Friday, October 20, 2017

Swiss $3 Billion Fund Bets Himalayan Nuts Will Crank Returns - Bloomberg

Today, more than any other time I can remember, certainly in my professional life, we must depend on these longtime trusted brands for our truth.” SHE MUST BE KIDDING, OF COURSE!

Christiane Amanpour on hosting Today: 'I never feel I can just wing it' | Media | The Guardian: " Today, more than any other time I can remember, certainly in my professional life, we must depend on these longtime trusted brands for our truth.”"

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An enlightened nation!

Playboy's first transgender centrefold as magazine honours Hugh Hefner | Euronews

In photos: Artist puts Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg on graffiti murals -

Death of the body, can come anytime, and anywhere!

American Pathology!

At the end they reach for greatness, to be favorably remembered in history!

Of course, not! But, what the Church wanted you to believe! As they want to control our lives!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Marine Attacked an Iraqi Restaurant. But Was It a Hate Crime or PTSD? - The New York Times

Being a Vietnam Era U.S. Army vet, I did something similar. PTSD, is a strange thing as there are no specific symptoms, etc. self-hate!

These Photographs Capture the Many Lives Traveling Along Germany's Iconic Autobahn | WIRED

BBC - Culture - Is Psycho’s shower scene the greatest in cinema history?

Humanity is self-destructing, slowly, agonizingly!

Too rude for Paris? 'Copulating' sculpture causes stir in French capital | World news | The Guardian

Too rude for Paris? 'Copulating' sculpture causes stir in French capital | World news | The Guardian: "Paul McCarthy’s giant inflatable ‘butt-plug’ in Paris’s Place Vendôme. Photograph: Chesnot/Getty Images"

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Demolishing Dushanbe: how the former city of Stalinabad is erasing its Soviet past | Cities | The Guardian

Welcome to Astana, Kazakhstan: one of the strangest capital cities on Earth | Cities | The Guardian

Warning of 'ecological Armageddon' after dramatic plunge in insect numbers | Environment | The Guardian

A BIG CHANGE... We doubt it!

Switzerland is no longer a cinematic island - SWI

Your Brain May Continue To Function After Your Death Long Enough For You To Be Aware Of It, Studies Suggest

American Pathology!

What did Cherry of Zennor See That Altered Her Reality and Shaped Ours? The Deeper Meanings of Faerie Folklore | Ancient Origins Members Site

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Pioneering Modernist Who Wrote an Audacious String Quartet - The New York Times

Wow! An important article!

They will teach us!

Ed Sheeran cancels Asia tour dates after cycling accident - BBC News

'I lived in fear': the Nepalese official who was sold as a slave at 10 years old | Kate Hodal | Global development | The Guardian

Islamic State's capital Raqqa falls |

War coming...

Why Switzerland feels like ‘heimat’ - SWI

Atomic Bomb Survivor Wants Nuclear Weapons Ban as Trump and North Korea Exchange Threats

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

War the father of all stupidity, mother the enlightened solution!

Why Investors Are Betting That Bike Sharing Is the Next Uber | WIRED

BBC - Future - The great thaw of America’s north is coming

Switzerland: A thriller with a novel twist

Switzerland: A thriller with a novel twist

Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds - The Washington Post

Saturday, October 14, 2017

10 of the best winter sports resorts in Europe for skiing and more | Travel | The Guardian

OMGod, what is the world, coming to...?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Material wealth is God in the world!

Cancer is not a disease, but an industry!

Another Hollywood sleazebag, H.W.!

War building...

They´re all thieves, but we´re the stupid ones supporting them!

Couple Bridges a Buddhist-Muslim Divide - The New York Times

Mass hysteria may explain violence in the U.S.!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Money is God, what would you expect?

He needs money!


BIB BROTHER is watching you!

American Pathology!

We have met the enemy and he is us!

1854 Cycling Co. Is Creating Good Jobs for Ex-Cons - Bloomberg

Meet the Oldest Female BMX Racer in the U.S. (She’s 69) - Video -

Iceland’s penis museum pulls it off | 1843

Why are London motorists so badly behaved? | 1843

Explaining the Finnish love of tango

The companies making bicycles from wood - BBC News

Why did Vikings have 'Allah' embroidered into funeral clothes? - BBC News

The whole notion is gone!

Good idea!

Estonia ‘first country in world able to function without physical land’ | Euronews

On This Day: 'Hacksaw Ridge' subject receives Medal of Honor -

You´re no longer free in the U.S.

This is why there will be war!