Saturday, July 26, 2008


Summer ‘Twas!

The butterflies danced,
The wind sang,
The bees buzzed,
Summer ‘twas!

The leaves rustled,
The grass waved,
Winter graves went unheeded,
Summer ‘twas!

Branches swayed,
Summer ‘twas!
Spring clouds gone,
Summer ‘twas!

The ants crawled,
Ever moving,
Summer ‘twas!
Lovers embraced
Heating the shade,
No aids were needed,
Summer ‘twas!

Spring births,
Summer ripens,
Fall harvests,
Winter sleeps,
Summer ‘twas!


Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Oh Life!

Life is a juggernaut
The bow tied tight,
At the speed of light!

Great the game
The knights poised…
Then checkmate!

Who really knows
The smell of victory:
Winning is losing,
Losing is winning
Until we can’t,
And then the rant!

One drop of water saved
When thrown into the ocean!
But, were we the water,
Or the wave goodbye?

Oh, Life!

Copyright 2008,
F.A. Hutchison
Xining, China