Sunday, February 27, 2011

68 (060311)

#68 (060311)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

Once you 'shed the body,' (some call death) 'less is more!'  The more you have ignored 'the Other,' and developed your own ego ('I'), the less you will be 'their!'

The 'meek' (lack of ego) shall not only inherit the Earth, but 'Heaven' as well!

Start now, 'stepping' on the ego ('I').

'IT,' is everything else!



67 (050311)

#67 (050311) 'Seeds of Compassion' series

When sitting somewhere, slightly distracted, or waiting for something, defocus your vision.  Try to encompass the entire scene, but with no particular focus.  See what happens.  You'll start 'feeling' a part of the total, the Tao.  You may start 'hereing' the Guan Yin, the 'thing' that keeps you alive some have called 'the Silver Thread.'  Note, it isn't Tinnitus.

Practice this!  Your life will start changing for the better.

We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere,

We're coming together.



66 (040311)

#66 (040311)  'Seeds of Compassion' series


You make me come!

You make me come!

You make me come!

We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere,

We're coming together!

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which,

But, 'knot' really caring!


I will love unconditionally!



65 (030311)

#65 (030311)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

Ego pursuits in life, they are the way of trouble, unhappiness, suffering, and inglorious death!

Read what Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) and Kurt Vonnegut say about life, two famous American writers.  At the end they realized that 'It's a crock of shit!'  Now, why would they say this, they had fame, glory and all that brings (money, for one).  Why would they say that 'Life is a crock of shit!'?  Because if you pursuit only what the ego ('I') wants you'll be ultimately unhappy!  Yes, you will 'jerk yourself off' into believing you are happy, but underneath, a 'cesspool' of doubt.  And this leads to binge drinking, drugs, and depression.  Look at 'Hollywood' celebrities, story after story of violence, drug addiction, angst, alcoholism and more of the same until in a hospital, jail or coffin.  Need I quote the names of people, going back to Marilyn Monroe afflicted with the 'I!'  -- and before, Judy Garland.  And way before, Mark Twain for one!  Today, Charlie Sheen, et. al., and ad infinitum!

Stop living for yourself only, and start living for others!  'Step on,' (Note the depiction of Shiva and Shakti in sexual embrace.  Shiva's feet are stepping on 'Nature's Joke,' overcoming mundane and pedestrian sexual desire!.  This, on the way to loving unconditionally (the union of compassion and wisdom)!

'Kill' the ego, or at least severely 'wound' it!  This, the Way (Tantric Taoism) to a state of supreme bliss, beyond all feeling 'won' in the same!

Here's to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

'Coming, coming, coming,'

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which, but

'Knot' really caring!



64 (020311)

#64 (020311)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

Where are you in the midst of a physical orgasm?  Lost!  This is nothingness!  This is what you can achieve with 'spiritual intercourse,' beyond all words, one in the same!

Here's to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which,

But 'knot' really caring!


Nothingness.  Singularity.  Unconditional love.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

63 (30021

#63 (300211)

I am nothing,

Nothing, nothing, nothing!

I am nothing,

Nothing, nothing, nothing!



Nothing is beyond words!



62 (290211)

#62 (290211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

We're (you and me) are what's wrong with the world, not somebody else!  Let us stop 'objectifying' the problem, and admit we're our own greatest 'enemy!' 

It's not the Republicans, nor the Democrats!

It's not the other guy, the 'nut case!'

We're all 'nut cases' for allowing what has happened!

It's not the politicians, nor the government (which we are)!

It's us, you and me that are to blame!

Stop objectifying evil!

We're the evil ones 'knot noing' that we don't 'no!'

It's not the Chinese, nor the Americans.

It's not the Russians, nor the Greeks!

It's not the Arabs or the Jews,

It's us!

This is called consciousness, realizing such!

That we are the problem collectively, individually,

And we need to change:

To develop, evolve, and become

What God intended!

