Tuesday, September 25, 2018

“She Would Be King”

In Wayétu Moore’s Ambitious Debut Novel, Liberia Is Reborn

“She Would Be King” reframes the country’s history in magical terms.
NYTimes, 250918

Monday, September 24, 2018

Spani´s dictator Franco, produced a film...

It was the big-screen validation of his rule he wanted – then he censored it and destroyed all copies of the first version, writes Thomas Graham. 


Google at 20


Women of the world unite!

Woman punched by cop during Jersey shore arrest indicted for assaulting officers


24c0918 BLOK

24c0918 BLOK 
Dark suits,
White men!
Ties, lies, and denies!
The problem mail,
Trump them in jai!

24b0918 BLOK

24b0918 BLOK 
For my sisters…
I now understand our father in so much pain, both mentally and physically he tortured himself to death slowly with alcohol. This may be the way of Christ on the Cross?
Could it be that our father was a saint versus a sinner?
Maybe we´re all both saints and sinners in this dual reality?
The ultimate solution we must forgive ourselves and others for being all too human (fallible).
Your brother, of many names. 

24a0918 BLOK

24a0918 BLOK
Be sure your mistakes will find you out!  For sure in my case!
The decisions I made when younger and dumber have returned to haunt me!  If only I could have had my older consciousness when I was young, I might have overcome my ego, and made better decisions.   
How would it be with older, wiser minds in youthful bodies?  It certainly would be a different world!  The lament goes: `Why is youth wasted on the young?´
We who are deities in material form, yet with little developed consciousness, are failing, at least it seems that way to me, in 2018. But, maybe it takes another 100 million years, as really there is no such thing as time, only change in this dual reality.
Your thoughts on this matter?

240918 BLOK (postcript to FOLLOWING THE LIGHT)

240918 BLOK (postcript to FOLLOWING THE LIGHT)
I cannot begin to describe my feelings cycling the world, FOLLOWING THE LIGHT!  A LIGHT that pulled and pushed me along.  You can feel so much, there is no feeling at all, you are simply a part of everything and all at once! 
Even today focused on the present my mind flashes on places, scenes, landscapes, people I met — all juxtaposed in incongruous ways, as if my mind wanted me never to forget my adventure as daring as it was.  Why?
Because I was encouraged somehow to keep going by unsceen forces — I didn´t really know what I was doing or why!  Yet, as the years added up I begin to understand there is more to this dual reality than meets the eye, one that so many people miss!
If I could give any advice to my fellow creatures it would be to STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS along the way! Life is short!
F.A. Hutchison 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Women of the world unite!


As the midterm elections approach, Ben Fountain argues white voters should know that a real democracy can only survive if there is true equality for everyone!


 Do we really want to be free? Perhaps it’s enough for us to be told over and over that we’re free. Or enough to look down and see multitudes below us. Do we care if we’re not free so long as others are less free?

22e0918 BLOK

22e0918 BLOK
I bled today
A taste of the waste
When things unconceived!
Is this a new moon in an old desert,
Or, am I just rising to the occasion?

22d0918 BLOK

22d0918 BLOK 
I am a parable;
Best to move to
The Beyond
Opposite of hear,
The front and the rear!

22c0918 BLOK

22c0918 BLOK
From Swann´s Way by Marcel Proust
pp. 479:
`…like the idealist philosopher whose body takes into account the external world.  This, in a reality that his intellect declines to increasingly believe in…´
What does this mean?  First, when young, materialism important.  Then, as we grow older and mature what becomes important is the beyond— as we know we will eventually lose the material!
Proust, one of the greatest writer-thinkers I´ve ever come across!  What a mind! 

22b0918 BLOK

22b0918 BLOK 
Being in Grease
I have traded familiarity
For the weather,
Safety for adventure,
Death for life,
As I have to go
In order to be!
That is the question?
`To be or not to be?´ 
What are we anyway
But, strutters and fretters
Acting our hour upon a stage!
Yet, poor players
We create not
What we need,
But, what we think we want! 
Now at least for me… 
I have walked the same ground
As both Socrates and Plato!

22a0918 BLOK

22a0918 BLOK
(For the 63 million people who voted for Trump.):
Old always attracts young!
Good always attracts bad!
Famous always attracts infamous!
All is in cycles,
Round and around we go!
To arrest the declining we must
Not returning to the pest
But, by going forward,
Evolving, transcending
By overcoming ourselves
Admitting mistakes
Confessing to wrong doing!
This is the way to greatness
By making the world better
For all, not just a few! 
If not, pure flesh and blood will go 
The way of the Do-do bird! 
Already we´re robotic like, consuming,
Dooming ourselves.
We´re evolving into cyborgs, androids
Half human, half machine.
This may be positive If the ego subdued!
The male ego the biggest problem in the world!
I only have to cite Trump as example! 


