Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Leaping antelope brings down cyclist in South Africa"

I once 'raced' a pronghorn (technically not an antelope) north of Craig, Colorado, cycling up to Montana (circa. 2003)

It was early morning, and few cars on the highway... I had camped in some little community (name?) and going north to the Wyoming border.  In this area there were high fences were on each side.

Somehow a pronghorn was inside this area, and saw me coming.  Scared, s/he raced forward trying to get away as thought I was after it.  They won't jump (or can't) over fences.  It would get way ahead (much faster), and then rest.  Then, here I would come, and it was sure I was after it.  S/he would then dash back and forth across the highway, at one time, almost hit by an oncoming automobile.  We did this for maybe one mile, until it was so exhausted it stopped 'caught' at a bridge.  But, as soon as I passed it ran the other direction.  But, what an amazing experience!  I shall never forget.

People wonder why I cycle the world... Such experiences, as you approach quietly, and surprise wildlife.  

A couple days before I had startled a couple of raccoons digging their nest.  I remember the 'clicking' sound they made as I passed by (two meters away).

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