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What is it to be a human being? I ask myself nearing the 'three score and ten' time of life. Is it all ego pursuits and self indulgence? Why do we have a body? Why are we born? Why are we 'here?' Sogyal Rinpoche says (in 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'), 'the purpose of life is achieve union with our fundamental enlightened nature, and to realize and embody our true being!'

Life gives us the potential of creation. And yet so many, billions, live not-so quiet lives of desperation! Why? They never are able to get out of the 'cage,' society/culture (religion) locks them into -- a very small 'box.' Most people live and die, without having a clue about their own potential! Discovery (evolution) requires 'jumping off a cliff!' It requires reaching for the stars -- into a very large 'circle!'

We are born and we die, but what about in between? What is it to be human? Is it all about getting? Is it all about material success, comfort, safety? I think not! Is it all competition, where we divide the world into 'winners' and 'losers?' I think not! Then what do I think it is, this life...?

I was raised in the Christian Church, but you can't call me a church-going Christian, as I'm not a 'believer.' I'm a knower! Life, gives you the chance to know for yourself! And I have (having learned from one of my intellectual mentors, Dr. C.G. Jung). At the end of his life, being interviewed by the BBC, the last question was, 'Dr. Jung do you believe in God?' He responded by saying something that changed my life. He said, 'No, I don't have to believe, I know!' Now, I know what Dr. Jung knew!

First of all, that there's no such thing as 'objectivity!' There is no objective world! Duality is an illusion! The birth of the ego 'I' is symbolized in the Christian Bible, the Old Testament, 'Garden of Eden Myth!' Woman was blamed for the 'sin' of discovery, 'Look at you, you're different from me!' Eve said blushing to Adam. It created duality: difference (male - female), distinction, separation; 'the other.' And God (in the Christian Bible) lamented about this as he knew what suffering it would cause! This had to happen, however, in the evolution of consciousness (potential). How can we know that there is an 'unlimited,' if we don't understand 'limited?'

Words have no meaning beyond what we give them (individually)! We share a common definition to create what we call 'reality.'

But, instead of reaching for the 'unlimited,' we resist change, clinging to what's safe. Instead of reaching for unlimited potential, we create saviors, as have condemned ourselves to being 'sinners.' Thus, we ask (pray) that a 'savior' come and save us from ourselves -- redeem us (from being human)! When, in fact, we're only in human form for a short time (a 'drop of water,' thrown from the 'See')! Yet collectively our spirit is the 'mind of the creator!' We are in fact, unlimited! But, out of fear (-courage) we limit ourselves, caught up in the mundane acts of survival (as if individually we were important)!

We are, in fact, even though have been walking the Earth upright for over one-million years, at the beginning of our evolution. This is the age of the Ego (me - you), self indulgence, religion, government, political borders, endless wars (violence), money/materialism, fear and loathing! However, we're all too clever for our own good! Carl Sagan suggested that cultures rarely survive their own technology!

Maybe that is our test, the test of humanity? Can we survive ourselves?

So, what does it mean to be human? To live! To live up to our potential! To live to grow, change, evolve, and become what you really are, not what society wants but something unique! Jung called this 'individuation!' To fulfill the potential of consciousness. To overcome limitations! Open your hearts and minds and live, really live! And that my friends, creates an existence without limits!

Don't live in fear, be courageous!

'Climb high!
Ride far!
Your goal the sky,
Your aim the stars!'

When 'death' of the body comes, the spirit, like the 'flung out' drop of water returns to the 'Ocean.' But, if you've done 'your job' it returns adding, not subtracting from it! And then the 'Ocean' grows richer in potential, far beyond what we have the ability to imagine!

That's why Albert Einstein said, 'Imagination is more important than knowledge!'



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