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Re: Who knows what this is about, the AIC could be involved... You can't trust the media for the truth...

Thanks Mitch!  Keep up the brilliant writing that dares to offend, when the rest of us too afraid to speak up!

America, is truly a nation of sheep, and thus we get what we deserve!


P.S.  I've added some paragraphs, maybe to make a little easier to read.  Maybe Peter S., might correct mine?

On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 2:23 PM, MITCHELL RENNER <> wrote:

This is such a new twist on modern society: that fabricated geopolitical plots could be used so blatantly as tools to push worldwide agendas.
I mean, Goebbels as the minister of propaganda for the Riech prior to World War II was the master, but in retrospect, that was so obvious in its localized element of the German putsch. Now, as the plots ratchet up once again, we are forced to witness in total confusion what any of this means. In a just society, the vetting of testimony in an honorable court of law would seek truth; now, what do we have? Guilt through assumption, or else such wavering of storylines concocted by insider media that it becomes much the same as a bad Hollywood movie plot on empirical steroids.
We cannot deny that the American establishment and anyone else willing to go along with it has sought global domination. What is this about? Control of natural resources and enrichment through the muscle of military to ensure corporate contracts over local worldwide dominions? Are we not living in the age of yet another phase of colonialism, where those who stand up independently to the world's oligarchies, are forced to play their hands?
Is this just a replay of the conquests of old, a la the Mongols, who swept in and through the use of force and deception brought local factions to their knees in submission to the overlord who then takes his tribute in the building of empire? With the white men in suits holding the puppeteer strings? Is this just the way of nature, the strong assimilating the weak? Will it then lead to the benign philsopher king, once the limits have been reached, as culture homogenizes under the auspices of a 'new world order' that brings people together under the force of tyranny paying tribute to the masters?
Do the players even realize the game they are playing, that there could be another way, or are most of them - the minions - so wrapped up in the nuances, the breathtaking occurrences of nature found in any pursuit that we can delve into and pique our interest in no matter what the subject or object involved, that they merely accept what is status quo?
What are the rewards at the end of the day for the conquistadors? What pleasures do they count on, once their work has been done? Perhaps they assume that the human race has not advanced in consciousness enough, to not respond to anything but the presence of a brute force. And that they are deserving of some poor wretched fate if they can believe in the nonsense that is touted about in the schemes being put forth almost as a form of bait, gloatingly, for those who could disbelieve it. Pity to those who suffer in those raids and conquests and those who die randomly in the crossfire of international profiteering.  Those at home who are forced to join the efforts of supporting the crusade when there is so much more to live for than being a cog in some pig-headed regime.
I see it as a goal of mine to point out all the flaws in such a system of governance and powerplay that feeds on its own ignorance, thus perpetuating discognizance. People are so believing of everything they hear, I almost have to admire the bravado of the trickster who deceives them; they have forced the hand of nature to decide the outcome, but it is stupid to throw your fellow human into the trash heap of history as they continue to do.
If a man or woman decides to live in ignorance despite being given ample opportunities to realize their own faults, it is one thing; it is another to willfully deceive another and deny others such opportunities to better themselves and share in the wealth of living a noble life: that damns the instigator and holder of such knowledge and the fate of their so-called 'conquest'.
Since I've become accustomed to this in the last year or so - the hijinks of the powerful - I've grown callous to the tired refrains emitting from all angles of deniability. I recognize the straights we find ourselves in and the traps of the individual reactionary mindset. We all have our own battles to be fought and it is ultimately a respect for the fellow human that wins the day, that allows the light of the sun to shine forth in darkest corners by bequeathing one's own taming of the ego and becoming translucent to the nature beholden to us.
Glory not to the man or woman who steals the light for oneself but to those who act as a focus for the light to shine upon others in recognition of what each has to offer to the cause of each to their own enrichment, as a whole. Why steal, when you can give? Why be lured by the siren song, or go barrelling against marauding windmills of the mind, when it is but an illusion of fancy that one is merely chasing after? It is better to sit and revile in the beauty of some lone flower than to pick it and proclaim some domination in the name of beauty.
And so it goes, as Billy Joel once sang... that I can write but not live the essence of what I mean. But every proclamation is a start, because the emperor's new clothes always reveal what is truly there, at some points, as one parades around in the attire so prominently displayed.

Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 20:16:34 +1300
Subject: Who knows what this is about, the AIC could be involved... You can't trust the media for the truth...

 Unlikely Turn for a Suspect in a Terror Plot


Mansour J. Arbabsiar, suspected in an alleged Iranian plot to kill a Saudi diplomat in Washington, seems to have been more a stumbling opportunist than a calculating killer., slogan:  'We give more; take less!'


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