And the first task is to admit to yourself first, 

That 'I'm am the problem!'

But, I intend to change,

'Knot' blaming others for the situation,

But, taking responsibility

To make myself better,

'Hole,' and complete!

Wake up people!

We're sleeping on our feet!



61 (280211)

#61 (280211)

Oh, you're so wonderfully beyond wor(l)ds!

Me inside you, of think only, will I.

It's a mind 'orgasm!'


I will think only of you inside me!

I will think only of being inside you!

I will think only of you inside me!

I will think only of being inside you!

We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything and everybody, everywhere,

We're coming together!



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

59 (260211)

#59 (260211) 'Seeds of Compassion' series

Of the thousands that listen for me,

Only 'won' will 'here' me!

Of the thousands that 'here' me,

Only 'won' will look for me!

Of the thousands that look for me,

Only 'won' will find me!

Of the thousands who find me,

Only 'won' will follow me!

Of the thousands that follow me,

I choose only 'won,' and 

That is you!

But, fear not for I have redeemed you!

You called me by my immortal name, (you supply),

You are mine!

Oh, Master thank you for capturing me

To be made worthy,

And we are worthy now!

Oh, Lord of the Universe, thank you for subduing me

To be saved,

And we are saved now!

Oh, my (you supply) 

Thank you for enslaving me

To be loved,

And we are loved, unconditionally!

Here's to unconditional love,

Beyond all feeling 'won' in the same!

Here's to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which,

But, 'knot' really caring!



58 (250211)

#58 (250211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

Time-less space, and space-less time!

Supplicating I come relaxing into slavery,

Freely and happily I

Let go to give up to you my Master,

The pleasure-pain so great,

Beyond rate,

The passion of my life awaits!

Oh, God take my life and use it,

I beg to sup and be with thy in eternity,

Now and forever more I am

Your (you supply) in reality,

Your  (you supply) in the dream!



57 (240211)

#57 (240211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere!

We're coming together!



56 (230211)

#56 (230211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

The 'no feeling,' the 'nothing,' a way to get beyonDestructive emotions (what the 'monkey mind) creates!

The Shakti Yoga practice a way... Getting to nothing, that's the goal.

What is nothing, anyway?  The opposite of something.

If there is something in your mind  (), then you're not there yet.

Practice visualizing a vessel, the 'contents' pouring out.  Another is to visualize erasing a white (or black) board, full of your thoughts.  Erase them all until the board is blank, the vessel empty!  One 'chant,' while visualizing these is to say to yourself:

'Letting go!  Letting go!  Letting go!'  

I'm feeling nothing,






(Ad infinitum)

Nothing is the 24/7 'orgasm,' that is beyond description (in words), but an attempt so we have some idea:  supreme bliss, the union of compassion and wisdumb, unconditional love!

Visualize your body empty now, vacuous, just the outline of such, filled with blue light!




The goal is to purge your mind of every thought!  But, don't expect quick and easy results (sorry).  This takes years!   And in a distractive, modern world almost impossible (without giving up).

In modern life we want more.  But, in this case, 'less,' is 'more!'  Much 'more!'  The 'more beyond the whore' (this reality).    We're in 'fuck,' however, living in modern life is the only way to 'less,' as we've achieved 'more' (extremes attract:  enantiodromia)!  So, we're almost 'their!'  We've been living IT!

And IT is You!

You're already 'their!'  Where? 




'Nothing' is something, 'delicious' beyond words!  It's the same as in the midst of a physical orgasm, when time is suspended.  They only difference, IT never ends!



55 (210211)

#55 (210211)

Visualize yourself as vacuous, just the outline of the 'body' filled with blue light.  This is what you ARE anyway, where you came from and where you're going.  Better to identify with IT now!

This is Tantric Taoism.

What is the opposite of vacuous?  Solid.  We can't have 'won' without the other.

Can we 'win, without 'losing?'  'Know?'

