Sunday, May 06, 2012

Dear 'War Child / Critical Mass:'

06 May 2012
Dear 'War Child / Critical Mass:'
I just completed reading, 'Voices for Peace,' discovered in the Barrington Mall ('Just Incredible' store), while cycling through Christchurch, New Zealand.  I paid only $5NZD / $4USD, so via website I've made an additional contribution.
Our website, is an attempt to demonstrate to others around the world that not all Americans are unfeeling bastards!  In the past seven years we've cycled some 100,000KM through many countries including China.  We try to demonstrate it's possible to travel without burning petrol (oil).  I'm also, at 72-years of age, a professional writer with 50-years experience in the media business (see attached).
Thus, I suggest another volume of 'Voices for Peace,' be created/published.  And, we'd like to make a contribution to such.
Recently, while in China, I completed a text work entitled, 'Tantric Taoism.'  This explains how to use a sexual 'metawhor' to create unconditional love (the union of compassion and wisdom).
There has been, throughout history, an endless discussion of peace versus war, good versus evil, love versus hate, etc.  We must begin to understand we cannot have 'won,' without the other (in our Dual existence).  Harmony is balance between the two extremes, one always seeking the other (enantiodromia).  The solution is to live with some of each, in balance.  This is not a new concept, as Lord Buddha, 2K years ago espoused the same ('The Middle Way').  But, how to achieve?
Your book, 'Voices of Peace' heartened me as the contributors so facile in explaining the current world situation (now 2012).  But, nothing much has changed in the interim if you believe the establishment media (designed to keep us in perpetual angst).  What to do?
The Maya Calendar 'ending,' signals not the end of the world, but a watershed period of evolution from the not-so-good to better (Kali to Kalki cycles).
We're on our way to Machu Picchu for the BIG EVENT (12.12-21.12), and by bicycle.  Let us celebrate together this by creating a 'critical mass' in Peru (nee the world).  What if many people showed up there by bicycle?
The 'trick,' if we want people to evolve is to create a new story, a new myth.  When the media swarms we will create a 'mystery.'  How?  By offering no solutions!  Us Taoists understand that it's the solutions that create the problems, that peace creates war, that good creates bad, and love creates hate!  It is the mystery of life that is sustainable!  So, let us create some 'problems, nee solutions,' realizing ultimately that without war there can be no peace!
Join us!

F.A. Hutchison
cycling the world, currently in Chile


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