for things) is whetted to a frenzy.  Then those without and cannot get (for whatever reason) resort to taking it.  And they don't steal from wealthy corporations (that need it), but the nearest, easiest source, some poor person who's gotten careless.  Of course, they think I'm $ rich from the U.S., having an exotic bicycle, alone, with no family to support.  If I'm traveling the world, I must be $ rich.
Here at Palmira, I remember Antonio/night manager (when he was checking me in) was paranoid about 'thieves in the neighborhood.'  Then I began to understand when I  noticed that the building is like a prison (clanging steel doors).  Nobody is allowed a key to the outside doors.  Now, I know why… Takes one to know one.  There's little trust Chileno to Chileno.  
This, lack of trust, is even worse in China, where members of a family don't trust each other.  Then again, there's little trust anywhere in the world!  Why?  What happened to it? It went when money became 'God' in the world!
It's sad to see what capitalism-democracy has beget, really:  80% illusion, 20% truth.  But, humanity doesn't seem to be able to evolve beyond… What to do?
We're the problem!

The Mall
A 'haul' 
What one man is making
Only to want more,
A whore in the process!
Whatever happened to integrity?
To restraint?
To Trust?
All 'malled!' 
We are out of control buying things!

I'm sitting on a bench in the old Plaza downtown Calama, listening to a Military Band playing a march.  I'm getting patches sew on two garments, thus having to wait.
I distributed a six-pack of cervesa to the boys on the south side, the ones that hustle for a living (wiping windows of cars stopped for a light, parking, etc.).  The Casa Blanca Hotel (directly across the street) where they must live.  The beer was gone in seconds, and no thanks.  What do I expect?  Better to have none.  The sound of the church bells compensated!
Seems to me the greatest contribution of the Catholic Church (in history) has been the toiling of bells! 
I remember Ajijic, Mexico, so well, as the great cathedral, which we lived right next door to, toiled magnificently!  There were many cultural things that went on in Ajijic, one nights rockets blasting off all night long.
Here in Chile, even though Spanish culture, slightly different.  
I'm eager to discover both Peruvian and Bolivian culture.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

160912 BLOK / T.T.

160912 BLOK / T.T.
We 'no' what happiness is now!
Tantric Taoism


15d0912 BLOK / T.T.

15d0912 BLOK / T.T.
In a moment focused on a table in my hotel room (#11) I knew (felt) I was a part of everything, all at once!
An amazing 'non-feeling' 
Can't you 'here' it?

Giving birth to 'Uncle Joys,' 
Packets of Light!
Penetrating every darkness
At the speed of Thought!
Already we are it!
The Guan Yin!
Tantric Taoism


15c0912 BLOK

15c0912 BLOK (up to Chucuicamata, La Mina de Grande)
People are so wonderful to me wherever I go in the world, all the countries, cultures, people pretty much the same.
Today, outside the Calama Mall, retrieving Mr. Fetes, a Chileno man accosted me with a barrage of effusiveness that overwhelmed me.  He even hugged me when departing.  I never knew exactly what he was saying in Spanish, but the feeling… You can tell… He was approving of everything I did (traveling on a bicycle) while guilty about his own laziness (overweight).   And this wasn't the first time in Chile.   Generally speaking, Chilenos have been good to me, supportive in demonstrative ways.  On the other hand, the 'rip off' in on in Chile (like China).   They don't mind taking as much as they can get from gringos!
In Chile, I know almost for sure I'm the only one over 70-years of age that's 'out here.'  And being 'blessed,' by the man described… It confirms our 'mission' at least in terms of cycling!  We're simply 'out here' to demonstrate to older people (riding around in air-conditioned boxes on wheels) that it's possible!  Look at me!
So, get off your asses, turn the TV off!  Pull those earplugs out, and ride a bicycle in the countryside!  Listen to Nature!  All the plants and animals are trying to communicate something to us!  That we better stop our profligate ways, and adjust to a different way of living or we're going to be in deep 'do-do!'  
Ride a bicycle!  Burn fat, not oil!
Speaking of such, we 'cranked up to 'Chucuicamata' (the Codelco copper mine complex) yesterday afternoon.  This after getting all the tubes inspected, patched, including a new one.  So, now I have a total of 6 good tubes.   I was lucky to find this, the only good bicycle shop, in all of Calama.  And Open, no less!
Mina de Grande is 16KM up highway B-24 (the highway north connecting to #5, to Iquique and Arica).  This highway good, with a 2mt. wide 'shoulder'/bicycle path. Plus, I had the wind helping.  Finally, a view of the wide opening into infinity Atacama Desert to the east.  The snow-capped volcanoes of Bolivia in the distance.
This was a Saturday the beginning of their National Birthday Holiday, so not much going on at the mine.  In fact, everything closed, a ghost town of no casualties (the sign advertises).  I took pictures, of course, now uploaded to
'In Chucuicamata,' a vast industrial area of buildings, equipment, yet mostly deserted this day.  Foolishly, I had no water with me and was thirsty.  I thought a store would be open, but no.  Then up at the Main Gate, and bus depot I got lucky.  There were two sidewalk vendors selling beverages, snacks, cigarettes of course. I purchased a 1.5L bottle of Watt's pineapple juice, the last one.  This cost $3.50U.S., but I would have purchased it if it cost $10U.S.  I was in need.
On a regular work day, 8,000 people are here toiling away, more like a military installation than something private.  I don't know how long they've been taking copper ore out of these hills, but in exchange they're created a 'mountain range!'  The whole thing reminded me of similar in China, where there's nothing for kilometers, then suddenly a huge factory complex.  I remember in one little town, a factory building 2KM in length, but I never knew why or for what?  Then on another trip with Zha'yier, we came across a huge steel mill belching molten fire out in the middle of nowhere.  
With the wind building I started coasting down the hills, with only one up.  But when you have to crank downhill you know the wind is strong (in your face). 
Great views of Calama going down, a mass of buildings in the distance, an oasis on some water (as all these communities are).  No water, no city.
Another wonderful day in Calama, where the people are at least real!
When back, I noticed Antonio (who I thought was the owner), was back putting up his red, white and blue, one-star, Chilean flags.  They seem to be every patriotic in Chile! 
In the U.S., the 4th of July, one big party (with few flags).

