Thursday, May 31, 2012

BLOK 310512 / T.T.

BLOK 310512 / T.T.

'I' feel either good, or less than, depending on my perception of 'my' worth, 'my' value (externally) -- the Ego is involved 'hear,' but with a purpose.
The Oceans are made up of an imperceptible number of drops of water. A drop of water is not the Ocean, nor is the Ocean a drop of water!  Why are 'we' drawn to oceans (water) from which we came?  The estrangement is painful (separation), so why do we suffer?  Simply, Duality (separation, distinction) was created, or evolved, so that a 'drop' might 'no' the ocean.  IT wanted 'us' to 'no,'  of IT and this couldn't happen without this 'distinction.'  'It's' design is the totality of consciousness -- one huge 'thing' indivisible.  This is an example of the 'hole' is greater than the sum of its parts!
But, 'we' have 'painted us into a corner!'  'We' are, in fact, a parable, wrapped in an enigma, and disguised as an imbroglio!   The IT, we think is IT, is 'knot' IT!  From a book entitled, 'Body and Mind,' by William McDougall (copy., 1911):  "Like the word 'cause,' the word 'God,' are but theoretical stop-gaps--they mark a place and claim definitions for a future explanation to occupy."
This is why 'Religion(s) are the opiate of the masses!'  (Thank you, Karl Marx)  They simplify existence, they offer a paradigm of understanding, that makes 'belief' more important than trying to understand (to 'no').
So, what is the goal of life?  In 'our' opinion it is to seek, to learn, to grow, to change, to evolve, to become IT!  AND BRINGING TO 'IT' A GREATER CONSCIOUSNESS!  Why else do we have a body?
But, the 'consciousness,' we think is 'consciousness' is not 'consciousness!'
Life is the ultimate 'mystery' and we can't 'no' the ultimate 'truth' until we 'shed the body!'
Tantric Taoism offers a solution in the meantime, the way to communion with the divine, a 'rare moment of ecstasy:'  From the same book mentioned above:  "The soul resembles God in its unity (wholeness).  By its possession of a 'center,' (Duality) arises the possibility of communion with the 'One,' (Singularity). This communion, which represents an apprehension of a unique kind, is achieved only during rare moments of ecstasy!"


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

30b0512 BLOK / T.T.

30b0512 BLOK / T.T.

'I no' that in this Dual existence there is the 'pleasant' and the 'unpleasant.' And that 'we collaborate' in the 'discovery' of everything!  Free Will is an illusion, the Ego ('I') clinging to enjoy.  Note, if 'you' don't agree with this now, if you develop and grow wiser (more consciousness), you will ultimately.  Study philosophy, the greats all understood this (that there is no Free Will).
Thus, unsensed by the 5, comes the possibility (potential) to participate with the 'Other' (nee whatever 'wor(l)d' you want to use)!
We think things are the way we 'sense' (rational), but there is much more going on than that!
Most live in the 'literal,'  poets live in the 'figurative!'
And so, 'my crank' on existence…

And our, 'Tantric Taoism'

P.S.  Most people don't spend time to think, just react (inculcated from parents, school, culture, government, money, etc.).  This, to me is the 'curse' of modern life since roughly the year, 1600.  But, I also understand that 'the 'curse' I call the 'curse' is not the 'curse!'


30a0512 BLOK / T.T.

30a0512 BLOK / T.T.

From 'Body and Mind,' by William McDougall (Copyright, 1911):

"The soul resembles God in its unity (wholeness).  By its possession of a 'center,' (Duality) arises the possibility of communion with the 'One,' (Singularity). This communion, which represents an apprehension of a unique kind, is achieved only during rare moments of ecstasy!"

This is the goal of Tantric Taoism!


300512 BLOK / T.T.

300512 BLOK  / T.T.  (for Bob and Bruce who will, no doubt, disagree)

'I' have thoughts!
'I' have ideas (concepts)!
These create 'my' wor(l)d!
We (humans) come together in dictionaries (lexicographers very powerful).
We argue over the meaning of wor(l)ds, depicted by letters, characters, etc. ('signs').
Ego consciousness, the 'I,' nee Duality brought forth the evolution of wo/mankind.  At least that's how I understand existence!
But, I want to know and to understand why this happened?
Maybe it was 'God' wanting humanity to 'no' IT as creator.  Note, animals, without ego consciousness, don't 'think' of such…  But, I don't 'no' for sure, maybe they do!
With Duality (blamed on woman) came problems - solutions.
I believe and/or 'no,' at least for me, the goal is to return to IT!  To 'add to IT!'  How?  With more understanding, more consciousness (sometimes called 'God Consciousness').
Maybe this is the 'evolution' of wo/mankind.
But, as a Taoist we write, 'The 'evolution' you call 'evolution,' is 'knot evolution!'
Existence is ultimately a mystery that is 'knot' solved until we 'shed the body!'
In the meantime, the mundane.

Tantric Taoism


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

290512 BLOK -- Now in Santiago one month, I'm feeling better and better!

290512 BLOK

Tomorrow I will have been in Santiago, in Chile, in South America for one month.
I'm finally feeling human again, after a difficult adjustment, traveling some 10K KM /6K miles in 11 hours, and arriving before departing.  This kind of travel MUCH MORE difficult for me, than pushing 300lbs through the air (on bicicleta).
Some observations about Santiago, after one month, as I haven't gone more than 30KM from Central Santiago:
It's madness here, but I suppose not much different from any large city in the world.   Now, at 72-years of age, and much changed from youth it's abhorrent to me, the traffic, pollution, noise, and general mania.  The masses accept it as normal, I don't!  You can see it on the faces of people here, rushing around, Mad Hatters, and all por dinero!  
There are too many people in the world chasing dwindling resources!  Why do you think there's so much violence, killing, war in the world?  Nature's dealing with this over-population.  Why are there so many earthquakes and natural disasters?  Gaia, is trying to rebalance 'Koyaanisqatsi,' the Hopi word for a 'life out of balance!'  But, we ignore, distracting ourselves in a variety of ways, mostly with electronic screens: TV, computers/Internet, and dumb-telephones (now our masters rather than servants). And thus things get progressively worst!  And I'm glad!  I'm glad because I know that the only way to correct the 'problem,' is for it to get so bad, you'll not be able to ignore, and we'll all have to change, or succumb.  Simple!  I'm not a Christian, but I know the worst (whatever word you want to use) is coming, before things start to move in the other direction (12.12-21.12).  Thank God, we've only to survive 6+ months more of this!  But, then it's only going to start back in the other direction, no great salvation immediately coming!
In the meantime, dystopia in Santiago…
The younger here, at least, deal with the madness by plugging their ears with music or conversation from 'friends.' 
The students in Santiago are demonstrating for free University education, as Chile is the only major country in So. American that doesn't offer such.
This is a Spanish-Catholic land, although the churches are essentially moribund.  I suppose, however, couples still get married in a Catholic church.
There's much public display of affection (couples kissing, etc.), just the opposite from China, where couples hardly ever even touch.  Here, when people greet they kiss on the cheeks, thus I'm getting kissed by pretty girls.  But, men 'kiss' too as in Europe, or Moslem cultures.
But, Spanish/macho culture dictates you can't look poor.  Thus, the poor people try their best not to look like they are.  It's all then, superficial.
The nouveau-riche, are hip now to using plastic.  So, only if you're poor (like me) do you use cash.  But, if you use your plastic card, there's a 06% fee on top.
Santiago, is relatively expensive.  I've just spent $1,200U.S. for one month in a hostel, where the facilities aren't worth it.  The workers are good, but the owner won't spend a centavo!  I've been looking for a less expensive room, but so far I've only seen one and that one was over-priced.
Seems since the BIG earthquake three years ago, everyone wants to live in a house (low to the ground) versus living in a high-rise building.  Me too.  At least I'm on the ground for $1,200U.S. per.
The dogs here, mostly run wild on the streets, just like in China.  They must be nocturnal as well, as you see them sleeping during the day.  I took a picture of one who was sleeping on newspaper (warmer) in a depression in the sidewalk with hundreds of bipeds hurrying past (to make that dinero).  The dog slept soundly!
There's an incredible amount of artistic talent here, e.g., the wall art/murals I've discovered (check out at GALLERY.  I'm thus trying to 'drum up' some interest in a Festival that would celebrate the artists.
The weather here in Santiago, at least, not all that great for me.  Too cloudy, too humid, too polluted and cold in these concrete and/or brick buildings.  Michel was explaining the weather basically comes from the South Pacific Ocean (west to east).  Thus, it's drier on the east side of the Andes, or Argentina.  So, I may end up living in Argentina.
But, in the northern part of Chile, in this 'finger-like' shaped country (4300KM in length, and only 200KM wide at the widest point), the Atacama Desert, is supposedly the driest place in the world.  Someone said there are places in the Atacama that haven't rained for 1K years!  Trust me, I'd like to be there right at this moment, sounds like my kind of terrain!
But, I'm dealing with my teeth, getting a contact lens replaced, waiting for La Mota, and buying things I'll need.  I"m also upgrading some parts of Mr. Fetes!
I think once out of Santiago, at least going north, there isn't much in the way of esoterica until Lima, Peru (2.500KM to the north).  I hope I'm wrong about this, that La Paz knows Shimano!
I've made some good friends here in just one month, almost too numerous to mention but those who come to mind:  Paulina, a wonderful Chilean woman who's helped me so much (her husband European), Gary up in Concon, Seth and Kirsten (baby Indica), Ximena, a Chilean girl who's tried to help me find a room, Michel and Queca (at the El Arbol Restaurante), Noelle, an American woman who translated my resume, Ron, a cyclist from Canada, Jose, who I met the other day on the highway who worked at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.  Then Roxanna came via the Internet, a Chilean woman I've met through Gary.  She seems so helpful and friendly! And, of course, the people who work here at the Atacama Hostel:  Olga, Jose, Estrella (means 'star' in Spanish), and Luis.  
It's always the 'little people' (generally poorer) that have good hearts!
Then finally, I've met a young Chilean man named Sebastian Yaru, this a couple nights ago right here at Atacama.  He offered me dinner and wine he'd cooked for his girlfriend.  From Switzerland, 'Judith' and I discussed Carl Jung.  Sebastian, as a younger man, lived in New York State (something Falls adjacent to Poughkeepsie?), his father moving the family to avoid Augusto Pinochet (the ruthless Dictator, 1964-1986).  Thus, having spent time in the U.S., Sebastian's English is very good.  Best of all, his offer to help seems genuine!    You get so, with experience, you can tell who is genuine, and who is not.  Many people say they will help, but then disappear... I don't think this Sebastian will!
Additionally, from my discussion with Sebastian, and interesting 'aside,' about what we've come to call, '9/11:'  Seems the only Chilean killed in the World Trade Buildings his family knew.  The guy was a delivery person, and that morning just 'happened' to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!'
Think about how capricious life is, and how much we assume!  Any of us could die in the next five seconds... We don't know!

