Wednesday, September 30, 2009


On the eve of the 60th Anniversary of Communist Party rule in China:

The activity, the energy in China is astounding!  You have no idea of the sheer magnitude of such!  Ruled by a predatory Government the naive masses don't care! They took Deng Xiaopeng's advice to heart:  'To be rich is glorious!' thus turning capitalism into 'comitalism!'  Every week there are 1,000 new cars on the road in Xining.  4,000 in one month, 50,000 new cars in one year -- the traffic insane now!  God knows how many more motor vehicles in all of China (every year)!

Of course, there is a downside to this staggering growth:  air pollution, global warming, congestion, and poverty for those who can't keep up!  Chinese people don't know that they don't know!  They think things are getting better, as TV, motor vehicles, blue jeans, and material goods distract them from the truth.  I know things are getting worse!

Bicycles are now out of favor, bike lanes now giving way to the four+wheeled! Thus, the danger has increased for bike riders.  I will be departing China just in time (within the next year)!

It will be interesting to watch, from afar, what happens in China... I'm guessing a democratic revolution of sorts in the next 20 years, this as the middle class grows in power!

The country, once freed from CP rule, has much potential!



America blew it -- such a great opportunity lost!  We had the chance to be the financial and moral leader of the world, the last great hope, but we blew it!  Why?  Simple greed, stupidity, unconsciousness, however you want to understand it!  We did ourselves in, just like the U.S.S.R.  This one of the great ironies of the age, tragic in a way, instructional if we're willing to change!  We have been reduced to a declining role in the world.  Certainly, we've lost respect!  We have proven that unfettered financial capitalism is not the way, and that the lust for money caused us and many others to suffer!

Maybe we can change, but human nature leaves me to doubt such.  We 'strut and fret our hour upon the stage,' for what? If it's only for material wealth then woe be unto us (and China as well, going down the same road!).

I can only hope that the Mayan prophecies for 2012  (an increase in consciousness) comes true!  If not, there is little hope for humanity in my opinion!  'We have met the enemy and he is us!' (Walt Kelly)

Recently a Chinese woman sent me this in response to something I wrote about Chinese culture:  'China  is deeply effected  by  so  long a history.  Most Chinese have been hypnotized by this. So,  I don’t think we can change by group, only with the help of a spiritual leader!  Maybe this leader is ourselves. ~@~"


Saturday, September 19, 2009



The Movies!

Silently flows the river;
'Knot' so!
It churns, it boils past me,
Always moving
To the 'See'
The clouds reflected
Or, is it me?

I'm only alive at
The movies!


Friday, September 11, 2009


I wonder why I'm not 'their?'

Big white clouds in a blue sky,
In the distance!
I wonder why I'm not 'their?'


Thursday, September 10, 2009




F.A. Hutchison, ('Hutch' / 'Haqi') a retired writer-poet/acting teacher, and an inveterate world cyclist just completed, 'Xining to Lijiang or Bust!' - this a 2,200KM / 1,320 mile cycling trip that took him 38 days (through Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan Provinces).  'We rested in Yushu (Qinghai Province) and several other towns in Sichuan and Yunnan.  I think we rested 10 days, cycled 28 days.


This trip to investigate a route for a cycling 'rally' of the same title. 'We're proposing to the governments of the Provinces involved that this is a great way to promote, not only tour cycling, but tourism in general.  But, a rally isn't a race, and something cyclists of all ages can participate in, receiving prizes from communities they reach.  The farther they go, the more prizes obtained.  Some, children and elderly cyclists might only make it to the first town (50-100KM), but young men, seeking fame and fortune, will attempt to go the entire distance (over 2,000KM).  Each year the start/finish will reverse (one year Lijiang, one year Xining).

'We applied to the PSB in Yushu (Qinghai), to continue on highway #214, this through eastern Tibet.  But, when refused, we decided to go through Sichuan. This proved to be an even better route, as the scenery was stunning and the people delightfully friendly.  In addition, we saw many cyclists on this route (highways #217 and #318)! Chengdu to Lhasa a popular cycling trip (highway #318), taking you through Litang.

