Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Richard (270611):

For Richard (270611):

I have no 'face,'

No place to hide!

I am what you see,

The real me,

Born now as we!

There's nothing to hide!

Papa Haqi


120811, Thursday, Adelaide

120811, Thursday, Adelaide

I get 'laid,' in Adelaide,

and 'it's incredible!'


Twas the serenity of the outback that I loved (love)! The night sky in the Nullarbor plain. Nothing 'plain' about it!

'Climb high! Ride far! Your goal the sky, your aim, the stars! I sharpened my 'aim,' while 'out there!' I became stronger for the discomfort!

The birds, so many different varieties singing to me! 'It's incredible!' The crows talk to you. The green parrots darting amongst the trees.

We had an experience with a dingo (the wild dog of Australia). So poignant their howl! Maybe s/he was trying to tell us something, how they suffer because they're losing their habitat!

Australian culture, slightly more 'English,' that American. Remnants of theCommonweath linger, with a Parlimentary type of 'democratic' government. But, they're as unevolved as us! Trash everywhere!

We (Australians and Americans) both travelled to a far off land from the British Isles. We both destroyed a 'happy' (the Aborigines, according to Captain Cook were 'happy') and prosperous culture(s) before the white man came. And we destroyed them all in the name of God! When Native Americans tried to help the Pilgrims, guess what we did, we killed them with (disease and guns), the first 'ethic cleansing,' in history! Now, we complain when others do it, projecting evil on them to absolve ourselves (we're perfect). But, oh... Woe be unto us! You reap what you sow!

I want to ask both Australians and Americans (westerners generally), where are you going in such a hurry? Life is not a race! And all of this for money, Australians digging it up and selling it to China. Americans rushing about bailing a sinking ship!

When Australians ask me where I'm going I try to explain I'm not interested in cities (Melbourne, or Sydney). I am interested in getting to know Aboriginal culture better. Once, they were 'happy,' according to Captain Cook! Thus, I'm heading north to the interior of Australia, where there are more aborigines. Maybe they will teach me something about happiness?

I'm not interested in people that yell from their automobiles, 'GET A CAR!' (no doubt angry that I've delayed them ten seconds from their well appointed tasks). But, trust me, China's going, and America has already gone, the same way -- in fact, the world!

So sad! What to do? Trying to live the best live you can, helping others, helping Mother Earth, trying to perfect yourself in the meantime! Ultimately, we can only change ourselves!

In the Christian Bible, it says 'the meek will inherit the world.' These are the native peoples, the Aborigines, the Maori, the Native Americans, etc. The white man goeth the way of the dinosaur!

So be it!


in Adelaide where 'It's Incredible!'


120711, On the Road to Adelaide, S.A.

120711 Tuesday, Eucla, Australia

I'm in my tent in the Eucla Caravan Park listening to the rain, just sprinkling now, as it rained steadily all night long (as I remember).

We decided to stop here for a day's rest, after cranking for ten straight days from Norseman (where we were waiting for 3 weeks for various bicycle parts). It's been slow going, the demons fierce in their effort to stop us (me). But, who would understand such, people thinking I'm crazy even to mention. But, people understand so little about the spiritual world.

It's been a trying time cycling from Perth to Adelaide, not so much because of the physical effort, but other things.

First, the high cost of living in Australia. Where else can you pay $8U.S., for two slices of garlic bread, and $60U.S., for two dinners (no beer or wine included). But, after 'pushing' 150KG through the air (no helpful wind yesterday) 65KM and climbing over a 'pass' (joke, as all of 200M high), I needed to spurge sitting at a table and have a restaurant meal. The taciturn Richard, seems to be able to endure anything. I'm a spoiled westerner!

Also, Richard's been difficult ever since he arrived in Australia (which I can understand as his first western country). Older now at 27-years of age he has his own ideas (which is basically good). But, today with the moon rising we got into 'it,' him banging pots and pans, us screaming and yelling at each other -- then he ran off crying! He's become insecure about himself, and China, and thus hyper-sensitive (maybe homesick). He thinks I'm 'bad mouthing' China, when I express my opinions about my five-year experience living there. For example, when I told an Australian traveller, that China consumes one-half of the world's concrete (constructing roads and buildings), that's 'being negative' (about 'my' country)! Or, when I say the population of China is 1.5 billion, I'm 'incorrect,' as he thinks it's 'only' 1.3 billion. I asked him, 'What does it matter?' Actually, if the truth be known, nobody, including the Beijing Government, knows the exact population (it could be 2 billion)!