15b0912 BLOK / T.T.

15b0912 BLOK / T.T.
Am we on a Pilgrimage, or a Honeymoon?
In June, or is summer coming in September?
Am we a man dreaming we're a woman, or
A woman dreaming we're a man?
'Do you know Ecstasy?' Compassion asked.
'Yes, of course,' interjected Union.
'It's when Mr. Compassion penetrates Ms. Wisdom here.
It's called Spiritual Intercourse!
Supreme Bliss!
This is Ecstasy!
Tantric Taoism


15a0912 BLOK / T.T.

15a0912 BLOK / T.T.
Get laid while you're working out!
Do it now, don't wait!


150912 BLOK / T.T.

150912 BLOK / T.T.
If you seek it,
You will succeed!
It will find you!
Let go!
Spiritual Intercourse!
Supreme Bliss!
The Union of compassion and wisdom,
Unconditional love
Beyond all feeling
'Won' in the same!
Here's to allowing and sharing,
Flowing back and forth,
Until we are lost in 
Each other,
'Knot noting' which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
Tantric Taoism
P.S.  It never began!
It will never end!
The Toa!


Friday, September 14, 2012

14a0912 BLOK

14a0912 BLOK

I think it's time to worship the animals again!  They never abandoned the Garden!  And our (Humanities') goal is to 'get back in!'  Maybe they 'no' the secret?
It's called Animism.
Tantric Taoanimism

140912 BLOK / T.T.

140912 BLOK / T.T.
The Guan Yin is a 'Symphony' of 'know' sound!
But, the object is to unite with it---
With the Divine Lover!
Here's to unconditional love,
Beyond all feeling 
'Won' in the same!
Here's to allowing and sharing,
Flowing back and forth,
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
Tantric Taoism


13d0912 BLOK

13d0912 BLOK
People, people, people!
Coming, going,
Rushing about,
I want to shout!
Mothers with children
Bored, too busy,
The Human Racing about!
Never stopping to think,
Take a drink,
No time, no time, no time,
As it's money, honey!
And you want,
Desiring it, and
More children!

13c0912 BLOK

13c0912  BLOK
Jueves in Calama
On the Way
To Tiawanaku
Via Machu Picchu,
Lots of 'u's!' 
In views, via Google Earth,
Such mirth
'Seaing' it for the first time,
A balanced dime!
All drier in HappyRhyme!

13a0912 BLOK

13a0912 BLOK
I hear myself speaking Spanish, and it sounds silly!  I laugh to myself.
I'm a 3-book 'man,' laden with too much, Hutch!
Live simpler!
Less complicado!
Closer to Nature,
Where we're going ultimately,
The total fabric!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

13b0912 BLOK

13b0912 BLOK
I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere, making progress, down the road of life.  Additionally, I'm adept at travelling alone (for the most part) in foreign countries:  from China, to Iceland and Sweden in the winter, the depressing winter light.  Poor Ms. Fiets had to stay out in the sub-freezing weather, no wonder I couldn't make her work.  But, to my hostess, the children, auto., and cat up in the tree, what was important.  I was only there as a potential 'hard dick.'  When it didn't work in, the rent went from 0 to 10X. So, I cranked down to The Netherlands, in April, too early.  At the end, a joint on the terrace (thanks Chris) -- I fell asleep!
All over Holland I rode, most of the land below sea level.  I remember camping twice, in a caravan park observing the perfect Dutch couple with their perfect child.
From Rembrandt and Vodel Park, to Kathmandu, and China, up and down and all around.  From Kashgar to Shanghai, and back to Xining, dining at Casa Mia, where the Italian food via Chinese cooks was great, the chocolate cake the best!  But the free 'Movie of the Week,' fell flat, the Chinese would rather talk!
Across the Nullabor, 'fucking with Richard's mind,' getting him to unwind, to become a Fundy Christian (first Western culture).  And Adelaide, with the heavenly Dignams.
7 months, north to south in New Zealand, Cape to Iver., via the diver, up and over the highest pass (1076Mts. ASL).   Lots of rain, lots of bugs, some thugs tearing my tent, now a slight dent.  But, the food good for too much money, honey, the Maori's preferred human flesh.
Now, in Chile, such a slender 'girl,' north and south, some 4,300KM, like crossing Australus, the Aborigines won't talk.
But, here I am in Calama, an open wound in Mother Earth.  They're taking copper, but will come a day when they will pay!   They'll be spread-eagled, tied down, a Grizzly claw ripping out the belly, screams ignored!
Man is the cancer, but what a dancer in the meantime.  Don't worry, Mother Earth will heal, the disease extinct!  In the meantime we pay the 'reninct!' 
Where am I getting to I wonder, as nearing IT.  And I now I 'no' where.  But, what a dare!  Will my wings melt when too near, oh dear, and falling forever!  What is the Fall, but a stall, in time for more, cycles… One hopes to wake up the mopes, before it's too late, not another 'down!'  And thus why 7 years of pain, rain, and body parts some down the drain, for what?  Getting the 'God Rocks!' to the Andes, offering to repent,
Slightly bent,
F.A. Hutchison
Let us hope, and pray, the day will come, when things going in the other direction:  12.12-21.12

130912 BLOK / T.T.

130912 BLOK / T.T.
It's beyond any feeling,
'Won' in the same!
Here's to 
Allowing and sharing,
Going back and forth,
Until we are lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!