P.S.  An interesting thing just happened, typical of living in a foreign country.  A loud knock at my door.  Olga, the Atacama Hostel housekeeper hands me a mobile telephone.  A Spanish voice goes on and on after I ID myself.  She stops, I say, 'gracias,' she voices 'prego!'  We hang up.  I have no idea what it was about!

'Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!'



My Monarch,
A butterfly
Come to help
Who I am,
The metamorphosis complete!
What I'm 'knot,'
'Knot' what I am,
Dreaming I'm a butterfly,
A butterfly dreaming 

Monday, May 28, 2012

And Freely!

And Freely!

Give up!
Let go,
Open the door
There is more,
Than just you!
'Noing' the way
The juice squirts from a pickle,
So fickle the 'I,'
Needing to die!
'Knot' thee,
But we,
Now free,
For up,
'Knot' down, and
All around,
In every direction,
To IT,
And freely!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

260512 (from Arlene Mower, in Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Thank you so much for thinking of us. Your poem was special, and we appreciate it.   I am now an avid reader of your blog.  You are truly a gifted man.  Your thoughts and writings are such a joy to read.  They certainly make one think in a different way about so many different experiences and ideas, and they stimulate one's imagination and mind.   As I read the blog, I stop and recall the many experiences we had when we lived overseas.  It was a different world, and in many ways we were different people.  It is amazing how boring we have become.  You have so much courage, and we thank you for sharing your life.  You have given your readers a priceless gift.  Take care, Arlene  

260512 BLOK

260512 BLOK

Today, a Sabado (Saturday), I went 'singing in the rain,' around Santiago, taking some 75 pictures in two hours (when I wasn't dancing).  Santiago, a photographers 'paradise!'  Check out at GALLERY 'Take two, Santiago, Fall, 2012),' album on pp.7 .  
And my kind of rain, as lighter, like the sky, steel gray…  Not like the kind you get in N.Z., where it pours and you're drenched in a matter of moments.  It'll be a long time before I return to N.Z.   
They need rain, in Chile, however.
And Rain rhymes,
With train,
On down to San 'Anton'…
When I hear that whistle blow'n
I hang my head and cry!
(Johnny Cash)
What's that got to do with Chile…?
That's what!
I'm listening to Johnny Cash, right 'hear' in room #1 (courtesy of Jim Berger), 
With it pouring 'train' outside!
I'm walking the line, in Santiago, Chile!

Now, it's the 'Art of Fugue,' by Bach (again, thanks to Jim Berger).
Where was I… talkin' straight about being in Santiago, Chile…?
It's on the verge of winter here, 27 Mayo, equivalent to 27 November in terms of weather.  And much more humidity than I expected, making the chill more than I like!  But, today I bought a candle which I have burning.  That warms things up emotionally, if not physically.
'Oh Mama, can this really be the end, to be stuck inside of Santiago, with the Atacama Desert blues again?'
Stay turned, I haven't lost it entirely, yet!
We'll get there!

And now Shakespeare!  Cash, Bach, and Shakespeare, all in one day, and in Chile no less:
This Mayo, maybe the
Winter of my discontent,
Made glorious
By the summer in the North!
Grey clouds here,
I long for white in blue,
Wouldn't you,
Where 'tis our goal,

Saturday, May 26, 2012



Speaking of 'weird,' what do you think Bob Dylan is like in person?  He's a 'genius,' no…?  Robert Zimmerman is a poet!  Why do you think he picked Dylan Thomas' name, as his own?  Mr. Thomas drank himself to death before the age of 30, 'weird,' no?   But, poor Bobby can't give up the spotlight at 70+ years of age.
The 'trick,' in being an artist, is to be unpredictable!  C'mon, Bob!
Why did I chose the name, 'The Magic Dragon,' as I don't like living near any 'see!'
So, 'Puff,' on all those who have little imagination!
Get with it, join the Party!

Arboles Forever! (for the people at El Arbol Restaurante)

Arboles Forever!  (for the people at El Arbol Restaurante)

El Arbol,
The tree
And me,
The same,
A 'dame,'
An hombre,
A naturale,
La comida,
La musica,
¿Qué es mejor?
Arlboles forever!

F.A. Hutchison

250512 (for Bruce)

250512 (for Bruce)

Oh, Bruce, I must apologize for my 'bullshit' crack!  I didn't mean what you'd written.  It was aimed at the article, as more bullshit 'news' out of the science spin doctors.
'Science' is your 'religion,' not mine.  You and me, we live on different planets!
You were trained as a medical doctor, the same AMA-allopathic system that killed my mother!  And thus, you'll be shocked… In my adult life I've had no medical insurance, I don't go to medical doctors, and only taken to hospitals if unconscious, and when I regain, I immediately depart.  As you know hospitals 'famous' for killing people (like my mother)!   Having avoided, probably why I'm so healthy!  Note, both 'Maurice' and Keith, wanted me to go to the hospital after my bicycle accident.
I'm a poet that 'seas' existence in a completely different way.  To me there is no objective reality, we create such from our minds, 'cuming' together in dictionaries.
Bob and I have been having an interesting discussion (he's in Vietnam you know), about the end of humanity (coming eventually to your 'local theater).'  The philosopher, George Berkeley, one of my intellectual 'gurus,'  came up… I'm on George's wavelength, as to me, if no human is there to 'here/sea' the tree fall in the forest, there is no sound, in fact, no tree, and no forest.  You go right ahead and believe otherwise, your life, etc.
We will remain friends, from my end at least, as long as we discuss (only) the mundane.  If we can, there's hope for a beleaguered world!

A poem for Bruce, 'As our Savior'

Live every day as if your last,
Run free, run fast,
Until you break that 'cast!
Fly on wings of clouds
Blue, the very hue
Of color lost
For time is short,
So, don't abort
Your true feelings!
This is what we're all about
Feeling, not thinking!
We're not a doctor, 
Nor an engineer,
We don't know the next 'gear,' 
And want to up the rear,
When we 'here'
About 'science!'
As our savior!


260512 (for Sally)

260512  (for Sally)
Yet, there is no such thing as time!
Time heals all wounds, illness, disease, etc., whether physical, mental or emotional!  This, to explain, is called 'enantiodromia,' (opposites attract each other):
Pain seeks pleasure, and vice versa,
Wounds seek to be healed, and vice versa,
Life seeks death, and vice versa,
Night seeks day and vice versa,
Beginning seeks ending, and vice versa, etc.
Ad infinitum,
Creating the cycles of our existence!
Of course, when we are ill we want instant gratification (healing),
And thus 'medical' systems arose.
We want our suffering to end ASAP,
But, if we could wait, and try to understand it,
As Nature's way of keeping us alive (nee stronger)
We'd be better for it!
Time heals,
Yet, there is no such thing as time!

