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ISOS, video trip to Dalrymple, Scotland — In Search of…
Another weekend, another adventure cycling Scotland, in search of my ancestors.  This down some 40 miles, southwest of Glasgow, to Ayrshire, the birthplace of Robert Burns.
My grandfather on my mother´s side a Dalrymple.  I used to think the name was English, but it´s very Scottish proven by the village named Dalrymple (Scotland). 
I set out from our 7 Kelvingate address, where Rucha and I are staying. This I managed by 0930. Then to pump up the tires at the nearest bicycle shop, a good one, whose name escapes me at the moment.  Then I backtracked to investigate if the bicycle path along the highway adjacent the Clyde River went east, as my bicycle map seemed to show.  But, no, a dead end.
So, I backtracked east via streets, luckily seeing and following some other cyclists.  One of the advantages of cycling on Saturdays, there are many out there. 
I managed to find the pedestrian bridge (Bell by name) over the Clyde, but on the other side surprised I was at the staging point for the Orange Parade (hundreds of parading Glasgowians waiting for the signal to march off).  Note, via Wikiparadia:
`Orange walks are a series of parades held annually by members of the Orange Order on a regular basis during the summer in Ulster, mostly in Scotland, occasionally in England, and throughout the Commonwealth. These typically to mark Prince William of Orange's victory over King James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.´ Note #2, I´m not a parade kind of guy!
I was able to `skilt´ them, and then headed south, in search highway A77, as the blogger bicycle directions optioned. This the way of motor traffic as opposed to the safer but longer, U.K.´s National Bicycle Route #7. 
Some explanation of the mentality behind how bicycle path routes seem to be selected (by governments).  They are for the weekenders out for fun —to take their kids on a safe route though the countryside.   Me, I´m in a category of my own (maybe a dozen of us in the world), who live and travel on a bicycle.  We want to get to wherever the most efficient way.  So, I risk getting killed on highways, and in the U.K:, dangerous.
I follow some major boulevard south, named Pollycock… something or other. But, of course, I take a wrong junction, and have to ask several pedestrians how to get to A77.  It´s interesting that here I am in an English-speaking country for the first time in seven years, and I can´t understand the Scots when they speak.  American English so different.  But, I manage, having to go hither and yon through a residential area, but I finally make it, as confirmed by seeing so many cyclists.  Ah, relief.
At Gillnock, a suburb, I pass by a WHOLE FOODS MARKET (U.S. chain). I make a mental note to stop and shop there on the way back. 
Out of the city congestion we (many cyclists) go up and up on a good bicycle path through some hills. I stop to rest and eat something, as had been on the road two hours. 
From there and quite a ways easy, up and down, but finally coming to the end, and a decision, as the bicycle direction sign read straight ahead.  But, straight ahead was a one-way against, and for motor traffic exiting.  I turn right, as the only way, but on a degraded two-lane country road (the Infrastructure in the U.K., sagging badly).  At a horse riding academy I stop, and find a woman to ask, how to get back on A77?  She immediately, goes to her tele., and tries to explain, you go this way and that way, but I´m not convinced, as she´s describing the way to Kilmarnous or something.  I´m wanting A77 to Kilmarnock. 
So, I return to where I turned off the bicycle path, and checked out the motor off ramp.  No, definitely, not the way! Then, I see three pulldown-lycra types on the country road, so I follow.  Of course, they´re way ahead before I hardly get going. I´m old and slow.  I continue to a junction, and flag a passing motorist.  He stops, and confirms what the horse rider was trying to tell me.  Thank god for so many kind, helpful and generous Scots people, both on horseback and in motor vehicles.  Or, I´d be SOL!
I find A77 easily, turn right, and am heading in the right direction to Kilmarnock, a large (maybe 50,000). 
I follow the sign indicating the Center, and end up in the middle of it. First heading I didn´t know where. I stopped a woman to ask if there was a hotel.  Long before I realized I couldn´t make Dalrymple in one day, and would spend two nights in Kilmarnock. She knew of one straight ahead, but on the way, I found a park, and decided to stop and have my lunch.
