Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Cooperation versus conflict"

"Cooperation versus conflict" (by ‘You Banfa,’ ‘Rewi Alley in China,’ by Geoff Chapple

(cooperation) “It’s not only the answer to the future of China, it’s the answer to future of life throughout the world!

Give people anywhere the chance to cooperate on the basis of equality, provide them with the opportunities for education, and they'll seize such.  Add the development of initiative and resourcefulness, center their minds on group welfare, rather than on individual aggrandizement, and you have the basis for a happy, equitable, and progressive society!”

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Speaking of 'shit'...

I have uploaded a picture (I took,) of a card passed out on Courtney Street (Wellington, N.Z.).  A young woman got my attention and gave me a Green Peace card about toilet paper.

I've brought this subject up before, substituting something other than tree paper (in my case pieces of clothe I wash and save).  We're cutting down the Brazilian Rain Forests, so we can continue a bad habit from the Victorian Era.  

To be overly anything is not good, as it will attract its opposite.  But, being over clean, isn't as healthy as you think.

I constantly, like a baby, pick things up and eat them off the floor.  Germs help to keep the immune system 'tuned up!'  You don't want to end up like Howard Hughes, or living in a plastic bag?

Green Peace is easier on you/me, than me, as they're only asking you to switch to brands that are mostly recycled paper.  I ask you to stop using paper entirely.  Grass and leaves work when you have nothing.

But, if you're so 'prissy' you can't give toilet paper up entirely, at least use the recycled brands!

In China, where I cycled some 50,000KM (basically everywhere, west, north, east and south), there was hardly a 'shitting ground,' that wasn't 'decorated' with little bunched up white paper.  China, is going to 'drown' in its own shit, if it doesn't change fast!

By the way, Australia and New Zealand, are the only two countries in the world where they still flush toilet paper down with other waste.  I remember in the U.S. when we still did this, but 7 billion people and counting, suggests we have to adapt to a changing world, or become extinct!

And when the last homo sap. goes (assuming we do 'off' ourselves), will we have been here at all…?


Monday, January 23, 2012

240112 BLOK

240112 BLOK, LUNAR NEW YEAR'S EVE (220112 = '8,' the Chinese 'lucky number'):

Oh, so interesting the other night, Lunar New Year's Eve (of the Water Dragon)… An evening that turned out much differently than I had expected.  What's the lesson…?  Don't anticipate, just go like a new born babe!

It's a cultural difference between East and West, Chinese and American… In the West, we explain to guests about what, when, where, who, and why (beforehand).  Chinese people (Eastern) don't think it's necessary, as they tend to be more fatalistic about existence.  Why explain, when you aren't in control -- anything can/does happen!.  Certainly the East doesn't believe in 'Free Will!'

Anyway, we were picked up by a young Chinese couple I thought married.  We were driven to 'New Something,' a community about 20 minutes' drive from Mt. Cook.  The driveway took us back deep into the woods, and an inviting house almost hidden from the world.

Turns out, this house cum Taoist Temple, was owned previously by a Russian couple.  It's like in Adelaide turning a church from a rollerskating arena.  What's the difference anyway?  It all has to do with selling!  'Hey, that's why we have live music and video, you 'gotta keep their attention!'

This evening was a bit similar… The 'rap' was 'on!'  Better become a vegetarian, or else, a video narrated by none other than Paul McCartney (of 'The Beatles' for you young people)!  

Note, I agree with stopping eating meat, or trying to.  But, we have to evolve away from such and this will take many years!  Personally, I'm a 'half-assed' vegetarian because I don't think something should have to die, so I might live -- at the same time I eat meat when someone prepares for me!  

I think we humanoids have a vaulted opinion of ourselves!  Think about a species that is killing off itself, and everything with it?

Additionally, I had a tooth ache, and the house was cold (raining outside).  No heat, typical of Chinese (who wear long underwear all year long).  Uncomfortable, I tried to keep moving, yet my feet sore…  But, the food (all vegetarian) and people were interesting.  