I WANT TO WRITE ABOUT MY FRIEND, 'THE DOC!'   (Nicknames were in back then!)
Only the older ones will remember, James B. Feeney, a Notre Dame graduate, like Ohlmeyer, he (both actually) were great in their own way.  There must be some truth about N.D. being a good school!  
I went to the University of Arizona, where I learned how to chase women and drink beer.  
Then the Vietnam War with the wild and crazy Sixties!  
All of the Sixties' Era P.A.s (Mason and Martin, the Navy boys, included) -- we were all too 'hot!'  By that I mean overly excited by 'Sex, Drugs, Rock N Roll!'  (Note, last night in Calama, Chile, I watched a Concert DVD of John Fogerty/'Credence Clearwater Revival!' That was the Sixties, when we danced on the hoods of rental cars, famous for just abandoning them, discarding them like so much trash.  I remember, late for a flight out of Manchester, England, driving up to the 'Departing' door, leaving the engine running, rushing in to catch a flight to London where I had a date with a Playboy Bunny…  
Anyway, 'setting the scene' as we did back then.
James B. Feeney, he was before me, and had started in another department (like me), I forget what though…? This was on the 28th floor at 1330 Sixth Avenue, across from the N.Y. HIlton.  I was introduced to Jim (being given a tour by Jack Fitzgerald) outside of Dick Kirchner's office.  
'The Doc' was the Associate Producer of NCAA Football, the team of Howard, Aceti, Goodman (maybe? -- all of this over 40 years ago.  We began as drinking partners.  James saved me from much trouble, as I was a bad Irish drunk (picked fights).  We'd start with one drink down at 'Channel Seven,' end up in a limo, winding up at 0300 in some Mafia after hours place in the Meat Packing District (west teens, 'Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island too.' )
To make a long story short Jim and I became close, as somehow were on the same wavelength.  I was up at their house in Pleasantville (home of 'Readers Digest') many times with his wife Barbara having a wonderful meal (we would laugh until we cried -- so many stories coming out of that era).  Same with 'The Whale,' (Joe Aceti) speaking of nicknames, and his wife, Barbara?  Anyway… James B. and his Barbara, had a baby girl at the time, also named Barbara (getting confusing).  I remember the baby Barbara was a close call at a Hospital, but she survived, and she's now one of my 'adopted' daughters.  All grown and a job in the N.Y.C. area, we communicate via email.  I think mom still lives in the same house on that Cul de Sac?
Both James and I, being Irish, celebrated St. Patrick's Day.  Patty McGlades!'  Do any of you remember how we'd go in there at 1100 in the morning, and half the place would be wildly drunk!  Erin go Brau!  I send a message to the Barbaras every, March 17th, no matter where I am in the world!  Thank God for the Internet!
Anyway… Jim died prematurely of cancer (he was a smoker)!  Way too young, I think in his early sixties.  I was out of the country and was unable to go to the funeral, but I pay homage to my old friend everyday!  
Jim had a heart!  I can remember many 'heads,' on the 28th Floor, but not too many 'hearts!'  Jim was one!
I was in N.Y.C., in 1999, and made a point of cycling up to Pleasantville from Williamsburg, not every far, but a little tricky with so many roads, highways, traffic, Harlem, and Westchester County.  Note, many of the crew in those days lived up in Westchester Country, Chuck as I remember 'Upper Saddle River' (or is that New Jersey where Forte and his mother lived?).  I think Doug Wilson?   Now, Jim J., and Jackie somewhere up there…?  I remember Roone lived in Manhattan (South Park Place), Cosell for sure (Second Ave./63rd St.)!
Anyway…  Arriving in Pleasantville alive, I had to call Barbara from the town center.  I'd forgotten exactly how to get to their house (it'd been years).  But, she came down, and I cranked up following her.  She was amazed I hadn't been killed.  After lunch, and many stories, I had to depart (takes more time on a bicycle).  In their garage, she gave me the present of Jim's old Bell bicycle helmet (fearing for my head).  I wear it every time I get on 'Mr. Fetes' (my bicycle), and have for the past 13 years and over 100,000KM!  He's with me everywhere we go -- still!
F.A. Hutchison
spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety…
P.S.  I forget how James B., got the nickname 'The Doc,' maybe because they were alluding to the PH.D. kind of 'Doc.'  Jim was very dignified concomitantly  erudite!   And, the snappiest J. Press kind of suits on the 28th Floor, maybe the entire 40 (floors at 1330).   I'll never forget his tie collar!  'Here's to ya, James B.!'  I remember!  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

