Saturday, January 28, 2006

25 January 2006 The Daily Dosage

Some interesting things today, yesterday, all my days…

First of all, the contact lens… It's good! I'm happy with my purchase! I can see again!

Secondly, I witnessed something today that will illustrate the insanity on the streets, I couldn't believe it!

On the way back from Zentral ('Healthy Eatery'), where I eat brunch, I was waiting for a traffic light at an intersection on Fuqing Road. I'm one of the few that actually wait for a green light. It was red in my direction, so I stood there. Just to my left a young man on a bicycle was standing and waiting too. Since the light was green for him, I thought he's resting, or waiting for someone. No, he was waiting for the light to turn to red to go! Which he did against traffic. I was dumbfounded! And there can be but two explanations. One, he's color blind, or two he's stupid? Nonetheless, an example of the insanity on the streets of Shang Hai.

Then on to purchase envelopes. When I didn't see any, I pulled out my dictionary. Ah, I've learned how to communicate in China! I got some envelopes!

In the afternoon, I took off in quest of a book entitled, 'Soul Mountain, ' by Gao Xinjiang. He won a Nobel Prize for Literature. But, I cannot find his book! I think it must be banned by the Chinese Government.

Anyway, a Chinese man at the 'Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore,' gave me a clue the other day… He said something about a 'City Bookstore,' on the 5 th floor of a shopping mall on west Nanjing Road. Not much to go on, but I had nothing better to do, now waiting to depart Shang Hai.

So, I walked northwest, having check my map of Shanghai. A nice cool and sunny day.

Finally, I was on 'Nanjing Road W., as opposed to 'Central, ' 'East.' Here having never been before I discovered 'upper Fifth Avenue.' That's what it reminded me of… Such rich shopping. I didn't think this was the type of neighborhood where this bookstore would be located, but amazingly, I think I found it on the 5th floor of a shopping mall, just like the Chinese man had said.

But, no '"Soul Mountain,' so now I know, banned!

I will, however, order from and have shipped to me. Anyone want to help!

What happened to all of you that responded to my call for English books…? Ah, talk is cheap, action not so…?

From exploding Shanghai, Kunlun , my second Chinese name!


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