Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Until it's at your gate,
In one loud and last
The demise of mankind!

There is no 'heaven,' without
Going through 'hell!'



You're Already 'Their!'

I just saw the morning sky!
Now, I know how to die!
Ursula Major upside down,
Polaris to the North,
Orion setting in the west,
I know the rest...
The direction to take, to
'Get there!'

To get where,
You're already 'their!'


Monday, November 16, 2009



How much grass have you cut in your lifetime?
How much time spent washing your automobile?
Time wasted!

How much time have you spent watching TV or talking trivia?
Time wasted!
How much time are you still wasting?

How much time do you spend sitting within an automobile?
Waiting for the light to change?
How much time are you still wasting?

Conversely, how much time have you spent helping someone,
Donating money,
Listening to a lonely old person mumble away?

How much time do you spend with children,
Outside in Nature?
When was the last time you walked barefoot in the sand,
Completely naked in the sun?
How much time do you spend developing yourself?

Modern life's goal is to distract you into purchasing something you don't need!

How much time do you spend distracted from what's really important, connecting to It?

We are basically 'disconnected!'

Learn how to reconnect!

And do it now!

Help re-balance an out-of-balance world!

'Still Crazy After All of These Years!'




A near perfect Monday morning, November 16, 2009 (161109 = a # 9, which is Taoist perfection)!

In an 'altered state of mind,' I unwind, enjoying fresh pumpkin-bran muffins with New Zealand butter.  This, in front of a wood-burning fireplace at the Nordic Delight (Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China), and 'delight' it is!  I stare into the flickering flames and am mesmerized!

I can sense the sun is dancing behind clouds,  the clouds in Lijiang muting the sun reminding me of The Netherlands.  Note, is rarely sunny in The Netherlands.  How did I last living there for six months!  'Cause if there's any orb I worship it's the sun, maybe Jupiter a close second!  I'm a fire sign!  Water puts out my fire!

We're in a 'dark moon' period, but tomorrow, Tuesday it's on the rise again!  The never-ending cycle, waxing and waning (of the moon in this case), as yin and yang do their dance!  It's not the 'Dancing Wu Li Masters' that counts, but this constant motion between extremes, creating life in the form of a vibration.

You can hear this 'vibration' in your head, if you're sensitive, but it isn't 'tintinitus.'  It's something entirely different, 'sounding' like the flow of electricity.  It's called the 'Quan Yin' (Goddess of Compassion) in the East.  In fact, this is what keeps you conscious (alive)!

No shipment yet from The Netherlands (via Melvin), so we wait.  We wait to depart on our cycling trip to Lugu Lake (as I purchased new tires for Paolo).  I've wanted to cycle up to Lugu Lake since I moved here almost one year ago.  It has one of the last Matriarchal Societies (yin) in the world!   It's the land of no 'husbands,' it was explained to me...

In the meantime the perfect morning at the Nordic Delight!  A La Mota morning, as I partake of the fire, the food, the quietude (so rare in China).  And I bask in the glory of It!

Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China


Friday, November 13, 2009


'...Streets for hearing!'

Why do you run from 'wisdumb,'
That we are?
You settle for a crumb
When you could feast,
Destroying the beast!

'Wisdom shouts in the
Streets for hearing!'


Thursday, November 05, 2009


How Great we are...

Tell me...
Tell me how great...
Tell me how great
America is...
'The land of the free,
The home of the brave!'
Tell me...
Tell me how great
America is...
Immigrants all...

But, now we don't want!
Tell me...
Tell me how great...
Having killed them all,
Calling it 'Manifest Destiny,'
Tell me how great,
Sweeping under the carpet,
Our own holocaust!
Tell me how great...
Now we don't want them, us
How we were - them!
Tell me...
Tell me how great...
Now, heartless, losing our soul!
Tell me how great...
Please, tell me...
'Give me your tired your poor
Your huddled masses
Tell me...
Tell me how great we've become...

Watch a movie entitled, 'The Visitor,'
And then tell me
How great we are!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009



I end, begin many lives;
Someday my own!
Dancing, the Wu-li masters
To the music of life,
Following the fife,
The flux,
The Flow,
All aglow,
Don't you know?
If not, what's to show?