120912 BLOK

120912 BLOK, Calama, Chile
I love observing people in public.  And when you're not with another, you can do this much more efficiently.  I've just eaten lunch in the Foodcourt of the Calama Mall.  An older man sits alone after eating his…  'A penny for your thoughts, sir?'  He looked unhappy contemplating his life, but who knows…  Two male workers sit eating their hambergusas, con papas, and some soft drink (standard fast food meal).  But, these not MacDonald or KFC's, but Juan Maestro's.  I ate healthy cafeteria food, except for the berry pie. I watch young boys drive their Formula One's in 'Happy Land.'   All of this, a world away from San Pedro, which is all tourism.   This Mall in Calama (100,000 pop.) is large and prosperous.  There's even a 'Mac Online' store.  I purchased some contact lens solution in an eye-wear store.
There's something about Calama, this industrial-mining town that interests me, maybe deja vu vis a vis Tucson, Arizona, circa. 1945.  Today there was something in the sunlight as well.  I've never been this close to the Equator, this time of year, Spring (September, 21, only 9 days away).  Of course, where most of you are it's going into Autumn, just the reverse.
I cranked around Calama today in a gusty, dusty wind, trying to accomplish some tasks, like 'lavar la ropa' (washing clothes), but never found one (they don't at hotel).  I did manage other things, including acquiring a city map, which I promptly lost (typical of me).  I'm good at losing my mind! 
In JUMBO's (a Walmart-like consumer palace), they exchanged my broken 'thermo.' Of course, I hadn't read the instructions and maybe contributed to the fact the insert broke (fell over in my tent).  But, I had the receipt, and can act a good story.  Usually, they respond well to older foreigners, especially ones as weird looking (my cycling garb) as me.  I saved myself $15U.S., and every penny counts on the road to saving humanity!  This is the second 'Megatrage' (Nashville, TN., U.S.A.) thermo I've broken, 'Hecho en Chine' of course.  I'm about to write them as they have a website.
This hotel, which is only a couple blocks from the TUR BUS, terminal (largest bus company in Chine), is a converted garage.  I thought the configuration of the building a bit strange for a hotel, but turns out very good for $30U.S., per night in a shared room (I'm alone).  And I even discovered they have WIFI here!   Nobody tells you these things in another language, and when I checked in last night, I was so happy to discover it, so late 7P.M. I just wanted to eat and go to bed.  I hadn't slept in a bed for nine weeks, not that I mind, in fact prefer the ground, but I was looking for a shower.  And after four months in Chile, this is the best shower! 
Last night I couldn't sleep for a stuffy nose, and I thought maybe the warmer, unventilated room was causing such.  So, I got up opened what windows I could, and ran the hot water in the shower.  That helped.   You get used to fresh air outside, and this is one of those rooms without outside windows.
This is an out-of-the-way hotel, where working men stay.  No kids and no dogs!  I thank Master, Lord, and God, for directing me right to it yesterday, I could have had to crank all over at night.  I'd been somewhat concerned, as everything else (reservations and friends) had fallen through!  I was entering a new town (only been here once before), in the evening, with no map, no reservations on the eve of a Holiday.   Try that sometime.  It reminds me of all the Chinese communities we entered (cycling) after dark, and riding all over hill and gone to find acceptable accommodations.  
I don't know how long I'm going to be in Calama, as on the eve of their National Independence (from Spain) Holiday (18 de Septiembre), 18-something, the year as well.
at the Palmira Hotel, on calle Henen Cortez, Calama (theTV on in the b.g. of course).

Monday, September 10, 2012

080912 BLOK

080912 BLOK (summary being in San Pedro de Atacama for two months…)
The good memories I shall take from San Pedro de Atacama, are of a lovely white Simian dog (from Spain) named, "?" and the still, early mornings, the sun coming up over Licancabur (the 'movie' volcano to the east).  The rest, much dust, and dogs barking all night (a la Nepal and China);  young tourists rushing about determined to get their money's worth!
Recent pictures from 'Curiosity' on Mars confirm that the Atacama Desert is Mars with air. The barrenness, the dryness, basically a salt flat (similar to Bonneville, Utah).  I liked the dry, as could go days, even weeks without taking a shower.  Napoleon had a perfidy of water, me too!
This is a land of extremes, and to survive, to live here in San Pedro (at 2.5KMts ASL), you must adapt to its extremes!  If in the shade, cool to cold, if in the sun, warm to hot!  it can be -05C. at 0400 in the morning, yet 12 hours later (1600 hours) it can be 40C. in the shade.  There is a period (winter) where there are no flies, yet in the Spring (September), swarms of them.  Calm as the dead one moment, it can blow a gale the next.
Yet, with water (the San Pedro River) this 'oasis' became a community, discovered by Pedro Valdivia a Spanish conquistador (thus the name).  He was looking for the Pacific Ocean, but then settled here, his 500-year old house still standing on the Plaza. He'd be shocked to see what's it's become, the adventure-travel capitol of northern Chile.  If Queenstown, N.Z., is the 'wet' adventure capitol of N.Z., then San Pedro the 'dry' adventure capitol of Chile (maybe the world).  Sand-surfing popular here, as 'dunes' 100mts. high.  
What have we lost in the last 500 years (or gained)?  Much has been lost in my opinion, a growth in consciousness compensation.  Yet, Anthony Burgess says 'Human nature doesn't change.' We're losing the Earth to seek other planets to exploit (Mars the first).   It's become all 'trash, flash, and crash,' to me, modern life, but I'm a product of the 20th, not the 21st Century -- I saw the potential, almost lost now that money has became God.  
Youth is always optimistic as it has to be -- it's all 'future,' and I'm all 'past.'  But, without pessimism can we have optimism, without old can be have new?  You can't have one without the other (enantiodromia).  We can't have a future without a past.
Yesterday, I rode some 80KM in 5 hours (to a small town called Tonocao) and back.  Of course, the conditions were favorably (little wind, hard-surface highway), and riding Mr. Fetes less-than-fully loaded.  However, not many 72-year olds can do that (I see no older people out tour-cycling in Chile.).  In fact, I see few older tourists here in San Pedro.
We all cling to living in our own way (especially when older), our egos still desiring all the things not yet possessed.  But, 'I' (the ego again) think of individuals as 'cells' of a greater 'organism,' fulfilling an unknown task in keeping 'it going.'  In the process our egos 'strut and fret their hour upon the stage.'  On the other hand, we can't have a corporeal body without an ego (the 'mental fuel' that 'drives' the body).  It's irony to me,  that this illusion of separation is what will ultimately cause union.  We are, although hard to believe if you partake of mainstream media, making progress advancing consciousness to a higher degree (frequency). In fact, there's a giant step about to be taken, beginning with 12.12-21.12.   We're all a part of that (whether you realize or not). 
Lao Zi wrote, that the longest journey begins with a single step.  'I'm' on my 72nd 'step,' the 'God Rocks!' in full tow (or is it 'toe').   I (nee we) am under the delusion (same as Jesus and others) that we can save humanity from itself!  Oh well, all we can do is try!
AND JUST TODAY, IN FACT HOURS AGO, WE WERE GIVEN THE LOCATION OF WHERE THE ENERGY (FROM TIBET) IS GOING, AND WHERE WE SHALL MAKE AN OFFERING OF THE GOD ROCKS!  There was a reason for staying so long in San Pedro (two months) -- we had to wait for this information.  
So, if you believe in Free Will, think again!  It's another illusion the Ego fosters!  What goes on is the eternal 'battle,' with thyself (our greatest enemy)!  The Ego ('I') versus that thing that's once named becomes non-existent!  And thus, we don't. That's why religion is penultimate, because it's created with words.  Once named 'this thing' dissolves, as it's beyond words ('The Tao you call the Tao, is not the Tao.' -- for Christians substitute the word 'God' for 'Tao.')… 
And so my friends It's up to all of us, individually (to overcome our greatest enemy the ego 'I'), in the process creating a better, safer, more enduring, peaceful and prosperous human existence!
So, why not stop for a moment, put that 'gun' (literal or figurative) down, and join hands around the world?  'Imagine that…?' Thank you John Lennon!
From San Pedro de Atacama, Chile,
F.A. Hutchison
spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety… 
P.S.  Two great English book finds in S.P., one, 'Daniel Martin' by John Fowles, and Anthony Burgess' Part II of his 'Confessions.'  Who would have ever thought 'I' would find these novels in an outpost in Chile...