At dinner I sat next to an ex-alcoholic/druggy, Maori guy.  Attractive and clever, Mr. Maori was there seeking a Way… Sitting across from me was L____, a woman/wife/mother living in Egypt, a 'next-door' neighbor (as back in N.Z. to take care of grand children)!  Think about the diverse cultures involved in this 'celebration,' wow:   Russian, Chinese, American, Taiwanese, Maori, New Zealand, Egypt (all eating at the same table).  It wasn't long until 'L' explained she had Rheumatoid Arthritis, which I discovered affects the entire body, not just joints!  She also taught us some Arabic words.

After dinner there was a 'class,' (Chinese lyrics on a white board), the song conducted by an exuberant Chinese woman.  L____ held onto me as we stood in the background.

After that, the Paul McCartney video about 'how to stop eating meat!'  But, not before we had to change computers and the usual FUBAR with audio/visual equipment (never tested beforehand).  Note, one computer wouldn't 'talk' to the speakers, so no volume.

After that there was a ritual offering (of food to Guan Yin) that took forever.

I never knew about any of this beforehand.  I thought we had been invited by Chinese couple for a quiet New Year's Eve dumplings (traditional).

Note, if dealing with Asians be not surprised by anything that happens…

There were good things too, however, as there always are, especially if you remain patient and open.  First of all, the house itself, all warm wood, and well decorated.  Traditional Chinese scrolls (quotes by Taoist Masters in calligraphy) hung on walls. There were flowers, the bathroom clean.

Guang Yin (female Goddess of Compassion and help), the icon in a separate room  This deity, with a lovely picture behind, made the setting 'holy.'  I bowed before 'myself!'  Note, don't ever 'objectify, Gods or Goddesses, as we are a part of… Don't separate them from you.

But, by 10:30P.M., I was getting unhappy.  I told 'Alex,' that if we didn't depart in ten minutes, I would walk back to Mt. Cook.  Note, he was involved with the rituals, so 'torn.'  But, he came through as soon as he could.   I need to explain to 'Alex' about 'old fart laowei,'  or the 'grandfather-irascible-curmudgeon' type!'

Before departing the exuberant Chinese woman passed out divinations on book marks, and a gift of fruit/candy.  Mine, translated (by 'Alex') meant something like, '  I offered many 'Xie dies!'

On the way, I asked for heat in the Japanese automobile; the young Chinese driver now sans his female companion.  

I was so much happier, watching the Port of Wellington and City Centre pass, and soon back at 55A!

I think I was undressed and into bed 'lickity split!'  Never so happier than falling asleep before I 'new' it!

新年快! ('Xin Nian Cui-la!')

in Mt. Cook, Wellington, N.Z.

P.S.  Don't get the wrong idea about the Chinese people mentioned here, I love them all!  This tale just written as such to show, expound on what one learns when cycling the world!  Asians (Chinese) think differently than Westerners, but that doesn't make them inferior, or worse/better, just different, And this is something that's wise to understand (should you be dealing with some or traveling there).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

220112, Saturday, 'Chip off the ole Blok!'

I'm beginning, at 72-years of age, to feel the effects of an aging, slightly abused, body.  It's called old age!  My feet, my teeth, my digestion system now 'talking to me!'   You lose/gain everything, even your 'mind' ultimately.  But, all is not 'lost/found!'

I'm planning my 'shedding of the body,' with great anticipation!  Birth and death (of the body) a part of life.  No death, no life in Duality.  You want 'eternal life,' evolve to Singularity:  The feeling beyond feeling, the 'know feeling!'  RENOYIN (A spiritual orgasmic!).

'I'm' planning on that moment, our last 'thought' (before losing ego consciousness) -- and what that should be…?  Have you thought about this?  Note, Tibetan Buddhists spend their lives preparing for 'there' death/life!  No ego consciousness, TAO CONSCIOUSNESS!  For the religious, 'God Consciousness!'

I read where people fight against this, this evolving process.  Such agony they must cause themselves!  We should welcome it, participating in the 'changes' along the way.  It's Nature/Tao itself (US)!

Modern wo/man so estranged from 'there' source, Nature, God, Buddha, Tao, name it as you please!  Note, people fight and die over wor(l)ds!

