Friday, August 31, 2007


010907 (new month, September… Summer is fading thank God, as now my favorite time of year: Fall and winter…)

'Rain and dust,
The lack of trust,
In cities!

Begging (the questions),
Like bees in a hive,
Taking a dive,
In cities!

We fly about,
Like a shout
Stabbing the heart,
The noise,
Killing the soul,
On the dole
In cities!'

Give me the country (solitude, peace and quiet) anytime, anywhere! Big cities for the young!

Yesterday, the weather was sunny and cool, so I got on Ms. Fiets to cycle, just wanting outside. I also needed to test the rear derailleur on my bicycle, as had adjusted it (or tried to) as per Melvin's (my cycling 'guru') instructions.

I had many shopping tasks, as needed to investigate purchasing some things for personal and professional use: hat racks, VC-Rs, food, feathery darts (for game Rucha offers at 'HEC'), digital camera, mouse, DVD movies, etc. So, around I went first dropping off some laundry. Then I went to the large furniture mart looking for 'hat' (clothing) racks.

What's overwhelming in 'madernity' (Chinese version) is the amazing amount of 'things' available to purchase in the world (China, in this case). You would think that in XiNing, a backwater Provincial Capitol, 2,000KM west of the 'chic east,' that things might be limited. Not so! You can purchase anything here, including children!

I found many different clothing ('hat') racks, but I 'purchase,' 'people,' not the item alone. By that I mean I purchase from people who are helpful, flexible, and friendly, not the item itself. Unfortunately, I didn't like any of the people, who spoke no English, even as to giving you the price (in something other than Chinese). I know English is new to China, but if I had a retail business I'd make sure that the clerks knew how to give the prices in English. People wonder why they don't make money… I can explain to them why they don't.

It's easy to make money, if you're willing to grow, change, study, evolve and reach for the stars!

Since I was already in the northeastern part of XiNing (where the furniture mart is located), and the day was glorious (I can 'feel' Fall in the light!), I decided to try to find the road up to the TV tower. I'd try to find this road before but to no avail.

I took a fork to the right, on a road I'd been before, but this a dead end. Then I took the one I'd been up before thinking I hadn't gone far enough. This day, after much rain the dirt road was hard and easy, so I went up maybe two kilometers, only to discover this wasn't it either. I could see the road I wanted east, across a canyon. So back down I went.

I tried the street on the west side of the RR station. Another dead end. But, I'm also happy to explore as discovering more and more of XiNing.

Next, I head east of the RR station, hoping I'd find a road that looked 'official' and something that might lead up the mountain.

I found one about 1 KM east of the station. I went up only to get caught in a jam at the RR crossing. We had to wait until the 'Chengdu to Xining' train passed. But, then still a mess! Finally, I walked pass many motor vehicles to squeeze through and make it onto a road that paralleled the tracks. But, again it lead to a dead end. On the way back I stopped and purchased some apples from one of the millions of fruit/vegetable sellers (on the streets). I was hoping that gesturing (knew she wouldn't understand English) that she might point to the road going up to the TV tower. She didn't even understand the gesturing (some people no brains beyond their noses).

Down on the 'main road' I turned right returning to 'Zentral' giving up the search. I had many other tasks to accomplish. I need to ask someone how to find the road as I've now tried three times to find it without any luck.

I first went to a bicycle shop where I purchased a new bicycle lock.

From there to the computer mart, where Wu Ki Yi, our friend, works at He helped me investigate things like an electronic Chinese-English dictionary (500RMB / $65U.S.), a mouse (240RM / $30U.S.) and a digital camera (3,000RMB / $400U.S.). I didn't purchase any except for VC-Rs and some DVD movies.

From there on to Homey's the largest and best food supermarket in all of XiNing. I had to go there, as Rucha wanted some more feather darts for her HEC game. Additionally, I needed 'lu cha' (green tea) and some other items I can only purchase there. Plus, I indulge myself to some of the best freshly made yogurt here. You can't find raw cashews everywhere in XiNing.

Note, there are a million food stalls in XiNing, and maybe 100 food markets, but you can never find all you desire at just one. Even Homey's doesn't carry Yak milk powder.

By now it was nearing six o'clock, some clouds building up in the north (Qi Lian Shan range). I had been out most of the day, and now time to return.