This is how we get to the no feeling!  From feeling, greater and greater feeling until we are lost in each other, 'knot noing' which is which but 'knot' really caring!

Can we have compassion, without the other, no compassion; no compassion without compassion?  'Know!' 

Can we have wisdom, without the other, stupidity:  stupidity without wisdom?  'Know!'

Can we have love, without the other, hate; hate without love?  'Know!'

Can we have peace, without the other, war; war without peace?  'Know!'

Can we have male, without the other, female; female without male?  'Know!'

Can we have the no feeling (spiritual), without the other (material), feeling; feeling without no feeling?  'Know!'

So, the trick is to have greater and greater 'orgasms,' growing in intensity, until there is nothing, the no feeling, the Void (the Spiritual world)!

This is Tantric Taoism!  'Know?'  'Yes!' 

Getting to, the Other, the Spiritual world!

Practice voida Shakti Yoga, until you have been 'fucked' into the Land of Dreams, forever!

We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything, and everybody, everywhere!

We're coming together,

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' 

Which is which,

But, 'knot really caring!



Saturday, February 19, 2011

53a (1800211)

#53 180211 'Seeds of Compassion' series

The following, 'triggered,' by my German partner/spiritual wife, Rotraut Boyens in Garding, Germany, who said in a recent email message, 'Governments pull the fur over our eyes!' 

The political/spiritual problem in the world today, aren't  the governments we allow to prey, but us, all of us!  Isn't it obvious, with all the 'revolutions' going on in the Middle East (circa 2011), that these have little to do with religion, more to do with waking up!  Those revolting for better have awakened to the fact, that it's THEY that have to do something, that THEY have to change things!  Governments aren't going to change on their own.

All governments are predatory, and we the people should realize this!  How many benevolent governments are there in the world?  Maybe one or two out of over one hundred (probably in Scandinavian, maybe New Zealand...?)

What to do about this?  Wake up to the fact it's our problem, not theirs!  We allow it!  We are all masochists who complain all the time about the abuse, but do little to solve the problem (us); to change us!  I write about this all the time quoting Walt Kelly (Pogo), 'We have met the enemy and he is us!' 

Read, travel, learn, study, growth, change, evolve, and become more enlightened.  Stop watching television!  Stop being distracted by the current 'God,' money!

Most importantly, help others become more enlightened!  The more enlightened people are, the more enlightened their governments will be!

The ultimate goal, no governments needed!



Friday, February 18, 2011

54 (190211)

#54 (190211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

'Jesus' wasn't a living man, but an idea!  Does it matter?  No, the story lives!  Yes, there was probably someone back then used as an example to base the story on, but not the perfect soul whomever ended up inventing (writing about).  But, again, does it matter as long as the story lives?  That's what's important, the story, not whether there was a human being that walked the Earth.  Note, Einstein said, 'Imagination is more important that knowledge!' (history).

Of course, the evangelical Christians only understand the literal meaning of the Christian Bible.  But, what's important is the figurative meaning, which they have no capacity to grasp.  That there's both good news (Gospel) and bad news if you understand -- what 'Fundies,' don't want to 'no!' 

First, the Good News (Gospel), that 'eternal life,' is possible, but you have to go through 'Hell' to get there, to 'Heaven.'  That redemption is possible, but that you have to 'die on the cross,' you have to suffer, to achieve such!  Redemption is basically getting a 'second chance!'  At that point realizing (beginning of consciousness), you have to change your ways, to start putting yourself, the 'I,' in the background.

God is everything else, but the ego 'I!'  Yet, we have the capacity to become 'IT' -- this is what the Jesus Story teaches.  But, you have to suffer in order to achieve such Grace as Jesus did -- pain, our greatest 'teacher.'  You have to 'kill the ego, I,' annealing yourself in a fire of transformation.  You can't just go to Church on Sundays, making a money donation.  You have to actually do IT, like the NIke slogan says!  The Good News, it's possible in this life time!  The 'afterlife' has to do with melding with the Total or Tao (no word to describe such).  Note, the Buddhists describe as a 'drop of water falling into the ocean.'