But, my big gripe with Richard has to do with his parents, and him not telling them he was departing China -- he only said he was 'looking for a job' (when he left). This has put me in a 'thorny' situation, if for some reason, he's injured or killed while with me. They would blame me for enticing him away, and jeopardizing his life. If, God forbid, he's killed in an accident, I'd have to deal with the body, having to fly back with it, then trying to explain to his parents (who don't understand English) what and why? They'd never forgive me no matter how I explained! But, being young and wanting to get out of China at any 'cost' it never occurred to him about the situation he's put me in. Since I found out about this, I've asked him to inform his parents, but he hasn't still. I've had a mind to stop the entire 'show' (cycling with him in Australia). In the meantime, I'm trying to get to Adelaide (now only 1,300KM). Once, in Adelaide we're going to 'fix,' this or he's going back to China (or, at least out from under my aegis).
Worst of all and my own fault, my health has become a problem. Having to stop in Norseman for three weeks I got off my diet and indulged in too much fat (I love cheese) and I'm addicted to sugar. This, 'taxes,' my weak digestive system (fatty liver). One day, that old 'dizziness' returned I thought I'd never have to deal with again (basically hypoglycemia). But, somehow, I've managed to get this far (1,400KM), cranking a heavy bicycle. My health is a little better now, but once in Adelaide (if I'm still alive) I need to fast (no food). Of course, Richard knows little of my health problems (he keeps telling me how 'strong I am). That's maybe not fair to him as I give the wrong impression! I could 'crash,' at any time, and he wouldn't know what to do except contact Rucha. So, I guess, 'tit for tat?'
Thus, these are 'testing' times, me trying to get two 'rocks' to Macchu Pichu. Such, is my challenge!

Today I wrote a poem, sitting in the restaurant:

Haqi! (Dedicated to my Chinese 'son,' Richard):

Modern life,
What strife,
A con job!
Subdued into
Safety the illusion
We die on our feet,
Ground meat!

Curly-gray hair
Once black and alive
Eyeglasses no help
Seeing the truth!

We don't know that
We don't know,
Bending over,
Grist for the mill,
Again, and again,
And again,
This, our sin!

What were we thinking
When we 'sold our souls to the Devil,'
Rushing about for money
Into the slot machine!

So, what's it all about,
And why,
Just to live and die
All spent
Paying the rent?

For me
There is something better,
Something greater
Than watching TV!

F.A., on the yellow brick road in Australia! (Note, having met the Wizard of Oz!)
(Eucla Roadhouse, Australia, 2011)


Taking the Hard Road!

Taking the Hard Road!

New words from the

'Land of Oz,'

Having met the 'Zard,'

Camping out in the yard!

You can bask in Glory

Pulling the lorry,

On the road less travelled!

Meeting every challenge head on,

Mowing the lawn,


Perfecting ourselves,

Taking the hard road!


getting 'Adelaide!'


Spiritual Intercourse

Spiritual Intercourse

I like the portable life,
Less strife,
Less things,
On a bicycle!
I like being 'out there,'
Taking the dare,
On the road less travelled.
Spanning the globe,
I don't own a robe,
Filling my eyes
Filling my ears,
Filling my nose,
Filling my mouth,
North and South!

Talking with the birds
Avoiding the 'turds,'
Following the sun,
Always on the run!
Up and down,
And all around,
With the Divine Lover,
Spiritual Intercourse!

F.A. Haqi


In Australia

In Australia!

Lots of ants,
Lots of rants,
'Get a car!'
'Get off the highway!'
TV sports,
Fast cars,
The opiate of the masses!

Thrashed out,
It's my 'shout,'
Have no doubt!