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

04e0912 BLOK / T.T.

04e0912 BLOK / T.T.
Learning a new language, is interesting, a good exercise in opening thy mind.  Language is culture, how a group of people have 'constructed' their 'wor(l)d.' There are dictionary words, and then words people create/use in their everyday lives ('wor(l)ds').  Language is NOT ETCHED IN STONE, it's how we 'sea' the world (and this changes constantly). 
It's good to interact (with another language than your native one); to create your own words, nee world. Why be stuck in the 'same ole?'
The more we can understand each other (different cultures) the better, as understanding leads to trust, and trust leads to 'peace! ('paz' en Espanol).  It's mistrust that leads to problems nee violence, nee war, etc.
Everyone seems to want to separate (flags and borders)!  We want to unite!
Conceiving Unconditional Love (agape) 
Giving birth to 'Uncle Joys,'
Packets of Light
At the speed of thought,
Penetrating every darkness!
This is
Tantric Taoism


04d0912 BLOK / T.T.

04d0912  BLOK / T.T.
Eat less flesh to raise your 'frequency!' 
Eat less, and only when very hungry!
Vibrate at a higher frequency,
Gaining everything
The Guang Yin!
And it's right there inside your own mind!
P.S.  Yes, we know you'd rather watch TV or drink beer, or pursue the opposite sex, maybe play the guitar, or work on you motorcycle.  You'd rather knit a sweater, than think deeply about who and what your really are, and how you might become GREATER!  So, keep eating that meat!   'Are you ready for the football?'
Tantric Taoism


04b0912 BLOK / T.T.

04b0912 BLOK / T.T.
Sometimes when the sun light appears a certain way (frequency), it catches my attention, and I stop to examine the scene more closely.  Then suddenly I can be swept away in a moment to another time, place, what we call 'an out-of-body' experience.  'What was this, where, when, I ask…?'  So, sun light for me is one 'sense' in which to recreate a different 'scene.'  This, a la, 'Sense Memory' in the acting system I studied, THE METHOD.  We're all 'actors' aren't we, 'strutting and fretting our hour upon the stage?'  Some, however, are better at this than others.
Light, a 'frequency' vibrating… A goal… To penetrate the darkness.  This is 'The Serpent of Light.' (D. Melchizedek)
We exist to give birth to Unconditional Love.  Not the 'same ole,' (romantic desire, 'need the seed'), 'Nature's Joke!'   We need to slow down the birth rate -- too many people now chasing dwindling resources.
Why do you think we're (the U.S.) on the planet Mars?  Looking for another 'rock' to exploit!  But, that isn't the solution!  Investigating 'inner space' (y/our minds), nee changing, growing, and evolving is the solution (for humanity)!
Tantric Taoism  


040912 BLOK

040912 BLOK
Watch the movie 'A Thousand Clowns,' (everyday).  And as I remember it 'stars' Jason Robarts, who plays 'Murray,' the out-of-work guru of 'how to blow it off,' have fun, find the spouse of your dreams, and basically be happy!  
There's also another of the same genre, a 'cult' movie from Europe, whose title escapes me at the moment, maybe 'Juliet of the Spirits?'  Dick H. would remember, as we discussed this before one time. 
I'm a people observer, and I notice the faces of people around the world!  

