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24 February 2006 The Daily Dosage

Outside my window, this early morning, the last of the moon and Venus, together in the southwest. I’m going to acquire a tripod, and learn how to take longer-exposure images, so I can ‘capture’ such. It would have been a lovely photograph to share, as this A.M. a clear sky.

It’s been winter in Kashgaria, the last week or so—overcast and cool (I can’t call it cold!). Although technically, it still is winter on the ‘downside,’ staying lighter later at night. In less than one month the Vernal Equinox, or when day and night, in terms of light, are perfectly balanced!

The wonderful cycle of Nature, it only you’ll take time (from modernity) to notice. Man, so estranged from his ‘mother,’ if you ever wonder why so much cancer, etc. So, much ‘trouble!’ Man, so arrogant! But, woe be unto us, I will tell you that if we don’t stop, as ‘Mother,’ is a million, billion, trillion times more powerful than the largest hydrogen bomb man ever conceived! She rules, ultimately!

Always moving, moving, moving, changing, changing, changing, in Duality! Cycles… Always seeking its ‘opposite!’ Enantiodromia! ‘Yin-Yang,’ balance, harmony… The Taoists knew, ancient people understood. In modernity we have lost the ability relying insanely on manmade technology!

What’s coming…? An event with an Asteroid, sweeping part of the earth off in seconds! Talk about making the Six O’clock News, what a story, if any TV capacity left afterwards! This will devastate the remainder living, and pull humanity together finally—as if we didn’t, none would survive as we will be plunged back into the ‘Dark Ages,’ for a time (a hundred years or so). And will change things for the better actually, wiping out roughly two billion people, plus destroying the basic infrastructure for the remainder. So, be prepared if such is possible—mentally prepared (the strong will survive)!

And where is it going to ‘swipe?’ I don’t know, if I did, I’d have many people moving (if they could). And when is this going to happen? Again, I don’t know! Just a matter of time!

It’s also possible that is Asteroid doesn’t ‘swipe,’ off part of the earth, but reverse the poles… Less devastating? In terms of life yes, in terms of chaos no! Think about what this would mean… Basically north is now south, and vice versa! It would completely confuse all electro-magnetic (radio) transmission. An airplane aloft during this would be completely lost, only knowing where the ground is… Hope you’re not in a commercial airliner when this occurs!

But, returning to the mundane… Some interesting things in Kashigar as always.

Hu and I are planning my, Rotraut, and Tom’s trip to the Taklimakan Desert. This the month of April. She arrives from Germany on April 1st. Then, after some time in Uremqi, we will all take the train to Kashigar. Then after some more time, we will head east to Hotan, taking the old southern route of the Silk Road. At Mifeng, we will take the highway north, and directly through the desert, some 600KM of ‘nothing!’ This is the part I’m personally interested in, as there will be fewer people (hopefully)!

At English Corner last Wednesday evening, this at the Kashigar Teacher’s College, we got into a discussion of over-population!

People in China, Uyghur people in particular, they just can’t fathom changing, having fewer (or no) children! And I found out something… The Han Chinese couples only allowed to have one child. But, minorities, the ones that should have fewer, are allowed three! Here is an example of the complete stupidity of man, and why there’s ‘no hope!’ The minorities, rural and the poorest, can’t feed the children they already have! Thus, they’re allowed to have more that they can feed, or educate. Now, what sense does this make? None, of course, as man makes no sense—why humanity will ultimately fail! Our ‘greatest success,’ proliferation, will be what causes our downfall as a species! We will go the way of the dinosaurs!

But, always for you to consider, the great question… When the last homo sapien has succumbed, will we have been here at all?

Fayzullah and Ali came with me (well he got there later), to ‘English Corner.’ Ali seems to have trouble finding me and other things in Kashigar, even though he’s lived here for one year. Such is the nature of those who don’t get out and about, read maps, and understand the ‘lay of the land’ (terrain). He showed up finally, but after the taxi driver had taken him to the wrong school! I found this humorous!

But, then something fortuitous, as it turns out, he knows the pretty little Uyghur girl (Maira), I noticed a week ago. I’ve told him since to ask her if she’s interested in a career in show biz, as this girl has the looks and the personality to succeed. She might be our first client in Xinjiang. The first client for

‘English Corner’ is always interesting, as you never know what’s going to happen. The students come as they’re curious, and most times the questions are thought provoking. I’m asked often, how I like China, Xinjiang, and Uyghur culture? I encourage them when they’re shy, especially the girls.

Uyghur/Moslem have been oppressed, no doubt!

Nurmamat showed up with a mustache. Ah, the teenage boys experimenting. I hadn’t seen him since returning so we had a good conversation. He’s still studying Chinese. But, when I asked about the girlfriend, he didn’t really answer (too private probably).

Xhao Xu showed up too, and with Payzullah we had a lively time! Elaine, a thoughtful Chinese girl, actually she’s more a young woman than a ‘girl,’ showed up. So, it in some ways was like a reunion or ‘restart,’ as Jason and the anglo woman were there. It’s interesting the anglo people (‘teachers’) never say ‘hello,’ basically unfriendly (uptight) about something.