I'm 'out there,'
Just like Cadell,
Drilling a new 'well!'
Boring into it,
Getting filled,
Climbing the hills,

In Australia!


about Olympe de Gorges

From Adelaide (Olympe de Gorges)

All you women out there... Ever hear of Olympe de Gouges, French author?

In 1791, Ms. de Gauges published a declaration on the rights of women. She demanded all the rights men had! They beheaded her in 1793!

So, I think you should remember her name, OLYMPE DE GOUGES! She sacrificed her life for you! Would you do the same?



From Adelaide

From Adelaide

What we need is a new 'Enlightenment' (period)! During this period (in history: 1800C ) it was characterized by the following:

1. Opposition to Authority.
2. Cultural optimism.
3. The return to Nature.
4. Natural religion.
5. Human rights.
6. Taking responsibility for your own actions.
7. Sharing.
8. Sacrificing yourself for something greater.

What we have now (2011), is the opposite!



From Adelaide

From Adelaide
At Such a Pace!
They all zoom past!
Where are they going so fast?
I'm aghast!
Destroying ourselves
In the pro of cess!
Where are they going so fast?
The contrast of the unknowing!
You're not using your place,
Just taking up space,
At such a pace!
(Note, maybe this is good the demise of humanity, as Nature doesn't need us!)


From Adelaide

From Adelaide
I was thinking (camped out in the Australian bush several weeks back) how the Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, an icon of beauty and desire would one day look horrible in death and decay. How silly the desire for ephemera, sold like radial tires!
Nothing lasts! So, as Lord Buddha (Shakumani Gautama) advised: 'All things decay! Thus, seek your own salvation with great diligence!'
Nothing lasts, it's all going fast! Take the hard road, the one less travelled. It leads to your own redemption!
Nothing lasts!


From Adelaide

From Adelaide

Toast with butter and honey, the sun coming through the window, makes me happy!
Slow down, start living, not rushing about like a 'mad hatter!'
Money isn't God!
So, you don't own a HDTV! God, how do you survive?
Rearrange your priorities, ride a bicycle! Here's what happens when you do:
You go from here to there (you learn to slow down)!
In the process you neither pollute the air nor ear!
You get fit, lose weight.
You save money!
You kill no wildlife!
What could be better than all this?
Be different! Ride a bicycle! It will improve your life!


On Capitalism, and why it will ultimately fail...

On Capitalism, and why it will ultimately fail...
Philosophically speaking, Capitalism means, more for me and less for you! Here's an example... 80% of the world's goods are manufactured in China. Why? Basically inexpensive, skilled labor. But, does the manufacturer (or seller) pass on these savings to you, the consumer? No! They increase there own profit (more for them, less for us)! If toilet paper gets any thinner, it will dissolve in your hands before use.
Nothing is really free, or much shared! We're all paying more and getting less, while advertising agencies try to convince us to buy, buy, and buy more! Worse, why we can't live without it.
But, I have bad news for them ('the owners'), they've let a 'Trojan Horse,' past their gates! $ riches are an illusion! The 'Crash of 08,' an economic Depression they're afraid to call. But, they can't gloss over it, or patch it up, our Capitalistic 'house of cards!' Like Humpty Dumpty, all the King's men and all the King's horses won't be able to put it back together again!
We're heading for a complete world-wide economic collapse, and sooner than you think (and for the better actually). We are experiencing the decline and fall of western economies, and all thanks to us, the U.S. (who lead the way).
So, prepare! Get off the Grid, etc. Become more self-sufficient. Buy locally! Grow your own food! Ride a bicycle! ('Burn fat, not oil!' -- this, from our hosts in Adelaide, Michael and Lexia Dwyer). These are the solutions, but they run countrer-culture:
All we have to do is give more, and take less to save ourselves (Mother Earth). Can we do this?
Our own cyclists motto: 'We give more, and take less (not charging fees for guiding)! We're a bunch of Commie pinkos, 'prestoopniks,' that care about others! Rupert Murdock and Warren Buffet wouldn't understand!
So, if you're interested in 'boarding' the 'Peace Train,' contact us:
F.A. Hutchison ('Hutch'): creativehaqi@gmail.com
'Richard': txutan@gmail.com
in Australia trying to save us from ourselves!