When I did both 'Roman' (Guo Feng) with his 'fiancé,' and 'Michael' were there. Roman is joining as an investor/'share holder,' and 'Michael' was wanting Ujwal to come the following day to his friend's English School. 'Michael's' friend is looking for a foreigner to help promote her new English School. I had told Michael that I didn't know many 'laowei' ('foreigners') in XiNing so had recommended Ujwal (as in Nepal they speak more English). He also asked for Rucha or I to attend, but as usual they hadn't given us enough time. I declined for both of us.

Chinese people, if there's one difference between East and West, it's this… That, they don't ever seem to think and plan ahead like we do in the West. They want things now, never giving you any warning. When they do I don't respond!

In this case I didn't want to attend (get involved) for another reason… Carl is returning to XiNing to start his own English School under our ('s) aegis. Thus, I didn't want to help promote a competitor too much. I want to help people, but there's a limit in business.


Thursday, August 23, 2007


'Always on the run!

Is when you care
About something
More than yourself!
Mother and child,
Husband and wife,
Earth and 'son,'
Always on the run!'

Poetry the best form of language. Why? It's figurative, not literal! If literal, not poetry to me! So, why is it the best form? It deconstructs language! We create our worlds with our thoughts and the language we use. Fellini, the Italian director, said this, 'Language is a vision of the world!' So true. There is only one universal truth, but that you must discover for yourself!

People think language 'etched in stone!' Not true! So, best to understand the following from Lewis Carroll. If you can, you'll be far along the road to understanding (existence):

'Humpty Dumpty
Sat on the wall.
Humpty Dumpty
Had a great fall!
But, all the king's men, and
All the king's horses,
Couldn't put
Humpty Dumpty
Together again!'

'When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,' it means just what I choose it to mean, neither more nor less.'

From 'Through the Looking Glass,' by Lewis Carroll (a brilliant thinker)

Read, learn, grow, change, evolve, become!

"Earth and 'son'
Always on the run!"

F.A. Hutchison
XiNing, China



I finally saw the end of the movie, 'Titanic.' Not that I didn't know the ending of this real human tragedy. The only thing I learned that was new, the ship was heading west to N.Y.C., built in Liverpool, rather than the reverse as I had thought before.

The human race is fatally flawed, not just Hillary Clinton as Rove describes her (really him!). Take the captain of the Titanic, ignoring warnings of icebergs, and smashing into one at full speed! Why? Ego! He wanted to be remembered as the fastest crossing of the Atlantic in history. Instead, he caused the tragic death of at least 1,500 people! He's remembered, but not in a way he wanted!

Interestingly, the experience of watching the movie 'Titanic' on DVD. The first time was months ago, and the failure of the DVD near the end. Premature… Then just recently, I purchased another, and the same thing happened! But, I know how to deal with this frustrating situation now. You go to 'chapters,' and skip past the scratch or dirt causing the 'error!' Thus, I saw the end of the movie, but not without perseverance!

Perseverance is omnipotent!

Yesterday, we went to a meeting, a potential fashion show project at a new clothing store in XiNing. I sat there too long listening to endless Chinese talk (a flawed spoken language; a superior written language). They wanted a major (all day long) production, with only one week to prepare--crazy!

There's one thing that Chinese people can't seem to do… Think ahead; plan ahead. They want to the last minute and it doesn't happen, but maybe now!

The people involved (two women and one man) had been working on this opening for two years. Yet, they wanted to give us only one week to produce. It was both an opportunity and a potential disaster.

We discussed it at lunch, sometimes heatedly, and with Wang Jing (a Chinese man with some entertainment experience). After listening to him, I knew what to do… Decline the offer. We're simply not prepared to produce such. Additionally, it's a bad time of year (school vacation) to be doing such, as everyone is away.

I had XTRicha call and ask for more time or money. They said they'd call back. They haven't, and I don't expect they will. But, we made the right decision, I tried to explain to XTRicha. Sometimes it's better to say 'No thank you!'

In the meantime, Ujwal (from Nepal) and Carl S. (on vacation from Urumqi, originally from New Zealand) have arrived. Of course, Peter disappeared as quickly as he'd come… I wish he'd stay away!

Ujwal, 'Wu Zhou,' his new Chinese name, arrived on Saturday via Shanghai. Lucy and Rucha went to pick him up at 1700 hours. Of course, Xu Tan and I were at 'Haaqi's English Club.'

Carl came later, and Xu Tan (after English Club) went to the train station to pick him up. They had dinner (had worked together in Urumqi) and then Carl checked into Rucha's hotel. He ended up in room #408, Rucha already ensconced in #406.