Friday, May 25, 2012

250512 BLOK

250512 BLOK

Muy interesante, if not trying, cycling the world… But, so much to remember as so much happens to me en todos el dia.
I'm sitting waiting for Godot, it turns out, as always 'Lost in Translation'… After finally getting the woman at reception to understand about booking an appointment that I don't need, she asked, through a client, and I was told to wait for 40 minutes.  So, here I am… But, to 'fast forward,' after waiting por una hora, I ask, and now they don't understand… 
Much of my traveling, especially in China, could be a Kafka story, the absurdity of it all..   But, here's the problem from my POV, most of the worker/clerks (in every country) simply haven't been taught how to think, so they don't… They just go by whatever robot rules have been laid down by the 'leader.' 
I sit enduring a Chilean 'soap, on TV, always the same in whatever culture… Women and men screaming at each other, babies crying in the background!  It's difficult to respect the masses that support this melodrama.  I would like to eventually avoid most contact with humanity!  This is my direction known, like a rolling stone… To disappear, and spend the remaining days with a body with animals in Nature.  I don't think I'm going to miss most, a few of course, and one in particular.  I wish humanity good luck!  In the meantime, I try to shine my sun on those I care about.
In the past couple of days, since feeling better (stronger), I've been out discovering Santiago=dystopia!
I discovered, via Paulina, the largest market in all of Santiago, on Calle Beobeo (pronounced like, but spelled, Biobio).  Thousands of stalls, millions of people… I made the mistake of going on a holiday!   Note, the problem with the world, simple… Just too many of us, chasing dwindling resources!  But, Nature is balancing out, with more war and 'natural disasters!'   And the more we increase, the more it will increase, to decrease (us)!
I purchase a few little things, like incense, one box .75 cents U.S.  I meet an expat American from Alaska, who'd married a Chilean woman.  What he exclaimed to me is, 'We don't pay any taxes here!'  This is the kind of guy who complains about the infrastructure!
Yesterday, 'ayer' en Espanol, I cycled way out (30KM) north 'rehearsing' my 'escape!'  But, the traffic, like Shanghai, China!  God, I don't know how they stand it!  I do actually, they don't know any better, they think it's normal.
When actually departing I will go early 0400, to try to avoid, Sunday being a good day, as they all sleep late (or at Mass).
I'm trying to complete all my tasks, as this is the last 'dystopia,' until La Paz and/or Lima (3K KM to the north).   And I doubt La Paz has the latest, greatest, Shimano bicycle parts.  Once I'm outta here, I hope I don't have to return, ever!
It's a 'trade off' in Duality, you get something, but in the process you 'pay,' lose something!  No destruction, no creation and vice versa of course!
I'm looking forward to Singularity, half-way there already!
The best news of all, is that I'm feeling better, stronger (weak seeks strength, and strength seeks weakness)!  But, it took three weeks to feel better, and some help from my Homeopathic doctor/sister Sally (in L.A., Ca., U.U.E.E.).
So, stay tuned for the constant variety, the thrill… 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

230512 BLOK

230512  BLOK

To all my American friends (around the world)…

I just watched a film entitled, 'Why We Fight,' by Eugene Jareki, which confirms all I've been writing about recently, tugging at my heart!  It's so sad to see what we've (America) become, what we've allowed to happen!  We've failed the ideals written by the founding fathers/mothers in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We've 'sold out' America!
We have lost our way, guided by the wrong 'compass,' the one that has lead us to become an evil force in the world; now controlled by the Military-Industrial Complex -- we didn't heed Eisenhower's warning in 1960!  Thus, as the Iraqi Arab man says at the end of the film, 'America will fail!'  
We will fail, because we are no longer on the right side of history!  We will fail because money profit has become our God!  We will fail because we haven't spoken up when we should have, demonstrated when we needed to, and said NO to unjust wars;  Viet Nam for one, and recently Iraq and now Afghanistan!
Maybe it's just human nature, I'm not sure, and I'm not sure I have the solution to what's wrong with us, the world.  All I know it's a sad day for me to realize that I'm like you, part of the problem! 
On the other hand, there's much good in our hearts, and about America, which somehow must be rekindled -- Or, we will certainly fail!  We must find a solution!
We must stop putting our heads in the sand, and realize what's going on, and what we can do as individuals.  You'd be surprised how one person has made a difference!
Jan asks, "What is there to protest about, protest?'  We can start by protesting against our own indifference, our own fear of 'rocking the boat,' as 'the boat' needs a severe rocking!  We can protest against our own ignorance, and try to open our hearts to the suffering that's going on (in the world).  AND BECAUSE OF US!   Watch the film, if you doubt such!
You, living there in the U.S. are isolated from a reality which I've seen personally (cycling the world).  America is no longer, respected, nor admired!  And there's a reason.  Is this not something to protest, Jan?  Can we just ignore such?  If we do we will certainly fail!  If we keep worshiping money, profit, power, etc. we will certainly fail, I have no doubt about it!   'We have met the enemy and he is us!' (Walt Kelly)
Safety, is an illusion, Jan!  The time has come to take risks!  The time has come to stand up for basic decency, for integrity, for justice, real justice, for peace!  Most of all, we must say NO to war for profit!  We must start giving, sharing, and sacrificing for others (in far off lands), or woe be unto us!
What went wrong?  We went wrong!  We have allowed ourselves to be seduced by material wealth, manipulated to believe we can do no wrong, and that God is on our side!   
A democracy, for it to work well must have citizens that participate beyond just voting.  I know, this requires time and effort, and most of us have been too busy just trying to survive!  I'm no better than any or you, having shirked my duty as a citizen! 
But, we can no longer ignore the situation, or America will sink (it is sinking) like the Titanic, and will go the way of Rome.
I noticed today, in Centro Santiago, most people just walk by the suffering, the lame, the blind, the needy!  
My way of protesting, Jan, is to give, to try to help, to try to make a difference!  There is never, nor will there ever be, a beggar or bum, that doesn't get something from me and Rotraut, who started 'Loving-Kindness Group Fund.'  (Note, just recently we donated hundreds of $ to the Japanese Tsunami Relief Fund (Did any of you?).  How many of you give at least 10% of what you earn, get, or have?  Isn't this an easy and simple way of making things better for others who have SO MUCH less?
At least, do something local, a little thing in your neighborhood, in your purview that makes a difference, that makes America (thousands homeless)!  And the world where millions don't even have potable drinking water.   Just do something that makes the world a slightly better place -- Or, makes someone warmer (in winter) or cooler (in summer), or fed, or clothed, or helped in some way!  You can make a difference with these little random acts of kindness!!  We can, at least try, to save America (ourselves)!  Aren't WE worth saving?
Hardly any of you will know of, or remember, a socialist activist in early 20th Century, America, Eugene V. Debs (maybe Dick. Marty, Toby)?  But, I will close with his words:  "While there is a lower class, I am in it, while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free!"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What price love? (for Bill, Arlene and Erik)

What price love?  (for Bill, Arlene and Erik)

What price love?
Living and dying,
Crying and laughing!
Labor intense,
We mend the fence,
We pay the rent,
And we get bent!
But, one thing endures, and 

230512 BLOK (for Bob)

230512 BLOK  (for Bob)

Maybe I'm like Nietzsche's 'Dionysiac' man, able to see into the heart of existence.  Maybe… It perplexes most, keeping themselves distracted with the mundane (raising children mostly).  I relish in it, thinking, thinking beyond the 'box' most entrapped.
I am, by 'trade,' a philosopher of sorts, loathing of science and money-making, so-called 'modern life!
Humanity is ultimately unimportant, in my view.  The 'wor(l)d,' Nature will continue without us, most likely much 'happier!' 
Maybe this makes me a 'misanthrope.'  I don't know, as only a wor(l)d to me!
I do 'no' we create our existence from our minds, and that there's no such thing as an objective reality!  Your 'wor(l)d' is slightly different from 'mind!'  We 'cum' together in the English dictionary!  Lexicographers, who write them, are the most powerful people!
Politics is the art of rhetoric (they get people to believe in them).
Philosophy is the art of arts, as figurative, and most 'no comprende.'
What to do?
Live as best we can, trying to think of others, as we experience, grow, learn, change, and evolve to a higher consciousness!
Carl Sagan, the American astronomer/philosopher said, 'Societies, rarely out live the technology they create.'  I hope he's wrong!
Hutch 'Still crazy after all of these years!'  (thank you Paul Simon!)

