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18a0817 BLOK

18a0817 BLOK
This most recent attack in Barcelona, killing 14 innocent people, ISIS has taken credit for.  Can you imagine being proud of killing 14 innocent people?  
This made me ask myself what I would do if I were in a position to respond.  My first thought was to bomb them back into the Stone Age (a la Gen. Curtis Lemay).  But, this would only create more of the same I´m afraid.
I find it ironic that the new weapon of choice for Moslem radicals, is a motor vehicle,  The wheels of choice is now used to destroy people.  Is there a hidden message in this metaphor?  
We kill, they kill, robotic behavior!  An eye for an eye and a tooth for a toothbrush!  What can possible break this chain?
I think of the 32-year old Heather Heyer killed in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Her murderer a maniac who had beaten up his mother in a wheel chair!  
Where have we gone wrong?  What is it about modern life that leads to this behavior?  We need to ask this question!  It´s not just a few nut cases out there now anymore, it´s a tear in the fabric of civilization!  Heyer´s mother was quoted as saying, “The blood on the streets, is that what made America great? Attacking innocent people with a vehicle, is that what made America great?”
What do we want?  Do we want peace? Is it possible to negotiate some kind of settlement with radical Moslems?  Of course, we in the West never negotiate with terrorists.  Maybe we should start, as I see this going on ad infinitum.  
What is the solution, if there is one?
I think it may have to be a cataclysmic event (an act of God), destroying 90% of the world´s population, leaving enough to figure out the only way to survive is to cooperate and share. 
In the meantime, it seems to be business as usual.  We kill them and they kill us!  Maybe this is Nature´s way of dealing with over population!
What do you think?

P.S.  I find in the group, excepting a few, never have anything to say.  I think this is part of the problem!

Money is God, what would you expect?

What a crock of shit!

We saved the whale. The same vision can save the planet | Susanna Rustin | Opinion | The Guardian

Trump, a creature of pure whim, a man without the principles or conviction to make for a coherent self. A man without a mind, who represents the total absence of reason, is running the world; or at least ruining it.

Neoliberalism: It is a name for a premise that, quietly, has come to regulate all we practise and believe: that competition is the only legitimate organising principle for human activity.

Neoliberalism: the idea that changed the world | News | The Guardian: "It is a name for a premise that, quietly, has come to regulate all we practise and believe: that competition is the only legitimate organising principle for human activity."

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

What is important in Texas?

Obviously the media running out of stories!

180817 BLOK

180817 BLOK
Jan, I think you misunderstood what I was implying by showing a foto. of Bridgette Macron.  I think if more older women looked and acted like she, more younger men would marry an older woman.
I think too there are many marriages in the world, where the wife is older than the husband, but maybe by only 2 or 3 years.
Immanuel and Bridgette´s is an unusual marriage because she´s 24-years older than her husband.  Technically she could be his mother, so what he has is a wife-mother.  And maybe there´s an element of the Oedipal Complex involved.
Until Individuation, much of our actions happen unconsciously.  And I´ll give you an example of this.  I lost both of my parents before the age of twenty.  I got married for the first time when only 21 years of age.  But, it wasn´t my wife why I got married, but her parents, as that´s what I needed at the time.  Of course, it took me years to understand this.
Another example is Dick, who recently opted to depart from the group.  Highly intellectual, I think Dick has an inferiority complex.  He accused me of treating him without the proper respect.  I appreciate Richard´s intellect learning much from his knowledge.  Thus, I didn´t really understand why he felt the way he does. 
We´re all teachers in the group.  I learn from everyone, as I hope people learn from me.  Many minds better than one.  But, we must be mature about this, when we don´t agree, just accept difference.
Viva la…
From the N.Y. Times:
She’s 98. He’s 94. They Met at the Gym.

“Age doesn’t mean a damn thing to me or to Gert,” the groom said. “We don’t see it as a barrier. We still do what we want to do in life.”