The following day we all met at the office. This is the first time Rucha and Ujwal had met (Rucha his benefactor). Of course, Carl was new to both of them. But, now we're like a little family.

While all our guests were departing arriving, departing, the project, the fashion show, stayed alive! Amazing. Sometimes when you want something there's no way to get it. Sometimes when you want something there is no way to lose it!

I'll give you an example! One day XTRicha and I cranked out to a TV rehearsal for a beauty pageant (so popular in China). We were early, and wanted some lunch. A man outside the building said, 'follow me!'

Turns out he owned a little lunch room on the second floor of a huge building, where workers eat noodles. Of course, I don't--Italian pasta yes, Chinese noodles no! But, I didn't expect him to do what he did. He sent out to another restaurant to get me mi fan (rice) and then cooked the standard 'laowei' ('foreigner') dish (egg and tomato). But, Xu Tanda had already finished his noodles by the time my food arrived.

In the meantime, some 'hip-looking' young people arrived, which I couldn't fathom, as the place basically for the lowly. One, a woman, turned out to be the solution to the fashion show project (we had no models on such short notice). XTRicha has struck up a conversation with them and found out they were a part of the beauty pageant, the woman, supplying the models.

So, after eating, the man, the proprietor of this little lunch room wouldn't take any money for our food! Amazing! We had played with his young daughter, talked to his wife (as the family lives in a room next to the lunch room). The daughter, almost as cute as Ling Ling, beguiled me, as they do! But, try as I might her father wouldn't take any money for food! Can you imagine this in America, in the West? So, I tried my usual trick… I hid it under my empty plate. He found it, however, before we escaped the building and forced us to take back! Well, all I tell you, this kind of treatment 'binds' me to this man. I will do something for him! This kind of behavior 'binds' me to China! I am doing something for the people of China ('Serve the people!' said Mao!).

He even walked us over to the building where the beauty pageant show was rehearsing. This is where our problem was solved by the young woman we met in the lunch room. She introduced us to her 'boss' ('loban' in Chinese). They were providing models for the show, and they agreed to help us with our fashion show. I was greatly relieved (as we're only developing a stable).

So, now days later, after discovering the 'client' full of changes and a meeting/relationship with the woman's company (model supplier), where are we? Waiting!


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's been one week since I checked in… Not that anyone reads these, but more for posterity.

We're besieged with guests at the moment!

First, Rucha from Germany (who we love, of course). She's been here for one week, arriving via Beijing and Frankfurt.

Yesterday, Peter showed up unannounced. Peter is a very strange guy to me, an American lost soul. He wonders around China looking for female companionship, but really too old to find the young attractive one he seeks. With an unevolved nature, and sad as an example of what the Viet Nam war did to those who were there. But, an American who speaks Chinese, the kids are fascinated with him.

Next Carl and Ujwal arriving this weekend.

Carl is a New Zealander (people from N.Z. called 'Kiwis' - why I don't know). Carl is a professional English teacher from Urumqi, Xinjiang A.R. (where we met). He's been in southern China soaking up that fetid nature, now on his way back to U-town.

Ujwal is our Nepali boy from Kathmandu. He's coming to China to work with us ( It's been a 'bitch' for him to get here, however. First a long battle to get passport and visa in Kathmandu, and then a long flight/trip here to XiNing.

We welcome all, as a 'port in the storm' for many.

But, what have we been doing? The usual shuck and jive, all that's involved with starting a new company: promotion, selling, attending events, meeting people, signing talent, organizing our new work force some six people (we had eleven at lunch yesterday).

On Monday, I went early to 'shoot' a TV program that the local Performing Arts School was involved with (Ms. Wu Juan). This is a weekly series (name?) produced by CCTV 14, in Beijing, a big deal for XiNing. But, not a big deal for me, except to see how the Chinese do it.

They used the Qinghai TV control truck, some 6-7 cameras, with two on 'giraffes.' The stage had been built in the middle of Central Park, and fronted a 'moat.'

Hundreds of children had been bused in to act as an excited audience. Talk about exploitation. Chinese people don't even understand they're being exploited. And so naïve! The children laughed, clapped, cheered, and waved like trained seals--all on cue!

The performances (dancing and singing) were groups from the local schools, and quite good actually. If there's one talent in China is singing and dancing! Acting, in a western way, is new to them (thus we have suspended our acting class until there's a demand).