It was sunny and fathers were kicking soccer balls back and forth for the sons. English still in the running for the World Cup championship. 
Then, after eating my lunch, drinking my Innocent special smoothie, I decide not to go to the recommended hotel, but try to find something in the center, an old cheap hotel preferably.  I end up on a shopping street, and decide to have coffee at a Costa´s (U.K. chain similar to Starfucks). Note,   I´m the world´s worse speller of English words. There I ask for a hotel, and someone says the magic words, Travel Lodge. This I know as an American chain.  He gives me directions, two roundabouts a Macdonalds, and so it goes.
On the way, up pops what I´m looking for, an old Scottish hotel, called Foxbar.  Inside, I get a single room for 55L per, or about 65U.S.  But, I´m happy to have a place, as nearing exhaustion.  Not as bad as the first day out of Newcastle one month ago, nor the first day going to Stirling last week, as I´m getting stronger, but nonetheless happy to have a shower and bed.  When I ask the woman if they have a map of the area, I´m given the Yellow Pages, and a brochure.  No maps.  But, I´ve finally figured out about the era I´m in, few paper maps, except at VISIT SCOTLAND (Kilmarnock has neither),  It´s the age of the smart tele., that EVERYONE is a slave to, using for every possible purpose, like finding their way.  i wonder what these people are going to do when the electricity goes out, and trust me, it´s going to! 
I take Mr. Fetes around to the back to meet a gentleman, the night bar, all around helper guy, who opens the door to the storage room.  I park Mr. Fetes against a wall, and take my two large panniers from the front as they have what I need for the night.  I had remembered before departing to pack extra clothing, shoes, underwear, etc.  Looking down on the floor to discover I´ve parked Mr. Fetes, over a pile of coal.  It´s the little things you remember, right? 
Afterward in my room, shower, changing clothes.  I go down to the restaurant, through many glass doors that shut themselves with a resounding BANG.  This hotel all noise! 
Interesting about doors and fire in the U.K., as a BIG issue. They´re freaked out about fire, and rightly so as seemingly too many.  I wonder why, as in the other European countries I passed through getting to the U.K., fire not an issue.  But, in the U.K., the recent tragedy of Glenfell in London, and the more recent the College of Art fire in Glasgow.  One wonders about their fire karma in the U.K.?
I eat pate and a drink a glass of red wine in the restaurant, then up and back to my room.  But, on the way, I pass through a bevy of party-dressed girls excited about the pounding rock and roll music and the boys — where there are girls there are boys..  Not what I would expect in an old Scottish hotel.  But, I manage to escape before someone asks me to dance!
Up in my room alone, I discover I´m right over the party, my floor vibrating from the pounding music.  I know I won´t be able to sleep, so back I go down though the banging glass doors to reception.  There´s a young man now on duty, and when I explain, he goes to ask the boss, or owner.  No problem, I´m given the key to another room, #19.
I find #19, on the other side of the hotel, and greatful that I no longer hear any music. But, when I open the door, I discover a small room with no windows.  It´s like a fancy jail cell.  What to do?  I stay, as too tired, to try to change to another.  But, I´m wondering about ventilation, and the dome light on the ceiling that I can´t turn off.  And what about the reading lamp, as I have to change it with its sister. I´m beginning to give this hotel a low rating.
I go to bed, and the bed is better than the first room, so all is not lost.  Additionally, maybe it´s good I have no windows, as I go to bed when it´s still light (20.00 hours).  But, that was the dome light, a sky window.
The next day… Sunday… My goal, Dalrymple Village
I´m up at 0530.
Breakfast starts at 0800, and I´m first as always.  I ask for porridge, eh… None? But the older woman cook, gets creative and I get my porridge with a good pot of coffee.
Then I´m beseiged with obese women and loud children.  The hotel rating sinking lower. 
I´m off by 10.00 with last night´s directions thanks to a customer.  I´m to head for Ayr, and some named villages, that will lead me to Dalrymple.