Monday, May 21, 2012

200512 BLOK

200512 BLOK

Yesterday, Sabado (Saturday) in Santiago… A good day as am beginning to feel a little better.  Remember that!  Any day you feel good is a good day, doesn't matter what else!  Any day you can go to the toilet without assistance is a good day!  
After lunch at El Arbol, I walked up Providencia/11 Septiembre (the 1714, Catalonia, Spain, '9/11' -- bet you didn't know there are two '9/11s'.).  Note, Providenica/11 Septiembre,' are the two main boulevards basically running east-west through the northern (more chic chic) part of Santiago.  I was looking for walking boots with stiff soles (got to have for my feet), and damn if I didn't find them for a reasonable price ($50U.S.), 'Hecho en Chine,' of course.  But, I think a good purchase (Usually I'm not so good at shopping).  Then, not really looking but finding, I come across a 'mall,' full of punk-black-item shops, music CDs, etc., this for kids of course.  But, I find a pipe and screens… Who would have ever thought!  Now, I'm all set for La Mota, which, trust me, I desperately need!  It may not be good for my body, but certainly I need it for my mind!
I walk on up Providencia (11 Septiembre and Providencia weave back and forth, so you're never quite sure which you're on…) I walk up basically trying out my new boots, nothing much to do, 'killing time.'  I discover some upscale malls and ask about about DVD movies.  They seem challenging to find in Santiago, as many regular (old style) movie theaters.  Maybe downloading, and these theaters have diminished the demand for DVD movies…?  I could never find any DVD movies shops, but just the search alone created a 'bonanza!'  I'm walking down 11 Septiembre, back toward 'home,' and I see a foreigner in latex on a tour-cycling bike.  This, of course, always gets my attention.  I turn to follow, as he's going up, and as fate would have it he stops, pulls onto the sidewalk and parks at a restaurante ('The Coffee Factory').  I rush to accost him, as I'm always looking for English-speaking tour cyclists!  
I first thought he said he was French, maybe from Canada, but I was confused.  Turns out he's Scottish and lives in Chile.  He invites me to sit and have something to eat.  He's meeting a friend.  And guess where the friend turns out to be from…?  New Zealand!  Now, what are the odds I'd meet a tour-cyclist from the land of my ancestors (Scotland) that lives in Chile?  And with him someone from New Zealand, where I just came from…?  His name is Jim Kuka, and he teaches English at some local Universidad (there seem to be many in Santiago.) We shared much and quickly as excited, but Ron (of Scotland), is returning on Wednesday and we'll really get into it then.  I immediately got an idea to more out to San Felipe where he lives, some 100KM north of Santiago. 
On the way back to Atacama Hostel, I passed two 'stores,' where it appears (advertising) it might be possible to replace my contact lens.  I can see well enough during the day, but at night, things get too fuzzy to cycle.
So, all and all it was a productive afternoon, new shoes and new friends.
It finally feels like I'm making some progress!   Try it sometime alone, a new country/culture, a different language, everything unfamilar… See how you do, discovering a different 'world!'

Today, Domingo (Sunday), I hit the road on Mr. Fetes, an attempt to discover the best way out of the City (Route #5 north).  This is always a challenge when tour cycling, cities, and large cities the most daunting.  BUT HERE IN SANTIAGO THERE'S NO GOOD MAPS ('planos' in Espanol).  Can you believe a major capitol, six million population and there's few maps?  I had a tourist map, that Jorge had helped me find (at the Tourista Informacion' building), but I lost it.  But, it is only is for centro.  So, today, I just headed out after checking Google Maps, thinking I was going in the right direction.  Here again the Southern Hemisphere comes into play.  I end up heading south, when I thought I was going north.  But, I finally got turned around and discovered the route, plus a cheaper place to stay.  
On the way, I come across a street market reminding me both of China and Mexico.  I love these, although 'así que muchas personas!'  I could barely walk for the stream of humanity, the aisle so narrow.  But, here I discovered and purchased a torch (flashlight) to replace the one I just lost (always losing everything).  I also bought a brush (for the one I lost), some peanuts, ajo (garlic) and some bananas.
Getting out of the crowd onto the street I stopped to eat a banana.  Nearby, lying against a wall a bum looked bereft.  I gestured if he wanted a banana to come.  But, most of the time they're so amazed that a gringo would offer them something they don't know what to do, or think you're trying to poison them.  So, I walked over and handed him the banana, which he took and thanked me.
I then found Independencia, a major boulevard, and headed north sensing this might be the way to 'Ruta #5 Norte.'  I went several kilometers, and then for some reason turned right onto a residential street.  The name, 'Einstein,' although spelled differently.  It looked interesting, so I kept going…
Up ahead I saw a crowd and heard musica!  Sure enough, there was a band and dancing in traditional dress.  Spanish culture pretty much the same south of the border!  And I'm waaaaaaaaay south of the U.S. border!  I watch the macho/fem dancing for uno momento, then continue.  And this street, Einstein, the best I've discovered in all of cycling around Santiago:  wide, smooth, and little traffic -- some businesses, but mostly residential houses.  I stop to take pictures of some wall art (uploaded to the GALLERY).   Up ahead, i notice a sign for, 'MOTEL.'  Of course, I stop to investigate it.  But, two local men gesture me over.  We chat, understanding some of each other's language, enough.  They're amazed I'm riding a bicycle around the world, friendly people (with time to chat).  It's amazing that, the further you get out of any city the friendlier people are, and the more time they have for you.  I'm directed to another motel down the street, as this one not so decent.  The one I'm directed to is called 'La Luna.'  I go to investigate, and sure enough it turns out interesting, although maybe the rooms for renting by the hour.  There's a nearly-naked-female mannequin sitting in a chair (should have taken a picture).  The woman/proprietor shows me a room, which is decent, and for much less than I'm paying here, in fact 5X less (19,000CLP / $40U.S. for FIVE NIGHTS.  But, of course, no Internet, and so far from Centro.  I tell her, or try to make her understand, I'll think about it and let her know.  She probably thinks I'm muy loco.  The dogs chase me down the street.
I crank south on Independencia, and arrive back in Providencia (my area of Santiago) late in the afternoon.  It's been a useful expedition, however.  Plus, I spy another restaurante advertising 'risotto de Camaron.'  I return to Atacama, unload Mr. Fetes and return to the restaurant.  Waiting for the risotto I try to get my new torch to work, but it never does,  I'm guessing the cheap batteries.  When my risotto comes I gulp it down, burning my mouth -- another bad habit of mine, eating too quickly!   In the b.g. the music too loud and the risotto not quite up to the other night's. But,  at least it's expensive!  Sometimes, it just feels good to 'stuff' yourself.  Sometimes you need to eat a large meal, that feeling of being full… Comforting somehow, more than the food itself!
i walk to a Lider mini-market, always open on Domingo (Sunday).  No batteries, but I manage to spend some money anyway (yoghurt and muffins).  I walk across the street to a farmacia where they have batteries, but not the small, AAA size.
Time to 'give up, and call it a day, so I walk back on a nearly deserted sidewalk (ah, so nice)… 
Tomorrow, Lunes (Moonday) another holiday in Santiago, more exploring…
P.S.  The best part of the day came much earlier when I had a good 'chat' (via Google) with my 'guarding angel'/partner in Germany, Rotraut Boyens! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

200512 BLOK / T.T. 'There is no Earth, in fact!'

200512 BLOK / T.T. 'There is no Earth, in fact!'

Dr. Bruce,
You asked me if I understood…?
You have been trained as a medical doctor.  You know about disease…
Humanity is the 'disease' plaguing the Earth -- we're cancerous (out of control)!  The Earth will cure itself of us (what it is in the process of doing now).
But, when the last homo sapien succumbs, the greatest question of all:  Will we have been 'here' at all?  No!  We're a figment of our imaginations having spontaneously 'combusted,' a 'prairie fire' of sorts!
There's no such thing as an objective world!  We create it everyday from our minds!
'Heaven and Hell' is a human invention.  An idea of an afterlife, wishful thinking!  When human consciousness expires, just that!  We never existed!  There is no Earth, in fact!
In the meantime, "we strut and fret our hour upon the 'stage!'"
This 'supposition,' could be considered Nihilistic!  But, no nothing, no something, and vice versa, no something, no nothing!
This is what we understand!
This is Tantric Taoism.
P.S.  'We think therefore we are!'  (Rene DesArtistes)


19a0512 BLOK

Wow!  All I can say is wow!  I'm alive!  
I just survived one of the wildest, maybe most dangerous city rides of my life, this coming down from from visiting some new friends.  I was almost crushed twice by articulated buses who are 'hell for leather' (we used to say back in my cowboy days)!  It's crazy 'out there!'  In fact, in all the cities of the world!
I had ridden out to Seth and Kirsten's a couple of tour cyclists who I met via (through another cyclist, Matt).  Oh, what a tangled web we weave!  They, Seth and Kirsten (with new baby, Indica), live way out northeast; up into the foothills of the Andes range.  It took me 90 minutes, having to locate someplace I've never been to before in a large city I've only been in for two weeks.   But, if I get good directions and have a map, I can find any thing.
The ride up, somewhat daunting, was worth it, however!  Meeting them a treat, including a view out the window of the snowy Andes and Yerba Mate tea.  I also learned much about tour cycling in South America.  Nice to discover two Americans that you feel comfortable with almost immediately!  And a bonus… I got to hold a 11-month old baby in my lap!
I departed about 5P.M, wanting to get back in daylight.  But, coming down three major boulevards:  Las Condes, Apiquindo, and Provindencia, on a Holiday (no less) Friday evening, at dusk, some would describe as suicidal!  What saved me was the very fact everyone was trying to get out of the city (holiday), and thus traffic jammed and slow.  But, this isn't pleasant cycling for me!  I want to be 'out there,' up in the Andes, not in a city of six million people!
So, the plan, 'Get out the back Jack!'  as soon as I have taken care of some business:  teeth, bicycle, shopping, etc.  I found out from Seth no good maps of Chile in Chile!  Now, how can this be…?  I'm going to write to Sebastian Pinera about this!
in the meantime, I'm happier now that I know Seth and Kirsten -- I don't feel so alone in Santiago!
I celebrated, returning to Atacama Hostel alive, by eating 'risotto de camaron' (see picture)!   With a glass of vino blanco, muy, muy buen!  My life, a veritable 'koob!'