All that happens is that we 'lose' the material to 'gain' the spiritual!

And inevitable, so GO WITH THE FLOW… EVOLVE...



210112, Saturday BLOK


There is no 'external,' ultimately, and only in Duality where you have its opposite, 'internal.'  The 'trick,' get beyond Duality!

What is the meaning of the wor(l)d 'external,' anyway?  Isn't it possible that you, me and Richard (others) have different ideas about what that wor(l)d means?  You only have to look in a dictionary to 'no their' are multiple definitions, depending on the context.  Is it also possible that we live in slightly different wor(l)ds?  That we come together in various dictionaries?  Note, think what power lexicographers have?

No figurative, no poetry!
No poetry, no joy!
No joy, no understanding!
No understanding, no metaphors,
No 'metawhors,' no life!
No life, no consciousness!

I ask this question of everyone, but 'knowbody' seems to want to answer the following…  I think I'm 'begging this question,'  'When the last 'dumo sapien' succumbs (becomes extinct), will we have been 'hear' at all?'  It's safer to be a 'slave of y/our dictionary!'  

Lewis Carroll wrote, 'Only children run to a dictionary.'  Being a 'slave of a dictionary' makes you finite (small).  'I'/we want to be infinite (large)!  'I'/we 'no won' Way… Tantric Taoism.  In his book, 'Through the Looking Glass,' Carroll had 'Humpty Dumpty,' say, 'When I choose a wor(l)d, I also choose its meaning!' 

Read Lewis Carroll, a Christian writer -- some amazing stuff!

Get beyond words!  The feeling beyond feeling, the 'know' feeling!



on the eve of the New
Year of the Water Dragon (230112 = 9 A '9' year in numerology.).

P.S.  'Neutrinos are just another 'wor(l)d' for nothing left to loose!' 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now, here's the Mystery:

Some k'no'w, or try to explain in religious terms.
Some, in scientific terms!
Some, in esoteric or 'mystical' terms!
All use different words!
They fight and die over these wor(l)ds!
Is this smart?  Well, it does help to keep world population in check, along with 'Natural disasters,' and disease!
The picture ('Mystery') is of a 'star incubator,' where stars are born!  
And most stars have planets at least in our constellation ('The Milky Way').  And planets (mothers) have the ability to creative life (consciousness) with 'there' star (fathers).
The Earth, our 'mother' (home) is 'won!'   We 'no' we exist, but how to prove?  Some say this is but a 'dream,' we need to 'awaken from.'  ('Where you located at, son, I'm fixin' to come pick you up.') Some believe this is 'Reality.'  I/we 'no' it as 'Duality:'  Yin - Yang (planet - sun, 'mother' - 'father').
I'm/we're using certain wor(l)ds to describe...  Thus, creating my/our 'wor(l)d.' 
You, using different wor(ll)ds,' create a slightly different Wor(l)d!
We 'cum' together in various dictionaries!
We all 'no' we're 'write!' Herein lies the 'problem' - 'solution!'   It's all just trying to keep the 'host' (body) from being devoured by multiplying 'cancer cells!'
This is the unnamed 'Tao' (before 'wor(l)ds').
'Tantric Taoism' our Way (to get 'their').  
'Where you located at? (all related to the 'speed' you're traveling').
Ni ming bai ma?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Even Shadows!

Even Shadows!  (dedicated to my KIWI friends!)
Sheep hills,
Green waves,
All for Blacks
New Zealand!
Roller-coaster riding,
Slow up,
Fast down!
Water and sheep,
Hills so steep,
Pills I take to get 'their!' 
A sunny morning in Pukekawa,
Even shadows!
P.S.  But, no Kiwi birds!

