Tuesday, July 31, 2007


'We don't even wake up for less than $10,000 dollars / 75,000RMB a day!' says, Linda Evangelista, a famous fashion model. Recently, the former Director of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), Jack Valenti was quoted as saying, 'If I die…' What colossal temerity these people have, examples of what's wrong with the egomanical life in 'madernity!'

Of course, Jack Valenti died. Additionally, dear Linda, a Chinese family could live well for one entire year on 75,000RMB. There are people starving to death, but you won't even get out of bed for less than $10,000U.S.

Ever wonder what's wrong with contemporary 'modern' life? Capitalism seems to bring out the worst in people! The foregoing just two examples!

Yesterday, Sunday, we cranked up Bei Shan again, this time with our good friend, Liu Zhi Gong. There were four of us, me, XTR, 'Jerry' and Mr. Liu. The goal was to show Mr. Liu, the building/property I hope is www.haaqi.com's future home.

Of course, no problem for me and XTR (going up the 7KM), but 'Jerry' and Mr. Liu, had more of a challenge. 'Jerry,' was ahead of me, but then near the top faltered. He had gone too fast, too early (always the mistake of the inexperienced). XTR stayed behind with Mr. Liu, and it took them another 45 minutes before they appeared at the parking lot at the top.

Again, people think they can drink/smoke, do no physical exercise, and then just go ride a bicycle to the top of Bei Shan one day! No doubt Mr. Liu suffered.

Up at the top we ran into a group who had brought kites, and XTR managed to get them all flying. One thing I like about XTR, he'll try anything! After many failures (little wind), he managed to get all three of their kites flying. 'Jerry' and I videotaped.

Afterwards, XTR and Mr. Liu rode their bikes around the hill. 'Jerry' put up the hammock and took a nap. I ate peanuts and meditated in the sun.

Then we videotaped me and Mr. Liu talking about the building, and my vision of what it might become. This to present to the Qinghai Government as this a big deal and we need their blessing. (Note: You can't go to the toilet in China without asking the Government's permission!) We will edit this into a five-minute 'piece,' make a DVD of and present to them as a part of our 'package.' Depending on how they respond we would decide what is possible! The capital investment in the property is something like 10 million RMB / $1 million U.S., so no small proposition.

I had written a proposal including my vision of the Bei Shan Institute of culture, arts and music' which had been translated into Chinese. Mr. Liu read it which we recorded:

---F.A. Hutchison (西宁哈齐文化信息咨询服务有限公司) www.haaqi.com
Proposed by F.A. Hutchison / www.haaqi.com

I have a dream, a visionary idea for www.haaqi.com (Chinese name)! It has to do with Bei Shan, and a abandoned building at the very top. It is just 100 meters north of the Roman Garden. I first glimpsed it when Xu Tan and I were through XiNing last November, 06. We had cycled to the top with our friend Wang Qing He.

Recently I cycled up there alone, and got a closer look at this building, an abandoned hotel. The location would be perfect for what I have in mind: An institute, academy, production center/business, living quarters, restaurant, theater, and exhibition hall. Of course, this is a very large and expensive proposition! But, my vision includes bringing people from around the world to study, perform, and help promote Qinghai Province--they will come to a facility like I have in mind! Of course, we can't accomplish this grand idea without the 'blessing' of the Qinghai Government.

But, good news! It's current title holder ('owner') wants out of his contract with the Qinghai Government, according to some research Chen Xing Zhi (on our 'Board') has done for us. Additionally, there are recommendations to pursue help from two Government agencies: the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the National Forest Administration.

Some other information I've included from Mrs. Chen report:

The 'fixed assets' of the property amount to 10 million RMB, including the 2,000 square-meter hotel building (plans for 70 to 80 'beds'). I don't know what value this building has now, as been empty for so many years? Who knows, it might be better to tear down, and start over?


The total property amounts to six acres. Construction of the hotel was begun in 1993, but the developer ran out of money before it was completed. It's been abandoned since, and in a state of disrepair (falling down).

For a time it was administered by the Qinghai Government.

In 2001, a businessman from Haixi signed a contract with the Qinghai Government to develop the property. He invested 200,000RMB, but has failed to make the property 'pay.' Thus, after so many years he wants out of the contract.

I see this as a huge opportunity for www.haaqi.com (Chinese name). With this property/project ('Bei Shan Institute of Art, Music and Culture) we can attract national attention, the kind we need to advance our business to an international level!
我觉得这对www.haaqi.com (西宁哈齐文化信息咨询服务有限公司)是个巨大的商机。这个“北山艺术、音乐和文化学院”房产项目会吸引全国的注意力,用来帮助推动我们的事业到达一个国际化的层面。

Of course, I don't personally have the money to develop. We will have to get help from the Qinghai Government and a mortgage from a bank (paid back monthy, etc.).

But, whatever 'deal' we're able to strike benefits all! I can envision a time when the president of China comes for a visit, as we will have helped develop the cultural
aspects of Qinghai Province.

And yet another (video) project to complete! But, Bei Shan… Having the Institute up on this hill overlooking XiNing, the perfect situation to bring artists and musicians from around the World.

How did I get myself so enmeshed in all of this, so stupid of me--too much? I've always had such grandiose ideas! Ah, the folly of human ambition!

It was a delightful time on Bei Shan, however, at least for me as is quiet. I love it up there. But, after so many hours they wanted to go (youth always needing movement) so we headed down to XiNing. The sky had cleared after a morning storm (most unusual) and we had a nice view of XiNing (no pollution).

XTRicha went ahead and 'shot' us gliding down the 'switchback' road (the circuit from beginning to end 13KM). It's quite a ride down, as one mis-step and you're liable to be 'airborne,' and 'outta here!' There are no guard railings.

At the bottom I lead the group to a restaurant I'd wanted to investigate having passed months before. At first glance it looked inviting, but later after partaking I'd wished I might have known. The food was less than great, and next to us a some drunk men (very popular for Chinese men to do such: they rarely socialize with wives)! Oh well, the table and the setting sun compensated somewhat.

Afterwards we checked out the Tibetan Buddhist temple up the hill. 'Jerry' said it's called 'Bei Shan Temple.' I noticed meditation caves up on the face of cliffs above.

By then, however, we were all ready to 'call it a day!'



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