Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Meteor brightens night sky in Siberia

Actually, time is man´s invention! Designed to sync up the world to be more efficiency!

Brazilian beachgoers rescue dolphin stranded in shallow water

They don´t want to dave money, they want to spend more!

The American Story Has a Hole the Size of Spain - Houston Chronicle

Pearl Harbor survivor remembers: ‘All hell broke loose’

Politicians, they go with the wind, which ever way it blows...

I agree! People are starving to death in the U.S., and the Gov., wants to spend $4 Billion on an airplane!

Pizzagate, true or false?

Turner Prize: Helen Marten wins 2016 award - BBC News

BBC - Travel - The river of 60 million people

Faster! faster! Aster, dumber, umber, stupid we are!

Dream logic: Pavel Banka's surreal abstractions – in pictures | Art and design | The Guardian

Escape from the Blue Lagoon: Iceland, beyond Reykjavik | Travel | The Guardian

Live: Finland and Estonia top of the class in EU for education

American Pathology!

It’s a Fancy Hotel, Only, You Know, for Bicycles | WIRED


061216 BLOK

061216 BLOK
We have a person(s) in this group that voted for Trump.  `It´(not to reveal sex), is nice, educated, etc., who I consider a friend(s).  They are not in any way `bad,´ as far as I´m concerned, although naive.  They actually believe that Trump is going to make things better for them.  Emma Goldman´s quote:  IF VOTING CHANGED ANYTHING, THEY´D MAKE IT ILLEGAL! 
Yes, things will shift to the Right for awhile (a la enantiodromia).  Yet, as always happens, power corrupting, the Trump Administration., will get coopted, and sell out, as always happens (human nature). 
They´re all the same, people who seek such high offices as the president of the U.S., etc.  POLITICS, THE LAST REFUGE OF SCOUNDRELS!  (George Bernard Shaw).  They, generally speaking, are egomaniacs, the unevolved, seeking power to aggrandize their situation.  However, we are all guilty, as we vote for them. 
The pendulum swings back and forth, back and forth, creating cycles.  The Democrats in power for a cycle, then exchanging such with the Republicans for a slightly different cycle — yet pretty much the same. Both parties `ripping us off´ in their own way.  The two parties have a monopoly on political power in the U.S.  They don´t want to share ´the pie´ with any other group, like the Libertarians or the Green Party.  Talk about a conspiracy (unspoken of course)!
My definition of government, be it democracy, monarchy, or dictatorship, the same:  ´A smaller group of people, controlling a larger group of people, for fun and profit!´
Winston Churchill said, ¨It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried.¨
To work well, democracy has to have an educated and involved constituency.  We have neither!  Most citizens too distracted to get invovled beyond voting, as either trying to get $ rich or just survive.  No wonder they want every one to have children!
We elect a president only to discover s/he doesn´t live up to their promises (the reason we voted for them).  We get unhappy, and the next time, vote for the opposition, thinking that will change things.  Again, the pendulum swings a little in the opposite direction, but not much changes!  Emma Goldman was right!
It´s the ancient, never-ceasing battle between ´the haves,´and ´the have nots!´  One only has to study written history to understand, yet most don´t have a clue.  The same thing happens over and over!
What to do, as ultimately I only want to discuss solutions.  We´re all Ph.D.s when it comes to defining the problems.  But, few have solutions! Why?
We are the problem, every one of us living on this earth!  Some more than others of us, which affords us the opportunity to project ´the bad,´onto ´the other!´  Thus, my oft quote from Walt Kelly nee POGO:  WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!   Of course, no one wants to hear this, admit this, including me! 
So, until we start looking inward and admit some things about ourselves, nothing much is going to change!  The Trump Phenomenon will survive a few decades, more or less, and then the pendulum will swing back in the other direction.  The problem never really solved, just the cosmetics, that make us feel better about ourselves, superficially.   Everything seems superficial to me, in modern life!
Unless, as a species, we learn, grown, change, evolve in terms of consciousness, start taking individual responsibility for what we have wrought (A pile of shit!), we will continue to spiral downward, and with little hope. 
But, such is the Nature according to Esoteric Philosophy; Civilizations (races) are born, rise, fail, and then become extinct.  This, to make way for another group hopefully better, WITH MORE CONSCIOUSNESS. Why?  This is the way of perfecting human kind.  We get a chance.  If we fail, we must get out of the way, for others to try!
What will it be, this time with us?  It´s up to us to recognize that the Trump Phenonmenon, is only a reflection of the problem, us,  AND WE BETTER CHANGE, AND CHANGE FAST!  Or, the fat lady is going to start singing! 


