Friday, October 21, 2016

"when you look at human life on this planet, we are not sustainable. Trilobites died out, dinosaurs died out. Life on our planet has been a constant series of cataclysmic events, and we are more suitable for extinction than a trilobite or a reptile. So we will vanish.

'Police' pounce on picture of Pope

With Hillary it will be business as usual, spiralling the U.S. down, and down...

The human race is terminal!

Cancer is not a disease, but an industry. ´The Burn,´Mr. Sanders is that, money is God, and people will do anything to get it!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

American Pathology!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nonstop Metropolis’ Stunning Maps Show NYC the Way Locals See It | WIRED

Michael Moore gets behind Hillary Clinton at surprise TrumpLand film screening | Film | The Guardian

American Pathology!


201016 BLOK / T.T.

201016 BLOK / T.T.
Well, finally after all our effort (Cesar a big help), it appears I´ll be moving from Sonia´s into my own flat.  The one we found is a duplex, (the bedroom up one flight of stars).  It´s on the 4th floor of a building in Monachil, and not far away.  I´ll still be able to shop at Coviran (the local 7/11).  Best of all, it has a terrace.  But… I haven´t signed the lease yet, thus no reason to get excited.  And there´s one caveat.  If I can´t transfer my Telefonica Internet account, I would have a delimma—what to do?  I´d be less likely to move in to this building. 
Ultimately, I want a house with a patio, or some ground, earth, mother earth beneath my feet.  All the time now I spend on concreta!  I also want away from the madding crowd, the sound of motor traffic, parking dogs, and screaming children! 
I´m on to another city in Cranada Province, named Baza, about 200KM east of Granada City.  Thus, nearer to the Almeria Desert.  Already, I have two friends there, a German couple Gabriele and Martin.  Plus, an American named Nick.  So, que hacer?  Go mit the flow!
Today in Granada City I ate my almuerzo (lunch) at a vegan restaurant named Hicuri´s. I had Lasagna, and torta de zanahoria (carrot cake), café con leche de soya.  I´ll be returning there for more!
This place, if you´re ever in Granada, at:
Plaza de los tirones, #4, 18009.
Then, I was off to mi dentista, Maria.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

American Pathology!

Greenland Is Melting - The New Yorker

Here´s the person who should be the president of the U.S.

Monday, October 17, 2016

American Pathology!

Franco statue pelted with eggs as polarising exhibition opens in Barcelona | World news | The Guardian

The Anglo-Saxon is the Devil, and I am one.

Ecuador cuts Julian Assange's internet access: WikiLeaks | Reuters

House where Adolf Hitler was born set to be demolished -

Money is God, what would you expect!

Of course it is!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Immigrants Fuel Innovation. America Should Not Waste Their Potential | WIRED

A famous, NIGHT WITCH of WWII.

`Sighience,´just another religion!

Europe, the U.S., the world, imploding! Over population, speculative capitalism partially to blame, the end of the grand cycle! WE HAVE MET THE ENEMY AND HE IS US!

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

World politics, all a `chess game!´

Peter Thiel to Donate $1.25 Million in Support of Donald Trump - The New York Times

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

The John Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks - CBS News

American Pathology!

If voting changed anything, they would make it illegal!´ Emma Goldman

It´s not the guns that are the problem but us! `We have met the enemy and he is us!´

The conundrum of mind and matter: what is consciousness? | Life and style | The Guardian

Inflation worries the $ rich, as it reduces the value of their assets!

Graffiti artist takes over Paris château

“Spectacular” Rock Art Discovered in Spain - Archaeology Magazine

It is the current media that´s the worst in history!

Friday, October 14, 2016

151016 BLOK - The Pathology of Materialism

151016 BLOK - The Pathology of Materialism

THE PATHOLOGY OF MATERIALISM (money is God, the new religion)
Telemania:  Living via the small screen.  Instant ego gratification!
motor vehicles:  The illusion of power and freedom!
commercial air travel:  Polluting the skys.  Time is money!
TV and movies:  The Great Distractions!
Consumerism:  turning humanity into robots!
cancer:  Not a disease, but an industry.  It will never be cured, as only the symptoms treated (for money of course)!
All illusionary!


China IS virtual reality!

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Shirley Jackson Is Finally Getting the Appreciation She Deserves | WIRED

Lights, camera... cloud: How film is spreading its wings - BBC News

BBC - Travel - An ancient world concealed underground

David Crosby: America is no longer a democracy | Music | The Guardian

Marie by Madeleine Bourdouxhe – a wonderful rediscovery | Books | The Guardian

L’Étranger – stranger than fiction | Books | The Guardian

Money is the drug of the problem!

Bradley Wiggins ‘failed whereabouts test’ three months before Olympics | Sport | The Guardian

American Pathology!

American Pathology!

This is a good IDEA!

Why the U.S. and Russia are war crazy!

The pathology of materialism!

Want to know WikiLeaks' endgame? Julian Assange told you a decade ago | WIRED

We don´t know. They don´t know!

Russia, China, US: Are WW3 and Cold War 2 on the cards? We´ve being saying the same!