Wednesday, April 12, 2006

10 April 2006

It was two years ago this very day, that I met Rotraut Boyens in Husum, Germany (lost around Husum). I’ve written about this, so no need to go into detail, except she told me it was the Saturday, before Easter. I remember spending the next day, Easter Sunday, in a restaurant/bar with two German women. This, in Gluckstadt, Germany. At that point, I had a few more rivers to cross before getting into Holland. In the meantime, I luxuriated in Gluckstadt, thanks to Rotraut, Tim, and Petra.

Now, some two years later, here Rotraut and I are together in Kashigar, China… Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined. And thus, my life so interesting!

Today, I met a Chinese woman, who can help with my visa renewal! Again, how mysterious the ‘Almighty’ works. We’d been looking for a solution, and right under our noses… She’s a friend of Indy’s, from Kashigar, but working in Shang Hai. And guess who for…? The PSB, the Chinese Police. During our discussion she’d given me a hint on how to get a long-term visa: buy a house, and have a job! So, I’m considering buying something, rather than renting. The job comes with starting

Besides, this is a lovely, young Chinese woman who wants to help me/us… I’m so blessed as to hardly understand!

She told me a sad tale about a friend, getting an opportunity to go with her boss to the U.S. (on a business trip). The woman, her friend, is an English translator (her boss needed along). But, the U.S. turned down her visa application for three stupid reasons: She’s not married, has no house, and not much money in her bank account.

How stupid the U.S. Government has become, ‘dumbed' down’ in the Bush years (of hate and violence). But, I told her… Maybe your friend is lucky! This is not a good time to go to America! This is not a good time to live in America! I sympathize with all my America friends who are stuck there—they don’t know (no comparison)!

I’m fighting off a Spring cold (sat next to an open window at the Cyber Club in U.), this one in my lungs… Coughing, phlegm, and sneezing! It’s been a long time since I had a common cold (virus), and not liking it! Of course, I know how to get rid of it, but, Xu Tan (Tom), thoughtful soul that he is, found some medicine for my cough. Elia has the same infection, so we shared some with her today! So, we’re getting better!

It’s the polluted air in Urumqi! Now we’re breathing better air here in K.

I also met ‘Adam’ at Indy’s today! This a brash American kid, from New York State! He won some kind of scholarship, he keeps telling me about. He’s the kind that knows everything, so don’t bother telling him anything. Being around him I’m once again reminded why I don’t want to live in the U.S. anymore. I’m just glad I don’t have to be around people like Adam, at least most the time.

At Indy’s he was upset he couldn’t get a tuna-fish sandwich. Oh so sorry, Adam, I think you should return to the U.S. for such, and as soon as possible! It’s embarrassing for me to be around these kind of people, in front of my Chinese friends. How do I explain? I just ask them to forgive such behavior! I wouldn’t trade one ‘Tom’ for one million ‘Adams!’ No sir!

On the other hand, Adam, full of it, had some good ideas for the café (how to attract anglo tourists), and he’s even playing some music tonight, as a part of our ‘open mic’ series. Thus, you finally realize, you never really ‘get’ anything without ‘paying’ in some way!

After walking today, R.B. had to return abruptly to our hotel. She’s a side effect from some heart medicine she takes, that causes her trouble when travelling.

I could cure her heart problem so easily, if she had discipline (motivated). But, there’s the ‘rub!’ She says she’s ‘lazy!’ First, she’s overweight which stresses her heart. Secondly, her diet in Germany, too fatty obviously. If she could just change her diet and exercise, her heart problem will ‘magically’ disappear. Yet, she chooses to take a pharmaceutical drug that is basically a diuretic.

But, to each his/her own life, as they have the responsibility for… I never try to intervene, only to educate . We’re all different! I always tell people who ask… It’s your body, your life (or lack of), you do what you want (as long as it doesn’t affect me)!

My problem is constipation, caused by a fatty liver (too much alcohol/sugar when younger). If I could just stop ingesting sugar, I’m sure better I’d be for. But, I’m addicted in the same way R.B. is addicted. I don’t take pharmaceutical drugs, but I take a host of other things to help, herbs in particular.

And I’ve found something, that has made a huge difference! In fact, it’s dissolving the ‘moles,’ on my skin! Moles are the small black repositories of toxins that develop when the skin can’t excrete. But, Yigan Kang, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (herb combination) is dissolving them.

Now, my moles (I have many on my face) have never bothered me per se, although sometimes they itch. But, if you want to shrink them take Yigan Kang .

I got the word back from Xiao Xiao, the Chinese woman (English name ‘Stiphy,’ which I’ve never heard of) who works for the PSB (Chinese police) in Shang Hai (but in Kashigar on vacation). I basically have to become an ‘employee’ of our company and then I can change visa type, and get my visa extended for the length of my ‘employment contract.’ Additionally, the ‘trick’ is to buy something to live in, not rent. So, I shall be pursuing both of these. Ah, tricky business dealing with any government in any country. The ‘visa game,’ I call it (note earlier story about the Chinese woman the U.S. rejected).

We live in the era of ‘government,’ (lack of consciousness, when people think they need to be ‘ruled,’ or allowed such)—thus, the sad situation the people of the world find themselves in (as governments have become ‘predators.’ ).

My idea of utopia is an existence where government (nor money) isn’t needed, where consciousness is so high it’s not needed. Well, don’t hold your breath for this one! It ain’t happened in the last one million years of development… No chance, for another ten million years, but the human race will never last that long! So, the dictionary definition of ‘utopia?’ ‘No place!’

We had a meeting with Miss Hu, and got a better idea of our trip through the Taklimakan Desert. It turns out to be expensive, however, something like 2,200Euro, or about $2,500U.S. This because we want a car and driver with us all the way (some 3 weeks). Additionally, it’s also because we’re travelling like ‘tourists,’ something I rarely do (wouldn’t except for Rotraut). We have to budget roughly 2,000RMB 200E / $250U.S. for tourist sites and guides alone! China makes billions from tourism!

But, for Rotraut this is a trip of a life time, and basically she’s making possible… So, we will spare no expense. I may never travel this way again.

In the meantime, I do things like buy bicycles for Tom and Elia, and a portable computer for us to use on the road. We also have to buy some camping gear (tent, sleeping bag for Tom, stove, jacket for Rotraut, etc.), as we’ll be camping out at least one night in the Taklimakan Desert.

I’m still suffering from a ‘cold,’ and yesterday it rained , which didn’t help me much to walk around in! But, I’ m taking more and more of the stuff (called ‘Banlangen Keli’) Tom bought for me. Unfortunately, it smells like wet dog hair mixed in water and tough to get down!

But, we get more and more motivated the greater we suffer. I’ve swallowed many things in my lifetime, ‘figuratively,’ and ‘literally!’ Try, for instance, what’s called a ‘liver flush.’ This very good to flush out the gall bladder. You mix the juice from one lemon with a crushed bulb of raw garlic (to get the oil), and all mixed together in a glass of olive oil! Try getting that down some time! But, boy does it work well!

How has modern medicine become such a money maker (1 billion per year in the U.S.). Easy, they promise you the ‘magic bullet,’ (something that tastes good too). Something that doesn’t require you to change your life style (what good health is). You pay ‘out the nose,’ not to have to change, not to have to be disciplined, not to have to not whatever (like smoke cigarettes)! And thus they get richer, we get poorer, not healthier in the process! This amazing to me, that people can be so stupid! Then again, I once was!

Jim, I’m afraid it all has to do with consciousness!


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