Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's been raining in XiNing, and I'm not happy about it. I moved here to live in a sunny and dry climate, but as XTR says, 'It's normal!' 'Normal' for him, but not for me! I remember Portland, Oregon (U.S.A.), where raining for months at a time was 'normal!' I'm beyond the pointing of adjusting to circumstances, I just move! And after two years in China I'm getting that 'itch' again!

My friend Marty just moved 75 miles (or so) from his house in 'Manitoidville,' where he's lived for twenty years--in with his girlfriend near Denver! This, I imagine, a big move for him. For me, I do it every month, and have for twenty years. Some people are nomads like me, others are 'householders' like Marty. To each his own.

The big 'Tour de Qinghai Lake' Bicycle Race starts on Saturday here. (Note: The 'Tour de France' already in it's fourth stage.) Zha-i'er and I will cycle out and 'shoot' coverage of such. This is a 9-day, 1,400KM race that not only goes around the Lake (200KM west of X.N.), but loops back and through X.N. some four times. This is a professional race with teams from all over the world!

Next year (2008) we hope to combine our own 'Bicycle China Olympics' with such! This to bring cyclists from around the world to convene for a gathering in XiNing. 'Cyclists of the world unite! You have only your chains to lose!'

In the meantime, acting classes, and 'Haaqi's English Club.' Classes on Wednesdays, Clubs on Saturdays. It's become somewhat of a 'grind,' for me, as I have to think for the group! Youth acts, but age thinks (for them)! When all I want to do is ride Ms. Fiets into the sunset! I was insane to attempt to start an organization in China!

I’m in maybe the last ten (?) years of my earthly existence. And like Mark Twain, and Kurt Vonnegut before me I've discovered that modern life pretty much a 'crock!' Certainly a 'crock' if you pursue your Ego!

Two movies of recent viewing. I've discovered the best music/DVD store in Xining (finally). It only took six months! It's in the Museum building, and I was there last week to purchase 'JFK,' ('the director's cut') and 'Chicago.' These in nice cases cost twice as much, however, 18 versus 9 RMB. Or $2U.S. versus $1. But, don't you get what you pay for? You learn in life that nothing (in capitalism) is for free! Not really!

Also, I found the Tibetan songs I've discovered (from dance groups) and love. Two songs we dance to now. We're going to produce a video about using one of these songs. I wish I could tell you the name, but in Chinese.

The movies… First, Chicago, a musical starring, of all people, Richard Gere (singing and dancing)! I'm not into such and stopped halfway through. I've never been a fan of American Broadway styled musicals. Couldn't get through 'Cats' either!

But, 'JFK,' what an effort! Of course, it proves what all of us that lived through the Sixties knew… The killing of JFK a conspiracy (to eliminate a peace keeper--someone that was going to end the VN War). Kevin Costner plays Jim Garrison (complete with southern accent). Sissy Spacek as his wife! Additionally, a cast of greats I can hardly remember all of which except for Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau! I would imagine all the old guard wanted to be apart of Oliver Stone's movie (the truth about the assassination): Thanks to the Internet:
Tommy Lee Jones Clay Shaw/Clay Bertrand (amazing this Texas cowboy would play a gay man! I have renewed respect for him!)
Kevin Bacon ... Willie O'Keefe
Gary Oldman ... Lee Harvey Oswald
Brian Doyle-Murray Jack Ruby
Michael Rooker Bill Broussard
Jack Lemmon ... Jack Martin
Ed Asner Guy Bannister
Laurie Metcalf ... Susie Cox
Joe Pesci ... David Ferrie
John Candy ... Dean Andrews
Pruitt Taylor Vince Lee Bowers
Jay O. Sanders ... Lou Ivon
Walter Matthau Senator Long
Sally Kirkland ... Rose Cheramie
Donald Sutherland Mr. X (great scene with Costner) when explains who and why!)
Jim Garrison Earl Warren (how ironic?)

I knew way back when that the 'Warren Commission' whitewashed the deal! Why? I grew up shooting weapons, rifles and such, as a hunter and in the military. I knew that only a very talented sniper could pull off hitting a moving target, getting off three shots in less than six (even ten) seconds with the kind of antiquated rifle Oswald had (telescopic sight defective). It was definitely as the movie said: Three teams of professionals shooting Kennedy in a crossfire! The fatal shot blowing out his brain from the front right (grassy knoll)--his jerking back left (Oswald was above and behind in the Texas Book Depository).

Interesting, I lived in Dallas, Texas, too long and was around 'Dealy Plaza' many times. Of course, they turned the Texas Book Depository into a money-making 'museum' (I never paid/visited)--this after the Hertz BB on top. Some ironic trivia, however: I had worked with the 'Dealy' grandson in Tucson, Arizona, years prior. 'Dealy' a rich oil family in Dallas the Plaza named after.

This version of 'JFK,' ('the director's cut' on DVD) worth seeing, if only for 'Jim Garrison's' (Kevin Costner's) closing statement in the 'Clay Shaw' trial. It's should be 'pulled out' and shown to every child in America (the world).

I remember during the Sixties, not really understanding who Jim Garrison was, or why he got involved. Now, I would count him as one of America's heroes having the courage to try to solve the crime (reveal the truth)! Some day in the future the real murderers will come out with a confession (before dying), and the truth will set them free!

The 'idea' of American (freedom, democracy, etc.) a wonderful idea! In practice, an experiment gone wrong (corrupted by evil men). Look at the current Bush Administration, lying, breaking the law, and killing people--supported by a majority of Americans! 'We have met the enemy and he is us!' For shame!

I'm just glad I no longer live in the U.S.A.!



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