040912 BLOK

040912 BLOK
On 'time,' the balanced dime!
'Lost' one hour,
But gained,
Jettisoned the time machine!
'Free at last!
Free at last!
Thank God almightly,
I'm free at last!'

A story from 'Jason' Guo, China

Once upon a time there was a 'Paradise,' an island where all the 'Feelings' lived: Happiness, Knowledge, Vanity, and all the others, including Love. 
One day it was announced to all of the Feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So, all the Feelings prepared their boats to abandon the Island. 
Love, was the only one that didn't have a boat. S/he wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment. When the island was almost totally under the water, Love decided it was time 'S/he' better go.. S/he began looking for someone to ask for help.  Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat, so Love asked, "Richness, can I come with you on your boat?" Love asked. Richness answered, "I'm sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere."
Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing by in a beautiful vessel.
Love cried out, now in the sea, swimming for help, "Vanity, help me please!" "I can't help you," Vanity said, "You are all wet and will ruin my beautiful boat." 
Then, Love saw Happiness. Love cried out, "Happiness, please take me with you." But
Happiness was so overjoyed that he didn't hear Love calling to him. 
Love began to cry. Then, S/he heard a voice say, "Come Love, I will take you with me."
It was an Elder. Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that she forgot to ask the
Elder its name. When they arrived back safely on Land, the Elder went on his way. Love realized how much she owed the Elder, and was sorry S/he hadn't thanked it. 
Love then found Knowledge and asked, "Who was it that helped me?" "It was Time,"
Knowledge answered. "But why did Time help me when no one else would? " Love
asked. Knowledge smiled and with deep wisdom and sincerity answered, "Because
only Time is capable of understanding how great (unconditional) Love!

Monday, September 03, 2012


Understand it's manmade, and an illusion, designed to synchronize the world for money!  Modern Life = pathology.
The first step:  DO NOT adjust your watch or mobile for 'Daylight Saving Time!'  Leave it where it is!  DST is governments trying to control how we live (more efficiently for money of course). 
This just happened in Chile, the 1st of September (closer to the Equator, than where you are): 'Springing forward.'  No one told me of course, but it didn't matter. I'm getting 'unsynchronized.'
'Time' is relative to y/our location, Einstein tried to get us to understand...
'Atom clocks,' crazy!  The idea you can define such 'division' (of change) down to micro seconds, is a great example of modern insanity!  
There's so much insanity in modern life, we think it's reality, and that we're insane! 
We better wake up, however, stop this madness, change, grow, and evolve, or woe be unto us!  No, question about this in my mind.  Trust me on this 'won!' Bob!
P.S.  'Step two, much more difficult than just adjusting your watch…

020912 BLOK

020912 BLOK  San Pedro de At.
Sitting waiting for my food at the 'Coyote Bike' Restaurant (great new discovery), the light on the wall, the tables and chairs, the light… suddenly 'it' took me away, and I was in a restaurant near 'Old Town,' Shangrila (Zhongdian, Yunnan Prov., China) -- note, these are 'out of body' experiences.  I don't remember the name of that restaurant, but so similar to this one!  The one in 'Shangrila' had an English name, and was located near the main entrance to Old Town.  I stayed in their Guest House in Old Town. 
Around the corner was the Indian-Nepali restaurant where we ate dhal bhat with Rucha.
Chile is a little like China, primitive, yet its tourist towns sophisticated (San Pedro similar to Old Town, Zhongdian, China).  
The food here in San Pedro, excellent, albeit a little expensive.  Last night at the 'Coyote Bike' Restaurant, I ate salmon for $8U.S. But, the same entree on the main-street (Coracoles) restaurants, twice that.
And the prices for 'sleeping facilities' (camping, residential (lower rates), hostales, hotels, and resorts) runs from $8U.S. per (what I'm paying) TO $2,000 FOR THREE (3) NIGHTS AT THE 'EXPLORER' RESORT!  Think about that!  Roughly $700U.S. per night.  I told one of the workers there, that would have to include a pretty woman for that price.  He said 'no problem!' 
But, most of the tourists here, 'upscale' -- many from Brazil and Argentina.  From Brazil probably because of the dry/sunny climate.   
San Pedro is Chile's version of Queenstown, South Is., New Zealand, as it's all about outdoor adventure.  Sand surfing de rigor here and you can fly in an ultralight!  Thus, most of the tourists are young South American yuppies. 
And an unpleasant note, about these young Chilenos… The most spoiled, the most messy, I thing I've ever come across.  I blame the parents of course!  You should partake of the cocina (kitchen) after they've cooked.  A veritable holocaust!
For shame!
While having 'brunch' at 'Coyote Bike,' the TV on, and I partake of Romney and Bush campaigning for the White House -- ugh!  Nothing ever changes much, as this is the same ole.  The only new-old, Clint Eastwood and George Clooney, both speaking on behalf of their 'guy!'   I understand Eastwood made a fool of himself speaking at the Republican Convention?  You'll have to forgive us old drullers, no doubt Eastwood takes himself seriously! 
I'm just glad I'm not there! 

01d0912 BLOK

 01d0912 BLOK 'The Controllers lose their grip!'
Right now (September, 2012) 99% of humanity is controlled and/or enslaved!   Y/our 'freedom' an illusion as we're woking for 'the man' (the owners).  We just think we're 'free!'  Many are enslaved in various ways, in facilities (jails and prisons), some roboticized, some drugged, some in chains, some mortgage 'slaves,' and many executed (for suspicion of being…).
But, with this 'cycle shift,' beginning 12.12-21.12, we (the 99%) begin to 'throw off' our oppressors!  This, as consciousness develops!
The past the story of lessons:  
To control is to be controlled!  To be controlled is to control!

