Friday, April 29, 2005

The Daily Dose April 27 2005

The Daily Dose April 27 2005

Wednesday… My last morning in the Asura Buddhist Monastery. Last night we ‘shot’ video in my room, maybe to be apart of a video Radhuwar is producing about Pharping. A look at one of the guest rooms with a view. God knows what I look or sound like? I rambled on…

It rained in the night. Flashes and ‘booms,’ as warm and wet meets cold and dry!

I watched the sun rise, a big orange ball dimmed by the earth’s atmosphere (pollution).

It’s hell too know too much! Samsara! I long to overcome. But, I may have been too unconscious to start with and had too far to go in this life time. Only entities like Tibetan yogin Milarepa was able to accomplish enlightenment in one life time!

Certainly living in Nepal has been enlightening!

Just in one day in Nepal I discover an American woman who’s willing to marry my Nepali assistant, R. K. (I want to add ‘O’), and she’s only known him two weeks. Now, this is head over heels in love, or what? The second thing I see a man carrying a refrigerator on his back. Is there some connection…?

This is the diversity of my life in Nepal. And I can hardly describe, you must come for the aroma if nothing else. The taste of dhal bhat. The children. The Himalaya. The country people, full of loving kindness. Every one could learn from these simple kind people, who are only trying to survive and feed their children. They’re not interested in being rich, nor ruling the world! Bless them! It is the ‘meek’ that will inherent the earth!

Next I need to find Guari a husband! How ‘bout this for an AD?’

’31-year old Nepali woman with two children seeking husband. This slim, trim, attractive woman (see image) will be the perfect wife if you desire the ‘old-fashioned kind,’ the obedient kind. ‘We are taught to respect men!’ says Guari, this active mother, who speaks and writes English. She’s also lived in Germany. If any of this sounds attractive contact Guari directly at: or me, one of her surrogate fathers. She’s worked for me, so I can recommend her.’

Come to Nepal! It ain’t like the media says! I don’t believe it’s that dangerous, especially in the Kathmandu Valley, where half the Army is protecting the King, of course.

We’re on our way to China by the end of May, not because of the situation here, but because it’s time to get ‘the rock’ to Holy Kailas! It’s also time to check out China, bursting with prosperity!

If I can find investors, and negotiate the Chinese ‘scene’ well enough I’m confident about the success of (talent development centers) in cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing.

Also, we’re considering opening one in Lhasa, Tibet from whence we can claim ‘The Highest Acting School in the World!’ There’s something about that sentence I like! I think Lhasa is at least 12,000ft. ASL in elevation. This is 2,000ft. higher than Leadville, Colorado, the highest city in terms of elevation in the U.S.

When we leave Kathmandu in May, it will be warm and summery. In just three days, when we arrive in Lhasa it will be cold and wintery. It snowed there in July my first trip in ’99.

So, our days in Nepal are numbered. And hello, China! I say ‘our,’ by the way, as I’m hoping Rajesh Khadka, my Nepali assistant can join me. He wants to travel, and this is a trip of a life time. Of course, we have to find a sponsor…

The Daily Dose April 26 2005

The Daily Dose April 26 2005

I feel like my head is about to explode! Between the homeopathic remedy Dr. Nita gave me (Naturum Surphuricum) and the full moon, I’m about to cut it off! My head, that is! Such powerful energy, and all focused in my mind/brain/head, as many demons are all trying to get out at the same time. At this point I’m happy just to be breathing! It’s the living that’s a challenge, folks, not the dying!

It’s so easy to take breathing for granted, we all do daily. But, I suggest you appreciate the fact you can, easily. Many can’t, struggle just to breathe!

Appreciate the ‘duality machine’ that carries you through your life, makes it possible for you to grow, change, evolve to a higher consciousness.

To me it’s all about consciousness, not intellect! I’ve never met or known a stupid person, just those unconscious (who swear they aren’t).

What is ‘it,’ anyway…? A state of knowing, being aware of awareness, understanding… The union of compassion and wisdom!

But, then again, these are just words. The ultimate is between the words:

There is ‘know’ male, ‘know’ female.
There is ‘know’ breathing, ‘know’ not breathing.
There is ‘know’ love, ‘know’ hate.
There is ‘know’ selling, ‘know’ buying.
There is ‘know’ awakening, ‘know’ sleeping.
There is ‘know!’

Yet, out of this ‘nothingness,’ comes ‘us!’
‘Trapped’ in duality (word reality).
The goal then is go get beyond (to get ‘back their’)!
And yoga teaches how!

I’m currently in the process of transferring my consciousness to another body. This is called ‘Phowa’ in Tibetan Yoga. You can read about it, if interested.

I remember a woman of my Texas past who used to tell me she was never going to ‘die,’ that she was keeping her body (big mistake in her case). I thought at the time, what an egocentric thought, as if we’re that important.

But, now I know such is possible, a form of ‘everlasting life,’ although not with the same body—but with the same consciousness. It is possible to transfer the consciousness! And trust me… I’m working on it (meditation)!

I know, you’ll think such is ‘weird,’ but I’ve always been such and happy to be! I remember the words from a Paul Simon song of long ago, ‘Still crazy after all of these years!’

And so I am! ‘Still crazy after all of these years! I met an old lover on the street today…’