Again and always IT has to do with consciousness, or potential (Deepak Chopra) -- developing consciousness or potential, in a way you haven't realized.  

For me, consciousness is a 'state of understanding,' the German word Bevouszein!' When achieved you 'no,' what Dr. Jung 'new' before he shed his body, 'I don't have to believe, I know!' 

What do we k/no/w?  That a 'creator' exists, but the name you give it, isn't IT!  IT's beyond wor(l)ds! That you yourself, in this life time, have to find the Way, the Tao.

In the process of living (suffering) you discover for yourself what IT is!  Once known, you must sacrifice for IT (as 'Jesus' did).  You must surrender to IT, submit to IT, and commit to IT!  You must overcome your greatest 'enemy,' the ego 'I!'  When you do, you will know what ectascy is (unconditional love)!  And this is possible!  You can achieve what Jesus did ('eternal life'), and in your own life time.

Why don't most even try...?  They're UNconscious!   They don't know, that they don't know.  They live on the surface of life, the mundane and themselves the most important (maybe those close to them:  children, spouse, parents, etc.).   They live quiet lives of desperation, mesmerized by a religion without understanding.  These are the Fundamentalists, who just accept the Word without question.  They don't know, they have to believe!

I have been questioning all my life, as that's the Way!  'Two roads diverged traveling in a wood one day.  I took the one less traveled!  It's made all the difference!'  (H.D. Thoreau).  It's time you start too, asking questions yourself, reading, studying, learning, growing, changing, evolving to a 'state of understanding,' beyond all wor(l)ds, one in the same:

'Here's to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we are lost in each other,

'Know noing' which is which,

But, 'knot' really caring!

'Just get our there and do IT!' (Alan Price, from the movie 'O' Lucky Man!':  'Smile when you're making IT, laugh when you're taking IT, even though you're faking IT, nobodies gonna 'no!')



52 (180211

#52 (180211)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

We're giving 'birth' to unconditional love!  

Giving birth to unconditional love is just as painful as when a woman gives birth to a human baby.  I think of my mother!  But, giving birth to unconditional love, is a (mostly) mental, not physical task, and for both male and female.

Why is it painful?  Because you have to overcome your greatest 'enemy,' yourself!

You have to achieve 'Endless acts of compassion,' with yourself and then with all others (even people who have wronged you).  What did Jesus say, 'Turn the other cheek!' 

Here's to unconditional love,

Beyond all feeling,

'Won' in the same!'

Here's to allowing and sharing,

Flowing back and forth,

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which,

But, 'knot' really caring!

We have to achieve Singularity in Duality!  And this is no easy 


How to...?

First, you have to become aware of the possibility.  Remember Deepak Chopra says consciousness is potential.  Secondly, you have to be motivated to do so, to realize this is the path to eternal bliss (the union of compassion and wisdom).  If you're caught up in everyday life of surviving (money your God), watching TV, basically living in darkness, it won't happen in this life time (assuming there are more?).

You have to sacrifice to IT:  Loving, devoting, and surrendering to IT!

Oh, Master, Lord, and God,

The Divine Lover,

I surrender,

I submit,

I commit

To you and to no other!

I will have no other lover,

Male or female,

With a body, or without.

I will have no other husband; no other wife,

No other, other,

But, you!

As your ('husband or wife,' depending on whether male or female), we will have greater and greater sublime 'orgasms,' 

Until you have 'fucked' me into your land of dreams,


Note, your goal:  the 'unfeeling,' the no feeling, nothing, the void.

This is Tantric Buddhism, the interplay between Shiva (male) and Shakti (female)!  The practice, Shakti Yoga1.

Begin now!  Visualize your body as vacuous and empty.  IT coming inside you, filling you with a blue light.