I got scammed by `fake police´in La Paz, Bolivia.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Google's satellite timelapses show the inconvenient truth about our planet | Art and design | The Guardian

It wants to control you! Turn you into a consuming robot!

These electric-blue night clouds are expanding around the globe, says NASA | MNN - Mother Nature Network

SUCH KA, KA! Tell that to the 20 million people living on the street in the U.S.

051216 BLOK

051216 BLOK
I´ve been watched a series on Netflix, entitled, THE GOOD WIFE, about crime and punishment in Chicago.  It´s cleverly done, the dialogue glib to the point of kitsch, and the same time very revealing.
Seems modern life is all about lying, cheating and stealing!   They all lie, even `The Good Wife!´  We must win at any cost!   Judges, all ex-attorneys, the worst of all!  Money is God!
But, guess who´s the `star´of the show?  The smartphone!  Everyone has one, they can´t live without one!  And an incoming call more important than an orgasm!  `I have to get that!´
We´ve become Pavlov´s dogs!
Everyone here insists, I must have a telephone, I resist!  I remember a guy in Portland, Oregon, years ago, Dick will remember… He didn´t have the old wired telephone even at his home.  He remarked to me one day, when I asked why not?  `Imagine!´ he said,  `Anybody with a nickel, can interrupt your life!´ 


Great idea!

THANKS, U.S. ARMY, which I was once a part of, during the Viet Nam war!

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Ah, a merry-little war III, the U.S. and China.

Fighting dementia with gaming

Eastern China to me, and I lived there, has the worst weather in the world!

GREAT! WONDERFUL! A victory for Native Americans and those of us who stand with them!

04a1216 BLOK

04a1216 BLOK
Basically, intelligence came from nothing, and nothing became something, and evolved… And evolved in so many stages, and ways over eons when there wasn´t time, and then time started (with duality), and humans came along in so many forms, and now we call ourselves modern, modern man (C.E. 2017)!
Life, human evolution, what was the reason in the first place?  Can we know?  Did ancient man know?  He more likely knew, as closer to the source.  Today, peoplekind so distraced by materialism fanned by Capitalism.
We seem to have devolved, rather than evolved, dumbed down.  But, there is hope, in my opinion, with hybrid human beings.  Maybe this is how we will evolve, as robots (AI) becoming more and more human — and with the reverse, humans becoming more and more `machine!´
The goal, according to the Esoteric Doctrine, is the perfection of life, and maybe the next step (cycle) is such!
There is a Grand Cycle (something over 4 billion years), which includes shorter up and down cycles, attempts to conquer our egos, and rise to a higher degree of consciousness!
Each sucessive step, a descent into more grosser form, which ends up being destroyed (e.g. the Atlanteans).  But, this destruction always leads to the creation of a new race, in our case maybe androids, cyborgs, and egoless human-like ´robots!´
It won´t be long, possibly in my life time as coming so fast, that when meeting a new friend, you won´t know if this `person´ is 100% human, or partly `machine!´  We look forward to that day!
What do you think?


The Case Against Reality - The Atlantic

Female Rivalry of Mackenzie Davis's New Film, 'Always Shine' - The Atlantic

I spent fifty years in the media, da biz... It´s all about ratings, nee profit, as money has become God!

The Mysterious Machinery of Creatures That Glow in the Deep | WIRED

We need to dissolve the Electoral Collge, and have the public vote directly for the president!

What we call death, is only the material in transition. The Spirit remains!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat! Please put a penny in the old man´s hat!

041216 BLOK

041216 BLOK
The more I read of Occult (secret) Philosophy in English words, the more it seems to me that human beings created this Cosmogony (as existence always discussed in terms of duality).   One has only to read the Kabbalah.  Thus, the great questions…
Did humanity create the idea of divinity, or are their objective gods, and an ultimate higher `thing´ that created us?  Simply put, did we create God, or did God create us?
Sometimes the questions more important than the answers!  Why?  Asking these questions will only create a debate, as everyone (every adult) knows that he or she is right! 
I don´t know!  It´s the objective versus subjective conundrum!


Eventually, everything is going to be AI.

Muhammad Ali: Sir Michael Parkinson 'proud' of legendary interviews - BBC Sport

Laura Jane Grace on being transgender in the age of Trump: 'Panic isn't the answer' | Music | The Guardian

‘She gave her mother 40 whacks’: the lasting fascination with Lizzie Borden | Books | The Guardian

I saw it in schools; now football is the focus. The pain is the same | Alex Renton | Opinion | The Guardian

Last Tango in Paris director suggests Maria Schneider 'butter rape' scene not consensual | Film | The Guardian

One thing modern medicine good for, trauma!

