Friday, October 31, 2008


What is the purpose of your life?

You get older, then old, and then comes the time for dying. And you ask yourself… What was it all about? For each of us has to attempt to answer that question. Maybe that’s the only purpose.

Both Samuel Clements (Mark Twain) and Kurt Vonnegut, two writers I respect, said that it’s a ‘crock of shit!’

We’re here for a flickering ‘second,’ a ‘drop of water’ seeking the Ocean. That’s what ‘death’ is, this ‘drop’ returning to the Ocean. No more ‘identify,’ as separate, but a part of a whole!

Some believe we are reborn (thrown from that ‘Ocean’) with a new ego identity, on the way to perfecting ourselves. They say, so we don’t have to return to this suffering ‘life.’

Some say, that if we do well ‘here’ (one life) we get to ‘graduate’ to a place of perfection ('Heaven').

For me, it was about achieving union with my fundamental enlightened self, and to realizing and embodying that true being. Not having ‘my’ name remembered. To me, it has to with developing consciousness (a state of understanding) – so that we add to the total. To see through the eyes, and not with.

I don’t know if I’ve achieved that, but I know this. That I would be just as happy to die in the next five seconds, than to live another twenty or whatever years.

Think about it… You’re here for a ‘flickering second,’ and there ‘forever!’ Which is more important?

Shouldn’t we start identifying with ‘that?’

We’re coming together!
We’re coming together!
Everything, and everybody, everywhere!
We’re coming together!

F.A. Hutchison
In China



Am I alive by much,
Or, dead by a little?
Out in the middle of no-fucking where!


Friday, October 24, 2008


Of the 81 ‘chapters’ of Lao Zi’s ‘Tao Te Qing,’ #28 is my favorite:

'Though knowing what is masculine,
You play the role of female;
Content to be the valley of the world!
Accomplishing this,
You will be accompanied by eternal virtue,
Returning to the mental state of infancy!

Though knowing what is white,
You play the role of black;
Content to be a model for the world.
Content to be a model for the world,
You will no longer be at odds
With eternal virtue,
And understand the final truth!

Though knowing what is honor,
You are ready to be disgraced,
Content to be the lowest on Earth.
You will then no longer lack eternal virtue,
And return to simplicity (the Tao).

When simplicity gets shattered
And thus complicated,
The sage makes use of it!

No matter simple or complicated,
It’s all the same,
Oneness, wholeness, union,
The Tao!'

The Tao, however, is really beyond describing, as not a part of our dual existence. Some would substitute the word, ‘God.’


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Frost (for Leo who inspired this…)

One of twenty-four
That open the door
To change,
They arrange,
The year,
To hear,
To see,
To be,
Your life,
In a circle!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

211008 = 3

Tuesday, “…a day like all days filled with events that alter and illuminate our times!”

What a strange – interesting day!

What was unusual was throwing up three times in the stairwell. Then, a violent electrical storm hit us in the evening. Obvious to me, as I’m so sensitive, something was changing. I thought maybe one or more of the planets was in/out of retrograde. I’m rarely nauseous enough to vomit in public, but I did three times (before I could get the toilet in our flat (#242). Then the flashing and booming of lightening closer than it’s ever been in the two years I’ve lived in Xining.

In addition, so many things with my ‘Chinese family:’ Zha yi’er, our hearing-disabled video maker was on edge. Maybe because there’s so much to do with our cycling trip to Yunnan Province (1,500 miles) just 12 days away. ‘Model’ Wang has volunteered to run with us the first 40KM. He serenaded me at lunch with a harmonica concert. Nearby Li Xiaoqing was knitting me a sweater. These are some of the best people I’ve ever known!

Then two people from Qinghai TV came for a meeting.

By 7P.M., I was exhausted!

What a day!


Monday, October 20, 2008


Every second the Earth moves through new ‘dark matter’ (the void).

You wonder why things change…?

The Earth rotates at the Equator at 1,600KM per hour. The Earth travels around the sun at the incredible speed of 20KM PER SECOND! Opps, we just traveled 100KM!

The Galaxie (The Milky Way), that our solar system is a part of, is rotating at an incomprehensible speed!

And finally the Universe that The Milky Way is a part of is expanding, at God knows how fast!

All is movement! All is change!

At least from my vantage point!


Thursday, October 16, 2008


Live it!

There’s life
In every moment,
Love it!
There’s love
In every moment,
Live it!