We're coming together!

We're coming together!

Everything, and everybody


We're coming together!

Om shree vajra

He he, ru ru

Kam, hum hum,

Psat, Dakini, Dazsalo,

Shamboram sofa!


1  If you can find this book, very helpful:  'Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines' by W.Y. Evans-Wentz



Monday, February 14, 2011

51 (150211)

#51 (150211) 'Seeds of Compassion' series

You must submit to some greater power (whatever name you want to give this) in your lifetime!  

Observe the night sky, the stars, billions and trillions of them 'up there!'  The vast distances in light years (six trillion miles / 10 trillion kilometers equals but one light year = the speed at which light travels).  Some are so far from planet Earth, it would be impossible to conceive, as no human life could obtain without 'time/space travel', or the speed of thought).  If fact, that's what it is, 'thought.' 

Science tries to explain all of this, life, love and the pursuit of resources.  But, I don't believe a 'wor(l)d' of it!  We each create 'it' (existence) individually with how we conceive, and give names to.  But, the name you name, is not what it is.  We don't know what IT is and never will, as humans are terribly polluted with the 'I,'

That is why 'you' MUST SUBMIT TO A GREATE POWER, whatever and however 'you' conceive of that!  Bow down before it humble in its 'presents,' for it has created all of IT!

It's only allowed ego consciousness ('I' or Duality) so 'we' might know IT!



P.S.  'We get laid, 24/7, the orgasm never ending!'  It's called 'fucking the void!'  


50 (140211)

#50 (140211) 'Seeds of Compassion' series

The feeling beyond all feeling, the unfeeling, the unfelt, the non-feeling, nothing!  This is where we want to get 'two,' the 'Won!' 

St. Valentine's day, the icon of romantic love (St. Valentine),  what I call 'Nature's Joke' (on us all) was fomented to sell flowers (biggest sales day of the entire year), candy and cards, ultimately propagating the species.  Instead of unconditional love, this is conditional love:  material gifts (action), and the hoped reaction (sexual intercourse -- at least what males want/need).   Primitive 'business!'

If you want to develop beyond, follow us:

'Here's to unconditional love,


'Won' in the same!

'Hear's two' allowing and sharing (communism),

Flowing back and forth 

Until we are lost in each other,

'Knot noing' which is which,

'Butt knot' really caring!


I'm going to launch a 'Nature's Joke Day!'  This where we (try) to love each other unconditionally, giving, caring without hoping for any response or reaction (nothing material or physical) this, the 'no thing,' beyond names.

The Tao!

The chant:

'Timeless space, and spaceless time!

Supplicating I 'cum,'

Relaxing into 'slavery'

Freely and happily

I let go to give up to you, my Master,

The pleasure, the pain so great beyond rate,

The passion of my love for you awaits!

Oh, (supply the word) take my life and use it

I beg to sup and be with thy in eternity,

Now and forever more I'm your

(supply the word) in reality, your

(supply the word) in the dream!'



49 (120211)

#49 (120211) 'Seeds of Compassion' series

I love feeling my pounding heart,

About to leap out of my chest,

Sweat rolling down the rest.

I love to exert,

Live in a yurt,

Going round and round on my bicycle,

Mr. Fetes!

Some people don't,

But I do

Living in circles,

A straight line to most,

Only scratching the surface,

Caught up in the race.

I don't care if I

'Lose face,'

Not leaving a trace,

Until later

Is 'how,' the Tao works

And important to bow

Before IT (give it whatever name you desire)!

(Note, don't miss the chance, as you have only one life so named!)




48 (030111)

#48 (030111)  'Seeds of Compassion' series

Most people, including me, don't want to know the truth!  They create the world they can live safely within, ignoring what might make things better!

'Endless Acts of Compassion!' via The Talmud.

So, challenging to do!

Is it possible for humanity?

I pray everyday that God grant me the ability to overcome my greatest 'enemy,' myself!