Sunday, May 20, 2012

19a0512 BLOK

Wow!  All I can say is wow!  I'm alive!  
I just survived one of the wildest, maybe most dangerous city rides of my life, this coming down from from visiting some new friends.  I was almost crushed twice by articulated buses who are 'hell for leather' (we used to say back in my cowboy days)!  It's crazy 'out there!'  In fact, in all the cities of the world!
I had ridden out to Seth and Kirsten's a couple of tour cyclists who I met via (through another cyclist, Matt).  Oh, what a tangled web we weave!  They, Seth and Kirsten (with new baby, Indica), live way out northeast; up into the foothills of the Andes range.  It took me 90 minutes, having to locate someplace I've never been to before in a large city I've only been in for two weeks.   But, if I get good directions and have a map, I can find any thing.
The ride up, somewhat daunting, was worth it, however!  Meeting them a treat, including a view out the window of the snowy Andes and Yerba Mate tea.  I also learned much about tour cycling in South America.  Nice to discover two Americans that you feel comfortable with almost immediately!  And a bonus… I got to hold a 11-month old baby in my lap!
I departed about 5P.M, wanting to get back in daylight.  But, coming down three major boulevards:  Las Condes, Apiquindo, and Provindencia, on a Holiday (no less) Friday evening, at dusk, some would describe as suicidal!  What saved me was the very fact everyone was trying to get out of the city (holiday), and thus traffic jammed and slow.  But, this isn't pleasant cycling for me!  I want to be 'out there,' up in the Andes, not in a city of six million people!
So, the plan, 'Get out the back Jack!'  as soon as I have taken care of some business:  teeth, bicycle, shopping, etc.  I found out from Seth no good maps of Chile in Chile!  Now, how can this be…?  I'm going to write to Sebastian Pinera about this!
in the meantime, I'm happier now that I know Seth and Kirsten -- I don't feel so alone in Santiago!
I celebrated, returning to Atacama Hostel alive, by eating 'risotto de camaron' (see picture)!   With a glass of vino blanco, muy, muy buen!  My life, a veritable 'koob!'


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