I find A77, but again much traffic and dangerous, as there´s no bicycle lane.  Motor vehicles zooming by me, with only a meter to spare.  However, most vehicles, if they can, give me room.  But, it´s a dicey deal. So, at an exit for country road B370, one that registers from previous research, I take it. I´m glad I do, as I start seeing other cyclists, and this means safer! 
What happens in the next two hours, however, are many stops to ask directions, up and down hills in gentle rolling farmland, actually, idyllic, the unusual sunny warm making a good day to go to Dalrymple. I´m cycling through one of the Ayrshires, one called East, and one called West Ayrshire. 
I end up in a village whose name begins with a T., and the home of Burn´s Bachelor Club.  It also has a market across the street, where I stop to shop for lunch items.  I always carry food with me, an old lesson.  
I go on and on, but when I come to the next decision, a T with two options, I stop and attract the attention of a man mowing his lawn.  This guy, goes to his tele., and I´m saved again with proper directions to Dalrymple as I can understand his English.  This guy from England, thus less of the Scottish accent.  Before I depart he asks if I need water, or something.  This another example of the kindness showed this old man cycling around the U.K. 
On and on again, first on B744, and then B742, heading south.  But, now wondering if I´ll ever get to Dalrymple, as seeming much further than expected and no more cyclists (bad sign).  Isn´t it always so when travelling on a bicycle, you want to get there?  But, I´m heartened when I start seeing direction signs for Dalrmple, good news.
Then at a junction I see a sign-banner strung on the ground adversiting DOONFEST, a music festival, in Dalrmyple, and this very day!  Must be for me, right! 
I past under an ancient viaduct, arches that stretch across a valley.  I wonder if it´s a railroad bridge, but I don´t stop to read the plaque, or take a photograph.  I kick myself in the head for doing neither, as now I have no photo. nor why it was constructed?  But, when I´m wanting to get somewhere, I stop less.
Finally I arrive in Dalrymple in a valley next to a lively river.  I stop where there are benches, and a rubbish bin, to rest and to eat.  It is here that I record my intro. about Dalrymple on video. I´m still curious if my little ISUX Canon point-and-shoot, with its onboard condenser microphone good enough. So, I position the camera close to my face, to make sure, but getting a shot only of my mouth and nose.  Viewers will wonder why?   Because I don´t have s $100,000U.S., budget and a crew of three with a sonnheiser microphone on a boom (the professional way).  I´m a one-man band, doing the jobs of four people. God knows what the finished product is going to look like, edited on my Macbook Air with iMovie software?  All we can do is try.
I cycle on to discover the village, looking for a cup of coffee on the way.  The first Dalrymple-its, don´t know, say there´s no place to get on a Sunday.  But, the next person, a woman, suggests, something that turns out to be the Doonfest Music complex, where I strike a conversation with a young woman. I end up making a 20L donation, after she knows where I might find a cuppa, The White Horse Tavern. Back then to where I ate my lunch, as across the street I´m blessed with a good latte, the waiter-owner refusing payment.  This, yet another example, of the kindnesses of the Scots people, at least to me.  But, I leave 2L hidden under the cup when I depart.  One kind gesture deserves another! 
The Doonfest woman had given me directions to Alloway, the birthplace of Robert Burns, and being a poet myself, I had to pay my respects.  SHOULD AULD ACQUAINTANCES BE FORGOT? 
Before, I head up the hill, however, I ride to the River to take more photographs.  While there I spot the local parish church, and crank there. I´m in search of Dalrymple headstones.
I discover two, one ancient, the stone so old the etched text practically undeciperable, but I think or I hope it says DALRYMPLE. I find another more recent, and definitely a deceased relative of the 18th C.  But, the real discovery was a deceased Hutchison spelled with an `i´ not `e ´! I discover I´m `home!´ in Dalrymple, Scotland! 
On to Alloway to meet up with Robert Burns, another `relative.´
After dealing with A77 again, luckily with a bicycle path, I end up in Alloway, and the Burn´s Museum. Burns, once a poet when alive, now an industry when dead.   I don´t pay the tab for the Museum, but do take photos. of supposedly the cottage he was born in, in 1759. I was sruprised to discover he lived a mere 37 years!