Saturday, May 19, 2012

19b05 BLOK 'Let us kill war!

19b05 BLOK 'Let us kill war!
We can never 'kill' off war completely!  But, we can contain it, know it lurks in our psyches, try to understand what human nature causes it, and reduce it to a minimum!   But, no war, no peace!
We need to realize it's the 'monster' in each of us that gives rise to projecting evil onto others, violence (as the solution) and resultant destruction!  But, no destruction, no creation!
Fighting this 'war,' (to reduce violence) is no longer a job just for the military, IT'S FOR ALL OF US!'

Friday, May 18, 2012

180512 BLOK / T.T. 'The Greatest Question of All?'

180512 BLOK / T.T. 'The Greatest Question of All?'
We ask the greatest of all questions, that no one can answer, but us:  
Tantric Taoism


17a0512 BLOK

17a0512 BLOK

Ah, finally… What a 'delicious' nap I took this afternoon!  Sleep deprivation… What a torture!  Just today, after two weeks, I was able relax enough to sleep (somewhat deeply) -- this afternoon nap for two hours!   Don't we take so much for granted, especially when younger?  
I guess it's my older age… But, I had no idea what I would encounter in terms of adjusting to South America, having flown from New Zealand.  I was in good physical condition when I got on the LAN 800 flight, nonstop (thank God) from Auckland to Santiago.  I had no idea what lack of sleep nee stress would cause… I always think I'm 'invincible' -- or, do I just ignore!   But, once again, I discovered I'm not as young or strong as I used to be and what this means.  I now understand why older people, who retire, sit in the preverbal 'rocking chair.'   That day is coming for me as well, and maybe in Bolivia.  Or, at least, not cycling the world on a bicycle with 55KG of gear.  Maybe Mr. Fetes needs to 'slow down' as well.
Speaking of Bolivia, I got more good news about such from an expat American woman (Nicolle), who's lived in Chile for ten years.  She and her husband fly up there to Bolivia regularly.  She had nothing but good things to say about the country, explaining the difference between the western side (more Indian), La Paz, etc., and the eastern (more 'cosmopolitan') side (city ?).  I'll adjust to La Paz, the same elevation as Lhasa, Tibet, or 3700M ASL / 12,000ft. -- my kind of 'high, blue, brown, and dry!'  On the east side of the Andes, the 'lower, green, wet and gray' part  of Bolivia… This part I'll visit later.  
I have absolutely no desire for Brazil, the Amazon jungle, etc..   I'm certain, San Paolo even worse than Santiago!
Thus, I have devised, 'Plano de 17 Mayo, or Get out the back, Jack!'  Maybe the reason finding a more 'permanent' room hasn't happened.  I need to get out of here, Santiago, and start north.
This morning I got up early 0700 (at least early for me here) in order to meet Paulina, my new Chilean 'guarding angel.'  This woman has been so helpful, and came out of nowhere.   I knew to find her office and be on time I had to depart the Hostel by 0800.  Trust me, this took some kind of discipline when to get out of bed on a depressing gray overcast day.  But, I was cranking on time, and out there with the masses speeding, rushing, running to work!  And I got right out there on the six-lane boulevards, with the long, articulated buses (like Australian 'road trains), and the taxis zooming past at 80KMPH.  The motor vehicles here would just as soon run over you, as slow down!   What madness the present-day world!  And people just accept as normal! 
Paulina works for the equivalent of the EPA in the U.S., Chile's 'Department of Environmental Preservation,' or some such.  She took the time to call a friend about a room, but in Vina Del Mar, some 110KM west (on the coast).  Additionally, she said I had to take public transportation (muy complicado) involving the subway, buses, then the hosts meeting me -- they don't allow bicycle through tunnels to Vina Del Mar.  I have opted out since, as fraught with missed connections and inconveniencing people.  If I can't go somewhere on Mr. Fetes I don't go.  Had there been a viaduct (over the South Pacific Ocean) from Auckland to Santiago, I would have cranked the 10,000KM.  No 'jet lag!'  
Later, via email, Paulina has suggested another community up in Los Montanos (?), some 60KM.  Sounds like something to investigate, if nothing more a day trip (up and down) into the Andes!
Back in Barrio (area) Providencia (Atacama Hostel) I walked a block over to have lunch at El Arbol, my health-food restaurant.  The food there, muy buen!  Plus, this is where another new Chilean friend, Michel works.  I gave him my translated resume, and he said he would pass on to 'Queca,' his 'significant other.'  Both are 'connected' to the Santiago media crowd.  Not, that I'm looking for a job, it's a way, actually, of meeting people.  And it's people that solve your problems.
On the way back, I picked up a document I had printed from a file.  Paulina had corrected the Google English to Spanish translation, and this woman/digital business (latest Apple computer/screen) had processed.  She, having read, offered a suggestion about finding another room.  It's the women in my life that have helped this stranger so often.  Of course, I think/thanks (always) Rotraut Boyens (now enjoying her Spring in Germany) -- my German partner and #1 Guarding Angel!
Then, because El Arbol, had no muffins to buy I stopped by 'chance,' to purchase two I'd seen in the window earlier.  It was here I met another potential 'helper,' a young man that works for a media company in the neighborhood.  I gave him my Spanish resume, and offered to 'volunteer' consult if he had something involving the U.S., etc.  Again, not looking for work, but solutions!   I've learned how to survive in 'foreign' countries!
Tomorrow night I meet Seth, an expat American, at Flannery's, an Irish bar.  I'm eager to meet him as he's tour-cycled Chile, and I have many questions.
Stay tuned!
Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

BLOK 170512 / T.T.

BLOK 170512  / T.T.
Stand up tall,
Before you fall,
Let everything fly
Before you die!
Pound the gavel!
We all unravel!
Then, a big sigh!
Bone by bone
All unsewn!
Little by little,
Organ by organ,
Tooth by tooth
Until all gone!
'…strutting and fretting
H/our upon the stage!'
So, why are we 'hear'
To be 'herd' no more?
Puddin' and pie,
Why do we die?
To live, to give,
Strained through a sieve,
We're drained,
And then…
No more to 'rain!'
No death!
No life!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

150512 BLOK 'Doya?'

150512  BLOK 'Doya?'

I 'no' Hell,
I 'no' the depths of despair,
I 'no' anguish,
I 'no' the heat of the flame,
War, the opposite of peace,
I 'no' the smell of death,
The 'sent' of Heaven,
I 'no' of being lost, 
Of fear,
'Know' reason to live,
I 'no' the stab in the heart;  rejection,
'Knot' wanted,
I 'no' the underworld,
I 'no' the aboveworld,
I 'no' the feeling of 'IT,' nearing salvation,
I 'no,' the 'yes,' 
Of being blessed,
Age shall not worry me,
Nor years afraid!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

150512 BLOK / T.T.

150512 BLOK / T.T. 

(from 'The Illiad,' by Homer):

"Heroes sink to rise no more
Tides of blood drench Scamander's shore!
No rest, no respite,
Till the shades descend,
Till darkness or death shall cover all!
Let war bleed, and 
Let the mighty fall!"

Think Twice!

'Life' comes with a price;
Willing to pay,
We make hay,
Consciousness uniting!
Our body, the price!
Think Twice!

Notes:   But… We had no choice, we're 'here!' What to do, how shall we live until we die?  Living for themselves, the 'mighty fall!'  Living for others, gains eternal 'life!' 
Think twice!


Monday, May 14, 2012

130512 BLOK

130512 BLOK

 I fell again yesterday, fulfilling the 'Threes for sure,' phenomenon.  I was  coming down from the top of Parque Metropolitano, the nearby cerro (hill) that affords a little workout.   Additionally, this 'track' is somewhat protected from mas motor traffic. I had stopped to zip up my jacket and lost my balance falling over to the left.  I always seem to fall to the left, never to the right.  A young Chilean man came running to help me back up, as my foot trapped in the 'clueless' pedal.  Outside of a few scratches no damage, but my poor legs so scarred over the years.  I continued on back down the overcast (depressing), day, damp (cool) -- shame as 'dia Madre feliz!'  (Mother's Day).  
I returned to the Atacama Hostel and parked Mr. Fetes, then returned to my ATM to get more cash.  But, the card-reading-slot entrance didn't work, so I couldn't get inside.  I ended up walking several more blocks to a ScotiaBank ATM -- it worked.
After cash I stopped at my favorite Chinese restaurant (the Hong Kong something), and ate chao mi fan ('especial' on their menu).   $7U.S. this costs, and $2 more for simple black tea (te in Spanish).   Santiago is expensive.
I've got a whole new plan, however, 'get out the back Jack!'… I want to get to out of Santiago, ASAP, no matter what about my teeth.  I want to 'jump cut,' to San Pedro de Atacama, some 1600KM north of here, hopefully drier-warmer.  Santiago, for some reason, is as humid as Auckland and much polluted haze.  I'm so desperate, I even checked taking a bus (a 24-hour trip).  On the other hand, I'll probably cycle, God willing I have the energy.
I cranked to the top of the hill (10KM) in 45 minutes, so its not lack of energy.   But, the hypo-glycemic syndrome has got me slightly depressed (triggered by the 'jet lag').  This unpleasant feeling is similar to an alcoholic hangover.
My life, a veritable book!
I'll get to Machu Picchu, or die trying!

