Friday, March 28, 2008


Much is in western news about Tibet, Darfur/Sudan, the focal points of China 'bashing!'

But, from here, living in Xining, China, it's all peaceful with nothing out of the ordinary (and Qinghai a predominately Buddhist Province). The most dangerous thing I do is ride a bicycle in Xining. Traffic, the most chaotic I've ever seen in the world!

Now, when Americans start 'bashing' China it causes me to remember something my mother used to say, 'People living in glass houses, should not throw stones!' Certainly, our skirts are not clean! If I were 'Beijing,' I would remind Americans about our own 'holocaust,' cleverly disguised in the phrase, 'Manifest Destiny.' We systematically ethic cleansed American soil of almost 1 million Native Americans, then proceeded to kill off the buffalo! What does Mia Farrow think about this? Oh, let's not bring up that!

How about Guantanamo, and prisons in Afghanistan? America is now torturing prisoners of war! Additionally, we have more American citizens in prison, per capita, than any country in the world!

If we were perfect, and had no skeletons in our closets, then fine, complain about human rights. But, we're guilty of human rights violations too!

Meddling in other countries 'internal affairs,' one of our many weaknesses (self-righteousness). We should stop this!

Let the Beijing Olympics proceed without incident!

F.A. Hutchison
in Xining, China


Thursday, March 13, 2008


Unconditional Love!

What a fuck!
But, you're in luck,
As ancient old,
The story has been told!
Hold on fast,
You're up to the task!

It happened that I was taken,
Made both convex and concave
A new shape,
This rape!

I went round and round,
Up and down,
Not knowing
Which was which,
But, not really caring!

No cut was made,
But, he was surely jade
So hard inside of me!

I become his wife,
He the fife,
A married couple,
The pleasure double!

How could I have known,
A middle-class mind, that I
Would soon be bound,
Tied up in a
Never-ending orgasm!

The chasm filled,
Drilled to delight,
I tried with all my might
To escape,
But, couldn't!

You are the Divine Lover,
And this is spiritual sex,
Supreme bliss,
The union of compassion and wisdom,
Unconditional love!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Three poems:

Left to Bruise!

Get on the bus, Gus!
The cheapest way
Saves the day!
Snorting a powder,
Or, taking a pill!
Get yourself billed, Kill!

Dying is just another word
For nothing
Left to bruise!


Man seeks woman.
Woman seeks man.
Don't be an also ran!

Bring forth
The wind,
The rain,
The flowers,
The trees,
That tower!

The season of 'up'
Hoping to 'sup'
With the other!
Planting seeds,
Such deeds;
Nature's joke!

Then the 'down'
And all around,
The never ending


What is it?

All just words!

In the beginning;
The word:



It snowed today in Xining, China. I didn't notice until Amily told me when she arrived at 0800. I was surprised as yesterday we cycled up to Nan Shan Park, and it was Spring like. But, I should have known, as their was a strong wind from the East ('Dong Feng' they call it here in China). Out our 'sun porch' window the roofs and parking lot below were covered with a couple of inches of fresh snow.

I'll bet you know the Chinese words, 'Feng Shui?' 'Wind and Water,' in English. This is the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the location of a building. Also, what direction you sleep is important.

But, where was I...? 'Back to the Future,' Louisiana, circa. 1973.

We all arrived at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at different times, as some flew, others drove in automobiles from as far away as New York City and Pittsburgh. But, somehow we all ended up in the four-bedroom guesthouse inside the prison! This courtesy of C. Murray Henderson, the Warden, who wanted this film to be made (or it never would have happened). He wanted to expose the horrible conditions that existed (1973). There were still whipping posts (with chains) where inmates were beaten. The notorious 'Redhat,' building was still in operation where they kept the 'trouble makers.' Redhat was also they executed many. Jack called the electric chair, 'Ole Sparky!'

'Angola,' in 1973, was a nether world, escapees hunted down by Bobby Oliveaux and his pack of hounds, and usually killed 'resisting capture!' The prison was difficult to escape, as it was surrounded by the Mississippi River on three sides, and Tunica HIlls the other (east). You either had to be a good swimmer, or able to negotiate thick woods, wild animals and swamps to get to any 'civilization.' The locals didn't help either, all happy to collect a reward for your capture (demise).

Of the 'Angola Seven,' me and Leroy were the oldest in terms of age; Leroy the only professional filmmaker. Michael was the only other with any experience producing programming for television. The other four, were younger, and totally inexperienced.

Additionally, being in a prison, and especially this prison, was a 'mind-boggling' experience for all of us. On the other hand, Michael and I, fresh from our experience at KDKA/2 in Pittsburgh were bursting with confidence! It didn't matter we'd never 'shot' film like we were about to...

We'd rented all the best 16MM gear possible, a Eclair with 10-120MM zoom lens, and Arriflex S, with multiple lens. We had a Nagra recorder and several different microphones. We had lights for interiors, the reason I was happy Leroy was with us. He'd 'lit' Hollywood features, so this was a vacation to him.

Thus, Leroy soon became frustrated and bored as he had little do. He was used to a highly organized production with 'call sheets,' breaks, and professionals who knew what they were doing. For us, it was the first time out and we filmed by 'the seat of our pants!' We didn't really know how to organize a production. Nobody was getting paid so we weren't in any hurry (as long as the money lasted). I, being the 'leader,' was 'laissez faire' about what we did. I'd just come from a highly structured Network TV environment (where they told you when you could go to the bathroom) and I wanted something different! I wanted to give everyone a chance to participate in the creative process. Leroy didn't understand this at all.

Every morning, we'd have a meeting and discuss what to do. Of course, this ended up not being a good idea!