Jason, working for the Silk Road Trading Company, a front for Christian Missionaries, I know and like. He’s a cool young guy from Michigan, about to return in May. The other American, a woman typical evangelical Christian: I can tell as how they look and how they dress. This woman never says ‘boo’ to me! They must know! It must be written all over my body! I must have 666 written all over me!

They must know… I’m going to join the Communist Party!

About 1900 hours I’d had it, standing and talking, so Ali and I too a taxi back to the hotel. I was going to go to Indy’s but didn’t feel like it. ‘I’m dancing as fast as I can!’

Next day…? Oh, the days just ‘tick’ by! Think of the ‘endless’ days of your life, each a ‘tick’ of the ‘second hand,’ on the clock of life! Life ‘ticks’ away, the cycle of rising/setting sun, awakening, activity, returning to darkness, all in just ‘one second’ the ‘tick!’ The clock seems to have sped up for me (older people), as I’ve lived 24,000 days (so far)! Amazing! Could I remember each one? Of course, not! So, what is life about anyway, Marty? We only remember the ‘highlights!’

Yesterday, I felt good, I remember that, cycling around picking up my repaired clothing, laundry, Indy’s, poluo (Payzullah), DCShop, writing, starting out in the morning in my new ‘Net Bar!’

What an improvement this ‘Net Bar,’ is for 2Y per hour compared to Ali’s Bullshit (Business) Center in the International Hotel for 16Y (rip off the tourists of course). Thus, they won’t see me back there again anytime soon. And I warned them… ‘Your equipment doesn’t work!’ I don’t mind paying more, as long as it works well!

I’m beginning to understand why the Uyghurs are ruled by the Chinese…

Anyway, I have to depart earlier and cycle about a kilometer to this place on the ‘Walking Street.’ But, worth the effort! Things work, and it’s relatively fast! So, they’re going to get to know me in this Net Bar on the walking street (I’ve tried all of them in K.)! Even with the shouting and smoking it’s a better situation than Ali’s.

Interestingly, they have little private rooms with two computers where you can watch movies and fondle your girlfriend. This costs a mere 4Y / .50 cents per, or 15Y all night (this place never closes). So, I’m going to check it out soon sans girlfriend and movie. I like being away from the madding crowd! Additionally, the idea occurred to me… It you didn’t have much money, you could pay 15Y / $1.90U.S. and sneak sleeping there (they have doors).

And below, near where I was directed to park/lock Ms. Fiets, I found the talisman bag (don’t know how else to describe) I’ve been searching for as my old hemp one make in Kathmandu has worn out (in five years). This, in a little shop for young girls (again don’t know how to describe the items sold in this shop except to say, it has posters of celebrities on the wall).

This ‘talisman bag’ I now wear around my neck (like the old one) replaced for 12 Yuan (RMB – the ‘People’s money’ – everything in China is the ‘People’s!’ – who are they kidding? The people!). Anyway, I transferred the holy objects/relics from my hemp bag, to this new Chinese manufactured bag. Let’s see how long it lasts!

The objects in this ‘bag,’ that I wear around my neck… A crystal, a heart-shaped and decorated piece of bone from Nepal, ‘Neal,’ my frog Prince (from Genai), and various ‘power’ stones from around the world. For one, a circular stone with a natural hole in it I discovered one day walking in Maravillas Creek (Big Bend, Texas, U.S.A).

I had lost the whole ‘shebang,’ on our cycling trip from Uremqi to Kashigar in October. I take it off when bathing, of course, and had left it inadvertently in a hotel room in a small village on highway #314. But, this turns out to be an interesting story… At the same time I’d left Rotraut’s ‘necklace,’ (again hard to accurately describe what these are: non decorative items worn around the neck?).

I didn’t discover the loss until the next night, now some 100 kilometers from the village/hotel, in a different hotel/city. But, think about this… At the same time, day, moment, hotel, Mamat had done exactly the same thing in an adjacent hotel room… He’d left what he wears around his neck too! So, when I explained, he understood (this took some acting as he speaks little English and me little Uyghur). Even more amazingly he indicated he could recover, as he knew someone who worked at this hotel… What are the odds?

We had to wait, quite a long time, however, as the man Mamat knew had been fired from his job at the hotel for drinking (too much). We had completed our cycling trip to Kashigar, and I’d been there for one month before receiving the items in a package from Dilmurat in Uremqi! I think the odds are one-in-one-million, recovering such! I describe to you the story, as an example of the ‘power’ of these items! They returned to me! And now, the ‘live’ and ‘live me,’ around my neck!

By the way, ancient people worn the same kinds of relics, etc. Pieces of the earth they knew to be full of power, protecting them. Particular the Native peoples of what’s now called the U.S. So, I’m in ‘good company!’ As the ‘Heart Stone,’ comes from the Dinay people, a the gift of ‘unconditional love’ from Sisnaanjani (in Colorado). This holy stone we’re taking to Mt. Kailas, nee ‘Pilgrimage to Mt. Kailas!’

Anyway, life on the road with ‘the Dragon’… Interesting… Today, for some reason, I don’t have Chinese characters available with ‘Word 2000!’ So, I have to use Roman letters.

I hate ‘WORD,’ MICROSOFT, AND BILL GATES! Oh, woe be to them who steal!


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