'Everywhere is 'Wholly!' (in Santiago, Chile one week)

Everywhere is 'wholly!'

Ants are everywhere 
Todos El mundo!
The Statue white,
What a site,

Breathing the brown aires
Do I dares?

A fly lands,
Resting like me!
'Everything is Holy!'  
(William Blake)
God does not forsake!

Everything is 'wholly!'

F.A. Hutchison
one week in Santiago, Chile

'Everything is Holy!' (William Blake)

'Everything is Holy!'  (William Blake)

Long live the child!
Long live the mother and father!
Long live the people!

Long live this wounded planet!
Long live the good milk of the air!
Long live the spanning rivers, and
The mothering Oceans!

Long live the juice of the grass,
And all the greenery of the Globe!

Long live the Elephants and the sea horses,
The humming birds and the gorillas,
The dogs and cats, and the mice;
All the surviving animals,
Our innocent brothers and sisters!

Long live the Earth, deeper than all our thinking!
We have done enough killing!

Long live the man,
Long live the woman
Who use both courage and compassion
To save us!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

120512 BLOK

120512  BLOK
Cycling the world…
Little did I know what it would take getting to South America (having circumscribed the world).  The 11-hour flying trip from Auckland, N.Z. to Santiago, Chile (10K KM), the aftermath, two weeks of dealing with the most severe 'jet lag,' of my life!  I thought I was in good physical condition… Little did I know… The stress from not sleeping, no appetite  -- no sleep;  no nourishment a bad combination.  The unusually CLOSE FULL moon.   My teeth  problem.  My old hypoglycemic syndrome (low-blood sugar) returning, which causes me to feel like 'donkey do do' (hard to describe)!  And then adding to everything the itching, itchy skin (everywhere on my body).  I thought this might be caused by the laundry detergent, they used to wash my clothing.  Now, I'm not sure, because I just had my clothing washing again, and this time without soap.  But, I'm still itching!  Maybe it's the water, the polluted air, my old skin reacting.  Maybe my old body just can't travel anymore…  I understand why older people don't!  People keep telling me how young I look (at 72), what good physical shape I'm in.  If they only knew the truth!  What I have is mental, not physical strength!
I fell on my knees this morning and prayed for a miracle.  It came later, I'm feeling stronger tonight!  'Smile when you've making it, laugh when you're taking it, even though you're faking it, nobodies gonna know!'
The positive part… Strange that in this very polluted (carbon monoxide) City I breathe easier than in the 'better' air of New Zealand.  In addition, my right ear problem lessened, and I can hear better.  So, not all is negative!
In addition, I've met a Chilean man at El Arbol ('The Tree'), a health-food restaurant around the corner.  He speaks English, and will be finding me a room to rent.  That's the other element in the stress factor, I'm paying $42U.S. every night here at the Atacama Hostel, and not worth it. 
Whatever happens, no matter the pain, however, I shall keep going until I can't!  What else can I do at this point?  I'm on a 'mission!'   Committing suicide would be the coward's way out!
I remember my 'Pappy Jack,' (surrogate father), how he suffered with pancreatic cancer, fighting to the end, the roughest, toughest rodeo cowboy to ever live!  At the height of his physical strength (6.6', 250lbs), maybe age 35, to his corpse looking like a shriveled mummy (maybe 5' in length).  Dead at 76.  But, he fought the good fight, and all the way to his last breath!
I keep asking, however, what's life all about…?  Why live?  What's the point of all the pain?  And I think I have some idea now… It's not the individual that's important, no matter how famous, venerated, or strong, etc.  It's the life force, that keeps going after the individual (ego) is dead.  The creative force in everything:  animal, vegetable and mineral!   It must have something in mind!  But, what?  We all search for the meaning in our lives…?
This is the mystery of life!   This why science, why religion has been invented!  We have to think we know!  We have to create a 'world' in which we can understand (in each of our own way).
Thus, the simple minded get off easier!  But, for people like me… Constantly and forever seeking…  And thus, 'I' continue, although 'I' should say 'we' continue…
Finally, it is my Ego (the 'i') that asks the question no one can answer:  'When the last homo sapian (human consciousness) succumbs, will 'we' have been 'here' at all?'

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

08a0512 BLOK

08a0512  BLOK

I go to a bar at night, something I never do!   But, the beer was 'no extra charge,' compliments of the Atacama Hostel.  The owner of the Atacama Hostel owns the bar as well, plus another Hostel, named for the highest mountain in South America, Aconcagua (I can never pronounce correctly).  I thought the alcohol would help me sleep, as I'm exhausted and need to rest.  Cycling is easy, it's the living part that's strenuous.  
There is a soccer game on the flat screen (this is South America).  The waitresses are attractive, the women generally (comparatively) attractive (at least what I've seen)!  Young men, come to Santiago!
I should have had something to eat, but it hurts when I chew.  The Shambala demons are having their way with me (few will understand) They are attacking with vengeance, but, they will not succeed (get me to stop our pilgrimage).  The pain in my mouth is excruciating, but I drink the cold beer anyway.  I'm wounded but I'm still alive, barely maybe, but still alive!
I made good progress today in spite of it all.  I did not sit in my room and mope, I got out and did something.  Julius had told me about ECALA, a language school that rents rooms.  He said it was nearby on the left, but it turned out to be on the right.  If there's one thing people don't know it's distance and directions.  But, they rent rooms only to students.  Fortunately, the kind man writes down a website:  It had listings of rooms to rent,   I return to the Hostel and spend two hours responding to Ads.
I discover a message from Jorge.  This about my dental appointment.  He's included the time, but not where.  He said he would attach a Google map later.
My Chinese 'daughter' Dara has sent me a message, telling me she loves me.  My own sisters hate me.  My mother was wrong, 'blood is not thicker than water!'   Friends are my family!
Already with half a glass of beer, I'm feeling the effects.  Killing myself would be the easy way out.  My demons will not succeed!  I will cycle to Machu Picchu with a new mouth.
I connected with Yimena today, 'accidentally' online.  Nothing is 'accidental.'  This is the Cicloastral cycling group I had found via  The Internet is so useful when traveling.  How did we survive without it before?
Yimena and I chatted.  She has a friend that owns two houses in Santiago Central.  I'll know tomorrow if a room is possible in one of these houses.  She told me about a bicycle shop.  I managed to get some idea where it is, and will cycle there tomorrow.  I need to get out and discover Santiago.
Samsung is advertising their smart phone in the game (Libertad versus Santa Cruz).  Sports on TV the opiate of the masses.
There's a line in the book I'm reading entitled, 'Voices of Peace,'  I paraphrase:   If we can't overcome our basic human urge to make enemies, we are doomed!
America (the politicians, the Government) is slipping into the abyss!   One has only to read this book ('Voices of Peace') to understand how and why.  Additionally, the U.S. Gov. now in collusion with Beijing to devalue the U.S. dollar, as it makes paying off the debt easier.  This is tantamount to selling out the American people.  But, we're to blame, as we're the 'Government' (in a democracy).
My own personal goal is less ambitious, only to be able to chew without pain.  How did all this happen?  Pain is my greatest teacher!  I will find something soft to eat.

'I have miles to go before I sleep!'
P.S.  I walk out of the bar, thank God not far, when the waitress comes running after me with my backpack.  How absent-minded I've become!   It only had everything I need, money, passport, bank card, etc.  I wonder if this is the beginning of dementia?  But, I have an incredibly good memory except for this absent-mindedness!
I take a different route back, walking around the block instead of returning directly to the Atacama Hostel.  It's about 9P.M., but a sign and open door catches my attention.  Lo and behold it's a shop selling healthier food, all organic, I'm surprised as this isn't Dunedin, but Santiago.  Additionally, they have stevia and soy milk.  I spend what amounts to $14U.S., but I spend extra for quality food?