I was there from 0720 to 1130, and somewhat arduous, standing, moving on concrete (everything concrete in China, using 40% of the world's output). But, luckily 'Jerry' showed up (without telling me) and he assisted. In those 'shooting' situations, however, I'm none too easy to get along with as don't have time to explain (just 'bark' orders). But, he did learn a little about TV production!

I learned that all TV people, it doesn't matter what country, are arrogant! I remember me feeling the same way 40 years ago when working as a producer for ABC Sports! I thought I was 'hot shit!' too!

In this situation I had trouble with this 'pressured' stage manager, as always wanting me out of the way! How can you cover a show without getting in the way? Impossible! But, I gave little ground! Once a policeman told me to retreat to the ropes, but I said simply 'No!' and indicated the camcorder! You have to act like you belong if you want to stay!

Of course, I've been watching movies every night. 'Angel Eyes,' with Jennifer Lopez, actually a pretty good love story. But, 'Flight Plan,' with Jodie Foster, contrived and flawed.

I remember the first time I saw Jodie Foster's in, 'Taxi Driver,' with what's his name (Robert DeNiro)? She was something like 16-years old at the time of 'Taxi Driver' (30 years ago at least). Here in this film ('Flight Plan') acting the mature mother fighting evil! Guess who wins, even Arabs coming out on the good side?

In 'Hollywood' it's always the same story (good overcoming evil or a couple living happily ever after), just the 'surface features' changing to update! Of course, this sells tickets, as this is the unconscious desires of the masses (rarely happening in 'real life)! Hollywood makes billions of dollars a year on our unconsciousness! Few people understand this, of course. Maybe my old friend, an actor in 'Hollywoody,' Eric de Kaldor? Certainly, my mentor on this subject of 'narrative,' David A. Carter, does!


Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm listening to my favorite Tibetan songs while I compose this. Thanks to Apple technology: 'ITunes.'

On our white board in the room I'm sitting at #242 (28 Datong Jie, XiNing, China):

'East - West home is the best!'

'At two meters and twenty-six centimeters Yao Ming is one of the biggest stars in basketball today. He is now playing for the Houston Rockets in America. He was born on September 12, 1980.'

'Everything's right as rain!'

'Suddenly see the light!'

'Price, quality, or speed!'

'Nothing in the world is impossible,
if you set your mind to do it!'

…Like starting this company ( in China! Today China, tomorrow the world! Ambition, such folly!

Finally, just yesterday after two years of trying… I feel like we are going, going to happen, and going to happen well, and 'forever.' Such folly the Ego! We want to last 'forever!' 'Forever,' just a word meaning what…?

Anyway, some projects and more and more people (talent) coming our way. Yesterday, a good day, really the beginning of! Although trying for two years, registered on April 11th, but just yesterday, August 6th, 2007 the real beginning. Remember the date!

The Japanese remember this date, as 62-years ago (1945) Hiroshima was incinerated by an atomic blast (thanks to America)! A day to celebrate for, a date of mourning for the Japanese! Everything is relative, according to the man (A.E.) who made nuclear explosions possible. Ironic, because he was really a good guy!

We met Wu Juan, the headmaster, of the premiere 'Arts School' in XiNing. We had gone to meet her on Friday, but to no avail (never found her although had students looking). Then yesterday, Monday, we did because Mr. Wang Jing joined us (he had invited us to her school show two weeks prior). You learn this lesson over and over, at least I have… Things happen when they're supposed to, not because we want them to! We should have never wasted our time on Friday, because Mr. Wang was not with us.

After the preliminaries (sitting on stools outside their dance studio building) we were invited to watch the kids rehearse a dance for a show. They have a real dance studio with soft floor (note all the construction in China is hard concrete). First, the boys performed acrobatics, and then the girls practiced a Tibetan number, which Ms. Wu lead. We videotaped. If there's one thing they understand here in Qinghai Province and China it is dancing and singing.

Then back to the flat, apartment, and/or business. I don't know what to call the place where we live and work…? This at #242 (3rd floor walk up) at 28 Datong Jie.

I couldn't wait to get on Ms. Fiets, as was a perfect afternoon, sunny and cool. I ran into 'Roman' before departing and he asked me where I was going. I said I didn't know, just wanted to get outside. People don't understand me. I'm not an indoor kind of guy! Additionally, I don't really want to work all the time!

