Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm listening to my favorite Tibetan songs while I compose this. Thanks to Apple technology: 'ITunes.'

On our white board in the room I'm sitting at #242 (28 Datong Jie, XiNing, China):

'East - West home is the best!'

'At two meters and twenty-six centimeters Yao Ming is one of the biggest stars in basketball today. He is now playing for the Houston Rockets in America. He was born on September 12, 1980.'

'Everything's right as rain!'

'Suddenly see the light!'

'Price, quality, or speed!'

'Nothing in the world is impossible,
if you set your mind to do it!'

…Like starting this company ( in China! Today China, tomorrow the world! Ambition, such folly!

Finally, just yesterday after two years of trying… I feel like we are going, going to happen, and going to happen well, and 'forever.' Such folly the Ego! We want to last 'forever!' 'Forever,' just a word meaning what…?

Anyway, some projects and more and more people (talent) coming our way. Yesterday, a good day, really the beginning of! Although trying for two years, registered on April 11th, but just yesterday, August 6th, 2007 the real beginning. Remember the date!

The Japanese remember this date, as 62-years ago (1945) Hiroshima was incinerated by an atomic blast (thanks to America)! A day to celebrate for, a date of mourning for the Japanese! Everything is relative, according to the man (A.E.) who made nuclear explosions possible. Ironic, because he was really a good guy!

We met Wu Juan, the headmaster, of the premiere 'Arts School' in XiNing. We had gone to meet her on Friday, but to no avail (never found her although had students looking). Then yesterday, Monday, we did because Mr. Wang Jing joined us (he had invited us to her school show two weeks prior). You learn this lesson over and over, at least I have… Things happen when they're supposed to, not because we want them to! We should have never wasted our time on Friday, because Mr. Wang was not with us.

After the preliminaries (sitting on stools outside their dance studio building) we were invited to watch the kids rehearse a dance for a show. They have a real dance studio with soft floor (note all the construction in China is hard concrete). First, the boys performed acrobatics, and then the girls practiced a Tibetan number, which Ms. Wu lead. We videotaped. If there's one thing they understand here in Qinghai Province and China it is dancing and singing.

Then back to the flat, apartment, and/or business. I don't know what to call the place where we live and work…? This at #242 (3rd floor walk up) at 28 Datong Jie.

I couldn't wait to get on Ms. Fiets, as was a perfect afternoon, sunny and cool. I ran into 'Roman' before departing and he asked me where I was going. I said I didn't know, just wanted to get outside. People don't understand me. I'm not an indoor kind of guy! Additionally, I don't really want to work all the time!

I cycled out to Qinghai University roughly 10KM north. Racing the buses and dodging pedestrians, cycling in China, a very dangerous thing to do on public streets. The honking madness of Chinese I call it, as anything happening at any time. Pedestrians cross the streets or highways at any time and without looking. Traffic (cycling) in China is a combination of 'dodge ball,' 'a game of Chicken,' and 'Demolition Derby!' Whereas I get angry, they 'just do it!' I really feel for the professional drivers (buses, trucks and taxis), as I don't know how they stand it! I'd go insane within one week of driving a taxi! I remember the taxi drivers in Kathmandu (same craziness there)--many times in K-town they asked me to leave the taxi (no charge just go) as I was screaming and yelling out the window at whatever!

Out at Q.U., not many students as 'school is out' for summer vacation. I bought a bottled drink and sat in the sun. After using a horrible Chinese toilet, I cycled back to go shopping at Homeys. Again, racing more buses, and dodging whatever to arrive alive!

Homey's Supermarket is the best in XiNing (at least for me)! Here I can buy everything from towels, to honey, to toilet seats, to peanuts, bread, rice, wine, tea, and the best yogurt in Asia! I must spend 200RMB / $25U.S. there per week. There are other food markets closer to where we live, but this is the best one (some 3 KM distance).

Back at #242, I landed amidst work intensity, XTRicha giving me more good news, however… We have a potential 'Flash' project for the PLA ('People's Liberation Army'). They need an 8:00-minute presentation about Chinese laws. After Roman did some research, as we don't know what to charge, we discovered that in Beijing they charge from 200-400RMB per second!

Additionally, all kinds of groups want us to represent them! Thus, many meetings coming up. All this in the midst of Rucha (tomorrow) and Ujwal coming (in two weeks)! This is an exciting time for and us!



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