Trump’s Tariffs Would Kill These American Manufacturing Jobs - Bloomberg

17b0817 BLOK

17b0817 BLOK
The nose, knows…
Is it possible to cut off your nose to spite your face, thus grace yourself with the freedom from vanity?
Pinocchio´s nose grew with every lie, so such died in vain.
An orifice to inhale and exhale life, some large, some small, some cute, some ugly.
Alcohol turns them red and smoking shrivels them, dreading another puff.
Freud smoked 20 cigars per day, but only his nose knew why?
To sniff about for the scents of life is to become wise.
A nose by any other name, would it breathe as well?


17a0817 BLOK

17a0817 BLOK
Ego, ergo…
There are so many `children´ in adult male bodies?  Mr. Trump comes to mind.  How did this happen?  Is not culture to blame for the puer etenus?  Male babies are dotted upon spoiled.  Why? 
In history (still in primative cultures) male babies were desired, because of physcial strength and the ability to carry on the family name.  They were the warriors, the protectors, the kings, leaders.  Additionally, they had the seeds!
Now, however, by the 21st C. (C.E.) things are evolving and rightfully so.  Power is shifting from the male to the female.  This, in order, to save humanity from the male ego, ergo extinction of the human race.

If interested in this subject I suggest a book by Riane Eisler entitled, THE CHALLICE AND THE BLADE.

170817 BLOK

170817 BLOK
What is it exactly?  A feeling for sure, but how triggered?  For some, a relationship with another object, partner, child, dog, etc.; material things.
Yesterday, walking in Granada City, I happened to be in the right place at the right moment to see it, an expression on a child´s face, a little girl. I´ll never forget the moment, as it still affects me. I was so blessed as it all happened in milliseconds.  A perfect moment!
Years and years ago, I was visiting my oldest friend and his wife.  They had two young daughters.  I was in the kitchen with Joann, when one of them came bursting into our midst to exclaim, MOMA, I´M HAPPY!  I was so struck by this, this absolute and honest expression of what it is, happiness!
As we grow older we seem to lose the ability to experience such moments of joy, pure joy!
I hope for me, at the moment of death, I will remember the expression on the little girl´s face — in Granada City.

Another sell out! But, what would you expect, money is God!

“Sinclair’s probably the most dangerous company most people have never heard of,”

'The most dangerous US company you have never heard of": Sinclair, a right-wing media giant | Media | The Guardian: "“Sinclair’s probably the most dangerous company most people have never heard of,”"

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Brigitte Macron will have public role despite row over first lady status | World news | The Guardian

If I die of cancer, I won´t know it. It will just be another pain. To have it diagnosed is a death warrant, or at least they get your insurance money. Cancer isn´t a disease, but an industry!

Smart people, these childless leaders. And the Moslems aren´t going to take over Europe, C´mon!

Be each man's rule, and universal Peace Lie like a shaft of light across the land, And like a lane of beams athwart the sea, Thro' all the circle of the golden year?"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A woman dying in India's City of Widows | Art and design | The Guardian

The police are out of control in the U.S.