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

080512 BLOK

080512 BLOK 

Now, in Santiago for almost one week, bringing you the constant variety (cycling the world)…
Last Sunday (Domingo in Spanish) I cranked up the cerro (hill) to Parque Metropolitano (City Park).  This is up maybe 200M, offering a view of Santiago.  Seems that everyone was out, as a nice day weather wise.  And many cyclists.  This park has one of the primary tracks for Sunday cyclists, from the young male competitors (in racing spandex), to families.  I even saw a non-Chilean family (maybe Americano) pulling a child in a bicycle trailer.  So, cycling, as a weekend endeavor, a sport, is very much alive in Santiago.  But, few dare the streets during the regular work week.  No wonder as it's dangerous.
Near the top I needed to find a bano (toilet), so I stopped and asked a cyclist.  In English he said, 'This is South America, go anywhere!'  So, South America similar to China in that regard.  But, where there are so many people, so little privacy.
Up at the very top (funicular station) there is a plaza with shops, and on this Sunday was crowded.  But, two dogs slept right in the middle of it.  
I parked Mr. Fetes, bought a cold drink (for $2U.S.), and took pictures.  The view offered a 'lay of the land,' and it's obvious the old part of town is to the west, and the east (near the hills and Andes range) is where the rich people (Government) has developed. 
Since arriving in Santiago, six days ago, I've been having a hell of a time adjusting as my body still in N.Z.  I can't sleep.  I've maybe slept six hours in six days.   I can't eat either because of my sore mouth (my fault).  So, sometimes life is a challenge.  But, I know what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, that pain is weakness leaving the body.
I thought I got one free night  after paying for four (here at the Atacama Hostel), but that turns out to be for only those in the dorm rooms.  So, I'm trying to find a room to rent by the week.  I can't afford $42 per night in a room where the sink in the bathroom doesn't even have hot water.  Chile, more like China than N.Z. in that regard.
It I weren't staying because of Jorge, the Dental School and to take care of my teeth problems, I would have hit the road by now, heading north (warmer).  I'm sure in some smaller community it's not so expensive (as Santiago).
Interestingly, no local person seems to know about rooms to rent, or dentists, or anything for that matter.   But, I must be patient -- not one of my strong 'suits!' 
Yesterday, I had my beard trimmed for $4U.S.  walked around, and did some shopping.  I was incredibly 'out of it,' as hadn't slept at all the previous night.  I ended up having lunch in a Chinese restaurant, 'especial' fried rice (chao mi fan) costing $8U.S. / 50RMB with a tip.  Tipping here, at least in Santiago, very much 'in,' meaning they expect it.
The winter weather in Santiago kinda drab with smog/overcast, and so far I'm disappointed.  I'm desperate for the sun after N.Z.
Last night, I finally slept a little, even dreamt, but then was awakened by itchy skin.  I've figured out it must be the soap the woman used to wash my clothing.  I've gotten so sensitive in my old age. I also can't take the cold like I used to, my thyroid, poor circulation (?), or the fact I have so little 'fat.'  If I'm not moving I tend to feel it move, and I haven't been out there enough since arriving in Chile.  This because I'm so tired.
Welcome to Chile!

Monday, May 07, 2012

05a0512 BLOK (So, why do we live?)

05a0512 BLOK (So, why do we live?)

Back in N.Z., in Auckland, when I had returned there (waiting to fly to Chile), I became privy to an incident, a story told to me one night at dinner (by my host Jim).  Seems one day he heard 'anguished crying,' emanating from his neighbor's house.  I immediately thought an argument between husband and wife.  But, no, a tragic story of an incongruous death in their family!  
Their teenage son had died in a skate-boarding accident.  But not in the way you would expect:  not some stupid thing the kid did without wearing a helmet, and not hit by an automobile on the street.  But, this occurred during a school-organized competition and in a skate-boarding park (many in N.Z. and western countries).  He was wearing a helmet, and all the other gear.  An avid skate-boarder, he had much experience also.  So, then how and why?
During his warm-up for the competition, he lost his balance (somehow), fell backwards and hit his head (mind you wearing a helmet) on the pavement.  He was dead within five minutes, a young boy!
Think about it… How tenacious, and yet fragile life is, how seemingly capricious… 
In Wellington, N.Z., one night having arrived by ferry (across the Cook Strait from the So. Island), I was cranking up to Alex's house (where I stayed in Wellington).  I had been concerned about it, as I think Wellington, because of the wind and congested traffic, extra dangerous for cyclists.  Worse, it was getting dark and 'rush hour.' 
I had to make a right turn (you 'bear left' in N.Z.) from a busy main boulevard.  Note, turns from opposite lanes always dicey for cyclists.  Generally cautious (had a rear flashing light), I started my turn thinking no traffic coming (I have a rear-view mirror as well).  I had just about made it across, when an automobile zoomed past having not seen me.  It came within a meter (3 feet), and was going so fast had we collided,  I might have been killed, or at least seriously injured.  I remember gasping, thinking, not thinking, numb for a second, castigating myself for being so careless!   Later that delayed fear 'washed over me.'
In the world, people die every second, somewhere, somehow (concurrently people are born as well).  But, when you come so close to death, and/or privy to stories as the one described above, it makes you think about such.
I remember another time, years ago in Texas; another close call.  This time driving an automobile.  I was returning from a 'gig,' again at dusk on a two-lane country road.  The road made a long shallow left turn.  Up ahead an oncoming pickup truck started to drift into my lane.  I thought, 'What the…?'  It kept drifting until half of it was in my lane, and close now.  I had a split second to decide what to do.  My first thought was to veer left in the opposite direction it was going.  Then something 'said,' stay right!  I jerked the steering wheel to the right, and we missed each other by inches, the driver having jerked to his right him/herself as well (probably waking up)!  Both of us kept going as if nothing had happened,  then I realized how close we'd come to a head-on collision (each going at least 50-miles per hour)… I remember the feeling that swept over me, the fear!  And for some reason, maybe because I was so much younger than the recent incident in Wellington, it stayed with me for days!
How close do we come to dying everyday, without knowing… maybe best to not know!   And the larger question, why do some die prematurely and others live to an old age?
I think as you get older you think about your own death more, a natural thing… You wonder how and when.  Most people avoid thinking about it.  I don't.
Just recently I posed a question to my aging colleagues at ABC Sports, Inc. This via our website where we share news (  I asked, because we're constantly getting news about colleagues dying, 'Anyone want to discuss dying?'  Out of the hundreds of members, only two replied.  One, a women, who had thought about it in a positive way, another man, flatly stating he denied it, he avoided even thinking about it.  Don't ask!
However old you are, death can come at any moment.  Shouldn't we think about how and why?  At the same time thinking about how we should live in the meantime?  How maybe we should be more focused on giving, rather than taking?  How we might make our being 'here' a positive force?
I'm fond of a motion picture entitled, 'O Lucky Man.'   There's so much truth in this picture, the lyrics of the music (by Alan Price) poignant to me:

"Every bodies going through changes/
No one knows what's going on/
We're here today and gone tomorrow/
But, the world still carries on!
And love must always change to sorrow/
But, everyone must play the game/
We're here today and gone tomorrow/
But, the world still carries on!"

So, why do we live?

070512 BLOK 'The Hardest Thing'

070512 BLOK 'The Hardest Thing'

The intensity of my pain, 
Like rain!
Water, so soft,
Yet, dissolves the hardest thing!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

050512 BLOK (Sabado in Santiago, Chile)

050512 BLOK (Sabado in Santiago, Chile)
It's a BIG full moon day, and with jet lag, I didn't sleep a wink last night.  Too hot one moment, too cold the next.  (In fact, I'm writing this the following night at 2A.M. in the morning as my body thinks its 6P.M. in the evening (N.Z.).  This may be the worse 'asynchronosis' I've ever experienced!
Then there's the issue with my teeth I've neglected too long.  I can hardly eat anything for the pain.  Thank God, for another 'guarding angel,' named Jorge, a young Chilean man I'd met in a Hostel in N.Z.  Think by accident?  He's a dental student with a reasonable solution for my sordid mouth affair (at least Chile less expensive than in western countries).
I spent the morning putting Mr. Fetes back together again!  Somehow I managed as I'd taken the rear derailleur off (to protect during shipping).  It took something like two hours, as I'm no mechanic, but damn, if it all didn't go back together reasonably well.  Voila!
After 'lunch' (didn't eat) we went out 'for a spin.'  I was only going to the bicicleta shop (nearby) a German cyclist had showed me yesterday .  But, it was closed and I ended up in the Cathedral Plaza/Central where there was a book fair, and other festivities:  bands, native dancers, food stalls, street vendors.  Santiago, so much like Guadalajara (or Mexico City); Chile so much like Mexico.  I'm feeling like I've been here before nee deja vu.  It's got that warm, dusty feeling.  
I purchased some bananas and avocados from a street vendor, a passerby helping me translate.  The vendor asked me if I wanted the avocados ripe to eat immediately.  I, through the kind Chilean man, told him yes.
I much prefer Chile over N.Z. and/or Australia.  It's less organized for sure,  but, I feel more at home in Third World countries (nee Bolivia -- and guess what, Jorge has friends in La Paz!)!  There were many lovers in the Park (Saturday), entwined like snakes in the grass.  There were young people in groups, leaders on bull horns.  There were also many cyclists and of all varieties.  I took many pictures now online in the GALLERY (album on page #7) at
But, the motor traffic, muy loco, us pushing two wheels, risking our lives (many without helmets as no law).  
I've asked Jorge to find me a room to rent out in the 'burbs!'  I need less stimulus and more peace -- the difference between the older and younger.
For example now It's 3A.M. and I'm feeling suddenly tired.  Maybe I can fall asleep.  
But, 'stay tuned,' more when I can 'get it up' again!