Niagara Falls and the light show makeover

Spain Joins World War On Cash, Bitcoin Emerges As Viable Alternative

Hundreds of veterans 'to put our bodies on the line’ in pipeline protest

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Male ego, the problem in the world!

American Pathology!

This is WONDERFUL news!

See it! Moon sweeps past Venus | Astronomy Essentials | EarthSky

Poll: Nearly one third of British Muslims blame U.S. for 9/11 attacks – TheBlaze

Katie Holmes Talks About Directing, Motherhood and Mistakes - The New York Times

Why Did Donald Trump Get Elected? Ask the Bees | WIRED

Nun Fashion Is Way More Fascinating Than You Realize | WIRED

Tim Bodony: I have had this bicycle of over 20 years and, apart from my parents, this is the second longest relationship I've had with anything. That's more or less true, I do have a sister also who qualifies as a longer relationship. It was purchased in 1997 near my home town of St Charles, Illinois. I bought it at a time when me and my friends were interested in long-distance bicycle trips. I call my gloves "loose dogs" because there have been incidents when I have been wearing these mitts and dogs have run up and acted aggressively towards my gloves thinking that perhaps they are two dogs wanting to play. Extreme cold plunge mitts are critical gear for me. Being functional here is all about having the right gear and having the right attitude. I wear a thin-lined glove under them and they're usually too warm. Mentally it gives you a feeling that you have a fighting chance with these, that I will not get frostbite.

BBC - Travel - A museum of 500,000 oddities

Standing Rock: US veterans join North Dakota protests - BBC News

I´m hoping egoless robots will save us from ourselves!

Because profit/money has become God. People will lie, cheat and steal to get it!

There´s a positive side to hi-tech (AI)... I´m hoping egoless robots save us from ourselves.

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

The years of calm are over. In Donald Trump we’ll have a child at the White House | Dave Eggers | Opinion | The Guardian: "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive."

'via Blog this'

Nothing new here!

Sad! Just get young women with supple bodies, have them take off their clothes, and you get a million males watching!

I am with you dear brothers of the earth!

Friday, December 02, 2016

We have met the enemy and he is us!

American Pathology!

Europe's outdoor cannabis capital - Albania

BBC - Earth - Why the Stone Age could be when Brits first brewed beer

I insist on a ´reply all,´to messages, or please opt out (of my group at least)!

Sounds like me!

mǔ zhǐ zú (拇指) or “thumb tribe”

NETWORK, the most truthful U.S. film of the 20th Century.

We face awesome environmental challenges: climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease, acidification of the oceans. Together, they are a reminder that we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity.

Boris Johnson: democracy is in retreat across world | Politics | The Guardian

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Politics, the last refuge of scoundrels!

We love to kill people in the U.S.!

True! Sometimes Communism works better than Capitalism! Ask the people in eastern Europe.

Of course! If you believe in governments (where local, state or Federal) caring about you, you are naive! They exist only to get our money!

01a1216 BLOK

01a1216 BLOK
I am here online, 
the so-called moderator of this group to ´stir the pot, a la a U.S. environmentalist-writer, named Edward Abbey.  He wrote, ´The pot needs to be stirred, lest the scum rises to the top!´  Obviously by noting the recent presidential election, the pot is not being stirred enough.
I constantly challenge people´s beliefs, most of the time getting a trenchant rebuke.  This proves what I believe true about human existence, that we create it subjectively with our thoughts and words (logos).  There is no universal truth.  There are 8 billion univereses on this earth, trying to come together in various dictionaries, but failing, mostly because of the male ego.
The human race is probationary on this globe, and if we fail, we will go, simple!
So, keep writing how wrong I am, to prove my point about F. Kafka´s quote;  which I believe is right on!
P.S.  I am a parable-est, a la Jorge Borges.

Hallucinogen Eases Depression in Cancer Patients, Studies Find - The New York Times

Hallucinogen Eases Depression in Cancer Patients, Studies Find - The New York Times

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

100 Women 2016: Meet Megan, the British Army's 'lone piper' - BBC News


Tiger feat - dog at German zoo helps raise abandoned cubs

American Pathology!

Spain Is Changing The Names Of Its Streets, From Autocratic Men To Notable Women | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

American Pathology!

Virtual personal assistants, nee Clara

Lights, Camera, time for action! More women in technical roles on the set!

A closer look at the young Kafka | The Economist