070112 BLOK

070112  BLOK

My experiences traveling around the world by bicycle are extraordinary!
Here I am only 70+ KM from Auckland, where I started three days ago, and in Pukekawa, a place I'd never heard of before.  But, what a lovely place as has a view of the valley and Waikato River winding below.  If you're into a peaceful respite  this makes my 'Best List,' in the category:  'Home-Farmstay Backers (with a view!).'  
Additionally, I'd been concerned at launching my long trip during a rising moon.  I don't like to be 'out there' on these highways nearing a full moon!  It gets crazier than usual.  I like to start with a 'New Moon!'  (Note the poem at the end of this trip description.)   
We ended up going further than planned the first day!  This by 'accident?  Thus, at five hours into, and 60KM down the road we were still not there.  And here came the hills -- just what my feet didn't need at that point!  
The first part of the day was easy, however.  I must have averaged almost 20KMPH, the first two hours (getting out of Auckland).  Then I stopped to go to a toilet in Drury.
When I emerged from the automatic toilet I noticed Mr. Fetes had fallen over.  I had thought I'd done a good job parking him, but somehow, maybe with the wind's assistance, he was lying on top of the wooden guard rail -- luckily not the derailleur side.  His 'head,' (handlebars) was twisted about in such a fashion as to lock the front brake.  At first, I couldn't figure it out, as always too quick to try something.  Then, step by step, I made everything right again, cursing myself silently for being irresponsible, yet again!  If only I'd remember my bamboo stick (stand).  But, I'd forgotten it, left on the porch at Jim's in Mt. Eden.  I now have two good stick stands doing nothing but 'holding up walls!'  How profoundly stupid can you get?  Maybe it's dementia, but I'm short-term-memory challenged!  I always forget at least one item.
Onward, I stopped several times to make sure everything was working property.  It seemed to be, except the front brake whose cable and been twisted around like a pretzel!  More cursing!
I arrived in Pukekohe (Gad, these Maori names...?), a town of some size.  This, in only three hours.  I found the 'i' (for tourist information) directly.  I have infinitely good 'radar' for such which makes traveling the world possible (finding your way).
The woman on duty, name 'Jo,' became fascinated with my story and, in turn, such help!  No, no places to camp right in Pukehoke, but then she remembered something... There was one south around Pukekawa (Gad, these Maori names...?).  She spent some time researching this online and on the telephone, finally.  'They're good people,' she blessed me with.
I was on my way shortly turning right, or south on Buckland Road.  Jo had draw me a map, and I had signed the guest register (  I figured the distance to be something like another 20KM.  Another two hours, now about 1:30P.M. in the afternoon.
But, this is where I was led astray, or me not thinking well enough.  I'd planned to spend the night in Pukehoke, as far enough for the first day.  But, had I stayed in Pukekohe, I wouldn't have partaken of this, and 'this' turns out to be very good!  An accident...?
I've learned the hard way, to start a long trip slowly, don't go too far, or for too long the first day out.  Now, here I was repeating the same mistake of nine weeks ago, when I headed north for Cape Reinga.   When Jo had announced $100NZD per night for the lowest motel room, the 'Farmstay-Backpackers' place seemed like a better decision.  Of course, it didn't sound that far...  
So, I went following her map, south through Toakau, over the bridge, but then up and up and up, a series of hills that wore my feet out!   I kept hoping to see the School, but it was further than expected (Aren't most things?).  Finally, after the smallest Library in the world (I stopped to take a picture.) the School sign came into view, confirming I hadn't gotten lost, nor was the turnoff very far ahead.  Plus, it was down hill!   My feet 'screaming' at me to stop!
1KM ahead on the left, Churchill Road, and a sign for, 'Shekinah Backpackers, 3KM.'   Ironically, at the intersection, a golf course!  Note, I wonder if there are any Maori golfers?
From there, I pass a foursome of 'Pakeha' (white) women playing golf (Thursday must be 'Ladies Day' at the club.).  I continue down hill on a 'sealed' road.  Then when Churchill turns right or south, Shekinah is straight ahead another 1KM.   Here the 'sealed' starts to dwindle, and finally turns into gravel the last two hundred meters.  
Just before the Shekinah driveway, a steep down, and then immediately a steep up that I cranked to their very door step.  I'm completely out of breath by then, and almost fall over!  The reward, $10NZD off the usual $40 for one of their two cabins.  I'd planned on setting up my tent, but the cabin only $12NZD more than a tent site.  Note, if I don't have to set up my tent when exhausted at the end of the cycling day, so much the easier!   Best of all, Anita and her partner, Penny, live up to Jo's description, 'Good people!'
The first night I meet a couple from Sweden, Lars and Ellinor (driving around New Zealand).  The next day I meet Herfried and Denise, a German couple working and hitchhiking around New Zealand.  Herfried, an interesting artist, and we have several good conversations before they departed.  You don't find people like this in your hometown.
There's dogs, cats and sheep at Shekinah, as it's partly a working farm (Penny's job).  Note, I've been sitting watching how sheep graze, fascinating!  There's an old bus, named 'Wharepahi,' that you can sleep in, live in!  It has an even better view of the valley below.  So, if you want a peaceful place to rest, this is it, north of Hamilton, and south of Auckland, New Zealand!   It's apart of the ('Budget Backpackers Hostel' network).  For those who want to trade a little work for room and board, this is what Herfried and Denise were doing at Shekinah.
Now, on the 7th (of January), our third day and only 70KM out of Auckland, we're still here at Shekinah.  But, maybe all of this our good fortune as it's raining steadily outside.  We would have been caught out in this, had I not needed to rest my feet.  I took off my 'Thirsty Boots,' and have stayed for awhile, 'my feet were hot and weary from a dusty mile!'  Note, Anita did some kind of therapy (body massage) on me, invented by Tom Bowen an Australian...?  Anyone out there ever heard about this...?  This, Anita suggested to aid my sore feet.
That's what makes what I do (cycling the world) adventurous... You never know what's going to happen.  And at my age (72), you never know what body part is going to give you trouble next!  But, I wouldn't (couldn't) have it any other way!  'Too far,' that first day?  Maybe!  But, maybe just right, and in the perfect place for the moment!
Distant clouds,
The moon rising,,,
Is this a new moon 
In a 'see' of green,
Or, am i just rising to the occasion?
Pudding and pie,
Never say die!
Struggle up the hills,
And you get 'their!'
To distant clouds,
With a Good moon rising!
We eat hills for breakfast,
The wind for lunch.
We dine on lofty peaks!
We drink the nectar from clouds!
We let nothing stop us!