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Women of the world unite!

The Brett Kavanaugh case shows we still blame women for the sins of men

American Pathology!

Female Employee Dies After Killing 3 and Wounding 3 at Maryland Warehouse


220918 BLOK

220918 BLOK 
Wow, what a day yesterday, and Acropolis Day, in Athens.
But, first I had to deal with a flat tire, the first in a long time maybe 10K KM.  I think probably from a thorn, as I was mountain biking yesterday and there are thorn bushes where there is little water..  So, I took it to the local bicycle shop, a guy named Stergos somewhat brusk.  Then wanting him to check and tighten some things, I went off to get online at the bakery, where I´ve gone now three times. 
Here at Blue Sky, even though I thought the Internet would work, as Rania had given me both the UN and PW.  But, no, oh well, this is Greece.  This is not Erik´s house in The Netherlands. 
Back at Stergos, I was in the midst of paying, when a woman came selling something, anything to make money, I think they were fragrance packets to hang inside your automobile.  Stergoes, of course, said no, so I bought one giving her 5€.  Of course, she blessed me.  
People don´t understand about giving, as giving powerful — the beggars or whomever thank you, bless you!  
After she was gone, however, Stergos launched into a tirade about the mistake I´d made: that gypies are bad, they will steal from you, on and on!  Maybe, but I´ve been ripped off not by gypsies, but all the rest, and so called good people! 
Later at dinner Nik, explained that Greek people are good hearted but racist.  If you´re not Greek, well, you´re just not of the chosen people.  Sound familar?
Onward, and back at Blue Sky, where I´m renting a room via AIRBNB, I meet Stephane, a German guy from Berlin.  Almost at the same time, Nik offers to take me, and then us, riding into central Athens.  He has a bicycle for Stephane, but it needed air, so off we go for that, at the nearby petrol station.  
Then through the traffic we go, down into the morass. I can barely keep up with Nik, as young and fast, riding a motorbike mostly, and driving an automobile when necessary. 
He takes us around the Acropolis, and into the old, historic district, now jammed with shops selling everything.  It reminded me Thamel, in Kathmandu.  
Nik, had to stop, and have his tire repaired as losing air.  And then leaving, a man rides up, and somehow we´re talking and he turns out to be from Colorado, Pueblo, U.S.A, and although from Pueblo has lived in Mannitou Springs, where I lived. Now, what are the odds?  In Athens, Greece, I meet a man who has lived in Mannitou Springs. He supports his family, living in Athens, as a  musician, no doubt having married a Greek woman.  I gave him my card, and recognizing I´m a Taoist, said he is a Buddhist.  I must tell Marty about this.  
This is why I travel, you meet new people, not just the same old friends, not just the same conversations, parties, food, and complaints, but different, interesting!
I´ve always wanted to visit Berlin, Germany.  Now I know someone there — Stephane the young man cycling with us today.
Onward, I fall, and somewhat embarrasing, as in the middle of a crowd of people.  My thin road tires, somewhat worn, slipped on a marble strip in the path.  But, not hurt, I check Mr. Fetes, and his only injury, the headset twisted. 
Onward, snaking our way through a million people such reminds me of the La Cancha market in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Riding through crowds like yesterday, however, not my idea of fun. But, yesterday, following Nik, you just do it!   My shoes, Nikes!
We stop in the shade for Nik to roll and smoke a cigarette.  Then he must return and Stephane and I on our own, no direction known.
He´s starving, so we find a restaurant, sit in the shade and eat, me Mussaka, the ever present wild cats getting our bread. 
Onward we decide to partake of the Acropolis, something I had on my mind to do while in Athens.  The entrance fee, 20€ ($25U.S.), but for once well worth the price.  
I´ve always wanted to visit Greece, partake of the Parthenon, and now up close and personal.  If only the thousands of tourists would be more considerate!  On the otherhand, many young pretty girls to ooggle, besides the ruins.  The first group, 25 years old, or thereabouts, the second group, 2,500 years of age! 
The Acropolis, was first a fortress of course, then they built temples, primarily for the Goddess Athena.
`Acropolis, (Greek: “city at the top”) central, defensively oriented district in ancient Greek cities, located on the highest ground and containing the chief municipal and religious buildings. Because the founding of a city was a religious act, the establishment of a local home for the gods was a basic factor in Greek city planning. From both a religious and a military point of view, a hilltop site was highly desirable: militarily, because an acropolis had to be a citadel; religiously, because a hill was imbued with natural mysteries—caves, springs, copses, and glens—that denoted the presence of the gods.´
We walk, and walk, and here Stephane slips and falls, on the same kind of slippery surface I did, marble which has been polished by millions of sandals over thousands of years. 
From the Acropolis you get a good view of Athens below, for example the Temple for Zeus (below).  It´s interesting to me that the deities the ancient Greeks venerated, were women over men.  Female goddesses higher in stature than male gods (Zeus, the God of gods)! 
Finally, somewhat fatigued we decide it´s time to find our way back to where we´re staying, some five kilometers distance.  And I was fortunate to be with Stephane, as he had downloaded Greece on his smart tele., and could follow the directions.  Me, alone, I would have made it, but not without some consternation stopping to ask Greeks for help.
On the way back, we stopped at an upscale market and I found LONG LIFE milk.  Note, this is the name given to `milk´ made with fruits and vegetables, like almonds (at least in Europe).  I was happy to find figs and pomegranate seeds as well.
Finally back safely, I entoned, to Stephane, something I do when riding in dangerous cities like La Paz, Bolivia, Glasgow, Scotland and now Athens, Greece, DEFIED DEATH AGAIN! 
Nik, came at 20.00, and drove us to his favorite meat restaurant, both Stephane and I basically veggies.  I had a chicken burger, and he had a salad.  It was good being able to sit and eat outside, the temperature still balmy.  I think the high yesterday, 29C.  It was my invite, the tab 35€ with a generous tip, or $40U.S., this for three people which included some interesting unpasturized beer. 
I took something like 53 photographs during the day, and now sending to friends, processing, and soon to be uploaded to www.cyclingpeace.org (in the Gallery).

