Sunday, December 17, 2006

181206 my sister Betsy's birthday. Happy Birthday (61) Betsy!

Yesterday a cold front came through, and Shanghai was clear (sunny), but cold with 'bay feng' (north wind). I love such, and enjoyed cycling to meet Xiao Xiao for lunch at the 'Uighur Restaurant.'

Beforehand, Tom and I walked to go shopping, get ATM money, etc. I needed some cycling pants, as the laundry has managed to lose mine (angry at this, as they were still good at six-years old!). We also bought me some electric clippers, food items, (raw cashews, you can get in Shanghai). But, all of this made us late meeting Xiao Xiao, who is a Shanghai 'police woman!'

(Note, we're learning cycling routes in Shanghai. Many streets now, 'No bicycles!' It took us over one hour to find the restaurant.) What they need for Shanghai is a 'cycling map.'

'X.X.' (Xiao Xiao) a lovely young Chinese woman, we met through Indy in Kashigar. X.X. was born in Kashigar (like Indy). This is somewhat unusual (being born in Xinjiang), as most Chinese have never ventured past their village. Then again, their parents were part of the 'liberation Army' sent there in the early Sixties (to claim Xinjiang Province for Mao). X.X. speaks good English, thus we had a nice time.

She has a 'boring' job with the police, sitting at a desk/computer all day! Thus, I'm going to make a TV personality out of her (she has the personality for such)!

We also 'interviewed' (on video) the Mina bird (the U. Restaurant has), who can say, 'Ni hao!' 'A slalom alaikum!' and 'Hello!' A tri-lingual bird! Unfortunately, 'No audio!' on the tape afterwards!

Ah, it's always the 'sound' that's problematical, not the picture, when 'shooting' video. The camcorder itself working like a Timex watch. Our fancy 'shotgun' microphone and cable, intermittently not working! And damn, the bird spoke! Video gremlins (sic)!

We did manage to get our 'group photo,' in front of the restaurant before departing. X.X. taking the bus back to Huangpu, we cycling back to Yuangpu.

After Tom had his dinner, we continued to 'log,' our 34 hours of video. You have to know what you have, before you can edit. This is an English lesson for Tom, as he has to write in English.

Tomorrow, cycling over to Pudong, to continue the 'visa pursuit.' No visa renewal, no China.

'Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety!'


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