'Legends of the Maori,'

'Legends of the Maori,' Volume I, by Hon. Sir Mauri Pomare & James Cowan (1930)

"Maori-Polynesian mythology, like that of the Old World, has numerous stories of unions between gods and human beings.   (Believe it or not, this has happened to me/us!)  In some legends it is a god who descends to earth, attracted by a lovely woman.   In others the heavenly being, who weds a mortal, is a goddess.  There is much beauty in some of these stories of the loves of atua and mortals."
"One is the Arawa legend of Puhaorangi (Gentle Breath of Heaven) and Kura-i-monoa (Precious Treasure).  Puhaorangi was a celestial being who beheld the beautiful Kura from his eyrie in the clouds.  He descended to her in the guise of a rupe, a dove or pigeon, just as Jupiter assumed the form of a swan in order to approach the fair Leda in the stream.  The rupe was 'fondled,' by the lovely girl, who became a mother.  Her son was give the name of Oho-mai-range (Surprise from the Sky, or Heavenly Awakening), and from him many Maori trace their descent.  Many a genealogy begins with the names of Puhaorangi and his earthly wife and the semi-divine child, Oho-mai-rangi."

191211 BLOK / 'Creating Singularity,' #76

191211 BLOK / 'Creating Singularity,' #76

What's the brightest thing in the Universe, our sun, an exploding SUPERNOVA, pulsating madness?  What's the opposite of that?  A Black Hole, sucking everything into it (maybe coming out the other side in a different Universe)!   This is a great example of enantiodromia (opposites attracting)!

We don't 'no,' what the 'Universe' is really, lest we have created!  Note, should be named a 'Duoverse,' or 'Biverse'), because our existence is a dual one (Duality).  'We' create these things (constellations, Universes, etc.), they don't exist objectively!

We are (collectively) everything (and also nothing in Duality).  And 'everything,' is just another word for  'Dog,' or 'God,' spelled backwards!  There is 'know' objective world 'out there!'   'We' project it like a film projector projects the 'pictures' onto a screen.  We are the 'film,' the projector our 'minds,' and what's projected on the screen is dual 'reality!'