I cycled out to Qinghai University roughly 10KM north. Racing the buses and dodging pedestrians, cycling in China, a very dangerous thing to do on public streets. The honking madness of Chinese I call it, as anything happening at any time. Pedestrians cross the streets or highways at any time and without looking. Traffic (cycling) in China is a combination of 'dodge ball,' 'a game of Chicken,' and 'Demolition Derby!' Whereas I get angry, they 'just do it!' I really feel for the professional drivers (buses, trucks and taxis), as I don't know how they stand it! I'd go insane within one week of driving a taxi! I remember the taxi drivers in Kathmandu (same craziness there)--many times in K-town they asked me to leave the taxi (no charge just go) as I was screaming and yelling out the window at whatever!

Out at Q.U., not many students as 'school is out' for summer vacation. I bought a bottled drink and sat in the sun. After using a horrible Chinese toilet, I cycled back to go shopping at Homeys. Again, racing more buses, and dodging whatever to arrive alive!

Homey's Supermarket is the best in XiNing (at least for me)! Here I can buy everything from towels, to honey, to toilet seats, to peanuts, bread, rice, wine, tea, and the best yogurt in Asia! I must spend 200RMB / $25U.S. there per week. There are other food markets closer to where we live, but this is the best one (some 3 KM distance).

Back at #242, I landed amidst work intensity, XTRicha giving me more good news, however… We have a potential 'Flash' project for the PLA ('People's Liberation Army'). They need an 8:00-minute presentation about Chinese laws. After Roman did some research, as we don't know what to charge, we discovered that in Beijing they charge from 200-400RMB per second!

Additionally, all kinds of groups want us to represent them! Thus, many meetings coming up. All this in the midst of Rucha (tomorrow) and Ujwal coming (in two weeks)! This is an exciting time for and us!


Sunday, August 05, 2007


I watched the Hollywood movie, 'Premonition,' again. I don't normally watch a movie more than once, unless unusually good. For example, I've watched my favorites: 'The Enigma of Kasper Hauser,' 'Seven Beauties,' and 'O Lucky Man,' many times!

'Premonition,' with Sandra Bullock, must be the pride of 'Focus on the Family,' as the theme is about 'fighting for family,' while philandering gets punished (husband gets head chopped off). But, this a tightly constructed mystery a la Hitchcock, and well done by an unknown (to me) director, Mennan Yapo, listed as being born in Germany, but said to be Turkish.

Sandra Bullock gives a convincing performance as a confused mother (seeing time/life all mixed up), trying to hold her family together while being committed (in psychiatric hospital). The plot neatly 'tied up' at the end as 'morality plays' are supposed to be. I'm sure 'Focus on the Family' gave this a 'thumbs up!' on this one save for some exposed skin. But, I have to endorse this, as a well done motion picture project. Bill Kelly, the credited screenplay writer and Yapo knew what they were doing! It's nearly flawless!

Yesterday, having gotten word that R.B.'s money transfer had 'come,' I went to the Bank to deal with such. You have to sign many documents to get the 'foreign' money converted and deposited into your account. I went because XTRicha had spoken with Mrs. Zhang who works at the Bank and he told me she informed him that the money had arrived (I'd been asking). So, after lunch at the Xinjiang Restaurant ('zhao fan') I cranked to the ABoC branch where I normally do business.

First, I waited for 30-minutes until 1430 hours, when the employees return from their 2.5 hour break (or 'lunch'). Then, after presenting the note XTRicha had written explaining, the clerk directed me upstairs (to follow an employee). Here to my surprise I discover Mrs. Zhang in the 'International Department' (she's on our Board). She escorted me back downstairs, and after a conversation generating a telephone call, she informed me that I would have to go to another branch.

Now, wouldn't you think that if you got the original word from Mrs. Zhang, that she might have known this in the first place (saving me a couple hours)--that I'd have to go to a particular building to deal with an International transfer of funds? Information in China always comes as a surprise (to me at least), as there's little 'anticipation!'

Worse, banking in China is still mired in the 20th Century. I've already discussed how the Bank of China has ripped me off to the tune of $500U.S. recently (and still satisfactorily resolved)--having used a defective ATM. Additionally, even though the Beijing Government claims all of China, each Province, A.R., Prefecture, Bank branch acts independently. If you have an account in one Branch, you better go there as your account 'doesn't travel with you). And if it's unusual you will have to find that Department.