There’s triumph
In every moment,
When you fall,
Don’t despair,
Get up; you win!

There’s life
In every moment,
Love it!
There’s love
In every moment,
Live it!


Friday, October 10, 2008


Until the end!

It’s all pretend,
Until the end!
What is, isn’t,
What isn’t, is
Creating the world
In ‘his’ image!

Sight and sound,
The furry, a
Bunch of curry
In a Petri dish!

It’s the start,
God’s fart,
The Big Bang!

It’s all pretend,
Until the end!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008


A Dog Story: How we tried to save your ass(es)!

So, you think we’re dumb animals?

You’re the ones that are stupid! You’re destroying the planet, your home; your nest! How smart is that? You think you’re so clever, you probably think this story is about you! It’s about how we got you this far, hoping you would understand consciousness! But, it appears you don’t! So, what to do with you?

How can we prevent you from self-destructing, and taking us with you?

Your unconsciousness, your greed, your arrogance is astounding! And you think we’re the dumb ones!

Have we invented weapons that can destroy all the living creatures on earth? Do we lust for money like you? For power? These are human things! We’re happy without either!

Your striving is a form of insanity! It will be all of our deaths, however! We wouldn’t mind if you killed off yourselves! But, you’re taking all the living things with you!

You see, all living species are co-dependent. You seem to think you can live without others, but you’re wrong! This, your arrogance, began with ego consciousness (symbolized by the Garden of Eden story). That’s when the problem began! This notion you’re separate and God like!

You believe animals can’t think or feel! How wrong you are! We do think and feel! We’re feeling for you right now, feeling sorry for you that you’re so stupid! You’re so dumb you think you’re smart! Pride goeth before the Fall!

You’re about to lose everything, and you don’t know that you don’t know it! You’re like a herd of frightened buffalo stampeding toward a cliff. We’re trying to get you to change direction, to turn you around! To wake you up before it’s too late! Maybe that why you’ve called us your ‘best friend!’

Of course, if we succeed in saving you, you’ll take the credit! But, we don’t need ‘credit.’ All we need is you to stop self-destructing, and taking us; everything with you.

What drives this madness we ask? What keeps you in the dark about yourselves?

We didn’t need ego consciousness to know we are a part of something greater than ourselves! You thought you needed separate; to objectify, to create a dual existence to understand. Where has it gotten you? The Fall of mankind!

Now, we have to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and neither the King’s men and King’s horses will help! It’s a dog-day afternoon, the canine world, that will succeed!

As, we just are!


Monday, October 06, 2008


Coming Together!

Recently I had a dream so vivid and concise, if I wrote down every word the story would make an interesting movie. Now, slightly faded, I write what I remember, this from several days ago:


This is not the usual school meeting room, but something warmer than those you remember. In every group there are artists and their evidence is obvious here.

The Principal, a middle-aged man, stands before the group (of teachers), his demeanor alternating between sternness and pleading. They’ve been discussing the world-wide financial crisis American greed has caused. But, here he delivers a Shakespearean-type soliloquy.

(Mad as hell, and ain’t going to take it anymore!)
$12,000 to 10,000 dollars just for the license to practice… This is madness, I won’t pay it, we can’t afford it! Why do we need lawyers anyway? To protect us from parents? What are we doing wrong?

We’re going to ‘tighten our belts! For example, I’m cutting my own $56,000 per year salary in half!
(the group groans in shock, but there is also applause)
Our employees on the low end of the scale, take for example. Mr. Doverman our janitor, his salary will be cut very little, maybe $5 dollars.
(mixed approval, as the group knows what this means, simultaneously calculating in their heads)
This will make us stronger! We’re going to do without! Or, make due with what we have! We’ve been living beyond our means for too long! We’re adopting the Marine’s motto: ‘Innovate, adapt, and overcome!’

We’re going to get stronger! Tougher! Our students will be smarter for it!

Join me! Help make this school what it used to be, before we go so spoiled we couldn’t do without latte mocha fudge bullshit! Learn to appreciate what you have! My mother used to say, ‘Count your blessings!’

Today, I count mine! And I can tell you I’m very fortunate to be associated with a group like you!
(the group suddenly chastened, contrite, and appreciative)

Together we can do anything – and, when I say together I mean not just us alone, but with our brothers and sisters all over the world. We’re all in this together! I call upon all of them to help, in fact forgive us, for creating this mess!

It’s time to come together!
(applause from the group)