Thursday, July 12, 2007


Oh Lord, I just watched an American movie that made me sob (at the end)! And by Clint Eastwood a filmmaker I've tried all my life to dislike (I'm no doubt jealous.)! But, has he ever matured as an actor/filmmaker! The movie, 'Million Dollar Baby,' with Hillary Swank and Morgan Freeman. Life and death can be so poignant as drama! The movie not really about boxing but about love, devotion and surrender… parting; death!

But, without death can there be life? Why do we have one anyway, a life, and what's it all about? It the case of this movie, to hear your named chanted by the crowd, only to lose it all in a flash! 'What's it all about, Alfie?' It's for you to find out--why else be conscious? Without death, life would have no meaning!

Thank you 'Clint baby' (Haggis the writer) for making me sob at the end when 'Frankie' whispers in her ear the Gaelic chant (he had stitched on her robe: 'Mo Chúisle'): 'My darling, my blood!' (literally 'my pulse'). This before pulling the plug to end her life!

I judge movies by what they make me feel, and this one is a 'masterpiece!' Congratulations Mr. Eastwood, for bringing this to life, one of the most emotional endings to any film I can remember!

'The Eddie Duchin Story,' similar! But, you're way too young to remember!



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