I shall always appreciate Chuang Zi's quote/question, 'Am I a butterfly dreaming I'm a man, or a man dreaming I'm a butterfly?'  I would answer, 'Both!' 

Life is consciousness, trapped in a labyrinth, an imbroglio, living in a conundrum!  Yet people die over words and explanations (my 'God,' is better than your 'God!'). 

I just hope we're not too clever, and destroy ourselves before we solve (the mystery).  And penultimate religion isn't any good for such!  You have to find out for yourself!  You ultimately have to 'no!'



On such and such...

If you're into 'religion,' don't 'cum' our Way, as in Tantric Taoism!  It's mysterious, an imbroglio wrapped in an enigma, trying to escape from a labyrinth, and ultimately beyond wo(l)rds!

'In the beginning was the 'word!'  In the ending the 'no-word!'

Go figure!

The Magic Dragon
AKA Haqi

201211 BLOK ‘Creating Singularity, #77

201211 BLOK  ‘Creating Singularity, #77 

‘We’ are everywhere in the Universe!
The ‘reality’ you’re discussing, is ‘Duality,’ for the lack of better description.
‘Religion’ is penultimate, because ‘It, lives' in Duality (‘I and Thou’).
The ‘solution’ in this life is to get beyond Duality ('Wor(l)d' Reality) to Singularity!  This is where there is no separation between you and ‘God!’  Call it what you want, use whatever 'wor(l)ds!'
Religions fight (and die) over 'wor(l)ds!'  Silly business, but such does help, along with resultant violence, to keep world population in check (the Tao at work actually)!
We don’t care what you call ‘It:'  'God,' 'religion,' 'Spirituality,' 'Mysticism!'   ‘It’s’ ultimately all the same!  We just use different ‘wor(l)ds’ to describe ‘It!’
But, we say in Tantric Taoism: ‘The God you call God, is not God!’  And the ‘thing before' ‘God,’ can’t be named, as ‘It’ doesn't 'exist' in Duality!  ‘It just was!’  ‘We’ call that the Tao!  But,  ‘The Tao we call Tao, is ‘knot’ Tao!’  (Chapter #1, ‘Tao Te Ching,’ by Lao Zi)  That’s as far as we can describe in Duality (‘Wor(l)d' Reality’).
The ‘connection,’ is a feeling!  It's an emotional experience (spiritual 'orgasm,' 24/7) It changes your 'wor(l)d,' view and how you live life, forever!  It’s being ‘taken’ by a Divine Lover in Spiritual Intercourse, the union of compassion and wisdom!  This, begetting unconditional love!  It's spiritual 'orgasm and birth' simultaneously!  
Should we fight and die over the 'wor(l)ds' we use to describe ‘It?’  'Know!'  
Jung 'new,' he didn't have to 'believe!'   THIS IS THE ‘KNOWING,’ VERSUS ‘BELIEVING!’    Note:  There's a huge difference between ‘religion,’ (believing) and ‘spirituality/mysticism’ ('knowing')! 
'It's better 'two no?'  
P.S.  How much better can we explain?


080112  (a rainy Sunday)  We're back on the road again passing through Pukewaka, N.Z.  

For my friends in China:

So funny one day in Lijiang, I went out to visit Dara at 'artist Chin's' (?) house an unfinished concrete mansion with a stunning view of Yulong Mountain (5,500M ASL).  Dara had invited me shortly after moving out there (east, across the valley from  BaiSha).  
I rode out on Mr. Fetes, the last 100M daunting, however, as finally up a steep dirt road.  I had wanted to meet 'artist Chin' and see what was going on out there.  He only had young Chinese women as students which made me suspicious (being a 'father').  After 'Frogman, I began being more careful about Dara (only 23-years of age at the time).  In addition, I thought she had artistic talent, and could be a painter of some merit (at least as a vocation).  I 'invested' in her, many thinking I had only one thing in mind.  I didn't.   Sorry, this isn't an 'R' rated tale, maybe 'GP!'
Unfortunately, the day I had chosen to visit Dara, 'teacher Chin' had gone off to visit his friend (English name 'Michael'?) in SheHe.  On the other hand, it was all very interesting, this 'painting school!' in this secluded and remote concrete Villa with a view of Jade Dragon mountain.  
The Big Main room was filled with all kinds of interesting things, from a DVD library and flat-screen TV to life-size paintings of nude women (hanging up high).  This is where 'artist Chin'  had his easel, along side Dara's, and the other 'freshman' artist's.  He probably wanted to see what they were painting, keep tabs on their progress.
After checking out the 'Big Main' room, I followed Dara around to several of the older artist's studios, seniority worthy of  a private room (with view of Yulong).    Guess where my depraved mind went...?  I smelled a fish, but pardon the pun!
One, had painted Dara, but it didn't look much like her (in my opinion).  There was something going on there, some kind of subterfuge, but maybe one-sided...?  I never 'new'  what this was about, because Dara never explained completely, except maybe that the older artist was jealous of Dara's talent, status, whatever.  'Ka, ka,' basically!
I got to see where the girls slept, bunk beds crammed into a small room, and belongings strew about.  Dara had piled all hers in one corner.   
Down the same wing, was 'artists Chin's?' room  behind a locked door.  More naked women, everywhere you turned.  'Teacher Chin' likes to paint naked women,' Dara tried to explain.  I didn't need any, but also maybe premature in my judgement.   I wanted to ask Dara if he ever asked her to pose in the nude, but didn't.  So, chaste Chinese women appeared to me (Dara, etc.) -- seemingly undaunted by all the female pubic hair in plain view.  At the same time so earnest to please me with their politeness and deference to age (part of the reason I was 'seduced' into living in China for five years).
The girls (Dara and another young female artist/name?) fixed tea and cakes, and we sat at a table in the Big Main room.  It had a good, albeit 'naked' feeling to it.  It's how some men decorate, I remember thinking!
The girls showed me their 'works in progress,' both paintings of a serious nature.  No naked bodies.  I think one had a Christian theme to it.  Note, interesting to me so many Chinese interested in Christianity.
What a perfect setting I thought... the 'Big Main' room, the house, mansion, location, the girls (students), the view... with the right energy, all of it could be developed into something with a worldwide reputation!  I would have loved to have been the one (instead of Chin) the Hong Kong (or Singaporean?) owners had chosen,  the deal not much 'rent' only to finish, develop, and enjoy!  Such great hiking right out your back door!  And not that far from Lijiang City, with a 'famous' ('Flying Tigers') landing strip right in front!  It was perfect, save for the right people with enough money.  We could have turned such into an Esalen / 'Comedia del Arte' kind of miieu, where students, etc. came to partake of the energy (to create, to beget, to whatever).   Note, I'd had the same idea in Xining up on Bai Shan mountain, an unfiinished Old English castle-like  concrete-block structure, supposed to have been a hotel, but the developer ran out of money.  But, I could never get the local Chinese Government to understand. 
After leaving some gifts for 'artist Chin,' I departed regretting having not met him.  On the other hand, he had a reputation for not liking foreigners (laowei').  
The ride back to my rented house in Old Town, Lijiang City easy as slightly downhill (but generally with the S.W. wind in my face).  I'd been on this road up to the Yulong National Park, hundreds of times before.
Ultimately, I didn't worry about Dara's possible compromising situation.  She never complained to me about Chin, as she had 'Frogman.'   Secondly, the situation there started dissolving almost as soon as it had started (at least for Dara).  She moved back in Lijiang City.  There was some mystery about a fire, and the house being watched by the police.  Chin smoked of course, like most Chinese men.   Maybe they thought he was smoking 'dama?' 
 Young Dara was nobodies' fool, appearing weak, she could hold her own.  I once witnessed (still can't believe it) a physical fight between her and Frogman!   Note, the reason I got Dara out of Rhizome (Lijiang Art Jerkoff, cum French restaurant), was the bad energy there!  Note, they didn't like Chinese 'daugther' Irilin either (they thought she was stealing from them).
Thus, I am both (Dara and Irillin's) proud American 'father!'  They are two of my Chinese 'daughters' (just informal 'adoption').  Of course, the unevolved think I did/do whatever to take advantage of them, to get them in bed, etc.  They wouldn't believe I'm actually a celibate Taoist monk, having taken vows in Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2005.  (Note, this is verifiable if you don't believe me.  Contact a Buddhist monk there, name Karma Sherpa, he's the one that initiated me..).
I think Chinese women better than Chinese men.  Of course, I'm generalizing, as I know several outstanding Chinese men (my own 'son,' Richard for example).  But, if it came down to choosing between the two genders, I'd select 'female!'
They are superior in every way save for bulging muscles.  They're certainly stronger both mentally, emotionally, and even physically in some cases.  And for any job (except one, of course)!  (Note, I've had Naxi (the Lijiang local ethic group) women tell me that their males are only good for that 'seed,'  maybe hard physical labor.)  In fact, the smartest person I know in all of China, is a female, English name, 'Helen.'  
Chinese men are spoiled ('princelings' they're called). I think Chinese couples who hope for a male child, stupid.  I'd certainly hope for a female child.    Males don't seem to work as hard (maybe, as I want to be fair)!  And all the Chinese men I observed want to do is gamble playing cards.  Why Macao now raking in billions!
Chinese wives should withhold sex, until they get what they need (money) as fidelity is too much to ask!   On the other hand, Chinese, women in general, clever enough and probably do, although this an ancient 'game' all over the world, and as old as 'Homo Erectus!'  Regular marriage between man and woman, all the other possibilities, is transactional, conditional.  Why it fails so often!   'She doesn't love me!'   'I'm just his sex object!'  Etc.
Chinese wives are into security, not romantic love!  That's way down the list, way below security, family, and home!  But, if you want a devoted, woman to take care of you, they're great at such.  They're practical, as they have to be.  I don't know how they are in bed, as I never partook, but I'm sure it's all about conceiving, not necessarily enjoying.  I'll have to ask some...?  They know they have to produce an offspring (preferably male) to be taken care of when they grow old, ad infinitum.  
Family, group, that's how Chinese people identify.  Wealth, the security.  Again, sex only a means to an end.   Of course (circa. 2010), Chinese culture getting 'fractured' with the invasion of western media nee different ideas about love, sex, children, family, etc.  Old folks homes the next 'growth industry' in China.
I'm just glad I never had any children of my own (won't need care in my old age)!  The many Chinese 'sons' and 'daughters' I have are enough!  I love them all, unconditionally!