Four cyclists started from Xining, July 17th:  Hutchison, Bjorn Harding from Sweden, Mr. Yang (from Shanghai), and a Tibetan boy named Sonam.  'One day Bjorn ran into a lone Chinese woman, English name 'Hanna' (Zhang).  'Hanna' was cycling from Lanzhou to Lhasa and this all by herself.  But, she joined our group in Madol (Qinghai), where we rested for two nights.  Bjorn, being so strong and having a lighter bicycle went off to investigate the 'Animaqing Shan' (a holy mountain for Buddhists).  The only thing exceptional about Madol (gateway to the headwaters of the Huang He / Yellow River) was the exorbitant rate for a hotel room (300RMB), the most expensive of the entire trip (including Zhongdian / 'Shangri-la').


'Eventually, after Yushu, Mr. Yang and Ms. Zhang went off to Lhasa together (on a bus).  Bjorn, having a deadline to return to a job in Sweden,' went ahead.  I continued with Sonam, roughly one week behind him.  But, ultimately Sonam (only 26-years old) wasn't strong enough to make it.  I sent him home (Xining) on a bus from Garze, Sichuan.  From Garze all the way to Lijiang (650KM) I was happily alone!'  comments Hutchison, American by birth.

'From Garze ('Kangze') you head south on highway #217, to Zhongdian ('Shangri-la'), this 'stretch' the most demanding terrain (and highway) of the entire trip. Everyday you face going over a mountain from 3 to 4,000M ASL, and sometimes two in one day!  Additionally, the highway was not always the best.  There was one section of 17 kilometers (just before a village named Wengshui) that was knee deep in mud.  I had to get off and push through it.  By the time I got to Wengshui, Ms. Fiets (the name of my bicycle) and me were covered in mud!'

'The 'theme' of this trip has to be either 'rain' or 'rushing water!'  Out of the 38 days I'm sure at least 30 were cloudy, and half of those it rained.  I would have to investigate, but I'm wondering if the summer of 2009 wasn't the wettest ever in this part China?  All the streams and rivers were overflowing, destroying the highway in many sections, rivelets of water streaming down hills.  'I remember going over one pass, with Sonam, and then caught in a sudden storm.  I didn't have time to put on my rain gear so I got drenched.  We stopped and spent a couple hours with Tibetan nomads, in the shelter of their black-haired yak tent (it leaked). We waited for the rain to subside trying to dry our clothing, boots, etc., by their 'hearth' (fire).  Of course, they were so curious about us.  But, Tibetan people in general, very friendly!  So many times the children would come running, yelling, 'HELLO! HELLO!'

'From Zhongdian ('Shangri-la') I joined highway #214 again (what we started out on in Qinghai) and coasted down to the Chang Jiang ('Yangtse') River ('Tiger-Leaping Gorge').  This section of highway #214 so good (and down hill) I covered 100KM in six hours (the fastest day of the trip).  In contrast, one day we made only 21-kilometers, when Sonam complained he was ill! 

'All in all this trip was amazing, the fact that I could complete it! 

I've cycled all over China in the last three years, some 20,000KM, and never had faced anything like this!  Last Fall/winter I cycled, with a hearing-impaired ethnic Chinese boy, from Xining to Lijiang, but we took the eastern route through Lanzhou and Chengdu. This was easy compared to western route through southwestern Sichuan.  But, we have a saying in the West, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!'  So, I guess I'm stronger for it!'

'Next summer we cycle from Xining (or Lijiang) to Lhasa, on to Mt. Kailas, and finally to Kashgar (Xinjiang), some 5,000+KM.  This summer's trip was great preparation for maybe an even greater challenge!


13108885911 (Mobile #), or email:

Trip sponsor: (Xining and Lijiang).

Talent development and media production

'We help realize your dreams!'


Tuesday, September 08, 2009



Returned to the Sea!

Doin' just nothin'
Is fine with me!
Better than fuckin'
As you will see!

Everything's movin;'
Provin' the world's alive;
That is... but me!

The clouds come and go
Just like people,
Bornin' and adyin'
In a patch of endless nee!

The girls are lovely
As they walk by,
Talkin' and laughin'
As if they were no sky!

I sit flitin'
Through my mind's eye...
It will be my turn to die?

My death is imminent
As I was never born,
Only to live
A ghost,
A thought
Returned to the sea!