Friday, September 21, 2018

Brigitte needs to develop more calf muscles! Ride a bicycle


210918 BLOK The Autumnal Equinox today, harvest time…

210918 BLOK The Autumnal Equinox today, harvest time… 
What is pleasure, but pain.
What is night, but day.
What is man, but woman.
What is war, but peace.
What is cold, but hot.
What is bright, but shadow.
What is moving, but still.
What is love, but hate.
What is home but vacation.
What is beauty but ugly.
What is thin, but fat!
Everything in our dual existence is created by its opposite. And with enantiodromia, one thing seeking it´s opposite, creates cycles, vibration, and material life.
How could we know one thing without its opposite — all is comparison.
Animals don´t compare, just accept difference by instinct.
Humanity became such when Adam partook of ego consciousness, symbolized in the Chrisitan Garden of Eden Myth.  The gods wanted to partake of material existence, so it had to be, bad, as well as, good, pain, as well as, pleasure! 
The quest is understanding:  consciousness, bevouszin in German (a state of knowing)!
P.S.  Unfortunately, we have been seduced by materialism (the ego out of control). And now at its extreme, at a dangerously high level.  We must pull back from the precipice, or be destroyed. 

Thursday, September 20, 2018

200918 BLOK

200918 BLOK
Where I´m staying in Athens, my room looks out upon a school.  It´s on a busy, noisy, loud street.  Everyday, the same thing… 
Mucho LOUD traffico, rushing somewhere, everyday students come with their backpacks.
Everyday the same thing!
We get up!
We get dressed, after a shower or shave, or whatever.
We have coffee.
We have breakfast.
We get the kids off to school.
We go to work, to make money and survive (for what reason I ask).
We work!
We complain!
We eat!
We come home1
We shop!
We take care of the dog, the house.
The children play or stare at their so-called smart tele.
We watch TV.
We go to bed, to rest, to sleep. 
Everyday the SAME THING, pretty much.. Sometimes it´s a little different, depending, but basically everyday the same thing!
My God, how boring!
People don´t really live, they exist, trapped in a life they don´t really understand.  They just do it, as Nike says. 
Where have we gone wrong?
Is it possbile to change?  No!
It´s a juggernaut, marching to oblivion!
So sad to me!
P.S.  I have been so furtunate to have escaped the trap, the rap, living free, discovering the world and writing about such.  Above is my conclusion about modern life!  ALL WRONG!  I´ll be glad when I move on to other worlds!  People actually believe this is the only world, only life! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Tied to trees and raped’: UN report details Rohingya horrors