Donald Trump's presidency is headed to a very dark place - CNNPolitics

160817 BLOK

Attendees of the Human Be-In Festival resting in a field in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in 1967.CreditBaron Wolman/Iconic Images, via Getty Images
In 1967, an ocean away from the escalating Vietnam War, the Summer of Love bloomed with psychedelic colors in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury neighborhood. Most of us remember the two events as distinct phenomena: One was a story of firebases, napalm, jungles and the draft; the other of communes, L.S.D., flowers and rock music. In fact, the two were inextricably linked.
San Francisco Bay was often the last place a servicemember would see before heading off to war. By 1967, the United States commitment in Vietnam had escalated dramatically, to 500,000 in 1967 from 23,000 men in 1965, with more than 200,000 shipping out from the Oakland Army Base, an enormous facility located just below the eastern end of the Bay Bridge. It sent more than just men: The Oakland port also sent 37 million tons of matériel to Vietnam during the first eight years of the war.
Young soldiers passing through the Oakland facility often made time to travel across the bay to catch a glimpse of the emerging scene in the Haight, especially once the neighborhood began attracting national attention. Among the hippies and gawking tourists, you might see packs of soldiers and sailors, in town for a few hours on leave. The war infiltrated the Haight in other ways, too — one participant in the scene, Reg E. Williams, wrote in his journal that during an LSD trip, he thought he glimpsed an armada, bound for Southeast Asia, passing through the fog under the Golden Gate Bridge.
Others saw a similarity between the military mobilization on one side of the bay and the cultural mobilization on the other. Paul Williams, a young rock critic who visited San Francisco in 1967 and would soon move to Northern California, imagined the Fillmore Auditorium and other psychedelic rock concert halls as “induction centers” just like the one in Oakland that antiwar protesters targeted, except in these venues, “the teeny-boppers, the college students, the curious adults come down to the Fillmore to see what’s going on, and they do see, and pretty soon they’re part of it.”
While there were differences between antiwar activists and the less-overtly political “freaks” of Haight Ashbury, the freaks also opposed the war. Hippies in the Haight passed out flowers to protesters marching through their neighborhood, when they didn’t join the marches themselves. Psychedelic concert posters from the era show that many of the earliest rock shows — including the one Ronald Reagan infamously condemned on stump speeches when he ran for and won the California governorship in 1966 — were benefits for antiwar efforts. After a long day on the barricades, it seems that even the political activists yearned to get inducted into the Summer of Love.
Continue reading the main story
By 1967, the political and countercultural scenes of the Bay Area, always closely connected, were merging in new ways. The organizers of the January 1967 Human Be-In/Gathering of the Tribes clearly had Vietnam on their mind. “The reason we can no longer identify with the kinds of activities that the older generation are engaged in,” Jay Thelin, a co-owner of the Psychedelic Shop on Haight Street as well as a member of the Council for a Summer of Love, remarked to reporters, “is because those activities are for us meaningless. They have led to a monstrous war in Vietnam, for example. And that’s why it’s all related, the psychedelics and the war and the protesting and the gap in the generations.”
Thelin’s brother Ron concurred. “Ultimately,” he wrote of the Human Be-In and similar efforts, “the energy generated in gatherings like this could shift the balances enough to end the war in Vietnam and revitalize many dead hearts.”
When life in the Haight worsened over the course of 1967, as hundreds of thousands of young people made pilgrimages to San Francisco and as harder drugs and hustlers entered the picture, the specter of Vietnam appeared even more intensely. To Chester Anderson, who published the Communications Company broadsheet, the Haight had become “a scale model of Vietnam,” a place where “minds and bodies are being maimed as we watch.”
Some participants even imagined the hallucinogenic drug experimentation so central to the mystique and experience of the Summer of Love as a kind of parallel to the war in Southeast Asia. Darby Slick, guitarist for the Great Society and brother-in-law of the singer Grace Slick, described taking drugs not as a joyous experience but rather as “our Vietnam, the Battle of the Brain Cells, and drugs were the weapons, the transport ships, the airplanes, and people were the weapons too.” The war, present in the Bay Area in a very concrete way, took on powerful symbolic meaning. As a letter to the underground newspaper The Berkeley Barb succinctly put it: “There probably would be no Haight Ashbury without the war.”