01c0912 BLOK / T.T.

01c0912 BLOK / T.T.
The most wonderful, sublime feeling, 
conceiving unconditional love,
Giving 'birth' to unconditional love,
Nurturing unconditional love!
Compassion 'penetrates!'
Wisdom 'devours!'
This is the conception of 2, but this '1+1,' much greater! (The 'hole' is greater than the sum of its parts!)
The opposite of Everything is Nothing,
But the 'nothing' you think of as 'nothing' isn't nothing,
It's Everything,
All at once,
Tantric Taoism


Sunday, September 02, 2012

01b0912 BLOK / T.T.

01b0912 BLOK / T.T.
Random acts of consciousness!
Tantric Taoism


01a0912 BLOK, 'THE NEW MYTH'

01a0912 BLOK, 'THE NEW MYTH'
From Yang-negative to Yin-positive we transit!  This cycle, the opposite of what has been (yang - negative) begins 12.12.-21.12.  And will exist for a substantial amount of 'time!' But, then Duality-enantiodromia will reverse this cycle and we'll return to the Yang-negative. 
But, why 'knot' stop these cycles? Why can't we evolve from Duality to Singularity returning to 'The Garden' with greater consciousness?  What are you talking about you wonder…?  Tantric Taoism is 'won' way to accomplish this metanoia!  
In the beginning was the word!  In the ending will be the noword!  We evolve beyond concepts, words, characters, and signs. We begin to 'live' in the wor(l)d of metaphors, or the figurative.  We open our minds, and surpass the literal (no more dictionaries).
This is a higher frequency 'reality!' And it's beginning to happen around the wor(l)d.  We're 'vibrating up,' and this can be disconcerting to many people, this profound evolutionary change.  
The New Myth' beginning 12.12-21.12, is 'knot' the end of the world (a la Hollywood 'Ka ka'), just a new, more positive, cycle.  The 'cycle that ends all cycles.' 
P.S.  For those having to 'shed their bodies,' during this transition, take heart!  You will be resurrected! 
'Singularity' is 'resurrection' in a sense, as it's the victory of 'life' over 'death.' 
'Be prepared!'  It's the Boy Scout marching song! 
'Stawberry in Swahili!  'Fruti' in Espanol!
The Guang Yin!
But, for God's Sake!  Don't take us seriously!
Tantric Taoism

010912 BLOK

010912 BLOK
It came in like a 'lamb,' this March (September on the calendar).  So, we must beware of the 'Ides of 'March,' (September) and April 'Fools Day,' (October), at least in terms of weather.  A bit confusing for someone who spent most of their life in the No. Hemisphere.  Everything is backwards.  To explain…
Here in Chile it just turned September (as all the world goes by, or most goes by, the Geogorian Calendar).  But, because of the Earth's tilt creating the seasons as it makes it way around the sun, the weather north and south is opposite.  Right now we're going into Spring and Summer, and in the No. Hemis., you're going into Autumn and Winter.  So, in order to orient myself (being from the No. Hemis.), I have to transpose the months, September here is like March weather in the north.
It came in like a 'lamb,' September, but with some clouds (cielos in Spanish).  This is 'The Land of the Cirrus,' those wispy, horse-tail kind of clouds that don't rain.
I've been here in San Pedro almost two months, and maybe there's been 2 cloudy days, and only one of these days the clouds were Cumulus.  I asked a local if it were going to rain, and no.  Seems the only time it rains, in February (August), the wind has to come from both the S.W. and the N.W.   
This is the driest place (desert) in the world, so if you like sun and dry, this is the place!  I'm 'at home' in this kind of climate.  
What I'm not home in is the climate of New Zealand (ugh!) -- low, wet, green, and the 'Land of the long gray cloud!').  But, been there and done that, 7 months of wet-tent camping.  Lot's of Rugby, sail boats, water sports, and great food (albeit expensive), and lots of fat people (like Australia and the U.S.)…  The Maori's even like eating people (a hundred years ago).
Traveling the world on a bicycle you get to spend time, if you're retired like me… You get to 'lolligag and linger,' discovering the culture.  Tourism on a bus schedule is not for me, a bit like kissing your sister (or brother).  I avoid most tourist 'sites,' but here, I've paid for a couple (fee less when arriving on a bicicleta): Valle de Luna, and Laguna de Cejar).  But, when I do visit-pay, I make sure the 'energy' is right.
Yesterday, for the Full Moon, I cycled out of the ambient light (San Pedro proper), toward the Altiplano (high plains), east on highway #27 (heading for Jama Pass).  It turned out to be worth the wait (1 hour) to watch (and take fotos) of the moon rising over the Volcanic peaks.  
See fotos at  The moon was so bright you will think, looking at the fotos, that it's a sun rise!  But, I think its the dry air, as I know sound travels farther in this air (I can hear sounds far in the distance.) -- maybe light as well?  
It's probably why ALMA, the large array of antennas is located near here (up at 5500mts. ASL), 'listening for 'E.T.' to say something!'  Note, if you're an am. astronomer, and want to know about ALMA go to, -- read all about it.  If there was electricity here at C.C. this morning, and I could get online, I'd have something for you here. But, of course, no electricity and no Internet at Casa Campestre, for the second day in a row reminding me of Nepal.
While I was waiting for the moon, standing by the highway, I noticed a very long truck.  I guess you would call it an auto. carrier, as was carrying 12 new automobiles to Argentina.  But, either automobiles are getting smaller and/or lighter in weight, or this another example of reducing the costs to increase profit (more autos on one truck):  Old Capitalism; more for me, less for you!  Our 'New Capitalism:  Less for me, more for you!'
Simple greed was the undoing in 2008 (in the U.S.), nee the 2nd Great (economic) Depression!  Note, politicians won't call it such, but historians will eventually.  Anyone, 'out there,' wanting to change this…?  You probably think (if you do think at all) that's it's impossible (forces of Nature involved).  But, it's not!  We can stop these economic cycles of 'boom and bust,' by changing the way we think (metanoia).  Possible?  If not, humanity is condemned to suffer!
Why not at least try, 'The New Capitalism' (Ten Commandments at