04a0512 BLOK, 'But, being with Thee?'

04a0512 BLOK
What is it to die,
To 'knot be hear, but their?'
What is to suffer,
Or, its opposite, 
'Knowing too,'
Or, three,
But, being with Thee?

Dear 'War Child / Critical Mass:'

06 May 2012
Dear 'War Child / Critical Mass:'
I just completed reading, 'Voices for Peace,' discovered in the Barrington Mall ('Just Incredible' store), while cycling through Christchurch, New Zealand.  I paid only $5NZD / $4USD, so via website I've made an additional contribution.
Our website, is an attempt to demonstrate to others around the world that not all Americans are unfeeling bastards!  In the past seven years we've cycled some 100,000KM through many countries including China.  We try to demonstrate it's possible to travel without burning petrol (oil).  I'm also, at 72-years of age, a professional writer with 50-years experience in the media business (see attached).
Thus, I suggest another volume of 'Voices for Peace,' be created/published.  And, we'd like to make a contribution to such.
Recently, while in China, I completed a text work entitled, 'Tantric Taoism.'  This explains how to use a sexual 'metawhor' to create unconditional love (the union of compassion and wisdom).
There has been, throughout history, an endless discussion of peace versus war, good versus evil, love versus hate, etc.  We must begin to understand we cannot have 'won,' without the other (in our Dual existence).  Harmony is balance between the two extremes, one always seeking the other (enantiodromia).  The solution is to live with some of each, in balance.  This is not a new concept, as Lord Buddha, 2K years ago espoused the same ('The Middle Way').  But, how to achieve?
Your book, 'Voices of Peace' heartened me as the contributors so facile in explaining the current world situation (now 2012).  But, nothing much has changed in the interim if you believe the establishment media (designed to keep us in perpetual angst).  What to do?
The Maya Calendar 'ending,' signals not the end of the world, but a watershed period of evolution from the not-so-good to better (Kali to Kalki cycles).
We're on our way to Machu Picchu for the BIG EVENT (12.12-21.12), and by bicycle.  Let us celebrate together this by creating a 'critical mass' in Peru (nee the world).  What if many people showed up there by bicycle?
The 'trick,' if we want people to evolve is to create a new story, a new myth.  When the media swarms we will create a 'mystery.'  How?  By offering no solutions!  Us Taoists understand that it's the solutions that create the problems, that peace creates war, that good creates bad, and love creates hate!  It is the mystery of life that is sustainable!  So, let us create some 'problems, nee solutions,' realizing ultimately that without war there can be no peace!
Join us!

F.A. Hutchison
cycling the world, currently in Chile

Saturday, May 05, 2012

040512 BLOK (Santiago, Chile)

040512 BLOK (Santiago, Chile)

I arrived in Santiago, Chile, yesterday after an 11-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand.
But, before, there was much preparation, as I don't travel as in 'vacation,' but as in 'moving.' I have 90% of my material possessions with me (bicycle and related).  Thus, when flying, I have to get 'my life' into two bicycle boxes.
I spent several days preparing, obtaining the boxes, and figuring out how to get everything into them.  This time I had to give up several things, including the folding-camping chair I purchased in Lhasa, Tibet.  I also gave my light-weight sleeping bag to Jim Berger my host (in Auckland).  You have to make 'ruthless' decisions when you 'move' as I do.   But, because of it, I'm an expert in space and weight.  I wasn't going to give up my raison d'être, the two holy objects I'm cycling to Machu Picchu.  It ended up being the 'Battle of the Bulge,' as airlines have strict limits to size and weight.  Both boxes together weighted something like 56KG, and I had to pay an additional $90U.S. for the overage.  Airlines, in this day and age, they 'cut you little slack!'
This kind of traveling is an ordeal at my age.  I would have rather 'push' cycled across the South Pacific Ocean, some 10K KM to Chile (had there been a highway).  This would have taken something like four months (to cycle this kind of distance), but I would have gladly taken the time, rather than to be squished into an aluminum tube with 300 other people (for 11-hours)!  This is torture to me.  All the rules/regulations now, the extreme security measures (you can't take or do this and that), the waiting, the expense, etc., what a pain!  But, the General P., me included, just bends over again and takes it in the a__!
I had thought about sailing on a container ship or tanker, but I could never really find anything that might suffice.  I did do some research about it and discovered ships charge like a hotel does, by the day.  One cabin, depending on the ship, something like $100-200 per (including meals of course) -- note, I wonder if you can work your way, or sleep on the deck?  There's also no guarantee about how many days, as the ship might get stuck in some port on the way.  If you're rich, and in no particular hurry, then this might be an alternative.  But, I have to try and find the least expensive way and in a reasonable amount of time (I'm slow enough on a bicycle).  As it was, flying cost me/us something like $2K USD.  This is 'chump charge' for Warren Buffet, but for me a lot.  If it weren't for my guarding angel / 'sponsor,' Rotraut Boyens, I would have had to swim!
I'll give credit to my dear departed mother who made sure we, growing up, knew that 'The root of all evil is the lust for money!'  I have lusted in my lifetime, but never have been very successful at it -- at making $ that is.  I survive on my U.S. pension ($753 per), and 'Rucha's kind financial investment.
I had never flown on LAN, Chile's National Airline before, so wasn't expecting much.  Actually, I'd thought I was flying Qantas, as purchased the ticket with them.  I have since learned how airlines, if in a 'cabal,' sell seats for each other.  Additionally, because my 'reference code,' had been ' corrupted' I spent hours on a pay telephone making sure I wouldn't be surprised once I arrived at the Auckland A.P.
Corpos. have figured out how to 'externalize' as many costs as possible, now making the customer do more of the work than ever.  So, you spend hours online selecting a seat, meal, and extras (like using the toilet) etc. -- all accomplished by automated website (sorry, don't contact us).  The 'General P.', including me, just bends over and takes it in the a__ -- over and over!  Some people around the world are not, however!
Why do you think there's a 'Revolution' going on in 2012 (although most people are 'sheep' and don't want to know)?  Note, it's the 'haves' versus the 'have nots,' starting with the 'Arab Spring.'
Anyway, we flew in a 'gas-guzzling,' air-polluting Airbus 34-300 for 11 hours (speaking of 'bending over').  It has four Rolls Royce (Trent 500) engines, each with 60,000lbs of thrust, to get 700,000lbs (fully loaded) off the ground (I'm a private pilot so I know these things.).  
Yes, LAN/Qantas have a huge investment, but this flight made them something like $500,000USD (of course only my estimate).  However, LAN and Qantas have been flying for years, so they've been making enough dinero somehow.  I'm sorry, I'm basically anti corpos. -- Marx was right!
I must give some credit to LAN, however, as much I'm complaining now, I ate a decent vegetarian meal with two glasses of white wine (no extra charge -- although included in the fare, trust me).  I didn't have to pay to use the toilet, and no one went insane during the eleven hours.  So. I guess I was lucky.  Any flight where you land safely, and without any unusual incidents is worth something!  So, my bicycle helmet is off to LAN for getting me here in one piece!
Although my mind knows where I'm located at, at the moment, my body thinks it's still in N.Z.  Thus, I awoke at 0200 last night (first night in Santiago), took a shower, and unpacked.  Back in bed at 0400 I didn't rise again until 0930.  I'm getting ahead of myself, however…
Arriving on time at the Santiago Airport at 1130, it took another 2 hours to run the 'entering-a-new-country' gaunlet!  First, paying for three months in Chile ($140U.S. for Americanos).  This involved substituting one $20-dollar bill because of a slight tear in it.  Then dealing with my two bicycle boxes, going through Chilean Customs.  I was first scolded for filling the form out incorrectly, and then my banana and garlic confiscated.  Then I coughed up $42USD for transportation to the Atacama Hostel.  But, by God we're here, amazing after all!   Tipping is 'in' in Chile, by the way.
I was so relieved to be wherever I was (didn't really know), I sunk into a chair, hardly able to remember my name!  I think I'm getting too old to do this!  I should be living  in some condo in Florida, playing golf and laying around in the sun!  No thank you!
Now, some 24-hours later, I've walked around central Santiago, and will write about such, and Jorge, soon!  First glance, it reminds me of Mexico City.
Stayed tuned!
P.S.  Ironically, Bob Dylan, who I worked with on his 'Rolling Thunder Revue' nee 'Renaldo and Clara' video, performed in Santiago the very night I arrived.  'Oh mama can this really be the end, to be stuck inside of Santiago, with the big-time blues again!'

Friday, May 04, 2012

040512 BLOK ('It is When..')

040512 BLOK ('It is When..')

It is when we start thinking beyond ourselves that there is some hope!
It is when we begin caring for others that we are redeemed.
It is when we open our hearts to understand it is us, not them, that is the problem.
It is when we stop to smell the flowers that there is time.
It is when we share our fear that we grow stronger!
It is when we admit we are only human do we have a chance to help ourselves and others.
It is when we begin to listen, that we have a voice!
It is when we understand hate, that we can love!
It is when we reduce war, we have more peace!
it is when we change the future, that we have a past!