Just as the war became a central theme in the counterculture, the counterculture became central to the G.I. experience in Vietnam. By 1967, military leaders were beginning to realize that they had a severe morale problem among younger soldiers, many of them draftees who felt alienated from their older senior officers and confused by the war’s purpose. More and more took to drugs to escape the war’s pressures, aimlessness and boredom. One Army report in 1968 estimated that marijuana use increased 260 percent over the course of the previous year. The armed forces tried to limit drug use through disciplinary measures, but without much success.
More successfully, they turned to a tactic that had worked well in the past: They would provide troops with leisure activities from domestic life to buoy spirits. By 1967, this meant welcoming the countercultural sounds and styles of rock to Vietnam, with the odd result that as antiwar protesters back in the United States tried to “bring the war home,” as the slogan of the time went, the military brought peace, love and flowers to the war.
Of course, the Grateful Dead were not about to join Bob Hope on a U.S.O. tour of Southeast Asia. To address the lack of available entertainment in-country, Armed Forces Radio Vietnam added additional “acid rock” programming in the years after 1967. The Pacific Stars and Stripes correspondent Stephen F. Kroft reported in 1970, “The ‘Sergeant Pepper Show,’ an hour and a half of ‘underground’ music broadcast on Sunday evening over AFVN-AM, has been expanded to two hours” after survey of troops in 1968 had revealed a hunger for the new, countercultural genre of music.
The Entertainment Branch of the Army also developed a program — the Command Military Touring Shows — to audition, organize and support touring soldier rock bands. Performing songs ranging from “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane to the overtly antiwar anthem “War” by the Motown singer Edwin Starr (with its chant “War! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!”), bands like Fixed Water, Fresh Air and the Electric Grunts delivered their fellow G.I.s a psychedelicized taste of home.
Fixed Water was especially popular. In the summer of 1969, as Woodstock took place in upstate New York, the band toured Vietnam. Ersatz-psychedelic posters produced by the military made declarations such as, “USARV Special Services Entertainment Branch is proud to present the mind-bending psychedelic sounds of the ‘Fixed Water.’ ” The band was so well liked that it went out on a second 60-day tour of bases that fall. “Strong and heavy,” the poster read this time, “the ‘Fixed Water’ is the ultimate in psychedelic now-sounds. Prepare yourself!”
The Entertainment Branch even created an interracial “Rock ‘n’ Soul” band clearly modeled on Sly and the Family Stone. Named after a song by that Bay Area band, Everyday People performed around Vietnam during 1970 and 1971, garnering attention for its ability to bring servicemen together for moments of solidarity and collective release despite the racially charged tensions of the military at the time, when a disagreement over whether soul or country songs should be played on a base jukebox could lead to a race riot. In contrast, at an Everyday People concert, “Performers were very ‘together,’ ” as one Entertainment Branch assistant reported, “and succeeded very well in securing audience participation.”
Here was a profound irony: Everyday People and other C.M.T.S. rock bands did indeed seem to raise morale in Vietnam, at least if Entertainment Branch reports, Army newspaper articles, audience evaluation forms and the memories of G.I.s are to be believed. But they did so by producing mini-Haight Ashburys, tiny Summers of Love, within the sprawling American military intervention overseas. Even as the sounds of the Summer of Love were successfully imported to raise morale, never causing G.I.s to stop fighting in any direct way, they also seem to have intensified a profound disillusion with the Vietnam War. As one veteran, John Imsdahl, remembered, “We listened to Janis Joplin and, you know, home music — you know. So definitely, we were — we were antiwar. It’s odd to say that.”
Whether or not the cross-fertilization directly generated antiwar sentiment among the troops or not, the links between San Francisco and Vietnam produced potent contradictions. The photojournalist Tim Page caught these strange intersections in a May 1968 photo: An American G.I. sits ostentatiously on a tank turret, holding a pink umbrella. In his helmet in large letters, he has labeled himself a “hippie.” Another iconic Page photograph from 1968 crystallizes the paradox even more vividly: an American soldier wearing a large gold peace medallion, but the symbol dangles from his neck between a bullet-filled bandoleer. In Vietnam, as in San Francisco, peace and war, dissent and continued American military imperialism hung together — not apart — after 1967.