Saturday, September 01, 2012

31e0812 BLOK / T.T.

31e0812 BLOK / T.T.
'Come on old jacket,
Just like me!
Another, go we,
To climb higher,
Ride further,
This is as good a day to die as any!'
Keep going
For life is action,
Movement in Duality,
Back and forth,
Tantric Taoism


31d0812 BLOK

31d0812 BLOK
Hollywood is a whore house, where you pay to get fucked!  The more the $, the greater the 'fuck!'

31c0812 BLOK / T.T.

31c0812 BLOK / T.T.
'The Duality Machine,' that's what we call this existence, 'reality,' for the lack of a better word.  The '1,' the '2,' as in the 'Tao Te Ching'  creates the '3.'  On and on, as the '1' seeks the '2,' and vice versa, enantiodromia.
This 'opposites attracting' creates the cycles!
In Tantric Taoism, the opportunity to unite with the Divine:
Going back and forth,
Until we are
Lost in each other,
'Knot noing'
Which is which,
'Butt knot' really caring!
Supreme bliss!
Unconditional Love!
'The Duality Machine!'
Tantric Taoism


31b0812 BLOK

31b0812 BLOK
When there is much money in circulation, the poor suffer!  Why?  Prices are driven up, as those making can afford.
For example, in Calama, Chile, a 'company town,' (Codelco - copper mining), where 70% of the population works for the company (inflated salaries).  But, the other 30%, the people not working for the 'Company,' in the service industry can barely afford (because of the high prices). 
Capitalism, by nature, creates inequality, which creates thieves, which creates a police force, which creates injustice, and all the resultant negatives!
We are suggesting we need a change (metanoia), and foment the 'New Capitalism,' which promotes a more just economic system.
Lao Zi, wrote about this 2,300 years ago in the 'Tao Te Ching.'
The new 'Ten Commandments' of commerce at:

31a0812 BLOK

31a0812 BLOK / (for Bruce)
Anticipation, expectation, thinking about the 'future,' -- this is the problem!
Keep a neutral, balanced mind!
Be happily surprised!
Let go of controlling,
Rolling with the 'punches!'
A better way!
Have a buen day!

310812 BLOK

310812 BLOK
How suddenly Spring has come to San Pedro.  Almost over night I notice how much warmer at night.  There are some trees (not many in this area) that are budding, I counted three.
Where you are (? -- Northern Hemisphere) it's Labor Day, summer over, and back to school, Autumn on the way.  The opposite of us in the Southern Hemisphere.
This opposite, north and south poles a great example of our Dual World, where EVERYTHING has its opposite, and if no name, then the 'noward.'  For example, what is the opposite of bicycle?  No bicycle.  Moon? No moon, etc.
I sit outside in the morning sun at 0730.
At Casa Campestre (where I'm located at) -- Note, this is an Adventure Travel group who drive ATVs or climb rocks, sand surfing, some kind of outdoor activity.  San Pedro de Atacama, Chile, has something in common with Queenstown, N.Z. -- I remember Bungi Backpackers where I met Lee Cook.
The shower dribbles out, but hot eventually.
Trash everywhere, although better since Alvaro returned.
The bicycles all dirty, tires sagging.
The dogs out of control (standard in Chile, Nepal, and China).  Especially, 'Fergus,' a huge black Newfoundland, neurotic (peed on my tent four times now).  At the other end of the spectrum, Pierre's female white Simian, so good I'd take her if no one owned.
Mostly here, working or guests, young Chileno boys and girls.  They don't know that they don't know.  But, some very good ones like Francisco and Jose (tattoo of Homer Simpson on his arm.)
Now, however, there's much construction, cleaning up going on… Since Alvaro (the older manager) returned.  He's a good guy.
I can recommend the place (Carocoles, #66), as near the S.P. River, and out of the way of the crowd.  But, this is definitely for younger travelers.  Between the engines and the dogs it's rarely quiet (only early morning).  On the other hand, sometimes a digeridoo, drums, guitars, and singing.  Chilenos love to sing and dance.
Everyone here gets up late 0900+, lunch at 2-4P.M. (this is 'siesta' time traditional in Latin America), dinner 8P.M., and then up late. 
The Internet hardly works here in San Pedro, the ethos:  It's not that important!  Slow down, eat, drink and make Mary!
Today, 31 August, the electricity is off, Full Moon!  What's the opposite of Full?  Empty ('dark moon').  If you need efficiency, and can afford, go to Germany!
What I like about the Atacama Desert, when out away from the 'madding crowd' is the stillness, the absolute quiet.  This, of course, when there's no wind (viento).
August ('February' in terms of weather in the S.Hemisphere) came in like a 'lion,' and leaves now like a 'lamb.'  Or, is this a 'March thing?' 
And the birds!  I enjoy feeding the birds!