190918 BLOK

191918 BLOK
I´m in the land of Plato,
The dato above!
A long dayo, from Drumchapel to Imittos (Athens, Grease), a 20-hour day.  Although, the 4-hour flight in a AB319A not too long with 156 passengers!  156 X 200GBP ($250U.S.) = $40,000 Easyjet made for this one flight.  Of course, they don´t mind polluting the air to make such.
From Scotland to Greece, a text-book move, as I´m a mover and groover, good at un ravelling the serpentine way.
Raining and overcast in Drumchapel, spells of sun in Edinburgh Airport, looking out at the green.
The Easyjet flight good, except for party behind me, loud and racous!  The masses so inconsiderate! Hey, we´re just laughing and having a good time. Young boy in front, excited and loud, bothering passengers.  Hey, you got to let them express, even if distress for others.  That´s the new normal.  My famous Leftwich grandmother said, CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN, BUT NOT HEARD!  I agree.  But, mom and dad, interesting, young, and in love. 
I´m just SO HAPPY, I never had any children!  I want to live far FROM THE MADDING CROWD — and ALONE, only interested in Nature! So, glad, your dad! 
At the Athens Airport, no problema at passport check, I got the big stamp, then the ramp down.
The baggage claim, however, is a 500 meters distance, although with a moving sidewalk.  I took the sidewalk less moving, however, except for the last 200 meters, as I was getting tired (I have to admit!). 
Then the baggage claim area.  I needed a trolley, for the folly of finding Christos. But, it only took Euro coins, and I didn´t have.  I asked several travellers, but no change.  I asked a uniform, and the instructions… way down there, beyond…
I got my luggage first, then saw Mr. Fetes.  He looked lonely in his box.
I walked and walked, getting the change, but the first machine didn´t work.  I asked the second one to work and it did! I got one good trolley.
Mr. Fetes´ box, practically ruined, the cords ripped, maybe not a good idea in the first place.  But, I thought wise, after the box almost ruined when an unkind resident at 6 Cloan Avenue, put it outside in the rain and almost destroyed it.  Oh, poor man, probably so unhappy, he had to make me unhappy!  Anyway, a happy ending, as I took the box upstairs and dried it out.
Out the exit for Athens, Christos (Alex´s father) waved, and a happy union, as part of the plan.
We loaded his taxi, and off for Athens some 40KM, west.  I observed, my first glimpse of where Socrates walked, now all modern selling everything they stand for.  Oh, what a difference 2,500 years makes!
I noticed oleander bushes along the way, meaning a warm climate.  Christos, driving too fast, checking this route via Google´s directions.  He called Alexandros, my Warmshowers host, but I couldn´t hear him, I told him I´d call him using my dumb tele., tomorrow.  They all think you´re familiar with an iPhone and can hear like they do.  I don´t even know which end is up?
We went and went for about an hour, then into a residential area, where we finally pulled up in front of 46A Kountouriotov, Imittos, my home for one week.
At the door, Christos called Rania (AIRBNB host), as the door locked.  I was looking for a lockbox for the keys inside as planned.  Nick, Rania´s son came down and unlocked the door.  He knew how to operate the lock box and I gave me my keys.
In the suite, my room number 2, good for the price (only $126U.S., for one week!)  BUT, THE UNHAPPY news, the WIFI doesn´t work!  Oh, well, I´m in Greece, not The Netherlands.  And the room right on a busy, noisy street.  Oh, well, you can´t have everything in countries near the Equator.
One wonders how a warm climate affects mentality, how a colder climate does the same in reverse?  Maybe enantiodromia;  dark and cold attracts light and heat (more time inside to think).  warm and sunny attracts its opposite, less thinking more outside activity year round…?  An interesting conundrumchapel. 
I was in a daze after up for 20 hours.  Although, first something hot, like tea before retiring.  I keyed the poem I´d hand written during the flight (180918 BLOK).
The bed had no blanket or quilt.  Guess why?  You don´t need so warm — there was a sheet.  In fact, I thought of getting a fan as so warm, then I looked up and there it was, a ceiling fan.  I turned it on, laid down, and drifted off…
I had arrived on the day (18 September, 1839), 184 years later of the official birth of the city named for the Greek Goddess of wisdom, Athena!  Happy Birthday Athens!
Stay tuned!

180918 BLOK

180918 BLOK 
Everyone wears blue jeans,
The same genes!
Yet, no idea 
Where they came from
Except the stars,
Or, maybe Mars
Candy bars.
Such turning us into dust!
Blue jeans one day,
Making hay
The harvest next,
Old age, and death!
What´s left?
Life, love from 
Hear to their
Knot noing much
We beget
Only to regret.
Such are the jeans
Holy, that they are!