Want to Look Famous? Just Photoshop Yourself With Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol | WIRED

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

BBC - Future - Why video games are obsessed with the apocalypse

BBC - Culture - How Bonnie and Clyde’s final scene changed Hollywood

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LA to begin paying homeowners to build second dwellings for homeless -

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Draws Plane in Sky During Test Flight |

The World’s Most Powerful Women: August 4 |

With all due respect to the president, he's a joke. But the joke is on us, unless and until we get serious about freedom and justice, equal opportunity and fundamental fairness for all.

Charlottesville: Heather Heyer Was Killed By American Hate | "With all due respect to the president, he's a joke. But the joke is on us, unless and until we get serious about freedom and justice, equal opportunity and fundamental fairness for all."

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Merck CEO takes a stand and draws Trump’s ire - The Washington Post

American Pathology!

American Pathology X10!

China's Plan for World Domination in AI Isn't So Crazy After All - Bloomberg

I´m an old stevia user, discovering it in Arlington, Texas, in 1985. Living in Bolivia, easy to get. But, the white version, made with lye,and not good for you.

The Plan to Put a 3-D Printer With Robot Arms Into Orbit | WIRED

I think that I shall never see a poem, lovely as a tree! (Joyce Kilmer)

Thessaloniki: 100 years after a fire destroyed the city of refugees | Cities | The Guardian

But what we must keep in mind is that Charlottesville is a symptom and we must deal with the cause: hate, bias and racism have been empowered and taken from the margins into the mainstream. Now we must come to terms with the fact that the president of the United States has played a role in emboldening these hate groups to come out of the shadows.

In America, bias, hate and racism move from the margins to the mainstream | Al Sharpton | Opinion | The Guardian: "But what we must keep in mind is that Charlottesville is a symptom and we must deal with the cause: hate, bias and racism have been empowered and taken from the margins into the mainstream. Now we must come to terms with the fact that the president of the United States has played a role in emboldening these hate groups to come out of the shadows."

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Stephen Wooldridge, Australian Olympic cycling champion, dies aged 39 | Sport | The Guardian

What a lost soul!

See how the dictatorship is rising...

Slow train through Spain: a narrow-gauge ride through España Verde | Travel | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

Dysfunctional U.S.A.

Jenny Zhang’s Obscene, Beautiful, Moving Story Collection, “Sour Heart” | The New Yorker

Support Electric Lit: Become a Member! – Electric Literature

Jenny Zhang Doesn’t Care if You Feel Comfortable – Electric Literature

Lord, God, help us! Religion seems to me good for one reason, to help reduce over population!

Partition of India: Survivors of 1947 riots recall horrors of India-Pakistan separation - The Washington Post

American Pathology!

Shedding the body, should not depress anyone. You will be freed of your cage!

14a0817 BLOK

14a0817 BLOK
What´s eating me?  A discussion about food and feeding ourselves!
People love to eat, inlcuding me.  And if you have money, it´s no problem, as the world offers an incredible variety of food from markets to restaurants.  Agriculture, food processing, markets, etc., is the #1 BUSINESS IN THE WORLD! 
But, what if you don´t have the money to feed yourself, or your family?  Has anyone in this group ever gone hungry because they were penniless?  Or, couldn´t even borrow from a friend, etc.?  I have, and twice in my life!  And it´s a valuable thing to experience, to go hungry.  You will do most anything to feed yourself, even steal!  Both times, it left a lasting impression on me!  What was that?  To help others, at least to eat!
I never pass a beggar on the street that I don´t give something to.  They bless you!
If you´ve never gone hungry, you´re missing out on a valuable experience.  You take eating for granted!
That´s what´s eating me! 