F.A. Hutchison
cycled 50,000KM all over China in five years!
P.S.  Note, besides 'Dara' and 'Irilin,' some other of my Chinese 'daughters,'  'Stephanie,' 'Amily,' and 'Indy, to name a few  more...  I have Chinese 'sisters' as well.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

040112 BLOK

040112  BLOK
Tomorrow Thursday, 5 January, we're 'hitting the road' again, as the 'Honeymoon,' continues... 
In and out,
Back and forth,
We are 
Lost in each other,
'Knot noing' 
Which is which, but 
'Knot' really caring!
Departing Auckland we head south for Palmerston North (and friend Carl Stapleton).  From there to Wellington, the Capitol, but more importantly the ferry to the South Island.  Ultimately, first goal is Queenstown, as I need some dry and brown (snowy mountains in the b.g.).
It's summer in New Zealand, just reversed from where some of you live!  I cycled in Sweden in the winter, so I know (less light, slippery business).
In April (Fall here), I have to decide about Chile, how to get there best (nee either sailing across the Pacific Ocean, or a good deal/flight some 11 hours).  And from what city?  The fare is expensive ($2KU.S.D.).  It might be less expensive to fly to Hawaii, and some such crazy 'higher volume' route to Santiago.  Harder on the body, however, and I'm 26,289 days old!
In the meantime, the longest journey begins with the first 'crank' (in our case)!  But ultimately, 'The journey IS THE DESTINATION, for me!'    I do have a deadline (Macchu Pichu by 1 December), but I think that is possible!
F.A. , Alexander, or Frederick,
Maybe Haqi, 
Maybe Vajra Varahi Yogoni?
'Quien sabe?