But, I didn't have time to go to the other building/Branch as I had an appointment at 1500 hours, back at our flat ( location). Dealing with the money transfer would have to wait until afterwards--as I hate to be late! (unlike Chinese people). Here we met Lei Bang Liang, a man who's in the business of providing facilities for shows. We have an idea to move 'Haaqi's English Club' into the 'store show,' realm, making money by attracting crowds. He was useful as now we have a rough idea as to what this is going to cost: I'm guessing 1,000RMB / $125U.S. per.

Yesterday, besides the usual 'madness,' we ended up at a rock 'n' roll concert in the evening. Note, I never made it back to the Bank. The concert courtesy of Wang Jing who'd called XTR earlier in the day.

So, I met our group at Wang Jing's building complex at 1900 hours, where we discovered an organized event (entitled 'Rock the World!'). 'Rock the World' cost $1.25 per ticket. This had been explained as a contest between performers/bands. But, I had no idea that we would discover, in a dance studio room, with stage, hundreds of young people yelling, screaming and smoking cigarettes (wish it were something else they smoked)! Worse, there was no ventilation, thus I could not breathe!

We, however, were treated like royalty by Mr. Wang. In fact, he got a chair for me (everyone was standing) and put it front row center. I felt like I was some kind of celebrity everyone looking at me, wondering who this 'foreigner' is, and why he would deserve such treatment. Cameras were thrust in my face! You would have thought I was Phil Spector at Woodstock (and only Marty would understand this).

I lasted through two bands, the last a solo guitarist having technical problems and ended early. But, this man could play and we'll be contacting him. Then I walked down six flights of stairs to welcomed cool, fresh air! The boys lasted until 1100 P.M. (2300 hours), 'shooting' much video of a dozen or so bands.

We got word that Ujwal's (Nepal last name) Chinese visa application was finally approved. What bureauracratic 'hell' this Nepali boy has gone through trying to get out of Nepal. First Germany turned him down, then China. We've had to write many letters of invitation all with some 'nick-picky' problem. Finally, he threatened to burn his Nepali passport in front of some Government building in Kathmandu when they wouldn't issue him a new one. The Chinese Embassy had rejected his visa application because there was some discrepancy in his old Nepali passport. Governments aren't they to help us, but to impede us!

"Dear Hutch ji

thanks a lot for your all the emails which are like lovely rain for us. we should keep in touch and keep on doing our work at our levels - enlightening people with spiritual values ...and especially awakening /uniting the youths on global level.

thank you SO much for sending us the good info. regarding the youths' programs, we will try to explore and would be happy to send our representatives if they provide any scholarships, let's see....

Last Monday , we had a great celebration of Guru Purnima ( Teachers' Day
celebration) , many of our graduates of HVP also came to take blessing... it
was a great fun... and quite inspirational day for us.

The Ashram is continuing it's services regularly, we will have a special program (TOY) for youths on coming Saturday. we will start another special package of service for unprivileged children/women very soon after we complete the construction of the Ashram.

Rest is fine here, the childern have strated their first term exams. Vishnu, Ghanshyam, Om/Preeti and all other youths of YSP are fine..... Namaste to all of your friends . pls keep in touch.
cm yogi"

I met Dr. Chintimani Yogi in Kathmandu in 1999. We were both trying to help a family, whose children had been stricken with X.P. a rare form of cancer. One day he took me to his school, where he was headmaster, 'Hindu Vidyapeeth Nepal.' My visit caused me to write an article entitled, 'Mr. Yogi's School,' and we've been friends ever since. He's been to the U.S. many times, by the way.

And from my friend, Toby Wheeler in Alaska, the following quote from A. Einstein:

If my theory of relativity is proven correct,
Germany will claim me as a German and France will
declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my
theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a
German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew.

I know not with what weapons World War III will be
fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks
and stones.

I know quite certainly that I myself have no special
talent; curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance,
combined with self-criticism have brought me to my

I never think of the future - it comes soon enough.

I want to know God's thoughts. The rest are details.

Logics will get you from A to B, Imagination will take
you everywhere.
It should be possible to explain the laws of physics
to a barmaid."

We live and die,
Do you know why?
Maybe to explain the laws of physics to barmaids?

Oh life… Why?
'I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details!'
Oh death, I understand!

We're excited to be anticipating two friends from two different countries, one for a visit the other to work.

First Rotraut Boyens, from Germany, our 'guarding angel.' We started the 'Loving Kindness Group' Fund together.

Then Ujwal Nepal from Kathmandu.

This is an exciting time for us!