Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Running from pain,
Going down the drain,
I came out
The other side,
To abide,
To ride further,
To climb higher
Seeking the sky,
Aiming at the stars!

F.A. Hutchison
from China


Thursday, December 24, 2009



"A child's smile
As bright as the sun,
Glacial water on the run!
High in the heart,
What a start,
A child's smile!"

They light up my life, children!

Love, devotion, and surrender,
Christmas, 09


Sunday, December 20, 2009


201209, Sunday

These are days of heaven for me!  Never in my life have I been so fulfilled, so happy!  But, of course, this is via a different consciousness!

I can take you 'their,' if you want, but it requires much hard work, a challenging time!  Few opt for this, wanting the easy way, a smooth road.  'Two roads diverged in a wood one day.  I took the one less traveled and it's made all the difference!'

For one thing you learn how to die!  And we all are, aren't we?  But, this can be the greatest achievement of your life!




Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Consciousness over comes illusions!

But, who's to decide what an 'illusion' is?  It's just a word we all define ourselves!

The trick?  Get beyond words!

'In the beginning was The Word!'  In the ending, the 'know-word!'

From a 'non-sane' person!



"Buddhism teaches two underpinnings to a sustainable existence: 'compassion' (love) and 'wisdom' (intelligence).  One without the other is no good."

You've Mitch R.) 'hit upon,' my practice of 'Shakti Yoga,'  And my chant, basically, the union of compassion (male), and wisdom (female) is unconditional love.   (Note:  I would describe 'wisdom' as knowledge with experience, not intelligence.)  We've added the idea of unconditional love (Christian) to this, originally 'Buddhist' idea.'

'Buddha Shakyamuni manifests in the form of Heruka Chakrasamvara (Demchog, Bon).'  Note, I will circumscribe Mt. Kailas in a counterclockwise, or Bon direction.

'The name Chakrasamvara means 'Supreme Bliss' (the goal: uniting compassion and wisdom yielding unconditional love)!  'He' (Chakrasamvara) is depicted with multiple faces and arms, all blue in color.  But, the meaning comes, not with just him, but his coupling with his female consort ('Vajravahari or Vajrayogini').  Of course, the Christians misinterpret this 'embrace,' when in fact, it's spiritual 'intercourse' that's symbolized,' not sexual!

Anyway, there's much more to it than that, here just to 'whet your appetite.'  And all 'triggered' by Mitch's discussion of what to do, if mankind can overcome himself?  And that, 'All actions must be devoted to the cultivation of these qualities in ourselves.  All else, is futile.'  He's 'right on!'  'We have met the enemy and he is us!' (Walt Kelly).  But, what does 99.9% of humanity do?  They project evil and blame onto others, absolving themselves (the 'I') from such -- THE EASY WAY OUT.

We are tested individually, and I am going through some now.  But, each time you 'pass the test,' you get closer to 'overcoming yourself!'  The 'trick,' is simply to develop your consciousness!  But how?

To the Chinese, drawing on a white board, I say, 'You live in a tiny box (drawing).  Haqi lives in a giant circle (drawn way around the box).  I invite you to come out of your 'comfort zone,' and into my land of 'the unknown!'  Risk, is how you gain the confidence to go further, to the point, where as, in 'The Matrix,' you'll jump off a building because YOU KNOW YOU CAN FLY!

Belief is penultimate!  You must 'no!'


P.S.  So, Mitch and I invite you to 'come out here,' where we LIVE, not just exist ('Samsara')!