Now, getting late I make cranks to return to highway A77, and THANK GOD, there´s a bicycle path all the way back to Kilmarnock.  My guarding angels with me still!  On the otherhand, the incessant sound of a million motor vehicles, as Sunday afternoon, begins to grate!
Whoa, when I´m back at the Foxbar, Mr. Fetes back over the coal, I take a shower, and fall on the bed in my jail cell at 20.00.  Mission accomplished, however, getting to and from Dalrymple, without getting killed!
Getting back to both Kilmarnock and Glasgow, a challenge because of the motor traffic, and the poor condition of the A highways, country roads, and city streets.  My God, what has happenned to the U.K.?  Grim economically, compared to other European countries, on one hand, on the other the people in the U.K. more helpful, friendly, and generous. 
Suffering leads to consciousness.

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11a0718 BLOK

11a0718 BLOK
Yesterday, an interesting day, my spirit guides at work. Two events are example of such, although you won´t believe, as you´re too captured by that so-called smart tele. This, for people who avoid such and have open minds (few in the world).
I had my spare bicycle key with me as I´d lost, or thought so, the one I had carried with me for years.  I had spent days looking for it, in ever conceivable place, but no, not there.  So, I was going off to have a replacement made, another one to keep as spare.
I loaded Mr. Fetes, and was departing when I realized I´d forgotten something, and went back into the building where we´re staying in Glasgow, Scotland, 7 Kelvinhaugh Gate.  Then coming out the front door, there on the sidewalk was the key I´d thought lost.  Now, how could this be, as it just magically reappeared right in my path?  Not there when I´d entered the building.
I picked it up and went to Mr. Fetes, where on the fence next to was the most amazing moth I´ve ever seen, the colorful, pattern on its body-wings so elaborate as to be sacred.  I looked as closely as I could without scaring it off, but it never moved.  I tried to take a photograph of it, but my Canon camera wouldn´t cooperate (the spirit-moth didn´t want such).
So, I cranked off to the dentist where I had an appointment at Bupa Dental Clinic.  This to see about fixing a problem with my prosthesis bridge.  The dentist could, and for only 110L (BPS) ($150U.S.) — get a new one.  In fact, Dr. Jaspal, turned out to be a good guy (wanting information about cycling). I was pleased with the entire procedure.  I departed to return in 8 days.
After lunch with Rucha, my German friend, I went off shopping for other things I needed, for one. a USB drive.
On the way back to where we are living, the same route where I had discovered another dental clinic, and the one I preferred, but had lost, up IT JUMPED UP there to my left.  I couldn´t believe it!
I had remembered the front as yellow in color.  This weeks ago.  But then finding it again, impossible!  Any time I was in this shopping area-same street, I had looked for it, as wanting to make an appointment.  But, no matter how diligently I looked, cycling up and down this stretch of street, it had just seemed to have disappeared.  I gave up and made an approintment at Bupa.  Now, after my pleasant experience at Bupa, suddenly the dental clinic I had wanted in the beginning revealed itself.  Now, white in color.  How could this be, and for what reason?
Simply my spirit guides, didn´t want me to go there and waste my money, as they knew it wasn´t good.
Of course, you won´t believe me, but I know better.  I´m tuned into the unseen, unheard and unfelt!
You live in a material world.  I live in a spiritual world.

110718 BLOK

110718 BLOK
After one million years, now 2018AD, the homo sapien has it mostly all wrong!  
From Virginia Woolf:  THE YEARS;  back cover:
`There must be another life, here and now… This one too short, too broken.  We know nothing, even about ourselves!´
What is needed (OMG), is a significant catastrophic event, like a nuclear holocaust that wipes out most of humanity! This, so the humbled survivors might start something better, having suffered.  Humanity only seems to improve after they have suffered, I cite Germany after two humiliating defests in the 20th Century.
This by the way, happened eons ago, with ATLANTIS!

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