140817 BLOK

140817 BLOK
Most of you won´t believe me, about a method I use to recover items, seemingly lost, but it works for me.  For those who don´t believe, test what I´m about to describe, you have nothing to lose!
I learned this method from an unlikey person in Cochabamba, Boldivia. It has to do with the spirits that surround us, yes, unseen, but there for sure.  These are the `little people,´ the gnomes, fairies, and goblins, etc.
A recent story… I couldn´t find a tool I needed to repair something on my bicycle. They´re called pliers, and in this case too heavy, as the regular kind purchased in a hardware store (ferrateria in Es.).  Knowing I needed to reduce weight with my upcoming tour, I took the heavy pliers out of my tool bag, and set them aside, in a place I would remember.  This was several weeks ago.
Several days ago, knowing I was going to need the pliers I looked, but could not find them.  They were not where I´d left them.  Sometimes you think you´re losing your mind.  I took everything out of my tool bag, thinking, maybe I didn´t remore them.  No, not inside.  `Where could they have gone to?´ I muttered?
Yesterday, morning, I, as part of my morning ritual I asked the `little people´ to help me find my pliers.  I said, `Please, as I need them!´ 
Later, preparing to work on S. Fetes (my bicycle) I opened my tool bag and,  Guest what?,  the pliers were inside!  I was shocked!  They had reappeared as by magic! How could this be?  Whatever, however, I thanked the `little people,´ for helping me!  
The `little people,´ are our unseen spirits that surround us.  They like to play with us for attention.  I notice them all the time when alone at home.  They cause things to fall (for no apparent reason), or make sounds.  I respond by saying outloud (you must communicate with them vocally), `Welcome!  I know you´re here!´
Now, most of these entities are harmless, playful, they like to mess with you.   But some are malicious and harmful.  What to do?  I try to make regular offerings to them, imploring them not to harm me.  However, depending on the planets (involved as well) they may or may not oblige.
If you don´t believe me, what I´ve written here, test my method to locate `misplaced´ items.  Ask the `little people´ for assistance.  Conclude with, `Please, I need ___________.  You´ll be shocked when the item or items turns up!


BBC - Future - The secret lab hidden inside a famous monument

US nationalists: 'You will not replace us' - BBC News

'It's an act of terror' - BBC News

I just fell twice, within a 24-hour period, slipping on water on the pavement. Ironcially, both falls, exactly the same, only superficial damage (wounds to knee and elbow), but nonetheless, slow recovery when older.

Money is God, what would you expect?

Don't blame addicts for America's opioid crisis. Here are the real culprits | Chris McGreal | Opinion | The Guardian: "America’s opioid crisis was caused by rapacious pharma companies, politicians who colluded with them and regulators who approved one opioid pill after another"

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American Pathology!

Emotional farewell as Usain Bolt closes World Athletics Championships in London | Euronews

Sunday, August 13, 2017

"Beyond the Wall": new art installation opens in Berlin | Euronews

Giant pipes wash up on UK beach | Euronews


American Pathology!

Will an unlucky Georgian win $356M Powerball jackpot?

Some sense about what to do with N.Korea.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is Mindfulness Meditaton BS or Not? Yes | WIRED

Why Hypoxia Is So Terrifying—And So Hard to Stop | WIRED

BBC - Culture - Why we should listen to Jane Austen in the age of Tinder

BBC - Culture - Why we should listen to Jane Austen in the age of Tinder

BBC - Capital - Inside China’s ‘skyscraper capital’

BBC - Travel - Five countries where people live the longest

Sell, sell, sell, everything you stand for!

Money is God, what would you expect?

American Pathology!

130817 BLOK

130817 BLOK
Everyone get so much qi (chi = life energy) for their lives.  I was blessed with enough to live out my destiny.  And how strange, as I wanted to live fast and die young!
Beginning at the age of 76, I began to notice a gradual or rapid deterioration of my material form.  As with a beginning (in our dual existence), there must be an ending. 
Now, I find myself wanting to sit more.
I can´t cycle as far, or as fast.
I don´t hear or see as well as I used to, when younger.
My coordination has lessened.  I bump into things, drop things, my balance not as good.
Younger people are faster, quicker — GET OUT OF THE WAY OLD MAN!  Younger people don´t realize they too will deteriorate if they keep the material body long enough. 
There should be more respect for age in the West, as there is in China (where I lived for five years).  Age should be venerated, as older people (at least some) have wisdom or think they do.
Have the courage to grow old and die, keeping an open mind until that last breath — who knows!
Clinical death is the inability of the body to adapt.  If the material could continue to adapt it would continue forever.  But, then life would have no meaning.  What is the meaning?  I know for me!  But, for you to discover — why you were given material form.
90% of humanity fails this test!


Shelf life: novelist Hanya Yanagihara on living with 12,000 books | Books | The Guardian